Johnny Weir - Poker Face


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  • Sumdra
    Sumdra 21 hour ago

    He really looks like Loki or like a slash version of Harry Potter

  • Axel the Skater
    Axel the Skater 2 days ago

    He's so talented! I'm the only one here who think that he's not gay?

  • Sheila Weldon
    Sheila Weldon 6 days ago

    Amazing and he is amazing at it.

  • Luis Mateo
    Luis Mateo 6 days ago

    I thought this was part of blade of glory

  • Random Armadillo
    Random Armadillo 6 days ago


  • Faith
    Faith 7 days ago

    my dad: “I brought you food come out of your cave”
    Me making my grand entrance into the kitchen for the first time in 3 days: 2:56

  • Faith
    Faith 8 days ago

    never been figure skating in my life yet this man is still my idol lmao

  • Stas Davydov
    Stas Davydov 10 days ago +1


  • Vanessa Chagas
    Vanessa Chagas 11 days ago

    He's so free. I love him.

  • Ann Pino
    Ann Pino 12 days ago +1

    I still can't figure out that last spin move. How the hell did he do that???

  • Nashwa Aziz
    Nashwa Aziz 13 days ago

    Johnny Queer

    • Nashwa Aziz
      Nashwa Aziz 7 days ago

      @Faith it's ok was just a miscommunication, I'm glad your standing up for people 😃

    • Faith
      Faith 7 days ago

      Nashwa Aziz
      Damn I’m sorry then, it just Came off that way seeing as so many people use it as an insult. can’t read your tone through a screen haha.

    • Nashwa Aziz
      Nashwa Aziz 8 days ago

      @Faith I wasn't hating on him? Queer isn't an offensive thing anymore unless he isn't gay.

    • Faith
      Faith 8 days ago

      Nashwa Aziz
      LMAO I took the time to hate?? Only cause you did first, I’ll take the time to defend others any day hon :)

    • Nashwa Aziz
      Nashwa Aziz 8 days ago

      @Faith You've taken the time out your day to hate, even though it's not fazing anyone CONGRATULATIONS BITCH. 🤗

  • some random beech on the internet

    I came for figure skating and did not expect all that cake 🎂🎂🎂😍😍

  • Daryns _world
    Daryns _world 14 days ago

    I bet this was his dream for the longest time 😂 I got chills! Amazing 😊

  • Reena Thomas
    Reena Thomas 14 days ago

    johnny weird
    jk i love you

  • m_ashleighd
    m_ashleighd 17 days ago +1

    I actually love him he’s amazing

  • Quincy Marie
    Quincy Marie 19 days ago +1

    This was one of the worst "ice skating" performances I've ever seen. He hardly skated at all, it was just a bunch of sexual moves.

    • Quincy Marie
      Quincy Marie 18 days ago

      @Synnøve Lange Well I guess I'm just not a fan of his.

    • Synnøve Lange
      Synnøve Lange 18 days ago +1

      That was kinda the point though
      It's an exhibition skate
      It's supposed to be more entertaining than anything else

  • pappysprite
    pappysprite 20 days ago


  • Joseph Bravo
    Joseph Bravo 29 days ago


  • Chiara Provenzani
    Chiara Provenzani Month ago

    1:48 I freaked out

  • Stephanie Krol
    Stephanie Krol Month ago

    I wish you would learn yo dance the tango. Wow, wow!!!

  • 空白
    空白 Month ago

    Like RU-clip just recommended this to me right after I finished YOI

    • 空白
      空白 Day ago

      JEKitten1 really ??

    • JEKitten1
      JEKitten1 7 days ago +1

      This is the program that made Yamamoto Sayo interested in figure skating & eventually led to Yuri on Ice

    NIKITA SAJIN Month ago

    Music is cool!

  • Bailey
    Bailey Month ago

    This routine never gets old... genius!

  • K C
    K C Month ago +1

    This is the definition of iconic

  • Watch your profanities

    Someone from my rink is doing a similar (more simple) version of this. This is absolutely amazing

  • Ruscfaer tenrow
    Ruscfaer tenrow Month ago

    1:02 he tuched the PÖ

  • V Ventress
    V Ventress Month ago


  • Ermioni Fragkoulidou

    He is magnificent. Such a talent.

  • Luis Felipe Orozco
    Luis Felipe Orozco Month ago

    How was he never an Olympic champion???

    • Synnøve Lange
      Synnøve Lange 18 days ago

      He competed in the Olympics but never won
      I think the 2010 Olympics
      I don't remember his placement though
      Thing is, with figure skating, very *very* few compete in more than one or two Olympics, because most skaters retire around the 25-30 are range, and most people are around 18-20 when they're first in the olympics for figure skating if they get to be early
      So Johnny wasn't in his prime and sadly never did win

  • Ivan Babovac
    Ivan Babovac Month ago +1


  • Holly Fields
    Holly Fields Month ago +1

    I could watch this every damn day of my life!!

  • Helena
    Helena Month ago

    LOKI ❤

  • Kyla Durr
    Kyla Durr Month ago +1

    Loki better do this in his new series

  • ivy
    ivy Month ago +1

    im not even into ice skating why am i so obsessed with this

  • nisa rojas
    nisa rojas Month ago

    And then he performed a Lady Gaga song 9 years later

  • laycie g
    laycie g Month ago +1

    ok the gays OWN figure skating now. thems the rules

  • bi amorim
    bi amorim Month ago

    spinning out!!

