Michael Isn't Happy That Juliana Bought Herself A Car Using His Money | 90 Day Fiancé

  • Published on Jan 8, 2020
  • While shopping for furniture for their new home, Michael and Juliana discuss how they spend their money, which brings them to the subject of Juliana buying herself a car using Michael's money.
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Comments • 100

  • moke balls
    moke balls 4 hours ago

    What they see: Ford GT
    What me and the boys see: BULLET

  • Miss Brookes
    Miss Brookes 7 hours ago

    People be mad at the girl for wanting him for his money but not mad at this “nice dude” for wanting her for her looks 👀👄👀

  • Ralph Delatorre
    Ralph Delatorre 7 hours ago


  • Jacqueline Reece
    Jacqueline Reece 9 hours ago

    When both kids said “Can we breath” 🤣

  • CT. Skywlkr
    CT. Skywlkr 22 hours ago

    She seems soo sweet and beautiful, she deserves better than this guy

  • Gemini 616
    Gemini 616 23 hours ago

    Straight up gold digger and I hope he protected himself with a pre nup

  • Kinza Raza
    Kinza Raza Day ago

    I feel like Michael must've been a very handsome lad in his twenties and thirties.

  • Matthew Sharpton

    Ole dude is wearing a Richard Mille and acting like $14k is a lot of money to him.

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones Day ago

    That's the ugliest couch I've ever seen

  • S P
    S P 2 days ago

    The kids are ADORABLE.

  • Olivia Macpherson
    Olivia Macpherson 2 days ago

    their connection is depressing

  • Viral Pinas
    Viral Pinas 2 days ago


  • Yin Tong Athena Chan

    That gold digging bitch isn’t even that pretty

  • Tony Tay
    Tony Tay 3 days ago

    Never, date a girl from Goiaña. Just sex.

  • Wiesia Loonen
    Wiesia Loonen 3 days ago

    Older dougther of Michael?😂😂😂😂😂

  • pisceanrat
    pisceanrat 3 days ago

    He should get a lady like the seller in the store. Same age and cultural bg as his. But instead he wants a hot young exotic foreigner to parade and boast about. So who's using who? EQUAL

  • pisceanrat
    pisceanrat 3 days ago

    Lol of course sugar baby/ trophy wife wants her own car. Why else would she get with old person (except also green card)

  • Lex Singh
    Lex Singh 3 days ago

    Bitch please! Some of these women are straight up gold diggers and dumb. Just out their looking for a sugar daddy. And the guys are too saying he looking for love that's fine and all but damn y'all be wasting too much money if you dont have it you dont and if she dont like it and not for wh ok you are she can kick rocks PERIODT. Next time try local area dating online or within the us. Not internationally. Keep in mind what country they come from and how there country is if it's a third rate country sorry man she not here for love.

  • Nicolas Leone
    Nicolas Leone 4 days ago

    He’s pissed cuz the sister is giving him ~18%on that cab

  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner 4 days ago

    This show is why I'm donating my millions when I die 🤣

  • miaskittens D
    miaskittens D 4 days ago

    Phuk buddy you walked right into that. Anyone dumb enough to to give a credit card not only to a child but to someone they don't know gets what they deserve.

  • Monica Manuel
    Monica Manuel 4 days ago

    She's a young gold digger 🤬🤬🤬

  • Day6atemywallet
    Day6atemywallet 5 days ago

    He’s the type of guy Rose deserved 😭

  • KAIOabstrct
    KAIOabstrct 5 days ago

    1:11 when u have to look really hard.

  • angel carillo
    angel carillo 6 days ago

    Rose and michael would be much more great lover. ❣😊

  • Google Acct
    Google Acct 6 days ago

    When she says I used to watch Bob Sponge, thats the best line ever on the show

  • Datsnell
    Datsnell 6 days ago

    If she don’t know Spongebob name then abort the mission

  • Poop Scoop
    Poop Scoop 6 days ago


  • Kirsti Kouvo
    Kirsti Kouvo 6 days ago

    hei saapa näille nauraa

  • Julia Y
    Julia Y 6 days ago

    oh my gosh, but she really is STUNNINGGG though..

  • 1 w
    1 w 6 days ago

    I dont mean to sound like a hater but i don't think she's that pretty.

  • Breezy Matt
    Breezy Matt 6 days ago

    If she a model, can’t she buy her own car?

