Samantha!: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • Tired of being treated like a child, Samantha! sets out to look for new ways to showcase her talent. She's much more mature now. And much less famous... Season 2 launches April 19th. Starring Emanuelle Araújo, Douglas Silva and Sabrina Nonata.
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    Samantha!: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • Isa- Chan
    Isa- Chan 2 days ago +2

    Eu chorei no final da temporada 2 😪

  • pac matheus
    pac matheus 8 days ago +1


  • Malu Pudim22
    Malu Pudim22 13 days ago +2


  • Igor Tavares
    Igor Tavares Month ago

    Amazing serie, it's really good show

  • Coffee__ Kidd
    Coffee__ Kidd Month ago

    I would watch this but I can't watch and read at the same time to much work😭

    • Nicole Rose
      Nicole Rose Month ago +1

      They have it dubbed that’s how I watched it. Ik some people can’t stand it dubbed, but if you don’t mind it then it’s not bad.

    • Coffee__ Kidd
      Coffee__ Kidd Month ago

      +Camila Sant'Anna lol

    • Camila Sant'Anna
      Camila Sant'Anna Month ago +1

      welcome to my life. I watch movies and series with subtitles since I was a teenager, it's habit.

  • Sara Mouray
    Sara Mouray Month ago


  • THE-Daywalker
    THE-Daywalker Month ago +1

    Lol this lowkey look funny as hell! Lol Samonstra 🗣😂😂 damn she must have been terrible.

  • Robin Rajaonarivelo
    Robin Rajaonarivelo Month ago +7


  • Leonardo Janota
    Leonardo Janota Month ago +4

    I will be Samantha until I die 🎶 💖😍💕🙌🏻

  • Leonardo Janota
    Leonardo Janota Month ago +1


  • OverL 21
    OverL 21 Month ago +1

    Umbrella academy season 2

  • Rajsekhar Laha
    Rajsekhar Laha Month ago +1


  • Camila Castilhos
    Camila Castilhos Month ago


  • سعيد الرقيب

    This shit is a prove that everybody has a series on Netflix these days..

    • Brutus Tan
      Brutus Tan 2 days ago

      سعيد الرقيب so where is yours? If you’re so talented

  • Demetrious Mason
    Demetrious Mason Month ago

    What in the world

  • Lucas Hen
    Lucas Hen Month ago +18

    Our book is called Samonstra: "Samonster"

  • Rick Bailey
    Rick Bailey Month ago


  • Sachi Creation
    Sachi Creation Month ago

    Please Friends Watch This Video
    Thanks You

  • Natália Cruz
    Natália Cruz Month ago +11

    how am i just hearing about this show?

  • Manoela Oliveira Leite

    I just need the trailer of stranger things 3

  • Igor Davi
    Igor Davi Month ago


  • j Mc
    j Mc Month ago +1


  • trinityforever13
    trinityforever13 Month ago +1


  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida Month ago +3

    Netflix the best ever network in the world

  • Lily Iglesias ツ
    Lily Iglesias ツ Month ago +77

    Lol I'm Brazilian but I'm reading the subtitles anyway 😜😂

  • Afro Lango
    Afro Lango Month ago

    Y’all hungry? I’m so fucking hungry
    I am at Oakleaf high school in FL stop by with some food

  • Yootub Apesta
    Yootub Apesta Month ago

    And you wonder why there is an uncanny number of homos.

  • Robbie Louder
    Robbie Louder Month ago +4

    We want Lucifer Season 4 trailer NOW!!

  • Lil Poteto
    Lil Poteto Month ago

    Thumbnail looks like AOC

  • Houley Koundourou
    Houley Koundourou Month ago +2

    Ahhh I'm so excited!!

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    This is beyond stupid. Delete your account.

  • Amanda Barbosa
    Amanda Barbosa Month ago +4

    top series I'll watch her later

  • AtomKiLLa OnE
    AtomKiLLa OnE Month ago

    W.T.F. Is this shit ....TELEMUNDO. ?

  • Olivia Connolly
    Olivia Connolly Month ago +1

    can we PLEASE get some stranger things content!!!