  • Ava Aquilina
    Ava Aquilina Month ago

    is anyone watching this because of spinning out on netflix

  • Leonardo Lazozar
    Leonardo Lazozar Month ago

    Mas de veinte veces y contando...

  • Mikayla’s America Girl doll channel

    I’m a figure skater I love this solo

  • Sunshine B
    Sunshine B Month ago +1


  • Depressed Bean
    Depressed Bean Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that's thinking of Yuri on Ice!?

  • You're Gay
    You're Gay 2 months ago

    Prince of assgard

  • RedBird 3107
    RedBird 3107 2 months ago

    This is one of the best things RU-clip ever recommended. I know nothing about ice skating, but I love how elegant and sassy this was

  • lambada.
    lambada. 2 months ago

    it's so elegant and sassy at the same time, i need to start watching ice skating dances

  • Gil
    Gil 2 months ago

    Is that... A jojo reference..?

  • Luis Miguel Market Wells

    LOVE It girrrrrllll

  • America Stewart
    America Stewart 2 months ago

    Ya iba a comentar que se parece a Gabriel Richardson de Spinning out y re que sí es él omg wtf jsjdjd me encantaaaaa.

  • V Goff
    V Goff 2 months ago

  • ily 3000
    ily 3000 2 months ago

    He looks like Loki bit his costume reminds me of bucky

  • michelle
    michelle 2 months ago

    Johnny Weir, I love you as a commentator - but would love to you skate just for fun. I'm a big fan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❣

  • Normal Blog TM
    Normal Blog TM 2 months ago

    I think I remember this episode of Yuri!!! On Ice

  • Not Q
    Not Q 2 months ago

    Men simply should not be doing figure skating. It looks ridiculous.

    • Not Q
      Not Q Month ago

      @Lin Reed
      Because it's like if men did the female parts in ballet. In ballet, men have their male protocols. But in figure skating they don't.

    • Lin Reed
      Lin Reed Month ago

      @Not Q why does he look ridiculous?

    • Not Q
      Not Q 2 months ago

      I do fall while walking. But it has nothing to do with figure skating.

    • captainbaekho
      captainbaekho 2 months ago +2

      you are ridiculous. i bet you fall while walking

  • Blue Devil
    Blue Devil 2 months ago


  • Victor Gomes
    Victor Gomes 2 months ago +1


  • Samaya Hone
    Samaya Hone 2 months ago +1

    I literally discovered figure skating from reading a Merlin fanfiction x'D

  • Iliana Torres
    Iliana Torres 2 months ago

    Wow!! Increible

  • Emprende o Sobrevive
    Emprende o Sobrevive 2 months ago

    Wow! Que chingón bailó!

  • Emanuely Mendes
    Emanuely Mendes 2 months ago

    Não me canso dessa coreografia maravilhosa♥♡

  • Art Caliwag
    Art Caliwag 2 months ago +23

    *MISSING: Wig*
    *Last Seen: when I watch this video*
    *Reward: $5.00*

  • Jeanine Kersey-russell
    Jeanine Kersey-russell 2 months ago

    My friend is doing a competition tonight :) I showed her this video before she went to the place where her competition was.

  • Милахина Дарья


  • Samilly Reis
    Samilly Reis 2 months ago

    Loki and Yuri Katsuke from Yuri on Ice hahahaha

  • Elena R
    Elena R 2 months ago

    okay, why the freak is no one talking about 2:13 ?!!!!!!!

  • Didara Rakhymzhanova
    Didara Rakhymzhanova 2 months ago

    Omg! Amazing!

  • Полина вместе с котом Кексиком

    Шикарное выступление!

  • roqya eltayeb
    roqya eltayeb 2 months ago


  • banezachan
    banezachan 2 months ago +3

    No idea why this was recommended to me but girl I am living!
    * pats algorithm in the back * good job

  • Carol Chang
    Carol Chang 2 months ago +1

    he is very good looking and a great dancer!

  • Stephanie Krol
    Stephanie Krol 2 months ago +1

    The best butt in North America.

  • Stephanie Krol
    Stephanie Krol 2 months ago +3


  • boop beep
    boop beep 2 months ago +1

    Omg i was just gonna say this looks just like that guy from spinning out haha, just realised it IS him

  • Lillith Crichton
    Lillith Crichton 2 months ago

    mettaton if he was an ice skater, convince me otherwise

  • An icecream
    An icecream 2 months ago +7

    Thor : we need distraction for the (insert bad guy)
    Loki :

  • An icecream
    An icecream 2 months ago +1

    Loki on ice

  • sinkingtowns
    sinkingtowns 2 months ago +2

    adam rippon: i’m the first openly gay us figure skater
    johnny: you fucking what

  • antonieta guerra
    antonieta guerra 2 months ago +1

    Amazing amazing first time I see this I was clapping at the end there just amazing talent.

  • kaduzy
    kaduzy 2 months ago +1

    I've never seen anyone snatch wigs while on ice skates before.

  • Effixient Lcvx
    Effixient Lcvx 2 months ago

    I never knew Loki was in Yuri on Ice, I-

  • yotyaken443
    yotyaken443 2 months ago