[MV] Ailee(에일리) _ Room Shaker

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • [MV] Ailee(에일리) _ Room Shaker
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  • 1theK (원더케이)
    1theK (원더케이)  Month ago +1450

    🔈NEW RU-clip Channel '1theK Originals' has been launched🔈
    🔈'1heK Originals-원더케이 오리지널' 신규 채널이 오픈되었습니다🔈
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  • Janyssa Robinson
    Janyssa Robinson Hour ago +1

    Holy-! That bass! That beat! Those visuals! Those lyrics! Those effects! That everything!

    I'm dying


  • Evie X
    Evie X 3 hours ago

    I heard her sing this live. And can I just say that her voice sounds as amazing and powerful as it does in this video?😍😍😍

  • Charles Soria
    Charles Soria 5 hours ago +1

    Only 6.4 views?! Oh guys, you're all missing out 🙄

  • byleth byleth
    byleth byleth 5 hours ago +1


  • نگین شهبازی
    نگین شهبازی 5 hours ago +1

    It’s so amazing

  • Ailee Kpop Goddess
    Ailee Kpop Goddess 8 hours ago +2

    Follow Ailee on YT: aileemusic
    IG: aileeonline
    Tw: itzailee

  • Nati
    Nati 8 hours ago +2

    Queen Ailee ✨💖👑

  • Romario Luna
    Romario Luna 10 hours ago +1

    O amor da minha vida ❤, e uma pena que está muito longe!

  • 소희신
    소희신 11 hours ago +2


    YUTASMILES 15 hours ago

    tbh the beginnig sounds a bit like that one gd song-

  • FranMiau
    FranMiau 20 hours ago +1


      _ NEVERLAND Hour ago

      ¿A teddy querras decir?

    • Marce Hrz
      Marce Hrz 5 hours ago +2

      Hay por dios en q le copio ....y si fuera ese caso ya todos copian de todos jajajaja 😂

    • Valerieeonline
      Valerieeonline 12 hours ago

      뭔블핑이야 개소리하네

  • Rachel Arnold
    Rachel Arnold 21 hour ago +4

    get it queen

  • Deleted account
    Deleted account 23 hours ago +4

    Best song

  • Agust D
    Agust D Day ago +3


  • Lee개미
    Lee개미 Day ago +3

    #JusticeforAilee ❤️❤️

  • Queen Seungyeon
    Queen Seungyeon Day ago +7

    So. I showed my mum this song and she's obsessed. Played it at least 5 times in the last hour 😂❤

  • 밤이다
    밤이다 Day ago

    어떻게 이 반짝이는 보석 가수언니를 안뛰어주시는거지 참... 보는눈이 흠.....?

  • 소희신
    소희신 Day ago +2


  • disgusted
    disgusted Day ago +4

    _lets go to 7 mil she deserves it, what a shame the stupid company won’t let her promote this song. wish i could see it live :/_

  • Handa Yogi Hartono
    Handa Yogi Hartono Day ago +2

    it's so cool!!

  • Alba Carrasco
    Alba Carrasco 2 days ago +3

    No conozco a esta mujer en el kpop, parece una de las grandes como era CL por qué tan pocas visitas? Es una bomba, me encantó

    • betolango
      betolango Day ago +1

      @Marce Hrz si la eh escuchado y tambien me gustó.

    • Marce Hrz
      Marce Hrz Day ago

      @betolango ahh gracias por la información ni idea y por la recomendación . Acabo de verla en masked singer y Woow me sorprendió amo esa canción for you la escucho casi todos los días pero en la voz de Kim Hyung jun (SS501) yo te recomiendo q la busques ....

    • betolango
      betolango Day ago +1

      @Marce Hrz Ailee se acaba de separar con su compañia ya no quizo reanudar su contrato yo pienso porque no la promocionaban bien y por eso ahora su ex compañia la bloqueo de todos los shows y no puede promocionar su cancion, solo la promociona por eventos fuera de los shows de musica,espero que otra compañia la acepte, ella nacio en los Estados Unidos y es muy versatil con su voz te recomiendo que veas sus presentacines en vivo en el show de musica Immortal Song 2 su confianza en el escenario es impresionante.