  • blackpink4ever
    blackpink4ever Month ago

    Subscribe to me I subscribe back

  • katykatu gamer
    katykatu gamer Month ago +1

    Español?!!! Puta que sad >:"v

    • katykatu gamer
      katykatu gamer Month ago

      +Ruan Anjos mmmmm no entiendo >:'v puta que sad Bv

    • Ruan Anjos
      Ruan Anjos Month ago

      Melhor de tudo é saber que ela sabe falar puta que Sad que nem um BR

    • katykatu gamer
      katykatu gamer Month ago

      +Flávio Henrique wtf :v yo no entender >:'v

  • Josh Hoffman
    Josh Hoffman Month ago

    Stranger things 3 trailer!!!!!!!!

  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar Month ago

    In which language is thia

  • mike taylor
    mike taylor Month ago +4

    Lucifer trailer next. I at least know the date for stranger things already.

    • Marek griffee
      Marek griffee Month ago

      mike taylor Shawn Levy said the st trailer is coming very soon.

  • Anushka Sisodia
    Anushka Sisodia Month ago +15

    no idea what this is about just opened the video because it was just uploaded

    • Occono
      Occono Month ago

      Brazilian comedy about a former child star.

    • Aplusk 1 Nisha
      Aplusk 1 Nisha Month ago

      Anushka Sisodia lol.thats ok

  • Jocielio Sousa
    Jocielio Sousa Month ago +6

    Brazil 🙌

  • Jeovanna Souza
    Jeovanna Souza Month ago +5


  • Rapha Lisa
    Rapha Lisa Month ago +23


  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone Month ago +1

    See if i get another notification from netflix and it isnt the Stranger Things season 3 trailer.......I'm gonna flip out.

    • Marek griffee
      Marek griffee Month ago

      Fred Flintstone same, Shawn Levy said the trailer is coming very soon.

  • Ramesh Goswami
    Ramesh Goswami Month ago +1

    Sacred games 2 kb aaega

  • Thomazyell Alves
    Thomazyell Alves Month ago +25

    what about 3% season 3?

  • Little JJ
    Little JJ Month ago +4

    I can’t wait to see it? But we gon need English 😂

  • Vinicius Santos
    Vinicius Santos Month ago +15

    Hello Brazil

  • Zeynep AYDEMİR
    Zeynep AYDEMİR Month ago

    first like

  • Maria Fernanda
    Maria Fernanda Month ago +23


  • sidy oliveira
    sidy oliveira Month ago +1

    Horrível a pior série

    • Cristian Corrêa
      Cristian Corrêa Month ago


    • Flávio Henrique
      Flávio Henrique Month ago +1

      é ótima. pior comentário

    • Jocielio Sousa
      Jocielio Sousa Month ago +3

      +Rapha Lisa típico de pessoa que não tem o que fazer e fica de espalhar ódio pela internet, olhe lá se tiver visto. Sucesso incomoda.

    • Rapha Lisa
      Rapha Lisa Month ago +10

      Se você não gosta da série tudo bem!
      Não precisa vir aqui no trailer e falar a sua opinião que e insignificante e patética!

  • Marek griffee
    Marek griffee Month ago +8

    Where’s our stranger things trailer at??

  • The Music Arena
    The Music Arena Month ago +15

    Do Read more

    Your gonna have great luck for 2019 łïké this comment and šùbśćríbê to me to activate.

  • YT Deepzyxt
    YT Deepzyxt Month ago +1

    My dumbass thought the title was Gintama

  • Vibex TheGamer
    Vibex TheGamer Month ago +10

    So great can't wait for stranger things

    • Vibex TheGamer
      Vibex TheGamer Month ago

      +Marek griffee your so lucky I want to meet Dustin

    • Marek griffee
      Marek griffee Month ago

      vibex therobloxgamer same, I’m meeting the cast this November and I have my st shirt on rn lol

    • Vibex TheGamer
      Vibex TheGamer Month ago +1

      +Marek griffee it's my favorite Netflix show main reason why I have notifications on

    • Marek griffee
      Marek griffee Month ago

      vibex therobloxgamer yesss

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Month ago +5

    Just here waiting for Netflix to drop the next season of Greenleaf 😜

  • Fe fe C
    Fe fe C Month ago +2


  • Blamirik
    Blamirik Month ago +49

    The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mateus Vilela
    Mateus Vilela Month ago +6

    Melhor série do Brasil

  • Fabricio Ayres Silva
    Fabricio Ayres Silva Month ago +27

    BRAZIL 👏😍🌎🇧🇷

  • prascomon MC
    prascomon MC Month ago


  • Marek griffee
    Marek griffee Month ago