What The Most Expensive Steak On Earth Tastes Like

  • Published on Mar 9, 2016
  • This week on The Meat Show, professional carnivore Nick Solares visits Mu Ramen in Long Island City, to eat a steak that has been dry-aged for 400 days. Watch to see if chef Joshua Smookler’s funky, fatty experiment pays off as Solares samples it sous vide, over sushi rice, and even raw.
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Comments • 5 353

  • taylor Taylor
    taylor Taylor 15 hours ago

    Hipster version of Paul Giamatti

  • CattoFatto
    CattoFatto 20 hours ago

    Perse means ass in finland XDDD

  • MrBingping
    MrBingping Day ago

    So he described it as "furry" "funky" and like "thyme and rosemary butter with meat flavor" yeah that sounds like $1000 well spent...

  • myredfast
    myredfast Day ago

    Disgusting!! Sad that today's society has lost flavor for freshness and healthfulness when it comes to beef

    • Toolman
      Toolman Day ago

      What's really sad is most farmers who raise cattle no longer know how to raise good beef. Just like most foods . take a strawberry you grow yourself in your garden.....you go eat the best one from any store and you think you bit into a piece of cardboard after eating one you grew yourself. A well raised beef is even far more of a difference than a strawberry. I've only seen one butcher in all my 50+ years that had a good eye for his supply of meats that was raised with any quality at all. He's 72 now and he's trying to teach his son but its that eye and sense you obtain growing up on a real farm that knows what they are doing that makes all the difference. Unfortunately you would be hard pressed to find one or two butchers in any given state that has that talent to know.
      But you are right people have no clue what good food is much less meats. Organic this organic that . ha ha people have no clue. " organic is a key but there is a whole lot more to it even with fruits and veggies. Livestock is on another level altogether.

  • Captain Ahab
    Captain Ahab Day ago

    this guy keeps grabbin like me at every cosco sample stand

  • Diego Avila
    Diego Avila 2 days ago

    Is wagyu?

  • N Mont
    N Mont 3 days ago

    What are the blocks they line the fridge with? Salt/dry ice?!??!

  • whisperweed
    whisperweed 3 days ago

    Wow! now I'd love to get a taste of that frozen mastodon they found a few years ago.

  • root8ble
    root8ble 3 days ago

    I guess I am the only person who doesn't like fat in his meat... in like every video they just say the fat is so good .. etc.. etc..

    • Toolman
      Toolman Day ago

      Never had a good steak much less cooked right.
      Its the right fat marbeling on a well raised beef that makes a great steak pretty much melt in your mouth without chewing if its cooked right and the flavor gushes in your mouth not dribble like most top of the line steakhouses fix.
      Extremely hard to find really good beef even at a top of the line butcher shop nowadays. Kinda like comparing a steak from McDonald's ( if they had steak.lol) to something like the outback. A top of the line steakhouse steak would be a McDonald's compared to what we raise for ourselves. Nothing compares to doing things the right way . something that has been mostly lost in this country due to extreme laziness , stupidity , extreme self centeredness and greed. Its hard to find good land to raise good beef anymore . then you have the laughable organics crap. Yeah organics is important but wow there is a whole lot more to it than what they do to make really good food of any kind.
      You can still find some of us old timers that know how, just losing anyone interested in sacrificing of themselves to learn how its done right. And losing our physical ability to keep things going on a scale that the public can get a hold of for even a taste.
      Of course all you have to do is walk in a Wal-Mart anywhere and see real quick the extreme laziness that has infested this once great country.

    • ItsSomeDeadGuy
      ItsSomeDeadGuy 2 days ago

      Fat is flavor.

  • Bridgett Holman
    Bridgett Holman 4 days ago

    The steak looks dryer out compare to its red hue.

  • Dennise Tribowo
    Dennise Tribowo 4 days ago

    never did once i like this smartass-hipster.always cut when the chef talking,like he knows everything.your channel seriously need to kick his ass out of this channel

  • Tom McKevitt
    Tom McKevitt 6 days ago

    Please consider leaving Eater, while they are fine sight, personally the other shows don't float my boat and I find the sight clumsy to navigate around. I would be very willing to support a Kickstarter or other fund supported programs.

