The Vector W8 Is the Craziest Supercar Ever Made

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
    The Vector W8 is the craziest supercar in history. Today I'm reviewing the Vector W8 to show you why it's so insane, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the crazy Vector W8.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  Month ago +4684

    Merry DougCember from the Vector W8!

    • Shantorey Wilkins
      Shantorey Wilkins 3 days ago


    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous 3 days ago

      22 vector W8 twin-turbo's were made ...i doubt 22 still exist..but 22 were made..

    • Quinton Reed
      Quinton Reed 10 days ago

      Doug DeMuro The Gear lever was put there to resemble the throttle of a fighter jet, this car seems to be based on an F-14 tomcat, and the shifter looks strikingly similar and is in a strikingly similar location

    • Douglas Francher
      Douglas Francher 11 days ago

      Why not Doug DeCember

    • John Lord
      John Lord 12 days ago

      The Lamborghini's engine was not a V-8 though. It did not need to rev as fast to get the same horsepower.

  • Istvan Bartha
    Istvan Bartha 8 minutes ago

    This is a very cool car. On board display and such stuff....well ahead of it's time.

  • rok
    rok 2 hours ago

    Doug what's the point of reviewing a car if you can't drive it?
    Next time, just wait for another opportunity.

  • muzictherpy
    muzictherpy 4 hours ago

    Countach is the one ur talking about in the title..

  • 91zxer
    91zxer 4 hours ago

    Looks like a customized Countach.

  • TA DuFine
    TA DuFine 4 hours ago


  • DirtbikeDude 150
    DirtbikeDude 150 5 hours ago

    Car looks ok ,,, rims suck

  • Hunikengt
    Hunikengt 7 hours ago

    And I thought I saw it all..... Vector!!

  • Heywood Jabuzoff
    Heywood Jabuzoff 7 hours ago

    youtube hands =/

  • Vinny Cambiano
    Vinny Cambiano 7 hours ago

    it has a hobbs meter! thats so cool, i was hoping it would have that

  • Dylan Coulbeck
    Dylan Coulbeck 7 hours ago

    craziest styling? you ever played need for speed? :D

  • Brian Barnett
    Brian Barnett 8 hours ago

    To quote Rick James, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug..."

  • Max S.
    Max S. 11 hours ago

    WOuldn't having an airbag mean you could find the airbag-sensors out front?

  • Max S.
    Max S. 11 hours ago

    Can we note that the "performance" screens both don't tell you your speed?

  • Max S.
    Max S. 11 hours ago

    Is Doug aware that there's the Italian "Covinni" (probably spelled that wrong), which has two front axles?

  • chwen hoou
    chwen hoou 13 hours ago

    Anyone else thinks of either the Batmobile or KITT when you see the interior controls of the Vector W8?

  • Dillon Torres
    Dillon Torres 15 hours ago

    Next to a normal suv that you would see anywhere *looks closely sees Porsche * yea ok

  • Mathieu Laflamme
    Mathieu Laflamme 15 hours ago

    No comment on the broken wipers?

  • NeoXenoZ
    NeoXenoZ 18 hours ago +1

    The ultimate vaporwave car.

  • greatworkouttips
    greatworkouttips 19 hours ago

    stop talking and drive the car

  • Ralph Depino
    Ralph Depino 19 hours ago

    For those who wanna see and hear it running

  • Ralph Depino
    Ralph Depino 20 hours ago

    That is gotta be the weirdest car I've ever seen! I wonder what it did in 1st gear out of the 3 speed auto 🤣

  • Harmen Westerhof
    Harmen Westerhof 20 hours ago

    This car makes me re-live Knightrider, Airwolf, MacGyver, 80s Bond movies and A-team eipsodes all at once.

    13:00 And M.A.S.K. ! Who else here was instantly reminded of M.A.S.K. after seeing that last screen?

  • Edward
    Edward Day ago

    So Americans think a Porsche Cayenne is a medium sized car...

  • tyslink
    tyslink Day ago

    Wow, the hazard button turns on the hazard lights? Talk about exotic and crazy!

  • Mark Mathers
    Mark Mathers Day ago

    I wonder if this guy would pay 20K for my original 80s Vector poster. :D Never saw a review of this car, but was all about it back in the day. Fun watch.

