How I Stole $8 Million A Week As A Mafia Boss

  • The only surviving Mob boss from the 1986 Fortune magazine article "The 50 Biggest Mafia Bosses" shares candidly about his life of crime.
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    Sonny Franzese leaves his mother's funeral in 1966
    Newsday LLC/Getty Images
    Sonny Franzese is taken to arraignment on Long Island in 1966
    Newsday LLC/Getty Images
    Orange County Register Archive
    MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images/Getty Images
    John "Sonny" Franzese Mugshot
    Donaldson Collection/Getty Images
    Michael Franzese Mugshot
    Donaldson Collection/Getty Images
    Press Conference for Charge Against Hunger
    Ron Galella/Getty Images
    John "Sonny" Franzese, reputed leader of a Cosa Nostra gang,
    New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
    John "Sonny" Franzese (center) leaves court with his lawyer
    New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images
    DeVecchio Trial Begins
    Pool/Getty Images
    DeVecchio Trial Begins
    Pool/Getty Images
    Boxing: Senate Corruption Hearing. Colom
    Scott Wachter/Getty Images
    Anonymous Man Smoking In The Dark
    RockfordMedia/Getty Images
    Businessman dialing a number on a vintage phone
    demaerre/Getty Images
    Anonymous business partners shaking hands after meeting in dark room
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    Teens taking part in dancing battle outside
    B-boy practicing downrock Panning Through Bars
    mphillips007/Getty Images
    Prison Jail Cells Inside Penitentiary
    mphillips007/Getty Images
    Caucasian male prisoner reading holy bible in cell, hope for forgiveness, faith
    Motortion/Getty Images
    Helpless Caucasian prisoner in individual cell looking at camera, despair
    Motortion/Getty Images
    Imprisoned man with wounds on arms standing near bars,
    Motortion/Getty Images
    Aerial video Hollywood CA USA
    felixmizioznikov/Getty Images
    Police car with alarm and signal light flashes on the roof rush emergency call i
    JANIFEST/Getty Images
    Aerials of South Florida Miami Beach Bal Harbour Downtown Port Harbor Surfside neighborhoods shot with a drone
    felixmizioznikov/Getty Images
    American flag flies by the Capitol building in Washington DC USA
    Pgiam/Getty Images
    Silhouette of Man Reloading Handgun and Running
    MayStudio/Getty Images
    Silhouette of Legs of Businessman Walking at Camera
    Puppet Master controlling and manipulating you
    Spencer_Whalen/Getty Images
    Fire sparks moving on dark at black background coming from brightly burning warm
    Kkolosov/Getty Images
    Door is opening at home in the night
    eugenekeebler/Getty Images
    Silhouette of businessman walking along the corridor.
    Dzmitry Shynkarou/Getty Images
    Holy Bible. Catholic sacred religious book. Faith in God concept catholicity for faith spirituality the holy bible lifestyle and religion
    maxximmm/Getty Images
    Dirty money concept. Cash US dollars fall from above to a cache of weapons and drugs
    StockSeller_ukr/Getty Images
    Passing Bullets On Table
    RockfordMedia/Getty Images
    Asian sportsmen is falling down on the ground while doing stunt
    aleksejplatonov/Getty Images
    Fuel Pump Counting Dollars in 4K
    ProFilm4K/Getty Images
    Pregnant woman touching gently her tummy
    stevanovicigor/Getty Images
    Fuel Pump Counter Dollars in 4K
    ProFilm4K/Getty Images
    Bride and Groom Holding Hands
    MakanaCreative/Getty Images
    Gas station in California in 4K
    ProFilm4K/Getty Images
    Two videos of california flag in real slow motion
    MasterShot/Getty Images
    Self-confident rich businessman inhaling cigar smoke, enjoying luxury tobacco
    Motortion/Getty Images
    Imprisoned man. Hombre encarcelado.
    Maria Casinos/Getty Images
    Antique Film Projector working.
    SVTeam/Getty Images
    Lady Justice Statue
    audioundwerbung/Getty Images
    Bundles of cash on the table. Dolly shot of pile of American banknotes, bundle of money. US Dollar is official currency of United States
    ScissorFilms/Getty Images
    Mafia Men Walking with Baseball Bats
    shironosov/Getty Images
    Police car
    SaddamStock/Getty Images
    Madonna (Mary) of Jerusalem and a child (Jesus Christ)
    Vscam/Getty Images
    Flying overhead, Aeroplane / Airplane Jet landing at Airport
    Purplevideos/Getty Images