  • Rebaz Ali
    Rebaz Ali 6 days ago

    This video is full of ...

  • Bora Erinc
    Bora Erinc 6 days ago

    This guy is so unlikable

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy 7 days ago

    Horsechit it tastes like RipOff I’ve had it my bo$$ paid for it

  • Vanessa D
    Vanessa D 7 days ago

    I love meat, but I think this looked gross. Ick!

  • FactsOnly101 GetOnMyLevel

    I'll trade you a random 'hotpocket' for that stank ass beef.

  • Robert Pettis
    Robert Pettis 7 days ago

    I was not expecting this many ignorant trolls making comments on this video. I mean, it is impressive.

    • Robert Pettis
      Robert Pettis Day ago

      +Toolman see, this is what I mean. You don't know anything about me or what specifically I was referring to. But you thought you'd attack me. Can you go complain down a well and leave your negativity to yourself?

    • Toolman
      Toolman Day ago

      Only impressive to someone who doesn't know anything about beef. A beef raised right , which is nearly impossible to find anymore, is waaaaaay better than this hands down no competition . this beef would be a McDonald's/Wal-Mart quality of beef compared to a beef that is well raised. That's a fact. Spoken from experience.

  • Fais Azly
    Fais Azly 7 days ago

    It’s not cooked fresh

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 8 days ago +1

    Most expensive steak on Earth? Clearly he's never shopped in Waitrose.

  • Tom Sutherland
    Tom Sutherland 9 days ago

    Bring nick back

  • matias natale
    matias natale 9 days ago

    meh, its just fat cooked in even moore fat

  • sumate sadeekam
    sumate sadeekam 9 days ago

    Why I feel wasted wagyu meat?

  • Nick
    Nick 10 days ago

    Ruined the steak lol

  • Max Murray
    Max Murray 10 days ago +1

    Lol the reviewer is so intense compared to the chef ahaha

  • iLandjive CNMI
    iLandjive CNMI 11 days ago

    Dumb 💩 going on for 4:23

  • Luigi Capinpuyan
    Luigi Capinpuyan 11 days ago +1

    I'm kinda confused about his accent

    • Nick
      Nick 10 days ago

      He's an extreme hipster, he's trying to put on an accent he doesn't actually have.

  • Eiryth Ma
    Eiryth Ma 11 days ago

    Vegan: what the most expensive human tastes like

  • michael witkamp
    michael witkamp 11 days ago +1

    How can you even thinkig of becoming a vegan??!!

  • Hey! It's me Aaron
    Hey! It's me Aaron 11 days ago

    I cant believe how many times I have watched this video

  • Sweil
    Sweil 11 days ago

    damn i wish i was rich

  • Marketing Food Online
    Marketing Food Online 12 days ago

    Loved all of these definitely a bucket list...just like the way we teach food entrepreneurs how to start a food love the videos

  • AMH
    AMH 13 days ago +1

    I love me some steak but not sure about that

  • Howard Blair
    Howard Blair 13 days ago +2

    The Mental Floss article mentions:
    "...described as having a 'furry, funky flavor' that coats the palette."
    A "palette" is a board for mixing paints or makeup. The mouth part is a "palate."

  • Dana Meise
    Dana Meise 15 days ago +1

    I was going to comment snarky but decided instead to say Moose nuts to eat are rare as are polar bear hearts a little saffron BOOM! Most expensive meal in the world

  • salkadellic
    salkadellic 15 days ago

    Hey guys look how many word you dont kniw

  • Yussef G
    Yussef G 15 days ago

    Should have just named this channel "Men Mouths and Meat.."

  • me lord
    me lord 15 days ago

    Gordon would be delighted to taste this.

  • oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

    Perse means Ass in finnish

  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 17 days ago +17

    This video is confusing and pretentious on a level I haven't seen in a while, your conversation with the chef made me very uncomfortable.

  • Rickwon Kool
    Rickwon Kool 17 days ago

    I’m a Steak lover I’ve tried all sorts of steaks and tbh after 90 aged Steak I don’t think you want it. It sort of has a very funky smell and taste and very stuck together Type taste. Not enjoyable to the regular steak eater #MyOpinion

  • william wilkes
    william wilkes 18 days ago

    just burn it, same thing

  • Wong Ian
    Wong Ian 19 days ago +1

    I'll be honest, the thumbnail for this vid surprised me until I took a closer look

  • johnny rebel
    johnny rebel 20 days ago

    its been 53 years for me and I can bust the scales with my meat,so,when you have a 23 year old meat that weighs .12 ounces like johnny r,you might want to reconsider for a 53 year old with heavyweight and back up lifestyles.

  • craig chenery
    craig chenery 20 days ago

    Furry funky blue cheese smelling steak.1000 dollars yeah ok.pass

  • your roommate
    your roommate 21 day ago +3

    How will he answer Gordon Ramsay when he asks, "How old is that?"

  • Smelliott
    Smelliott 22 days ago

    Can't stand this guy.

  • Charles Mitchell
    Charles Mitchell 22 days ago

    Sorry, a 'womp of funk' doesn't sound that great unless you're Andrew Zimmern. Pass.

  • Aaron Asir
    Aaron Asir 25 days ago

    The skill set from this chef is out this world.

  • Faataatia Tupuola,Jr
    Faataatia Tupuola,Jr 27 days ago

    Man that looks Tasty😎

  • Matt Henderson
    Matt Henderson 28 days ago


  • BigErn_Mccraken
    BigErn_Mccraken 28 days ago

    That’s just a hunk of fat. I mean, let’s be real here. It’s like a piece of modern art. It’s total crap.

  • passtheBuck Canuck
    passtheBuck Canuck 28 days ago +1

    Watching this and eating a SPAM SANDWICH 😢😢😢😢

  • notf noio
    notf noio 29 days ago +1

    Man who is this guy, constantly interrupting the chef and telling him about his own product.... And pointing fingers.

  • notf noio
    notf noio 29 days ago

    So who wants to invest in a voyage to a glacier and dig up a prehistoric mammal?

  • Simeon_Tribe_Warrior
    Simeon_Tribe_Warrior 29 days ago

    Esau would eat it raw. Dam cave beast.

  • dinesh
    dinesh Month ago


    REZZY Month ago +1

    This guy’s actually knowledgable on this stuff its refreshing

  • Equintrinity
    Equintrinity Month ago

    My foot is funk

  • dire mire
    dire mire Month ago

    Reporters accent sounds so put on, just like my brother trying to do a british accent but fails evertime

  • Shannon Ceasar
    Shannon Ceasar Month ago

    This guy sounds like a New Yorker trying to sound classy

  • Abhiram Srivastava
    Abhiram Srivastava Month ago


  • Aruesx - Roblox and more

    Huh, so the longer it sits, the better the flavor is. 7 years later... Gordon Ramsay: ITS FKING ROTTEN YOU IDIOT SANDWICH

  • Lolliepopsftw
    Lolliepopsftw Month ago

    They sound like the same person. I hate that

  • DJ Mango
    DJ Mango Month ago

    Does that man pay for the food he's eating or.....

  • arsalsedo53
    arsalsedo53 Month ago +8

    He kind of lost me when he said woft of Funk

  • Burgo King
    Burgo King Month ago +1

    Give me $1000 and I'll make you a T-Bone that sat in my sock drawer for a month.