  • Pique2122
    Pique2122 7 days ago

    Sweet video of a guy bringing his adopted daughter shopping ~

  • Ali Alyakoob
    Ali Alyakoob 7 days ago

    I watch Bob sponge

  • Sofie Marie
    Sofie Marie 7 days ago

    Idk what bugs me more , her stupid voice or the fact that she is using him for money

  • kathy kim
    kathy kim 7 days ago

    I lost it when she said “Bob sponge” LMFAOO

  • Jordan Rosario
    Jordan Rosario 7 days ago

    Yeah Juliana is a gold digger but the dude lives in Greenwich Connecticut. One of the richest places in the whole United States, I’m pretty sure he’s more than well off with some money especially that he just bought a house as well.

  • Remi Onabajo2
    Remi Onabajo2 7 days ago

    Sorry but are any of the couples on this show actually like the same age or you know around the same age cause like I don't get it

  • Matt Ippolito
    Matt Ippolito 8 days ago

    I watch bob sponge 😂

  • Sam Hinnant
    Sam Hinnant 8 days ago

    Omg when she said Bob Sponge i lost it lol 😆. Seriously that was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time lol

  • Aren Duksal
    Aren Duksal 8 days ago

    Guys I watch Bob Sponge 🧽😂

  • Taylor Jones
    Taylor Jones 9 days ago +2

    She’s gold digger I that’s my theory 🤷‍♂️

  • Gah Briel
    Gah Briel 9 days ago

    She is so Brazilian her sister is using her car to do uber most Brazilian thing to do in America

  • cloudybee 36
    cloudybee 36 9 days ago +1

    so far of season 7 juliana has the best relationship in this whole season. She learned her lesson and said that she wanted to be independent with the modeling career. Also she spends time with his kids and even managed to get along with his ex wife so far theyre still married and living together right now. but tbh i cant really know whats going on with her relationship but this clip is a bad take from her.

  • jessica lavallee
    jessica lavallee 9 days ago +1

    Hes so stupid

  • Saint Zayan
    Saint Zayan 9 days ago +1

    At least she was honest enough to admit that she was stupid. Now he should just cut the bitch loose

  • Albert Liu
    Albert Liu 9 days ago +1

    Let's be honest here, most of the American men in this show are lustful, trying to relive their younger years by bringing in a "exotic" or trophy "wife"/"girlfriend" even at a great expense. The American women here, have a lot of self-esteem/self-confidence issues and want an "exotic" good looking young man to give a boost in their ego and whatnot. It's just really lusting and gold-digging at the end of the day.

  • Yzzami
    Yzzami 9 days ago

    14k for the worlds ugliest couch?

  • RoG GameR
    RoG GameR 9 days ago

    I don’t know why but he reminds me of Elon Musk

  • Jhon Lester
    Jhon Lester 10 days ago +1

    She is the Brazilian Miranda cosgrove

  • Julia Foster
    Julia Foster 10 days ago

    Damn a Ford GT!!!! He's going to lose it soon tho.

  • Kerri D
    Kerri D 10 days ago +1

    Ok he knew what he was getting into when he scooped up a 19 year old from a third world country and literally gave her his credit card info. Neither are victims it’s a mutually beneficial relationship

  • Louanna Chase
    Louanna Chase 10 days ago

    I am a Trinidadian and you're so good-looking

  • Louanna Chase
    Louanna Chase 10 days ago +1

    Michael if you want a good woman call me

  • Gian Edits
    Gian Edits 11 days ago

    3:42 i-

  • Colin Blakely
    Colin Blakely 11 days ago

    Fuc that bitch

  • Jorgiane Paiva
    Jorgiane Paiva 11 days ago

    he is sooo stupid.. sorry but he deserves it ... to choose a child to marry

  • Arianni For ever
    Arianni For ever 11 days ago +1

    I think she only loves his money hopefully this doesn't end in a divorce

  • Jessica Hylton
    Jessica Hylton 11 days ago +1

    At 4:56 she was like “what the hell did I do with my life!”

  • Gabs Aguilar
    Gabs Aguilar 11 days ago

    He hasss a neckkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Mahaliya Nahariyanti
    Mahaliya Nahariyanti 11 days ago

    Where can i find one like Michael? I work tho. Not a gold digger like her.

  • brenda Alfonso
    brenda Alfonso 11 days ago

    If Michael didn't earn loads of money I don't think that Julian would date him so is it has gave it away by mentioning about his credit cards that is rude thing to ask

  • Mayela Araya
    Mayela Araya 12 days ago

    It’s so sad how older men treat old women like me...things change greatly once you turn fifty.
    Let this girl enjoy life now she is young and have fun. Watch all,of you women how things turn later and how men just put you aside just because you grow wrinkles and gray hair.

  • Vagabonds Exposed
    Vagabonds Exposed 12 days ago

    That Juliana is annoying AF!!

