Post Malone - "Wow." (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • "Wow." by Post Malone. Song available here:
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    Kind of directed by James DeFina
    Creative Direction: Bobby Greenleaf
    Produced by: DEFINATE FILMS

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  • Disneyfan1999
    Disneyfan1999 5 hours ago

    1:37 Post Malone actually raps

  • papaya poppy
    papaya poppy 7 hours ago

    My favourite song bass

  • Xniper Artz
    Xniper Artz 7 hours ago

    Can you believe the old man is only 43

  • Dean Sinaga
    Dean Sinaga 11 hours ago +1

    Nice :)

  • Dean Sinaga
    Dean Sinaga 11 hours ago +1

    Good :)

  • Shanti Konyak
    Shanti Konyak 12 hours ago

    Wow... Love this song..
    My man among men
    Post Malone..
    Love you
    Love you
    Love you
    Honey you are just wow n unique

  • Calvin Darrington
    Calvin Darrington 13 hours ago

    A goat, noone ever believes in you but wants to be there when you blow💯

  • Roman Gurung
    Roman Gurung 15 hours ago +1

    I love this grandpa energy 🙏😍😍😂❤

  • roman mendez silva
    roman mendez silva 16 hours ago

    affaa afaaaaerte dijo el consu xd xd

  • MintyFN_
    MintyFN_ Day ago

    This song makes me want to rob my own house.

  • Kanhaiya Lal
    Kanhaiya Lal Day ago

    Love you bro

  • BANO X
    BANO X Day ago


  • Mason Hairston
    Mason Hairston Day ago

    I love you post Malone

  • jiko jiko
    jiko jiko Day ago

    best song !!!!!!

  • Chris alaniz
    Chris alaniz Day ago

    Two lines explain post Malone perfectly
    Trunk if the front like that shit Dumbo (lol)
    I’m in the 720s (McLaren) bumpin fall out boy!
    Haha what a unique guy

  • Rajesh Sapkota
    Rajesh Sapkota Day ago

    We can’t be a friend if you don’t love post malone .love you my biggest supuerstar see you in Nepal 🇳🇵 somewhere from the world 🌍

  • zeno Creature3
    zeno Creature3 Day ago

    Butty ooo

  • zeno Creature3
    zeno Creature3 Day ago


  • zeno Creature3
    zeno Creature3 Day ago

    Two mile hi

  • zeno Creature3
    zeno Creature3 Day ago

    Blades for sale wack it she shorty na she gets loseing run ing up on me hee hee yyy ooo yyy

  • Neidy Nava León

    Lik si escullas la canciòn viendo los comentarios

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda Day ago

    0:22 see’s posts stomach

    Me : “wow”

  • Kassy Muniz
    Kassy Muniz Day ago

    I fucking love it so much!!! 😭😂😂🖤

  • Gui Letras
    Gui Letras Day ago +1

    You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

    Você nunca encontrará tempo para nada. Se você quer tempo, deve fazê-lo.

    Charles Buxton

  • 고미
    고미 Day ago

    제욱아 누나가 너 때문이 들으러왔다..

  • Courtney Pepper
    Courtney Pepper Day ago +1

    I want to dance with that guy!, ThAt gave me Hope!

  • YNFTG 👤✊🏿💰🌍🔫

    Like if Post Malone look stank 😂

  • selc parker
    selc parker 2 days ago

    The meaning of mutumbo ?

  • Alice
    Alice 2 days ago

    1:38 this grandpa is so epic

  • VPy
    VPy 2 days ago

    I just came here to watch the old man dancin'

  • Juwon Jung
    Juwon Jung 2 days ago

    한글 자막 뭐야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오랫만에 보러왔다가 개당황
    자막 올려주신 Glee Pub님 감사합니다

  • Angela the angel
    Angela the angel 2 days ago

    U are the best 😍😍

  • Omar Robledo trejo
    Omar Robledo trejo 2 days ago

    If it earth you to transmutate I gess r happened for a reason . The n I gess you are the turk . I rreali wish that poblations didn't increased etleast not were isn't a native specie. The neon onte sand near lake Mead make mi cried I've saw .
    Nfa .

  • Stephen Gaming
    Stephen Gaming 2 days ago

    Now this man is trolling me

  • loocas mieber
    loocas mieber 2 days ago

    nct rlly like ths song❤️❤️❤️✊🏻

  • Greta Thunberg
    Greta Thunberg 2 days ago +5

    .......Post Malone is using plastic cups

    How dare you?

  • joharvie agabin
    joharvie agabin 2 days ago

    is it his girlfriend on the video?

  • Jerry Escobar
    Jerry Escobar 2 days ago

    Yo grandmama probably know me

  • redhulk111
    redhulk111 2 days ago

    White dudes acting black?. If it were a black man rapping to this, he would have all the white girls he wanted.
    Now Malone, how many black bitches you fucking?
    White people loosing their culture and their woman . Sad homie.

  • Maxine Friesen
    Maxine Friesen 3 days ago

    God post Malone is so Rocky so new he's so fresh I love his tattoos all over his face God he's one hot hell of a badass hip-hop motherfuking rapper

  • Rodrigo Paiva
    Rodrigo Paiva 3 days ago


  • Reine Noire
    Reine Noire 3 days ago +1

    I love that guy. That’s how life should be lived.

  • MJ Shadow
    MJ Shadow 3 days ago +3

    Post Malone the big boy 2019!😉

  • Anton Norambuena
    Anton Norambuena 3 days ago

    yo la miro ella me mira y luego dice Wow

  • Canal Zuera
    Canal Zuera 3 days ago

    Ow my good kkkkk

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 3 days ago

    New fortnite emote

  • 金子結人
    金子結人 3 days ago


  • Alejandro Pereira
    Alejandro Pereira 3 days ago +1

    My boy malone

  • Elizabeth Bell
    Elizabeth Bell 3 days ago

    anyone notice the Hot Chili Peppers? now that was a cool surprise to see.

  • ImChamallow
    ImChamallow 3 days ago

    Post Malone Full Discography on Spotify

  • NIGHTZ999
    NIGHTZ999 3 days ago +12

    When the old man is better than girls in his vids 🤣

  • Bill Polychronidis
    Bill Polychronidis 4 days ago

    okay i know this song came out in march but i just realised that he has a "Μολων Λαβε" tattoo. WOW indeed
    greek guys will understand

  • Brandon Quire
    Brandon Quire 4 days ago

    Bert shoulda been in the video 😂

  • Luis Maga
    Luis Maga 4 days ago

    I thouth this is song from Lil Dicky.
    Man love this 🤘

  • Çağrı Fikir
    Çağrı Fikir 4 days ago

    Hamilton is the first time that I was a little bit of time and effort into a new one and only the second time in a week and I have been in a week and I have been in a week and I have been in a week and I have been in a week and I have been in a week and

  • Samuel Ngumii
    Samuel Ngumii 4 days ago

    Who gets the William Saliba Arsenal signing vibe? It was a Wow moment.

  • ana c
    ana c 4 days ago

    i am in love with this video likef you are to

  • Chiara Walker
    Chiara Walker 4 days ago

    i love this music video lol

  • خرموزه متخرمزه

    يلي عربي 2019💜

  • Alex Ruff
    Alex Ruff 4 days ago

    This song is great just don’t smoke