Comments • 80

  • Rylan Tranter
    Rylan Tranter Hour ago

    The Mafia is the American version of the kray twins

  • Matt
    Matt 2 hours ago

    Actually is helping me so much rn through a tough time, thanks

  • adrena
    adrena 9 hours ago

    I want a movie about this guy

  • adrena
    adrena 9 hours ago

    Bro this guy’s dad’s name was Sonny ... fantastic

  • Angelofmusic Wonder
    Angelofmusic Wonder 10 hours ago

    You are an inspiration.... God really had his hand on you....

  • Cherriee Soda
    Cherriee Soda 11 hours ago

    Brooooooooooooooo, his dad looks like my grandfather who passed away like 5-6 years ago and his dad died weeks ago.

  • SDMIII :
    SDMIII : 11 hours ago

    I want to meet this guy someday

  • Rusty Stove
    Rusty Stove 21 hour ago

    Mafia is nothing compared to Winnipeg mayor and city council. They are the absolute worst monsters every. All their crimes are totally legal - they claim insanity to get away with property damage and stealing money,

  • Purple55_
    Purple55_ 23 hours ago

    rthats how mafia works

  • Bonjomin inc.
    Bonjomin inc. Day ago

    So this guy stole 8 mil a week... this video should be titled “How I stole 8 million dollars a week and why I don’t live in a mansion on the moon”

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    Lol these "reformed" gangsters, who try to dissuade young people from joining the "life!" Just do the opposite!!
    I'm a retired postman and after watching this guys videos, I want to be a mobster lol!!

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli Day ago +1

    This guy can steal $8 million a week and I can't even get $2 a week

    • Rick Barnes
      Rick Barnes Day ago

      I know the feeling brother. But, look at all the crap he had to go through..

  • Ryan Lien
    Ryan Lien 2 days ago


  • KoalaBby JK
    KoalaBby JK 2 days ago

    “They might not be evil, but it’s evil lifestyle “ ...... Wattpad book are ruining me

  • I Play Guitar
    I Play Guitar 3 days ago

    these videos are pretty dope

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Wondering if you made peace with those who have harmed

  • Campbell Lohnes
    Campbell Lohnes 3 days ago

    Oh so this is the guy from the mafia city ads

  • James Yates
    James Yates 3 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  • White Hat
    White Hat 3 days ago

    I Really believe he changed and the comments are he changed,he did not change and does it for the camer a and others talking about who died and the others hes age and hes looks, and the rest are respect or not respect and some of them hate him some of them likes him or if he didnt sell out anybody and many more so many conversations and arguments and john wick refrences and so much more unique opinions

  • Trick SFL
    Trick SFL 4 days ago

    The cops are watching

  • Shqiponje
    Shqiponje 4 days ago

    His name is Michael, his dads name was Sonny who looks like Richard Conte (Barzini), creepy

  • Joshua Peek
    Joshua Peek 4 days ago

    Anthony Indelicato is still alive

  • The Night Watcher
    The Night Watcher 4 days ago

    He was a Capo, not a boss. Do they put that claim in the title just for views?

  • Gaurav K Rathore
    Gaurav K Rathore 5 days ago

    Who's the guy ? ..That's da guy , right there.Thats the guy.

