• Published on Sep 18, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  29 days ago +358

    Who is coming to my Florida shows!?!??

    • bzrk_vertex _
      bzrk_vertex _ 24 days ago

      Chicago Bears vs the redskins 7:15 pm go redskins

    • Raising Wellness
      Raising Wellness 27 days ago

      Would love to come see you and the gang! I looked on seak geek for Tix, but theyyy goneeee

    • Raising Wellness
      Raising Wellness 27 days ago

      Wish I could come! Tickets are sold out

    • Kelly Noble
      Kelly Noble 28 days ago

      mee !!!!!! i'm coming alone pls be nice to me

    • Cyromancer SUBZERO
      Cyromancer SUBZERO 28 days ago

      @ItsJack you're fake

  • Neka Cox
    Neka Cox Day ago

    Peep the PFTW shirt at 1:55 😁😁😁I wonder if Jason is a fan of Brendon Urie also

  • Hamilton_Edits 147
    Hamilton_Edits 147 3 days ago +2

    I can literally picture David if he had a kid telling his kid to go to sleep exactly the same way as he told Jason

  • Ryan Lathrop
    Ryan Lathrop 17 days ago

    Great ass vlog!

  • Ben Gladston
    Ben Gladston 17 days ago

    You should do some gigs in England

  • leydie La
    leydie La 18 days ago

    Goodness! I HATE your laugh, soo much! It’s super cringe!

  • Mrs StraightTalker
    Mrs StraightTalker 19 days ago

    I love Jason’s laugh, it’s truly amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • moony0205
    moony0205 19 days ago

    Who is that other hottie on that video? Megan who?

  • D J
    D J 20 days ago

    0:34 the darks screen and Jason’s laugh is fucking scary

  • Ivana Doncheva
    Ivana Doncheva 20 days ago

    david has to learn how to chew gum

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia 21 day ago +13

    When david says “we gotta go we gotta listen to her she’s a lady” IM MELTING 😭😭😂

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland 21 day ago

    We need more of Carley shes to hot to only give her a lil bit of air time

  • Dimi3 C-Payne
    Dimi3 C-Payne 22 days ago

    What’s Megan’s ig?

  • Nicole Juniper
    Nicole Juniper 23 days ago

    I really love Jason and the vlog squad but I cannot get through a video without cringing about the chewing gum thing.....If he's behind the camera you can hear it.. A whole 10 minute part is watching/hearing David chew gum.

  • Jonathan Belmares
    Jonathan Belmares 23 days ago

    David Hotboxes his own farts there secrets out. Lol he would.

  • Minlen and Kimmi
    Minlen and Kimmi 23 days ago

    Jason's laugh is so fake and annoying

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez 24 days ago

    David needs to lose weight his double chin grew

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez 24 days ago

    His laugh is so annoying

  • Jonathan Mings
    Jonathan Mings 24 days ago

    Megan is adorable

  • Jared Sarten
    Jared Sarten 24 days ago

    Jason holy shit you're looking so good man keep this shit up with jeff, looking spicy >:)

  • Cookie cat Gacha
    Cookie cat Gacha 24 days ago

    Can David and Natalie be together already. #Navid or Datalie

  • bzrk_vertex _
    bzrk_vertex _ 24 days ago +1

    Chicago Bears vs the redskins 7:15 pm let's go redskins 🔥🔥🔥🚩🏴🏳🏁🏈🏈🏈

  • hugo andré Quintanilla Medellín

    i hope you choke on a chewing gum the next time you chew with your mouth open you dumb not knowing how to chew at 50 years of age

  • LaElla Dickerson
    LaElla Dickerson 25 days ago

    I’m watching this at literally 7:26 am. That was trippy

  • Bailey Bishop
    Bailey Bishop 25 days ago

    When tf did they go to Nebraska!? Someone tell me so I can watch the video

  • Shawn of the Sheep
    Shawn of the Sheep 25 days ago

    Jason laughs like Mcfly from back to the future:)

  • Alec Rettig
    Alec Rettig 25 days ago


  • Caitlyn Gonzalez
    Caitlyn Gonzalez 25 days ago

    IF I was a smart kid, I would have milked the whole “tooth exchanged for money” scenario till I was too old to know any better. Free money 💰

  • Chris McDaniel
    Chris McDaniel 25 days ago

    How does someone have double bags under their eyes? Stop partying with people 1/3 of your age jesus

  • Rahul Mawa
    Rahul Mawa 25 days ago

    a third of the video was just about burps...