    • Marce Hrz
      Marce Hrz Day ago

      Yo también recién la estoy conociendo no entiendo por q tan bajo esos números debería ya estar 100m (digo yo) gran voz ...

    • betolango
      betolango Day ago

      Te recomiendo ver sus mvs su voz es de las mejores en kpop ,puedes mirar todas sus presentaciones en vivo de el show que a mi me gusta se llama Immortal Song 2 y te sorprendera lo potente de su voz y lo buena que es en el escenario

  • Anastasia Gavrilita
    Anastasia Gavrilita 2 days ago +3

    She's killing it!

  • J Park
    J Park 2 days ago +2

    Seriously need a Chungha and Ailee collaboration to happen like now

  • Laura Sysolina
    Laura Sysolina 2 days ago

    Wwooow!! Zero cool!!!!!!!

  • Nyisha Martin
    Nyisha Martin 2 days ago +2


  • Vocal Goddess
    Vocal Goddess 2 days ago +2

    blessed to see the original choreo of it live. 😁😍 when she comesback in solaire hope it's for a solo concert.

  • Charles Soria
    Charles Soria 2 days ago +3

    Who's here after her concert in Solaire?! Can't get enough! ♥️♥️♥️

  • julia Garcia
    julia Garcia 2 days ago +2


  • Apple D.
    Apple D. 3 days ago +3

    ugh i wish her stupid company would let her promote this bop!! At least the mv seems well produced :(

  • da ni
    da ni 3 days ago +2

    so cool

  • Foufou Mimou
    Foufou Mimou 3 days ago +3

    this is what we call it a real talent i will follow you in everywhere you deserve to reach one billion💖💖💖👍

  • jiminies poxa'h
    jiminies poxa'h 3 days ago

    Caralhooooo kkkk Morrir!l!!!linda maravilhosa

  • The moan in Lu
    The moan in Lu 3 days ago +2

    0:25 my brother thought she was saying "sweat in me butt" 💀💀💀

  • Charmer Caster
    Charmer Caster 3 days ago +2

    Ailleeeeee!!!!〣( ºΔº )〣

  • ew
    ew 3 days ago +4

    0:49 dang that's dope

  • Rose Caz
    Rose Caz 3 days ago +6

    I can't believe i would see a live performance Room Shaker 💜 thank you so much Solaire and MAMA AILEE for the experience

  • Girl group area
    Girl group area 3 days ago +9

    Why no one is talking about her fu*king high note at the end ????

  • Jam 2x Jamal
    Jam 2x Jamal 3 days ago

    Sorry to say this
    But its like Familiar (look What you made me do) taylor swift
    Hehe Sorry for wrong grammar

  • Kpop Shook
    Kpop Shook 3 days ago

    0:21 sounds a bit like ddu du ddu du 😆

  • Can't choose a bias
    Can't choose a bias 3 days ago +9

    Honestly I was like the intire Time why is this song so underrated. Now to actually find out what her company is doing to her.

  • Kimberly Muncada
    Kimberly Muncada 3 days ago +2

    Love love from Philippines 😍😍😊
    Ps: i saw it lately through media that you came to Philippines 😍😊 hope you had fun ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kristine  Manuben
    Kristine Manuben 3 days ago +2

    this is lit🔥🔥🔥

  • Felicia Suharja
    Felicia Suharja 3 days ago +2


  • Azel
    Azel 3 days ago +1


  • Marc Lim
    Marc Lim 3 days ago +1


  • Ver SiL
    Ver SiL 3 days ago +1

    Savage..my queen..😍😍😋

  • boi
    boi 3 days ago +3

    So ailee drops one of the best songs I've heard in kpop in awhile and I'm just now hearing about it?

