MY DREAM CLOSET REVEAL (Tour & Organization Tips)

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • MY DREAM CLOSET REVEAL (Tour & Organization Tips) AHHH! I am so excited!! This video is NOT sponsored by California Closets…however, I HIGHLY recommend them and they 100% deserve being acknowledged in this video. Huge shout out to Angel in the Pittsburgh, PA location for helping me design everything!! This space serves not only a huge walk in closet, but it's also an office and beauty/makeup room! #ClosetReveal #ClosetTour #CCcollab #DreamCloset #UltimateCloset
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    Pittsburgh location:
    Angel is the best…I highly recommend her!!

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    White Jeans:
    White Boots:
    Vogue Sweatshirt:
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    Ripped Jeans:
    Chaise Lounge: OR
    White Rug:
    Marble End Table:
    Flower Decor:
    Computer Monitor:
    Wireless Keyboard/Mouse:
    White Desk/Vanity Chairs:
    Clothing Hangers:
    Venetian Blinds:
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    Editing: Final Cut Pro
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  • Summerafternoon
    Summerafternoon 4 hours ago

    Wow gorgeous and functional! I need to know why marble was a bad choice? I love the look of it but the quartz is just as pretty.

  • Komedi Anne
    Komedi Anne 7 days ago

    Is kitty allowed in there?

  • Mayra Liliana Gómez Sotelo

    Ohhh my God! I love it 🥰❤️

  • CaramelDiva7
    CaramelDiva7 9 days ago


  • Daniel Limachi
    Daniel Limachi 10 days ago

    Hi, I am Laura from Milano, Italy!

  • Alena Tomková
    Alena Tomková 23 days ago

    From now on, this is my dream closet, too!

  • Rupinder K
    Rupinder K 25 days ago

    I have seen so many closet videos. I think this is this is the best one. It is my dream closet now. Hopefully, sometime in the future👠👢👝👜👓👗

  • Cheerdeb1
    Cheerdeb1 28 days ago

    Finally got my husband to understand my vision (making him watch this video) for my closet we would be building - thank you 😊

  • Torri Wilson
    Torri Wilson Month ago

    Super nice closet but I don’t understand why people turn only their Christian Louboutins seems like it’s trying too hard🤷🏽‍♀️

  • maheen fatima
    maheen fatima Month ago

    0:50 it looked like a bts logo lol armyyyy

  • Christelle Akobo
    Christelle Akobo Month ago

    Wow, this is gorgeous. How much sq ft is this closet? PLease.

  • Anastasia Anastasiou

    Thi room is bigger than my bed room

  • Anastasia Anastasiou

    This is a shop!!!!!

  • Mart Ramirez
    Mart Ramirez Month ago

    Closet looks beautiful! Thank u for the inspiration. Loving your channel 💕 New subbie 💕

  • Catherine Burch Graham, APR

    Holy cow...I'm turning green as I write this!!!!

  • Jan Mauro
    Jan Mauro Month ago


  • shaustin22
    shaustin22 Month ago +1

    The best “she shed” I’ve ever seen. So lucky. 😊💕

  • sandy Lo
    sandy Lo Month ago

    Absolutley beautiful!

  • Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen 2 months ago

    Where did you get your hangers?

  • Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    @5:34 what brand computer monitor is that? Also, the wireless keyboard and mouse. What brand? I want a set up like that for this semester while I'm attending uni

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 2 months ago

    Discovered your channel through this video and honestly have just binge watched 20 videos. Love your videos so much !!! xx

  • Luv_Travelz
    Luv_Travelz 2 months ago

    Wow‼️Amazing Dream closet💖

  • ms Janet
    ms Janet 2 months ago +1

    Love love love it!!
    Stay blessed God bless you.

  • Debbie Rose
    Debbie Rose 2 months ago

    It is stunning!!

  • يا زهرآء الزهراء قدوتي

    no no hahaha verrrrrry nice and moor like the mall waaaaw

  • يا زهرآء الزهراء قدوتي

    mmmm okey not like huda beuoty or kaely not moor and soooooo old

  • Natea Marcia
    Natea Marcia 2 months ago

    Okay, now this is MY dream closet. Omg this is GORGEOUS.

  • Veronique
    Veronique 2 months ago

    I am curious how you keep this clean. Isn't there a lot of dust on your clothes? And how do you prevent your cardigans/sweaters from getting the hanger in the shoulders if you know what I mean.

