I Played the BIGGEST BASS in the WORLD (Record)

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • I went to Arizona in the US just to play the BIGGEST BASS in the World. Unbelievable.
    Watch Rob Scallon's Video: ru-clip.net/video/rnk33YH3jLQ/video.html
    Special thanks to Musical Instrument Museum for letting us play and have a tour of the museum!
    Make sure to check their website for more information! www.mim.org

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Comments • 12 901

  • Davie504
    Davie504  Month ago +9035

    Now that's a thicc BASS...

    Check Rob's video for even more B A S S: ru-clip.net/video/rnk33YH3jLQ/video.html
    do it now or I'll call the cops

  • Mads Risan
    Mads Risan 3 minutes ago

    Is this Davie’s real laughter at 6:10 ??

  • rama ramstein
    rama ramstein 3 hours ago

    I have slaped like

  • Илья Евдокимов

    Там была Беларусь!!!1

  • Dark Teacher780
    Dark Teacher780 6 hours ago

    I visit your channel thank to "UnPocoDeTodo"
    Well... like you style of make vídeos xd
    I visit your channel thanks to "UnPocoDeTodo"
    Well ... I like your style of making videos, you are so funny even though I don't understand what you say

  • Yeirei
    Yeirei 6 hours ago

    the other is in paris if i'm not wrong BASS!

  • Zackary
    Zackary 8 hours ago

    Who has the biggest b A S S in the world though?

  • Raju Lakra
    Raju Lakra 14 hours ago +1

    So that's how godzila sound


  • T Spin
    T Spin 17 hours ago

    He sed bass guitar

  • Killer Senior 53423
    Killer Senior 53423 18 hours ago


  • Philip Walker
    Philip Walker 19 hours ago

    The MIM is one of my favorite museums here in AZ. Never thought I'd get to hear the Octobass being played, yet here it is! Glad you got to come and see and play it!

  • MoAz05TM
    MoAz05TM 23 hours ago


  • El perejil Cantante

    It's me or u look like Unlike Pluto???

  • FNT Ammern09
    FNT Ammern09 Day ago

    Will you fly to norway so i can slap you? Plzzz🙏🙏

  • MrVNM1
    MrVNM1 Day ago

    It hurts me to see them use a French bow on this beauty

  • GamingwithK
    GamingwithK Day ago

    I dropped a plate of spaghetti on purpose 😮

  • GamingwithK
    GamingwithK Day ago

    Sound's like a motorcycle

  • Cristi Nava
    Cristi Nava Day ago

    This Is UPDT

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Esto es un poco de todo.

  • Cristian Andrade
    Cristian Andrade Day ago +2

    Like si vienes de un poco de todo UPDT

  • •Paula-Tube•
    •Paula-Tube• Day ago +1


  • •Paula-Tube•
    •Paula-Tube• Day ago +1

    5:59 Sounds Minecraft LOL

  • Tufez Clip
    Tufez Clip Day ago

    Esto es UPDT

  • Gladis Mogro
    Gladis Mogro Day ago

    Alguien vino por un poco de todo

  • Eric Richardson
    Eric Richardson Day ago

    When I first started playing bass several years ago, I had a nightmare. I was at a foo fighters concert and had that massive bass with me. Dave spotted it and me and said to come up on stage and play.
    I was like "Nah, I'm really new to bass, I don't want to come on stage."
    But Dave was relentless. He started to chant "get on stage, get stage" and soon the thousands of other people at the concert joined in with his chant.
    Then, a group of people just picked me up and carried me and that massive bass on stage.
    It was horrifying.

    I woke up in a cold sweat.

  • K4List0
    K4List0 Day ago +1

    Rocky balboa :U

  • Семен Прищенко

    It's octavius.

  • Tay McKenzie
    Tay McKenzie Day ago

    When Davie504 turns on his PS1

  • Roy Njeim
    Roy Njeim Day ago

    How tall are u?

  • Milly Rainbowskittlez

    This has to be one of the highlights of life right there. Holy crap.

  • Keshav Mehra
    Keshav Mehra Day ago

    do an ear reveal

  • Olivesha Gangsta
    Olivesha Gangsta Day ago +1

    Он когда-то снимал эти наушники?

  • ConsciousCandy108
    ConsciousCandy108 Day ago +1

    When I die, I can tell St.Pete at the Gates... I've lived
    Thank you Davie504~

  • Faatih Farhaan
    Faatih Farhaan Day ago

    Playing bass like Paul McCartney

  • Faatih Farhaan
    Faatih Farhaan Day ago

    Playing bass like Paul McCartney

  • Choii Pelayo
    Choii Pelayo Day ago

    Speed 69! Mindblowingg!!!

  • Vitz Bangaroo
    Vitz Bangaroo Day ago


  • Happy Hacking Video Blog

    Please record a video playing the smallest bass in the world!

  • Zodin Odin
    Zodin Odin Day ago

    That is not a basssss

  • keviiino
    keviiino 2 days ago

    This is inspierd by @lasseg

  • Aidan K
    Aidan K 2 days ago

    a three string bass? OMG!

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis 2 days ago

    3 string bass checkmate 4 string bassists

  • Steelray
    Steelray 2 days ago

    перфаратор на ультрах

  • Mattew Ylagan
    Mattew Ylagan 2 days ago

    Davie504 can't play girls😅😆

  • Mark Williams Sotoza

    Are you wearing adidas pants and adidas shoes and your wearing a adidas bag.

  • Daniel Karere
    Daniel Karere 2 days ago

    or i will get my shotgun

  • Daniel Karere
    Daniel Karere 2 days ago +1

    send bass

  • Lynz Lyo Sebastian
    Lynz Lyo Sebastian 2 days ago

    I slapped like and that was EPIC

  • M K
    M K 2 days ago

    Nice.. stray cat strut

  • Noah Hanson
    Noah Hanson 2 days ago

    Guess who lives in arizona and has seen this thicc bass firsthand
    The museum is called the MIM and is extremly cool. 10/10 would recommend

  • Ariel Isaac Vega Caro

    Why does it only have three strings?

    NAEMA DONG G 2 days ago

    5:01 CHECKMATE👊

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 2 days ago

    Yours videos are very freak kkkk.
    I still like it, but a question. Do you sleep, bathe with those headphones put in your head?

  • beat oof
    beat oof 2 days ago

    So violin is made in bass

  • DanMKM Gaming
    DanMKM Gaming 3 days ago

    thats not a bass its a violin

  • Theo Blomqvist
    Theo Blomqvist 3 days ago


  • Kevin Toole
    Kevin Toole 3 days ago

    Oh my... Your BASS is so BIG!

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?
    Can I get 1000 Subs? 3 days ago +9

    So that’s how the lightsaber sounds were made.

  • Can I get 1000 Subs?
    Can I get 1000 Subs? 3 days ago +1

    Skip buttons, cost 1 like each

  • eL Bee
    eL Bee 3 days ago

    Anybody here who making/mixing this song ( 7:15 - 8:30 ) and upload this on YT? :O