Sony - BRAVIA OLED - Unboxing the A8F/AF8 series

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • Watch and learn how to unbox and setup the A8F/AF8 series.
    Our latest OLED screen, processor and sound technologies come together for breathtaking 4K HDR TV entertainment.
    Learn more about Sony BRAVIA TVs:
    Model name and actual product design may be different depending on region.
    "SONY" and "BRAVIA" are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
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  • Martin Pratley
    Martin Pratley 2 months ago

    Anybody tell me the width of the stand from the back of the tv to the front

  • ömer tr
    ömer tr 2 months ago

    Sony 😎👏

    RATHAMANI N 3 months ago

    I love sony Tv I am Indian

  • Piot. Szymq
    Piot. Szymq 4 months ago

    Woow !!! love

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 7 months ago

    My wife said no😭

  • Lord Wario
    Lord Wario 7 months ago +1

    Best tv out there 👊

    MINECRAFT PLAYER 7 months ago

    Cool toturial!

  • Kuncen RIG
    Kuncen RIG 7 months ago

    Sound in this video is so good

  • Luke Lu
    Luke Lu 8 months ago +1

    I got this TV today. So great. Lol. Thanks for this. I am going home to open the box now.

  • Mino Vulpio
    Mino Vulpio 8 months ago +1

    best tv on the market !

  • Jitu Sherke
    Jitu Sherke 8 months ago

    Since purchased product of Sony bravia kdl43 w 950d always some problem till now in 2018 screen changed and now main board and allied parts need to be change as per service executive told .There is no brand remains in Sony,No Quality gives they have promised
    Advic check first not just review from such type of ADV and try another one

  • Idhaya Thirudan
    Idhaya Thirudan 10 months ago +3

    Yesterday i bought sony led tv ..
    I unboxed , inside no remote..
    Sony brand also cheet..
    Now nly getting know..
    Sry for my bad english

    • 張紘齊
      張紘齊 3 months ago

      so how is sony tv,it is worth?

  • Cell of Green
    Cell of Green 10 months ago

    This tv with inside have satellite receiver?

  • riyadh nokti
    riyadh nokti 11 months ago

    hi Sony led TV motherboard give me

  • Aug24th
    Aug24th 11 months ago

    Dear Sony, there are only two things that stop me from buying our products. 1: Ugly Remote. Take a good look at the simple remote from Samsung Q Series. 2: Ugly and full of bugs OS. How can it be that you can't get those two things to work? It is so simple. I mean we talk about a simple System OS. And the remote should be no problem too. You wanna be the best? Then do something about those two things. :/
    I really hoped that it would change this year. But I had to buy some other TV this time. People only buy TVs every 10 years I believe. So you are missing a lot. Just because of those two things :/ Just my humble opinion. Good luck and I see you and decade...

  • ꧁TIPŞ AŇĐ TIĆҜŞ꧂ ꧁IŇ தமிழ்꧂

    I love u sony i have ps 4 pro and bravia tv

  • Ggh Hhg
    Ggh Hhg Year ago +2

    Sony always makes the best things

  • Deniz Bilgic
    Deniz Bilgic Year ago +6

    İ love you so much! Sony but i can't buy:(

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali Year ago

    Bhai sony bravia klv 32w622f full hd hai kya
    Bhai isme keybord or mouse laga ke computer type use kar sakte hai kya

  • Arjames Edem
    Arjames Edem Year ago

    What if the batteries will damage? Where I can buy?🤔

  • MRMIR7000
    MRMIR7000 Year ago


  • Montreal hey
    Montreal hey Year ago +1

    i bought it today for 2650€ excited about it.
    why i do it because the af9 come marc/19 and starts with 3999€ to expenisve so i catch this model and waiting for 6months to hope the price will go down and it is im happy


  • 李南
    李南 Year ago


  • 이송헌
    이송헌 Year ago

    sony oled=lg oled.....LG OLED AND SONY Mark.Sony does not have the technology to manufacture OLEDs.
    It takes at least 10 years to create.