  • ChefMK
    ChefMK Month ago

    so a whole USDA prime ribeye cost about $200, whole A5 ribeye about $1000, Slice of dried aged A5 is about $1000. what a bargain ~

    • ChefMK
      ChefMK 16 days ago

      Josh well you took me quite seriously for a joke when I was just comparing prices. And honestly I never thought of an investment or getting back money for something I plan to eat . I did state a sliced of dried age meaning the finished product. And seriously cry over $200? I rather be upset what went wrong if I did do it myself

    • Josh
      Josh 17 days ago

      You are waiting 400 days to get ur money back. Do you know what return on investment means? You clearly aren't a smart chef Mr MK. Plus if you aren't a professional one small mistake the money goes down the drain. Dry aging is a delicate process. That salt lined cooler alone prolly cost 4 grand or more. Most of the big name guys use only Himalayan salt. Which alone probably cost another 4 grand. I'm sure you would cry if you lost a 200$ usda prime ribeye after 10 days of trying to dry age.

  • SuperNifty&UniqueNickname

    I"m going to go there for this steak next time I'm in New York and have a day to kill.

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas Month ago

    Screenshot looks like someone wiping their meat on some meat

  • kewell400
    kewell400 Month ago

    I don't think he liked it. You could tell with the tone of his voice he seemed really disappointed.

  • K i t t o F r a nz気泡

    More like looks like

  • Poltak Arif
    Poltak Arif Month ago

    is it healthy? stored food must be containing high level of carcinogen

  • mike crawford
    mike crawford Month ago

    would not want to be in a 25 mile radius when this guy farts.

  • I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.

    Not even close to the most expensive steak in the world.

  • MuffinMiner
    MuffinMiner Month ago

    I'll have it well done

  • Anthony Belkowski
    Anthony Belkowski Month ago

    Way to ruin a nice ribeye.

  • Honorable Crown
    Honorable Crown Month ago

    Wear some gloves for crying out loud!! Nobody wants your Peter Beaters all over their meat!!!

  • Bloody ChromeA
    Bloody ChromeA Month ago

    Okay okay, CLICKBATE I couldnt taste it.

  • App Help
    App Help Month ago +1

    Who else is surprised that most expensive steak is not covered with gold?

  • Im a nigger and im fast as fucc boii

    I deadass thought it was a loaf of bread in the thumbnail

  • Not yo daddy
    Not yo daddy Month ago

    That steak is worse than Beto O’Rourke

  • Araki Hisahsi
    Araki Hisahsi Month ago

    Looks rotten.

  • Otuyemi Afolujuwon
    Otuyemi Afolujuwon Month ago

    ok now what does it take to become a food taster? I'm sure I have the qualities

  • michael marzan
    michael marzan Month ago

    They didn't say how much was steak or wear

  • Yuii Yuki
    Yuii Yuki Month ago

    Is anyone still watching this in 2019???......

  • Drako-shi
    Drako-shi Month ago

    What a load of crap.

  • Supa Blabluble
    Supa Blabluble Month ago

    Image a KOBE beef dry age 500 days

  • Shayne Carter-Murray

    "furry funky flavor" doesn't spund apprealing to me...does it mean something different in the meat world?

  • Brandon J
    Brandon J Month ago

    He has a very punchable face. This guy reminds me of your broke ass friend who you feed constantly and then he wants you give you cooking advice.

  • Deviant Sapien
    Deviant Sapien Month ago +1

    This dude's horrible arm tattoos lol

  • KY Chan
    KY Chan Month ago +1

    "There's no real recipe. I just wanted to see what happens"

  • Michael Sheehan
    Michael Sheehan Month ago +1


  • INX
    INX Month ago +38

    3:45 this sums up how much he actually knows, just let the chef speak lol

  • Gerard
    Gerard Month ago

    Do your viewers a favor and try to forget pallet when referring to your tongue

  • King Cr7
    King Cr7 Month ago

    Doesn’t look really appetising

  • Cameron Goliath
    Cameron Goliath Month ago

    Miss this guy

  • Fred Pilcher
    Fred Pilcher Month ago


  • GhostSlayer1000 0
    GhostSlayer1000 0 Month ago

    Lmao it prolly just tastes like brisket

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio Month ago +1

    I love the smell of umami in this steak