20 Amazing Logo Animations

  • Published on Jan 20, 2017
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  • tcr9315
    tcr9315 2 months ago +2

    The work this person has done for me is fantastic. Great pricing, great communication, many suggestions and ideas, responsive to emails, fair and honest. I'll be using their services again for sure.

  • Adrees Siddique
    Adrees Siddique 3 days ago

    i want a tutotial for intel logo plz

  • Nann Thik
    Nann Thik 17 days ago

    Hello brother.I love #17 blue ink drop
    How to make it brother.
    What app do you make it
    Can you tell me please
    Can you make it for me

  • Wrestle time
    Wrestle time Month ago

    All your people are the logo best

  • ExoticChannel
    ExoticChannel Month ago

    All just the same Animations

  • JTLE830 / InfiniteJuneTheLogoEditor830 / MVE2019 HD

    Request: VW intro
    Use 20th intro.
    Tagline: Volkswagen

  • Md Shagor
    Md Shagor 2 months ago

    Bro 1st intro temp.

  • ItsJanice
    ItsJanice 3 months ago

    Oh my gosh what the heck is this logo at 20 where tv mastercard

  • ItsJanice
    ItsJanice 3 months ago


  • ItsJanice
    ItsJanice 3 months ago

    Fill In
    Fill In 2
    Face Off
    Flipping Book
    Flipping 2
    Pieces Moving
    Ocean Waves
    Ball 2
    Ball 3

  • Satendra Kumar
    Satendra Kumar 3 months ago


  • Satendra Kumar
    Satendra Kumar 3 months ago

    Excellent work

  • ItsJanice
    ItsJanice 3 months ago +2

    Beats Audio
    Burger King
    Warner Bros.

  • Rovert arthead
    Rovert arthead 3 months ago

    Seems like they all have sparkly twinkles

  • Katie Pilkinton
    Katie Pilkinton 4 months ago

    Musical journey thru cinema intro

  • Sami
    Sami 4 months ago

    Can you please tell how can i creat logos like these ?

  • EndlessInterestingFacts AroundTheGlobe

    i wan t to learn how to create this

  • Noor Huda
    Noor Huda 5 months ago +1


  • adellel
    adellel 7 months ago

    ??? (???)
    ??? (Jaguar)
    ??? (Dodge)
    ??? (???)
    Pepsi (???)
    ??? (Adidas)
    Burger King (Bigger Hips)
    Starbucks (ALCHOC)
    Porsche (Lamborghini)
    HP (Hell)
    ??? (???)
    Warner Brothers Television (Warner Brothers Pictures)

  • OhhTreeFourWan
    OhhTreeFourWan 7 months ago +2

    Logos by Michael Bay

  • Emmy Ayo
    Emmy Ayo 8 months ago

    Hello, how can I get the templates?
    Here is my mail, emmyseyi3669@gmail.Com
    Please message me.

  • moDDyplay
    moDDyplay 9 months ago

    Ps2 sound

  • Islamic Live
    Islamic Live 9 months ago +1

    Can you please make one logo for me??

  • Daniel Alpha
    Daniel Alpha 10 months ago

    Hi man
    I saw you're fiverr requst I can make you a lot of intros

  • Huimin Sun
    Huimin Sun 10 months ago


  • Mark Burchell
    Mark Burchell Year ago

    Just sent you an email.

  • Edwin Ancalle
    Edwin Ancalle Year ago

    hola en que programas diseñan eso?? gracias

  • Hαrshvαrdhαn Mimrot

    I want to make my my production logo

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  Year ago

      Hαrshvαrdhαn Production please mail me at thegigslayer@gmail.com

  • Hαrshvαrdhαn Mimrot

    give your contact details

  • Visal Chhoun
    Visal Chhoun Year ago

    can you intro for me 🙏🙏

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  • Jude Soria
    Jude Soria Year ago

    I thought #9 was going to be At&t

  • Lucas Brañas
    Lucas Brañas Year ago

    Hi! i like the one for adidas, would you share it with me ?

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  Month ago

      @Albert James Please email me Sir

    • Albert James
      Albert James Month ago

      @TheKingslayer can you make me a logo animation intro?

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  Year ago

      Lucas Brañas If you'd like to buy any template, please send me an email at thegigslayer@gmail.com

  • Stefan Marjanović

    I reallly neeed number 16 please what I have to dooi

  • Thiago Nunes
    Thiago Nunes Year ago

    I need car logo intros

    • Thiago Nunes
      Thiago Nunes Year ago

      The kingslayer we need a black screem

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  Year ago

      Tania Trummer Hello, just give me your email address and we can discuss options :)

  • z9elka
    z9elka Year ago

    What background do you use?

  • Daniel Candra
    Daniel Candra Year ago +1


  • Android School Bangla

    i need only 6
    what can i do??

  • The GooGle Boys
    The GooGle Boys Year ago

    Hello dear please sent me the#15

  • Husky the AUTTP
    Husky the AUTTP Year ago

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  • Это Оуэн
    Это Оуэн Year ago +1

    Something is wrong in this situation

    ARANHA MAGAZINE 2 years ago

    ola, sera que da pra fazer a intro #17 assim, começando a derramar os pingos de tintas da mesmas cores que tem em minha logo, da esquerda para a direita ate derramar todos os pingos das cores que tem em minha logo ate forma a mesma por completa e com o mesmo efeito que a intro #17 tem? e qual é o valor que você cobra?? a minha logo é a mesmo da capa que tem em meu canal do RU-clip.

  • Sofia L
    Sofia L 2 years ago

    how to create hell logo animation? H E L P

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  2 years ago

      Sofia L If you want the animation at very low price, email me at thegigslayer@gmail.com

  • Mvr blaze
    Mvr blaze 2 years ago

    wow those r awesome..👍 which software did u use.
    please tell me....??

    • Mvr blaze
      Mvr blaze 2 years ago

      TheKingslayer can u teach me how to make them please please I wanna show off to friends u know.....😁 please please...teach me

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  2 years ago

      After effects

  • فن الأشغال اليدوية

    I really want an intro for my channel vids exactly like the number #8 ,,,
    I'll send u my channel logo pic and the phrase that I want to be written under it ,,,,, can u pls do it for me plssssssss :'(

  • amardeep panchal
    amardeep panchal 2 years ago +2

    how to create paramount logo animation?

  • amardeep panchal
    amardeep panchal 2 years ago +2

    how to create paramount animation

  • Osama Nasereddin
    Osama Nasereddin 2 years ago

    hello.. intro number 5 and 6

  • Odisho anwya
    Odisho anwya 2 years ago +1

    Hey could you make me a intro for my yt channel?

  • Earning Guruji
    Earning Guruji 2 years ago +2

    bro I subscribed your channel long back but today I need help please make a intro for me and give me your contact detail

    • Earning Guruji
      Earning Guruji 2 years ago +2

      TheKingslayer please make the 8 th intro for me please give me your mail ID i will send you my logo and tag line .

    • Earning Guruji
      Earning Guruji 2 years ago +2

      TheKingslayer bro ronakgandhi1111@gmail.com

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  2 years ago

      Earning guruji Please give me your mail-id

    • Earning Guruji
      Earning Guruji 2 years ago

      TheKingslayer bro i dont have computer please make one for me give me your whatsaap details or mail id i will mail you my logo please!!!!!!!!!!!! I will appreciate it

    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  2 years ago

      Earning guruji Sure, just go to the link in the description!

  • Sans WYD Viacom and more


    • TheKingslayer
      TheKingslayer  2 years ago

      Sans Miles? Would you like to get some of these intros?