LOCAL58 - Contingency

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • Written and edited by Kris Straub
    Video: royalty-free stock footage
    Audio: licensed stock music/sfx

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  • Nery
    Nery 2 hours ago

    Anyone else felt uneasy at 0:24 when it was at a low volume, then mute, and then it went a little louder than usual? Probably me only..

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 10 hours ago

    In 2:54 it says "STAR-SPANGLED BANNER" (1910)

    Has someone been watching Marvel?

  • L_Fann
    L_Fann 11 hours ago

    when i first watched this i got a big
    *s p o o k*

  • PooPoo PeePee Pants
    PooPoo PeePee Pants 16 hours ago +2

    Imagine watching this then looking out your window to see your neighbors one by one shooting them selves or their children in the head while others already lay dead on their front lawn staring at the sky, knowing you either have to do the same to your family and yourself or law enforcement will come and do it for you.

  • Sapnu puas
    Sapnu puas 17 hours ago

    Imagine if this actually happened in the 60’s-70’s when Soviet and America were so close to all out war

  • Sapnu puas
    Sapnu puas 17 hours ago

    Message: If there’s time, go lay in the front lawn
    Me with brains blown up in the washroom: ............

  • Cheepsterman
    Cheepsterman 2 days ago +2

    Imagine this broadcasting, so you and your family, being sane, say “no way! That’s crazy!” But you see the local law enforcements will be ensuring your compliance. Seeing the police burst into your home to kill you if they don’t see you dead on your front lawn

  • Indomimus_wolf
    Indomimus_wolf 2 days ago

    I just love how a video like this can scare me to my very essence… and within minutes of scrolling through the comments and seeing all the memes it’s just like “aaaand we’re done” 🤣

  • Christor000
    Christor000 2 days ago

    “The 51st State is not a place.”
    Why does this unsettle me a lot? I’m getting a lot of ideas running in my head about this.

  • R K
    R K 2 days ago


  • Local Latino Remixes X

    This looks like something they would broadcast in North Korea

  • El Korgus
    El Korgus 2 days ago

    America, Japan Defeated us so now we delete us

  • Death Proof
    Death Proof 2 days ago

    Imagine all the crazy people who jumped the gun and committed murder on their families and wrapping them in the american flag and dragging them out to the front of their home/apartment.

  • Soymaid
    Soymaid 3 days ago

    Someone read about the Siege of Masada right before bed.

    BRENDON LEHO 3 days ago


  • tall _nugget
    tall _nugget 3 days ago

    Oh god the chills this gave me

  • Murakami 62
    Murakami 62 3 days ago

    So nobody saw the alien at 3:03? Like it went by quick I’m the middle.

  • MA3DCH3N Studios
    MA3DCH3N Studios 4 days ago

    "I dare you to watch the whole Local 58 series home alone, in complete darkness..."
    "Oh that's not so ba-"

  • wheesock
    wheesock 4 days ago

    “This message will repeat until there are none to read it.”
    *sweating intensifies*

  • DjmazePlays 82
    DjmazePlays 82 5 days ago


  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy 5 days ago

    Sad its Fake. Fuck America

  • Jan Leszman
    Jan Leszman 5 days ago

    T H E 5 1 S T S T A T E I S N O T A P L A C E

  • person
    person 5 days ago

    1:39 im hungry

  • Kel b lit 26 yeet
    Kel b lit 26 yeet 5 days ago

    This made my eyes water

  • 9000dollarydoos
    9000dollarydoos 6 days ago

    Vibe check yourself
    -Lyndon B. Johnson

  • DeadToonzGaming
    DeadToonzGaming 6 days ago

    People in Canada are happy

  • Playdoh Carti
    Playdoh Carti 6 days ago

    What’s sad is that country’s might have actually considered this

  • Not Bored
    Not Bored 6 days ago

    Why am I watching this in the dark

  • YeetoCheeto 42069
    YeetoCheeto 42069 6 days ago +1

    Tend to your kids with a calm tone
    Me: aight you little crotch goblins you guys finna die tonight

  • noah
    noah 7 days ago +6

    “the 51st state is not a place”
    basically saying that the only way out is to die

  • Chris
    Chris 7 days ago +1

    face muzzle towards the roof of your mouth

    then proceed to deepthroat the gun

  • Let T
    Let T 7 days ago


  • A perfectly normal Internet user

    Notice that the music playing when it tells you to self game end is a distorted God save the queen
    The brits have done this

  • mijuki
    mijuki 8 days ago

    what a classic.