  • Agustina España
    Agustina España 3 days ago +2

    I love this song

  • Katrin x
    Katrin x 3 days ago

    صوتها خااااااايس

  • Lesia Rosé
    Lesia Rosé 3 days ago +2

    When I found out she was from Colorado I was like yesss bitch I live there 😂💓

  • Lesia Rosé
    Lesia Rosé 3 days ago +2

    Imma keep commenting until ailee comes and does a show in Colorado ☹️💓

  • MyNameIsAFruit rmn
    MyNameIsAFruit rmn 3 days ago +2


  • Girl group area
    Girl group area 3 days ago +2

    I want her to be in Pnation

  • MorbidAngelGaming
    MorbidAngelGaming 4 days ago +2


  • Alyssa Manlangit
    Alyssa Manlangit 4 days ago +2

    Everyone, I just want to say that I saw Ailee yesterday!!😖🇵🇭 She dined on my workplace and I shook her hands and also have a photo with her!!@ ARGHSHSKSKSLSKSSK!!

  • Hagit Sahalo
    Hagit Sahalo 4 days ago +7

    Ailee love you so much you're really the best singer I know❤❤❤

  • bloodyscarz
    bloodyscarz 4 days ago +4

    Damn this song is bomb.. listening to this song while scrolling through the comments and liking all the positive comments cuz I couldn’t have agreed more! Love ailee!

  • whoami
    whoami 4 days ago +3

    less cat voices and more tiger voices like Ailee's

  • 소희신
    소희신 4 days ago +2


    YANA MERKANNN 4 days ago +1


  • 쿠팡
    쿠팡 4 days ago

    kpop에 숟가락 얻은 느낌. 청하원더걸스 솔로 뜨니깐 그냥 막하는것 같네. 에일리는 원래 발라드 가수 아닌가?

    • Valerieeonline
      Valerieeonline 4 days ago +2

      아닌데요? 헤븐 보여줄게 유앤아이 손대지마 너나잘해 홈 발라드인가요? 다 댄스곡인데...

  • 쿠팡
    쿠팡 4 days ago

    노래가 잘못 간것 같네. 붕붕쇼콜라 후속곡인줄

  • M o o n w a l k e r
    M o o n w a l k e r 4 days ago +4

    this is so cool and so underrated WHY

  • 성이름
    성이름 4 days ago



  • Katrin x
    Katrin x 4 days ago +1

    صوتها تلوث لا وجه ولا صوت استغفرالله بس
    اين الفيجوال و الفوكال؟
    الملكات يدعسون😎

    • Nody Aileean
      Nody Aileean 7 hours ago

      @Ailee Kpop Goddess i reported all commnets she wrote don't worry

    • Ailee Kpop Goddess
      Ailee Kpop Goddess 8 hours ago

      @Nody Aileean report her pls

    • Ailee Kpop Goddess
      Ailee Kpop Goddess 8 hours ago

      @Valerieeonline just report her, friend.

    • Katrin x
      Katrin x 3 days ago

      Nody Aileean انتي شتبين يا مريضه؟

    • Valerieeonline
      Valerieeonline 4 days ago

      야 ㅇㄴ아 가라고 니가 뭔데?

  • Katrin x
    Katrin x 4 days ago +1

    مشاهدات بالحضيض

  • Katrin x
    Katrin x 4 days ago +1

    صوتها خرا ست ملايين مسكيننه😂

  • WeeklyGoodies
    WeeklyGoodies 4 days ago +4

    Y’all are missing out on this song if you don’t blast it in a car with good speakers. The bass in this song is unreal for a Kpop song!

  • multifandom Weirdo
    multifandom Weirdo 4 days ago +1

    Like this comment if you support every group (even if you don't personally like their music), and would never talk bad about them! Im trying to spread positivity for all fandoms. Comment which fandom you belong to or comment if you're multifandom. Im multifandom 😃 (this will be posted on many other M/V to spread more positivity)

  • Chrisdan Evalla
    Chrisdan Evalla 5 days ago

    Mercato brought me here lol

  • Oppar Wu
    Oppar Wu 5 days ago +6

    bitch this deserves to be top in Korea and usa billboard__💐

  • yo mera
    yo mera 5 days ago +3


  • Karry Lee AILEEAN
    Karry Lee AILEEAN 5 days ago +3


  • ༻ Canary Mapping ༺
    ༻ Canary Mapping ༺ 5 days ago +10