  • Eugene Boucher
    Eugene Boucher Day ago

    Someone shoot him so he can shut up and start the engine!

  • AV Gloss
    AV Gloss Day ago

    if you read the description i feel like i can hear doug yelling at me to read his column

  • zippy
    zippy Day ago

    This guy is way over the top. Not that great a car. 20 made ???

  • Matt man
    Matt man Day ago

    It sounds like he keeps on saying Vectra lol...

  • Matt man
    Matt man Day ago

    Saab was an airo inspired company...

  • Matt man
    Matt man Day ago

    It's a copy of a lambo.

  • Matt man
    Matt man Day ago

    Nah....lambo Countach.

  • MrGencyExit64
    MrGencyExit64 Day ago

    For such a rare car, those obnoxious paint swirls are surprising. Someone did not take the greatest care of this thing.

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith Day ago

    I forgot all about that one!

  • Falconasi
    Falconasi Day ago +1

    Hey Doug, this was interesting as I worked on the original Vector in the 70's in Venice CA.

  • Man of Mayhem
    Man of Mayhem Day ago

    What am I doing here...I’m not interested in cars.

    OLKIE Day ago

    Been working on airplanes in the Air Force for 8 years. Literally so many things in that car were taken from the aerospace industry. It's so wild to see resettable circuit brakes, a MFD, push button light assemblies and aircraft ECS vents in a car.

  • Seth Warner
    Seth Warner Day ago

    Those headlights looked like they were snagged from an 80s Camaro lol

  • John B A
    John B A Day ago

    I believe the reason the seats are manual has to do with weight. Many modern supercars also have manual seats for the same reason. Those seat motors are quite heavy, and weight is the enemy of a supercar.

  • GamerGuy51
    GamerGuy51 Day ago

    Was that a movie prop out of Akira?

  • GamerGuy51
    GamerGuy51 Day ago

    But what does it smell like??? Typical old 90s car?

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones Day ago

    So my question how do you insure a car like this

  • Jason Hansen
    Jason Hansen Day ago

    TLDR version: this is the cRaZiEsT car you’ve ever seen.

  • James Tarr
    James Tarr Day ago

    Looks like a more angular Lambo Countach.

  • shady abed
    shady abed Day ago

    You're so annoying.

    JAWZ MUZIK 2 days ago

    this cars a piece of crap

  • NightShade
    NightShade 2 days ago

    how tf would it havr ran on a fucking 3 speed auto? thats ridiculous especially with over 600 bhp and over 600 ft pounds of torque (around 800 NM) it should have been scrapped!

  • Killian FitzGerald
    Killian FitzGerald 2 days ago

    38'43" The 'crazy celebration' probably involved heavy use of psychedelic drugs.

  • Killian FitzGerald
    Killian FitzGerald 2 days ago

    35'40 that fan is porbably for ground effects...but would be useless as there are no skirts..

  • caremao
    caremao 2 days ago

    About branding in this channel: "thiiis... "

  • Zalcry
    Zalcry 2 days ago

    “Here’s a regular run of the mill normal car you’d see on the street” fucking Porsche

  • Jay Jensen
    Jay Jensen 2 days ago

    I wonder if the display dimmer only works when the headlights are on.

  • sonycans
    sonycans 2 days ago

    18:39 - Something magically appeared under Doug's left leg.

  • capt. Slygor
    capt. Slygor 2 days ago

    Love it. Its beautiful

  • jebuzDonkey
    jebuzDonkey 2 days ago

    just drive it dog

  • Matthew Howard
    Matthew Howard 2 days ago

    Disappointed they didn't put a fighter jet looking steering wheel in it.

  • Steven Kasher
    Steven Kasher 2 days ago +2

    I like his videos. Except the parts where he talks. Actually, I don't like his videos at all. Ever.

  • Don Frankish
    Don Frankish 2 days ago

    If I had a $ for every time he said Vector just to make the video last longer.

  • YasumotoUS
    YasumotoUS 2 days ago

    If this car was produced in 1990, there were plenty of vehicles with steering wheel airbags at that point in time. And what a fucking cock-tease re: splitting up of the quirks and drive time. I honestly didn't even notice the time consumed by the video because of the uniqueness of the Vector. Fuck the stats and splitting up the content for additional advertising impressions. Make the video with the content.