  • Xxsmol potatoxX
    Xxsmol potatoxX 8 days ago +2

    America: dont worry guys
    America: I have a plan
    *America has left the chat*

  • Deku Is my child
    Deku Is my child 8 days ago

    O shit

  • brenna audrey
    brenna audrey 8 days ago

    huh. somehow this isn't as scary as it was 3 months ago, when i was staring at this video at 2 am while my friends downed four lokos. huh.

  • Halver Cool
    Halver Cool 8 days ago

    When they say have a great night, there is a fade of the moon landing

  • ii O F F E N D E D ii
    ii O F F E N D E D ii 8 days ago +2

    i think this is terrifying but i can’t stop watching.

  • Captainmurica019 :l
    Captainmurica019 :l 8 days ago

    Me just like we do we have to kill ourselves i grab the gun and I say goodbye cruel world after a minute later it saysIs just a hoax me almost pulled the trigger but then stopped I’m like what is just a hoax me I my whole entire family die right in front of me including my neighbors all right I think I should join with God what time does shoot myself(BANG)💀

  • CoolCreeper39
    CoolCreeper39 8 days ago +5

    2:00 When your kid starts doing fortnite dances

  • {Purple SaPhire}
    {Purple SaPhire} 8 days ago +3

    ...each episodes...scares the hell outta me...and...it makes me Dont wanna keep watching more and more...it creeps me out... ( ó v ò ) but...i also like scaring myself... welp...looks like imma continue for the FILM THEORIESSS!!! And...to scar me for life.

  • Prolouge
    Prolouge 9 days ago +1

    Lynden B Johnson: Banzai
    Everyone: Banzai!!
    Lynden B. Johnson: WAIT WAIT WAI-

  • MA3DCH3N Studios
    MA3DCH3N Studios 9 days ago +2

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  • A random person
    A random person 9 days ago +1


    Nice to know

  • _yellowcap_
    _yellowcap_ 9 days ago +3

    America: so anyway I started dying

  • Lakumba King
    Lakumba King 9 days ago

    This is so fucking disturbing lol imagine if this really happened

  • Bin Rat
    Bin Rat 10 days ago

    Why is this kinda funny

  • Rednaxela
    Rednaxela 10 days ago

    this is some fallout type shit

  • SuperiorBlitzkreig
    SuperiorBlitzkreig 10 days ago +1

    “Don’t worry, I have a plan.”
    You hear several shots outside

  • Fr0sT bItE 777
    Fr0sT bItE 777 10 days ago

    If America got bombed by Korea

  • Respetador De Mujeres
    Respetador De Mujeres 10 days ago

    Can you guys put out some OST, you guys really put a lot of effort on getting that feeling into the music of all your videos, i would pay for an album or something like that, thanks

  • Craez
    Craez 11 days ago +2

    *Hey guys, go commit loss of bodily functions lmao*
    -President Johnson

  • Gigabyte
    Gigabyte 11 days ago

    The distortion makes it even creepier...

  • John Teuma
    John Teuma 11 days ago

    Playback speed = 0.25

  • Erick Paolo D. Santos
    Erick Paolo D. Santos 11 days ago

    Moog Star spangled banner

  • edgar viera
    edgar viera 12 days ago

    Who's the enemy?

  • Bay Marquez
    Bay Marquez 12 days ago

    Is this the same as siren head?

  • Youtube User 111
    Youtube User 111 12 days ago

    Local 58 Hijacker: Commit eat gun
    Local 58: Sorry for someone hijacking
    Citizens: Dead except for 3
    Survivors: We knew it was a hoax