COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG 2019: study abroad in milan, italy!!

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • In today's video I'm doing my pack with me + college move in vlog 2019! I'm studying abroad at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy
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    ✧How old are you? 20 (junior at the University of Richmond studying abroad at Bocconi University)
    ✧What camera do you use? Canon G7X
    ✧What editing software do you use? Final Cut Pro X
    ✧Where do you live? Ohio/Virginia/Milan
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Comments • 67

  • Madison Kelly
    Madison Kelly 7 days ago +1

    Hey! I'm gonna be at Bocconi next spring and was wondering how you were liking the dorm you're in? I have to fill out the housing application at the end of this month. Also wondering if you automatically got paired with another American?

  • Hana Qazimi
    Hana Qazimi 13 days ago +1

    Are you going to be a clothes designer? Because my cousin went to Milan for that. Btw you are so pretty💞

  • LittleMissHailey
    LittleMissHailey 18 days ago +1

    Yay for move in vlogs 🧡🧡

  • Maribel Perez
    Maribel Perez 21 day ago

    14 pairs of underwear ? For 4 months ?

  • Ashley Dove
    Ashley Dove 25 days ago

    Just subscribed and I don't regret it!!

  • Mari Brio
    Mari Brio 28 days ago

    OMG that is so cool! I was going to study in Milan for 1 year but ended up coming to France (which is also great:)). I made a couple of videos about everything I brought and how I made it fit into 2 suitcases but I think they are in portuguese, I might make an english version soon. I wanna know how it is going there in Milan!!!

  • Saffanah Tanjung
    Saffanah Tanjung Month ago

    Where did you get that college checklist?

  • Daniela G.
    Daniela G. Month ago

    But there is no malaria in Italy!! Maybe the list they gave you is a generic one?

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago +1

      yeah i think it’s just a generic study abroad list! it wasn’t the most helpful haha

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago

      yeah i think it’s just a generic study abroad list! it wasn’t the most helpful haha

  • Agata Tozzi
    Agata Tozzi Month ago +2

    Hi, I'm Italian😂❤ you're amazing😍❤ kiss

  • Bicheal
    Bicheal Month ago +1

    I was considering study abroad in Italy, and then this video popped up in my notifications while I was researching! :)
    what a coincidence

  • danielleml
    danielleml Month ago +1

    I felt you bringing the decorations - also did the same when I made it to my dorm abroad // small RU-clipr with vlogs/study abroad content 💛🦋

  • saira haque
    saira haque Month ago +1

    safe travels Emily. I’m studying abroad next spring

  • Anjali AB
    Anjali AB Month ago +2

    Take the rooftop tour of the Milan cathedral. It’s bonkers beautiful up there.

  • Arianna Colombo
    Arianna Colombo Month ago +2

    omg I actually attend Bocconi as well! If I see you I’ll make sure to say hi

  • rae frost
    rae frost Month ago +3

    I want/need more videos about your time studying abroad. I’m considering going to study abroad in Florence Italy for the spring semester of 2020 so I need advice please

  • Rebecca Sanders
    Rebecca Sanders Month ago

    Waking up to this vid is so great 🥰 you are in my time zone now!!
    Also i am genuinely interested; how many socks did you take? How many underwear? I would be so worried to forget anything 😂

    • Rebecca Sanders
      Rebecca Sanders Month ago

      Emily Wass well that is a great point 😂 hope you have the time of your life 🥰

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago +1

      i took probably about 20 underwear and 10 socks! i was worried i’d forget something but there’s a lot of places to shop here so even if i needed to get something it would be okay

  • CanadianMaplex3
    CanadianMaplex3 Month ago


  • vicsic vlogs
    vicsic vlogs Month ago

    this is such a cool video!

  • Olivia Salitore
    Olivia Salitore Month ago

    Where’d u get the vines from?

  • Sarah Kale
    Sarah Kale Month ago +1

    Being in Italy is one of my favourite things on earth. Please eat all the pasta and pizza you can get, have some really nice coffee and enjoy yourself xx

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago

      i love italy so far!! i definitely will

  • Hannah Croft
    Hannah Croft Month ago +18

    Ahh you gotta make some videos about the differences between italy & the us!

  • Daisy Blake
    Daisy Blake Month ago +9

    I studied abroad for the last year in London!! I hope you have the time of your life in Milan, I've been loving your insta posts :)

    • kpop
      kpop 19 days ago +1

      I might study abroad in London as well!! How well did you enjoy it?? I heard that there’s lots of knife crime though, thoughts??

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago

      thanks!! i’m loving it so far!

  • giorgia viglianti
    giorgia viglianti Month ago +1

    Looking forward to meeting you in Italy!😍

  • megan marie
    megan marie Month ago

    love this video!!!
    ❤️small youtube here!

  • Sunflower Ochoa
    Sunflower Ochoa Month ago +2

    Lets all pray for em💕 to get an italian boyfriend yass!!!

  • Sunflower Ochoa
    Sunflower Ochoa Month ago

    Omg!! I just love you so much💕 you is the first white youtuber who does'nt talk about depression and complaining about that you're tired loved that about you ...some youtuber need to learn something from you yes emma chambalain, joanna spicer, audrey etc... keep up that good vibe em💖

  • Lynne Aspden
    Lynne Aspden Month ago +7

    The teady coats are so in in the United kingdom esp that colour 😊

  • Sunshine hawk
    Sunshine hawk Month ago +1

    ily girly xoxo :)

  • ManuelaRoscoMusic
    ManuelaRoscoMusic Month ago

    OMG i'm from milan ♡

  • ashley newell
    ashley newell Month ago

    HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY??????💛 also what do you use to edit your thumbnails?

  • Sere S
    Sere S Month ago +1

    Hi I’m from Italy and I leave close from Milan I with love to meat you and teach you a little bit of Italian

  • Rebekah Keaveney
    Rebekah Keaveney Month ago

    Love your videos xx😘

  • Raquel Dembin
    Raquel Dembin Month ago +55

    Omg I love u sm! U could do a thrifting in Milan video

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago +8

      ok i really want to!! i’ve been looking up the best thrift stores in milan and i’ll for sure go soon

  • Bianca Richards
    Bianca Richards Month ago

    Wow that’s so cool luv ur vids❤️❤️❤️

  • Madyson Pendergrass
    Madyson Pendergrass Month ago +5

    I love your videos 💖and your so pretty and I was hopping one day you will make a video of how you edit your videos 💖❤️

    • Emily Wass
      Emily Wass  Month ago

      thanks! i made one a while ago but i'm thinking of doing an updated one!

  • Angela Goodearl
    Angela Goodearl Month ago +15

    Your room is SO CUTE!! Love this video! 💓
    small college youtuber ✨

  • Emma Bouu
    Emma Bouu Month ago +2

    Omg I clicked so fastt first comment here❤ Love you Emily

  • r e g i n a
    r e g i n a Month ago +6

    ur sooo pretty! 💞