  • Richard Omar Reyes

    I love Sony!

  • Faizi Kazmi
    Faizi Kazmi Year ago

    Have always been your fan, all the electronic gadgets in my home are by Sony. Thank you!

  • Matt Dillahunty
    Matt Dillahunty Year ago

    Panel made by LG

  • Agri -17
    Agri -17 Year ago +1

    i love SONY

  • YumYum Records
    YumYum Records Year ago

    I'm watching this on my. Sony Ericsson w995 WALKMAN 😘 😘 😘 via Wi-Fi

  • Y k
    Y k Year ago

    Hey Sony design is bad

  • gamer brawl stars

    Fantastic- fantastyczne

  • Charles Fu
    Charles Fu Year ago

    Love the music

  • trinadh pothana
    trinadh pothana Year ago

    Sony sexy

  • Сергей Qw
    Сергей Qw Year ago

    Как дрлго проживёт матрица?

  • Gasim Mouhamed
    Gasim Mouhamed Year ago

    ممكن سعر التلفزيون وشكرا

    • Brahim Dada
      Brahim Dada Year ago

      +Aoi Chan من افضل سوني ام سامسونك

    • Y k
      Y k Year ago

      اكتب اسمها في النت يطلع السعر

  • 이민기
    이민기 Year ago

    Do you know japanese?

  • SAN TAMIL Gammy
    SAN TAMIL Gammy Year ago

    Best for ps4

  • urbaniten
    urbaniten Year ago

    Why all your TVs now have a huge power adapter?? So ugly.

  • Riel Brown
    Riel Brown Year ago


  • Srinivasan M S
    Srinivasan M S Year ago +1

    I think this will help when I buy it in 2035.

  • ludus tonalis
    ludus tonalis Year ago +1

    LG kidnapped an alien

  • ludus tonalis
    ludus tonalis Year ago +1

    LG pannel? or SAMSUNG pannel?
    Sony's software is not important...

  • Emanuel Oliveira Sobreira

    Sony é Sony 😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❗

  • Kyle Casey
    Kyle Casey Year ago

    Betcha therere is burn in just like any OLED. They need to fix this eventually going into the future. QLED got it figured out


    Demasiado caro......bajen los precios

  • neelu utkarsh
    neelu utkarsh Year ago

    best Sony oled TV ever

    • Y k
      Y k Year ago

      No LG is best OLED

  • Santosh Pandey
    Santosh Pandey Year ago

    Worst service ever

  • Santosh Pandey
    Santosh Pandey Year ago

    It best but what about its life
    My bravia tv is giving problem

  • Александр

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  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos Year ago +1

    You guys need to hurry up SAMSUNG is already putting Free- syng technology from AMD on their displays . Ask NVIDIA FOR help and make G- syng available on your OLED displays. I wan a OLED DISPLAY from you guys to have G- Syng from NVIDIA and I want them with a 240 refresh and up and 4k or 8k of course . Please ask NVIDIA FOR help. I hope you guys partner on this project :D

  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos Year ago +2

    You guys upload this video like two or more weeks ago and then took it down, why?

  • Rail
    Rail Year ago

    Can't it be wall mounted?

  • Javid Constante
    Javid Constante Year ago

    Excuse me how long is the AC power cord, I'm a new owner of the A8F and would like to mount it.

  • NotArsal Sid
    NotArsal Sid Year ago

    The remote is really big.

    • Y k
      Y k Year ago

      Yes very

  • BigSmileCharlie
    BigSmileCharlie Year ago

    when no one uploads your unboxing video

  • Naveen T
    Naveen T Year ago


  • soumyadeep biswas

    Samsung panel or lg panel.

    BELLA' STARGIRL Year ago +1

    Queria tanto trabalhar na Sony, Como eu amo essa marca.. obrigado por existir!!

  • Muhammed Nesih Taşkıran

    Güzel televizyon