  • LegendaryLogz
    LegendaryLogz 5 days ago

    I’m not joking, the mafia in my area runs a pizza restaurant which provides the pizza for the Buffalo Bills.

    • Rick Barnes
      Rick Barnes Day ago

      They are still all over the place, just not out front like back in the day. La cosa nostra will always have a hold on certain things.

  • Dannylocs420
    Dannylocs420 5 days ago

    How to go to jail for the rest of your life

  • Lee Tribe
    Lee Tribe 5 days ago +4

    God is so good he saved him and gave him a family and has made him safe he is respectful to the people who wanted kill him and he is a person who speaks with God in his sentences like God is speaking through him and he is such an amazing person. respect

  • -Speedy_-701
    -Speedy_-701 6 days ago

    I actually can't believe there are people in this comment section that are saying it was a bad thing to break his (criminal) oath. Like "Hey, don't stop stealing money and killing people; it's not respectable."

  • Julia ___
    Julia ___ 6 days ago

    Stop changing camera angles its so distracting and annoying

  • freddie carr
    freddie carr 6 days ago

    I'm ordering his books---unbelievable life

  • heizel.v
    heizel.v 6 days ago

    *_thats how the mafia works_*

  • Von ricth
    Von ricth 6 days ago

    Ex capo not boss or underboss..when one of ur capo making 8-10mil a week..wohoo🎉

  • blasting trystin
    blasting trystin 7 days ago

    he looks and acts like a guy where if you fall he will help you

  • JEM TV.
    JEM TV. 7 days ago

    The Man!

    TheSP33DFREAK 7 days ago

    The fact that he beat multiple federal racketeering case is incredible. They spend years and thousands of dollars on cases like that. And they are EXTROIDINARILY successful and are very hard to beat. That's insane.

  • Tony C
    Tony C 8 days ago

    It looks like GTA vice city

  • sandeep tomar
    sandeep tomar 8 days ago

    You are a good son.

  • What is TRUTH?
    What is TRUTH? 8 days ago

    I just love the fact that when people hit rock bottom, they turn to Jesus and HE ALWAYS COMES THROUGH.

  • aeuxyra rblx
    aeuxyra rblx 10 days ago

    Confessions..respect 🥺

  • ChanaElisheva
    ChanaElisheva 10 days ago

    So inspiring

  • Saffron ENGLAND
    Saffron ENGLAND 10 days ago

    It's usually Jehovah God that draws people like you to change only he has the power to overcome the devil who is involved in anything wicked,bad,evil. You are blessed because you have now changed. It's been a hard road for you,not every one has the willpower to continue in the right path.

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch 11 days ago

    Rip John Franzese 1917-2020

  • Queen Noochie
    Queen Noochie 11 days ago

    Hey Mikey!!!!!!! U talk too much 😂

  • Babyface0603
    Babyface0603 12 days ago

    I thought Mafia guys were secretive not wanting attention. This guy loves attention. He's everywhere.

  • Cragonos Kritirea
    Cragonos Kritirea 12 days ago

    Just from glancing for 0.7 seconds at the thumbnail, you could tell this mans a mastermind.

  • lightbulb mne
    lightbulb mne 13 days ago

    I watched one interview with this guy on some channel and was mesmerised.But then yt algoritam recommended alot of different inteviews and videos with him and i realised hes saying the exact same sentences in most of them which kinda breaks my idea of him and makes it look staged :/

  • Ashley DiGiacomo
    Ashley DiGiacomo 14 days ago

    His dad looks incredible for 102

    • sara
      sara 14 days ago

      Lmao what? He's 68

  • Ashley DiGiacomo
    Ashley DiGiacomo 14 days ago


  • Jennifer Myers
    Jennifer Myers 14 days ago

    And what you did got others KILLED

    • sara
      sara 14 days ago

      Who said they were innocent?