  • sahara book
    sahara book 2 months ago

    I like it, very Nice ....

  • Maddie Malone
    Maddie Malone 2 months ago +3

    Even her extra little closet is bigger than mine lol

  • DreamAngel123 PFW
    DreamAngel123 PFW 2 months ago

    Beautiful closet

  • Janet Roberson
    Janet Roberson 2 months ago

    New subscriber, from Alex

  • TheChicago35
    TheChicago35 2 months ago

    I've watched several closet tours but yours is my favorite..

  • Officialjackie Gakii
    Officialjackie Gakii 2 months ago

    Wow this is beautiful I love it❤ new friend here

  • Angel Nguyen
    Angel Nguyen 2 months ago

    I realized there are no doors to close the closets to keep them clean from dust over the long time.

  • Qing Hunt
    Qing Hunt 2 months ago

    Wow, I love this closet , this is my dream closet.

  • surabhi agar
    surabhi agar 2 months ago

    Just one question...what you do for a living...or it's just easy money for u. Because it's not easy to afford all this bags and shoes. RU-clip or insta dont provide such income.

  • Peronne Cozier
    Peronne Cozier 2 months ago

    Just amazing!!

  • narin_ Mohammad
    narin_ Mohammad 2 months ago

    Omg 😍😍😍

  • Katrina Blackwood
    Katrina Blackwood 3 months ago

    I don’t think having that many clothes is necessary so bad for the environment but then I’m a minimalist 🤷‍♀️

  • Lauren Pexa
    Lauren Pexa 3 months ago

    Would love an update. A couple months later is there anything you would change?

  • Katarína Konkoľová
    Katarína Konkoľová 3 months ago

    You don't even wear half of the stuff

  • Divya Ahuja
    Divya Ahuja 3 months ago

    Beautiful closet .. Loved everything! Can you pls tell me how much did you pay for it ??

  • Lee M
    Lee M 3 months ago

    Ammmaizing!!! I lllllllove it 💕💕💖💖

  • DC
    DC 3 months ago

    Where did you get the chair?

  • Udo Ka
    Udo Ka 3 months ago +1

    Sorry, you need an office in your closet?...

  • Mike Villanueva
    Mike Villanueva 3 months ago

    I got motion sickness from all the moving

  • Dena Lu
    Dena Lu 3 months ago

    You are so chic and I love everything about you! You are an inspiration lady

  • Annie Henderson
    Annie Henderson 3 months ago

    One day I will have a beautiful closet, maybe not like yours, hahahaha! But while my husband is still active duty army, we get to move a lot and I don't always get a great closet. Where did you find your chaise lounge?

  • bossgirlll
    bossgirlll 3 months ago +1

    damnnn these people r too rich !!!!!!!!!!!

  • bossgirlll
    bossgirlll 3 months ago +1

    i dont even have the 1/10th of this stuff

  • Ashley
    Ashley 3 months ago

    This closet reminds me of Carli Bybel closet...

  • Calleigh simon
    Calleigh simon 3 months ago +2

    You have a lot of clothes

  • Riya Gudhka
    Riya Gudhka 3 months ago

    Best video i have seen today. Love this closet

  • A Linn
    A Linn 3 months ago

    I thought l spied a Pens jersey... no clue you were a 412 girl! I’m not sure how l missed this detail! I am so inspired to call Angel!!!💖

  • A Linn
    A Linn 3 months ago

    Maybe l couldn’t find it but have you shared the measurements of the closet? Just curious because l am thinking of expanding a closet into another space. Ty! Love your channel💖

  • Mj Ingrato
    Mj Ingrato 3 months ago

    This is by far the most functional closet i have ever seen. 😍😍😍

  • Bereal
    Bereal 3 months ago +1

    Gorgeous dream closet! How do you keep your shoes clean enough to keep in your closet?

  • Randall Stratton
    Randall Stratton 3 months ago

    " If my closet were like this I never would have come out of it"...Karen Walker from Will and Grace would be proud

  • Poteeto
    Poteeto 3 months ago

    Beautiful closet!! I love that it's all white and kinda minimalistic! But I do have a question though. Aren't you worried that your shoes will stain the white furniture? Do you clean them every time before placing them back on the shelves? And if so how?