7 People Who Got Stuck in Strange Places

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
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    Have you heard someone saying that if a cat can put its head in somewhere, it means the rest of its body will pass through too? Well, unfortunately, that doesn't usually work with humans. At least, not always. We hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia, because we are gonna show you 7 incredible places where people got trapped.

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  • haha haha
    haha haha 2 hours ago

    I got stuck in a blanket

  • Patricia Vinson
    Patricia Vinson 7 hours ago

    I got pranked my friends put glue on my chair then I got stuck lucky me I got out of there by my force :)

  • Lakse Guttene
    Lakse Guttene 17 hours ago


  • cooper lowry
    cooper lowry 20 hours ago

    I got stuck for 48 hours in the in a baby swing

  • Aeden Hyatt
    Aeden Hyatt 20 hours ago +1

    I died

  • Maxwell McGran
    Maxwell McGran 21 hour ago

    I got stuck in the trunk of a car for 2 mins

  • Khmer New
    Khmer New 23 hours ago +1

    I got my finger stuck in a toy truck. But my mum got my finger out.

  • alien stick
    alien stick Day ago

    i got trapped

    it was terrible i was stuck in this rock for hoirs

  • Ivy qtclap YT
    Ivy qtclap YT Day ago

    Once I got stuck for 4 hours in a trolley

  • Da'Mari Clerk
    Da'Mari Clerk Day ago

    I'm never getting stuck in those stuff⛔

  • Esteban Retana
    Esteban Retana Day ago +1

    I am trapped in some jail for kids that is called school.mu sentence is 18 years

  • Silver
    Silver Day ago +1

    One time I was stuck in my moms stomach, Doctors had to pull me out, No lie

  • PapiChuulo Novoa

    Thumbnail had nothing to do with the video. Soooooo thumbs down!

  • Katie Sams
    Katie Sams 2 days ago +1

    i was trapped in my school changing room with my friend for 2 hours.me and my friend was getting change in the shower room inside the changing room when i came out of the room i tried to open the door but i couldn't i told my friend and she started to panic.I tried to get it open but i could i looked back at my friend she was pale and was struggling breath. I stared to shout and i started to panic myself. I started to shout. I sat by my friend telling her that our TA's would come and look for us i pulled out my phone out but i had no WiFi so i couldn't go on our school page and call the school to get us out of there.the time was only 1:10 the start of lunch.
    I was on my phone the time was 1:55.I could hear voices my friend got up and started to shout.I joined her i knew it was the end of lunch. but because of all the voices nobody can hear us hit the door and screaming.Are we going to be stuck in hear over night.
    At 2:40 we heard the lock of the door and the door open it was my PE teacher with a police woman we have never been so happy to see our PE teacher seem as she is the one that locked us in the changing rooms.
    When we got out the said we didn't have support for our last lesson and we didn't come down to learning support for the last 30 mins and they were get worried because we weren't in class. They called both of our mum's and we were not there so they called the police and went and looked for us. They asked what were our last lessons was.And found us here.
    When we tell people this sorry they don't believe us until they ask our teachers .Plz believe me this took me so long to type out.

    Like if u ever got suck in school

  • Lilly-may Gillard
    Lilly-may Gillard 2 days ago

    I was stuck in the bed my mom strapped me in the bed

  • Lilly-may Gillard
    Lilly-may Gillard 2 days ago

    I was in my floaty and I blue out my floury from a wave and got stuck in a cave bit and got out and all cutup

  • Shelly Cantrell
    Shelly Cantrell 3 days ago +1

    I got stuck in a toilet ;-;

  • Gibreel F
    Gibreel F 3 days ago

    Ok wow that’s cool

  • Yvonne Morris
    Yvonne Morris 4 days ago


  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover 4 days ago

    The fridge

  • Harry Byron
    Harry Byron 4 days ago

    I got my foot stuck up a vacuum. Beat that

  • LittleDudeElliott
    LittleDudeElliott 4 days ago

    I got trapped in a seatbelt my dad had to lighter

  • Madelyn Brock
    Madelyn Brock 5 days ago

    I got stuck at park bar my foot got stuck😹 my friends called the teacher and she got it out it 😔it hurt 😞

  • Navajo -J
    Navajo -J 5 days ago

    The thumbnail is teriffying

  • Deidra Sumbry
    Deidra Sumbry 6 days ago

    I Was Trapped Inna Whom For 9 Months If That Counts.