  • Khulekani Mthethwa
    Khulekani Mthethwa 15 days ago +1

    I don't know why people in this comment section are praising the mob life
    The guy himself clearly said that the mob life should not be glorified

  • mdr893
    mdr893 15 days ago

    so he's the only one alive? man this guy outlived the others, I supposed that's what you called a win this days

    • MrMonotone
      MrMonotone 14 days ago

      He was the youngest, doesn't seem a lot more to it than that.
      It's very misleading how he describes himself as the only survivor. Most were decades older then him and would've died from old age years ago. They were generally 60+ years old, some 80+....34 years ago...
      From my own post, here's what I looked up:
      I checked from the start of the list, the mob members died of: stroke(80), heart disease(86), natural causes(at 87), natural causes(at 98), died in prison hospital(73), died in hospital(85), died at home(94), natural causes in prison medical centre(85), liver cancer after compassionate release from prison(73), presumably of natural causes - only found 'died'(68), natural causes in prison(61), natural causes at home(90), cancer in prison medical centre(61-John Gotti, who I thought had been murdered, but even he survived), heart failure(97), during or after heart surgery(72), natural causes at home(83), natural causes at home after compassionate release(74), and then it's Michael Franzese... I frigging give up at this point -- ALL 17 PEOPLE ABOVE HIM ON THE LIST DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES, often at above average age.

  • mdr893
    mdr893 15 days ago

    man no 18 is pretty high and if you look at it John Gotti is there at 13 so you know it's a real deal.

  • billz1
    billz1 15 days ago

    If his old mafia crew watched this he would be killed “if this is true”

    • billz1
      billz1 14 days ago

      MrMonotone oh

    • MrMonotone
      MrMonotone 14 days ago

      Anyone senior in his old mafia crew likely died years ago, he was much younger than most at the time.

  • Ultron •
    Ultron • 16 days ago

    Damn bruh did this guy invent gta online or something?

  • Death penalty0
    Death penalty0 16 days ago

    Put this on Netflix As a series

  • Adam Bright
    Adam Bright 16 days ago

    If he's stealing from the government then he's not really stealing.

    • Adam Bright
      Adam Bright 14 days ago +1

      @MrMonotone Yeah, they don't. They steal it from the public who actually create value in society instead of being parasites. The state is no different from organized crime.
      Yes I do mind that the government steals from me, I don't know why you would get the impression that I don't. I actually find it surprising that most people don't mind taxes and put them in a different category than theft. Taxation is theft but people excuse it because they've been brainwashed into thinking that the state is the only institution that can provide certain services (justice, protection, infrastructure, roads, monetary management, national defense, charitable services) or at least that they can do it better than the free market. That can't be further from the truth.
      And if all Michael did was not pay his taxes, then he literally stole nothing. You cannot steal by way of not paying for something you never agreed to pay in the first place. I don't remember if that's what happened, but if it is, then he didn't steal at all. And if he actually stole money from the government then in a way he did steal from others, but he's also taking some of his own money back that was stolen from him.
      I'm sure that, if you're a statist, you'll counter with the whole unfettered capitalism, corporate warlord, individual and corporate accountability, and "agreement on the terms to run society" arguments. Those are all tired arguments that have been answered time and again and in detail by numerous voluntaryists. So if you want to make that argument with me, instead just look up voluntaryism and the free market solutions to state and societal problems. Literally, every problem and concern that you can think of has a very good free market solution so every time one comes up, just search it on RU-clip or google it.
      I don't have the time to argue the same old misconceptions that statists have made so many times. Anyways, have a good rest of your day and I hope you look voluntarism up so that you can free your mind and help push society to a less corrupt and more efficient era of prosperity and true representation from the individual.

    • MrMonotone
      MrMonotone 14 days ago

      I guess you don't mind being stolen from then, the government doesn't get money out of thin air.

  • jinneemagic302
    jinneemagic302 17 days ago

    You would think he would have been frighten for her. I know scary people to. They never dared cross the line. Sorry to say this man will never be safe. He should have stayed in Med School. I bet every day after he met his wife he wished he had.