  • Chaotic Goldfish
    Chaotic Goldfish 12 days ago

    3:40 made me CHORTLE “ooh!🤭”

  • Chuck McMicheal
    Chuck McMicheal 12 days ago

    Sont judge. If it's the truth ther was nothing wrong w it I'd he doent sue her or demand it.

  • Chuck McMicheal
    Chuck McMicheal 12 days ago

    She is not bad for caring about her family. Looks like she just wants him to care too. She is not a piece of crap!

  • Mary W
    Mary W 12 days ago

    They should've named this show
    "Show the world how friggin stupid you are "
    Pathetic people looking for love with these ( third world country )
    People and wondering if they're being used
    Bahahaha. w(°o°)w

  • bilal bedawi
    bilal bedawi 12 days ago

    3:50 was so awkward and uncomfortable

  • Alex Savage Report
    Alex Savage Report 12 days ago +5

    Maybe in ten years his son would make “ mom and stepson “

  • Core Blade
    Core Blade 12 days ago

    He drives a gt40????

  • Christine Crowell
    Christine Crowell 12 days ago

    The lady’s response at 3:45 had me dead 💀

  • spetsapula
    spetsapula 12 days ago

    She bought a car on his credit card😂😂😂 wake up sucka

  • miryam
    miryam 12 days ago

    She looks like a philippina

  • Roberto Farfan
    Roberto Farfan 12 days ago

    In her country she was starving, these people do not like to work only they look for convenience or they go to prostitution they just like the easy life, what a stupid man who thinks that she wants it, there are so many beautiful women in the USA and you mess with garbage

  • Migs Marbella
    Migs Marbella 12 days ago

    She's Brazilian? Looks Filipina. 😱

  • black rose
    black rose 13 days ago +1

    I uwued so goddamn hard when she said “I watch bob sponge” omg

  • Nikos Kalantas
    Nikos Kalantas 13 days ago +5

    Driving stick shift is a quality?
    This guy deff made money without using his brain power

  • Fili FilimonsimmerX94
    Fili FilimonsimmerX94 13 days ago

    The sofa looks horrible

  • Arianny Trinidad
    Arianny Trinidad 13 days ago

    I really dislike women like her, acts all innocent and cute but is so manipulative. Honestly a car ? She would have been gone so quick her head would have fell off on the way out.

  • Grace Canty
    Grace Canty 13 days ago

    Bob sponge

  • Laloni Chester
    Laloni Chester 13 days ago

    She knew what she was doing

  • bruce Müller
    bruce Müller 13 days ago

    Iam the only Person that thinks american houses look ugly from the inside

  • Riley Astra
    Riley Astra 13 days ago

    He left her for three months when she needed to pay her bills and came back after they were settled and she still what's to marry him?

  • wyrmbuster
    wyrmbuster 13 days ago

    He looks like Elon Musks distant cousin

  • keyglockk 6969
    keyglockk 6969 13 days ago

    She is a fucking gold digger if you are living under a rock

  • Nikie Almario
    Nikie Almario 13 days ago

    pabebe amp😒

  • shinigamikouryu
    shinigamikouryu 13 days ago

    You don’t just go buy car even if you thought the visa might not work out. Even more so using others credit card. It’s so painfully obvious what she truly wants.

  • Zxy
    Zxy 13 days ago

    Anyone see that the kid looks like benjy fishy

  • Marilyn Harris
    Marilyn Harris 14 days ago

    She is going to spend more than that

  • Go On Art
    Go On Art 14 days ago

    anytime they make a new series. the guy is always just a SIMP lmao

  • Carol Verde
    Carol Verde 14 days ago

    What a sucker 🙄 dude get someone your own age

  • Twixie
    Twixie 14 days ago +17

    This lady is a gold digger. She is just acting nice because she knows she can persuade this man. She will look for a younger and hotter guy when she lives in America. She’s stupid because she has a hard life back at her home and modeling isn’t forever. She already found a guy who loves her with lovely kids and who can support her and that doesn’t look like big ED.

  • Tatiana Bond
    Tatiana Bond 14 days ago

    That was an ugly fucking couch

  • Eric Bickel
    Eric Bickel 14 days ago

    He a sugar daddy lmao

  • GodlessMartyr666
    GodlessMartyr666 14 days ago

    mans has kids 😂😂😂

  • gjiza me krip
    gjiza me krip 14 days ago

    he said to her u look great
    im sorry dude but if u can not see it imma tell u she looks gorgeous

  • win montgomery
    win montgomery 14 days ago

    Lol after watching no neck Ed this relationship seems fine minus a tiny bit of gold digger. And like. That’s something you can kind of unlearn.

  • b
    b 14 days ago +1

    She is using him

  • b
    b 14 days ago +1

    I hate Juliana