  • Deyv Masteyn na treshchine

    My friend got stuck in a baby swing lol

  • Sean Kaiser
    Sean Kaiser 7 days ago

    I never get stuck

  • Dexter tails
    Dexter tails 7 days ago

    Washing basket

  • Keaton Gerard
    Keaton Gerard 7 days ago

    I'm stuck in my room forever

  • Aayan Ali Niaz
    Aayan Ali Niaz 8 days ago


  • asher Koenig
    asher Koenig 8 days ago

    I got trapt in a drire kan you say this in a vid

  • Mariola Medina
    Mariola Medina 8 days ago

    I got stuck in your mom😂😂😂

  • kaeden depp
    kaeden depp 8 days ago

    I was stuck under a park with a bee hive under it

  • Makaylah Cook
    Makaylah Cook 8 days ago +3

    I got trapped in a bathroom and lock out the house for 3 hours I was like 5 or 6 or 4

  • falseisme
    falseisme 8 days ago

    My head was stuck in a cinema chair when I was 4

  • Abdullah Al Kaysar
    Abdullah Al Kaysar 8 days ago


  • arlene japitana
    arlene japitana 9 days ago

    I got stuck in the cr while pooping

  • Ashanti Monroe
    Ashanti Monroe 9 days ago


  • Marc
    Marc 9 days ago

    I dislike a video when i dont see a clip of the thumbnail that lured me in...

  • Boss Bros 65476
    Boss Bros 65476 9 days ago +7

    I was trapped in a shower because I looked in the mirror it broke and I had to clean up the glass
    Wanna read on

    You are handsome/beautiful and you are so aweat

  • Zack Francis
    Zack Francis 10 days ago

    I got stuck in a Toilet a fireman got me out

  • Drip Sauce
    Drip Sauce 12 days ago +11

    I was stuck for months in a place called school 😐

  • Taylor
    Taylor 13 days ago

    I never got trapped but I know a kid in my school got stuck in a big gym mat face first all night.

  • Julie Gadia
    Julie Gadia 14 days ago +3

    I was stuck in a cinema seat my feet was stuck so later I twisted the cinema seat in order to get my feet out, now ill try not to jump in the cinema seats 😂😂😆😆 🛐

  • Joy
    Joy 15 days ago +1

    I have been test in a toy mshin

  • xXendlessgacha Xx
    xXendlessgacha Xx 16 days ago

    0:16 who saw Jumanji before??

  • Yumei
    Yumei 16 days ago +3

    I was trapped in my house for a long time XD

  • Lizeth Rodriguez
    Lizeth Rodriguez 17 days ago

    I would trap because a cabinet fell on me

  • Wreathzzz
    Wreathzzz 17 days ago

    i’m actually not going to share that because the thumbnail
    is fake

  • Teddy Tv
    Teddy Tv 19 days ago

    I got stuck in a public toilet at a shop


    I was stuck in school until I was 18 but then there is my job

  • Christan Beasley
    Christan Beasley 20 days ago +1

    I got stuck between two doors for 15 minutes

  • Night Knight
    Night Knight 20 days ago

    My finger got stuck inside a tap.
    For those who wants to try, it is very painful

  • Abiecat
    Abiecat 20 days ago

    I was trapped under the bed

  • I Suck
    I Suck 21 day ago

    I got trap for 13 years

    In school:(

  • Outerdemon Death is death life is life

    I got stuck in the toilet to but I almost died

  • Titus Moua
    Titus Moua 22 days ago +1

    I got stuck in a sewer drain

  • Wiktoria Strach
    Wiktoria Strach 22 days ago

    I got stuck today in a chair

  • Wiktoria Strach
    Wiktoria Strach 22 days ago

    And Noah Schnapp?

  • m3 m3 m3 Nyan cat
    m3 m3 m3 Nyan cat 23 days ago

    I got stuck in my dog house