    LOLA LOLIC 17 days ago

    Jesus is a king 🙏

  • Allan Rodriguez
    Allan Rodriguez 18 days ago

    Mission Passed

  • Jason J
    Jason J 18 days ago

    "I'm not calling the guys evil, because I was one of them."
    Best line ever

    TRUMPFOREVER 18 days ago

    This guy could have done anything and kicked it in the ass!!

  • Sworduh
    Sworduh 18 days ago

    2 guys watching this: *WRITE THAT DOWN*

  • Ozzy Lame
    Ozzy Lame 18 days ago

    You guys see god has bigger things for you in life ❤️

  • KyleKyleson
    KyleKyleson 18 days ago

    This guy should collab with Larry Lawton

  • Mr.C H
    Mr.C H 18 days ago

    Salute to you Michael Franseze

  • Billy Enkhjargal
    Billy Enkhjargal 18 days ago +1

    when he only 1 alive after 33 years all the othher bosses were old af

    • MrMonotone
      MrMonotone 14 days ago +1

      @The Fantastic Five Nope. From my own post:
      I checked from the start of the list, the mob members died of: stroke(80), heart disease(86), natural causes(at 87), natural causes(at 98), died in prison hospital(73), died in hospital(85), died at home(94), natural causes in prison medical centre(85), liver cancer-after compassionate release from prison(73), presumably of natural causes-only found 'died'(68), natural causes in prison(61), natural causes at home(90), cancer in prison medical centre(61-John Gotti, who I thought had been murdered, but even he survived), heart failure(97), during or after heart surgery(72), natural causes at home(83), natural causes at home after compassionate release(74), and then it's Michael Franzese...

    • The Fantastic Five
      The Fantastic Five 17 days ago

      No. They were killed. That's often your fate on the mafia, getting killed by other mafia guys or dying in prison.

  • Cason Shaw
    Cason Shaw 18 days ago

    If he was really in the mafia, stole 8 million dollars almost got killed many times went to jail got out of jail how isn’t he still in jail when he stole 8 million dollars wouldn’t the cops want him just makes no sense

  • Arnaldo Goenaga
    Arnaldo Goenaga 19 days ago

    0:08 the guy under him is portrayed in Godfather of Harlem

  • Liam The Crackhead
    Liam The Crackhead 19 days ago

    He is now Lv 100 boss

  • Emi Elis
    Emi Elis 19 days ago

    I think i would have to see in order to belive this is totally fake! Mafia does not exist

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez 19 days ago

    He looks almost identical to joe from the afterprison show

  • Ali Alshami
    Ali Alshami 19 days ago

    Update his father died February 24th. Sad

    • Ali Alshami
      Ali Alshami 14 days ago

      MrMonotone it was a joke -_-

    • MrMonotone
      MrMonotone 14 days ago

      Not really, he murdered people and approved the murder of his son, yet he still lived far longer than most people - to 103.

  • boojef
    boojef 19 days ago

    He looks like the guy that everybody knows

  • D M
    D M 19 days ago


  • SoundingTheRedAlarm
    SoundingTheRedAlarm 20 days ago

    "You are who you surround yourself with." This is so true. Permission to use?

  • KingBanter
    KingBanter 20 days ago +1

    Making over a million a day back in the eighties and still an incredibly wealthy man. But no ridiculous clothes, watches gold chains, diamond rings etc etc .
    All the “gangstas” “playas n pimps” should take note . 😉

  • Rama Algifary
    Rama Algifary 20 days ago

    damn, that scene in mafia 2 where vito and joe recruited by falcone crime family was based on real life

  • Q man
    Q man 20 days ago

    Story of John wick is real

  • Joshua Barry
    Joshua Barry 20 days ago

    Made his money by not paying taxes! Can't say I see him as much of a criminal... not compaired to the government?