  • Christina Shaulis
    Christina Shaulis 25 days ago

    Dutch Ovened

  • John Noordhoff
    John Noordhoff 25 days ago

    that laugh

  • Nicholas O'Neil
    Nicholas O'Neil 25 days ago

    David drinks water so weirdly>

  • Tay Bayxo
    Tay Bayxo 25 days ago

    J’s looking rough.. his bags have bags. 👀

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 25 days ago


  • Thomas Willey
    Thomas Willey 26 days ago

    What to see your shows in the UK

  • C Sterling
    C Sterling 26 days ago

    Carly is great ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Comment King
    Comment King 26 days ago

    Ew Jason sounds like the fakest liberal ever I’m weakkk

  • Grace Projection
    Grace Projection 26 days ago

    zane will just make out with his cousin in florida

  • Jennifer Richards
    Jennifer Richards 26 days ago +1

    I love carly content bc i relate so much

  • Hail Gonzales
    Hail Gonzales 26 days ago

    david is really their baby hahaha

  • Leonid kivulon
    Leonid kivulon 26 days ago

    Ok Jason plz stop laughing at everything I can barely hear wat ppl seyingv

  • makayla clark
    makayla clark 26 days ago

    I love that for a whole 5 to 7 minutes its just on David

  • Atomic Al-Gon
    Atomic Al-Gon 26 days ago

    Only times my burps smell bad and it lasts is when I have a stomach virus and I’m gonna throw up later that day like 10 times. So I know when I’m gonna throw up, and whenever it happens, (which only happens up to 3 times a year) I just think to myself “fuck it’s happening”

  • Jarryd Capper
    Jarryd Capper 26 days ago

    The chewing gum made me unsub

  • l i n n a y a
    l i n n a y a 26 days ago +1

    i just realized something, corrinas last name (kopf) also sounds like cough, so if she farts a lot instead of kopf it should be
    *Corrina Fart*

  • Honeymoon Avenue
    Honeymoon Avenue 26 days ago

    David acting like a dad to Jason is what i needed lol

  • Lauren G.
    Lauren G. 26 days ago +3

    5:20 David and Natalie be lookin like siblings, going on a road trip with their dad 😂

  • Abi Garrett
    Abi Garrett 26 days ago

    Carly is so pretty

  • Nina 1998
    Nina 1998 26 days ago +1

    I love david with jason he became so cute and pure I can not believe that there is someone with this purity🥺❤️ May the Lord protect you for us.

  • AmberThePotato
    AmberThePotato 26 days ago +1

    9:50 did she say baby?

  • Mary Paz Murillo
    Mary Paz Murillo 26 days ago

    I find David very attractive but the way he chews on gum is so annoying 😂

  • Brian
    Brian 26 days ago

    Who's going to the Detroit show with you?!

  • Dylan Alvarez
    Dylan Alvarez 26 days ago

    Jason brotha u looking good af!

  • Terri Mcgaffigan
    Terri Mcgaffigan 26 days ago

    Nite john boy!

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K 27 days ago +8

    I love how normal Carly is. She’s so under rated ❤️

    • FizZy IF
      FizZy IF 19 days ago

      Abbey K i like her too

  • Thameena Cajee
    Thameena Cajee 27 days ago

    When are you guys coming to South Africa??????

  • Byron Cotoc
    Byron Cotoc 27 days ago

    Jason’s laugh be sounding like them wood peckers.

  • Biggooseabel Clan
    Biggooseabel Clan 27 days ago

    Ummm ur laugh makes the jokes less funny just trying to help 👍

  • mechanicalhotdog
    mechanicalhotdog 27 days ago

    5:37 When the helicopter turns on.