Living Life the Coach Steve Way | Big Mouth | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Wouldn't life be easier if we could all just live the Coach Steve way? Well, maybe not EASIER, but definitely more entertaining...
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    Living Life the Coach Steve Way | Big Mouth | Netflix
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Comments • 236

  • SpartanK07
    SpartanK07 8 hours ago

    adem adem

  • rose redmond
    rose redmond 22 days ago

    i love when he says ‘my dude’ 🤤🤤

  • Derek Schultz
    Derek Schultz Month ago


  • _Kappuccino_
    _Kappuccino_ Month ago +1

    Pete Davidson when he’s 50

  • Luis Mendoza
    Luis Mendoza Month ago +1

    Steps to be coach Steve
    1. Learn something new everyday
    2. Always be generous
    3. Look on the bright side
    4. Empathize with others
    5. Keep your friends close
    6. Pass on your wisdom
    7. Be an entertainer

  • Aidan LeBlanc
    Aidan LeBlanc 2 months ago

    Bro they need to make a show just on coach Steve

  • Nitro GamePlay
    Nitro GamePlay 2 months ago +1

    Man, I love coach Steve, every time he's on screen he has always got something funny to say!

  • poisonous ingot
    poisonous ingot 2 months ago +2

    Coach Steve is my spirit animal

  • Emyli Wynter
    Emyli Wynter 3 months ago

    Irvine next visit jh i know so how gmail n visit I your

  • Scarlett Stilinski O'Brien

    At the start, all three of them are Nick talking to himself lmao

  • Yung Geo
    Yung Geo 3 months ago

    So basically...

    Be a good person.

  • Im VenMous
    Im VenMous 3 months ago +1

    Can we get an ep where Coach Steve does acid

    • SR Brant
      SR Brant 3 months ago

      Plot twist: It’s how he sees _everything._

  • Vicente paulo
    Vicente paulo 3 months ago +1

    Bring the demolisher back, please!

  • Stupid Hoe
    Stupid Hoe 3 months ago

    “Not to brag, but I’ve never been closer to suicide”

  • theirontailwhip 06
    theirontailwhip 06 3 months ago

    is there any info of season 3 after my furry Valentine's

  • Mr AutismO
    Mr AutismO 3 months ago

    Dont bring back this cancer

  • Free Beats
    Free Beats 3 months ago

    Where is s3

  • Steven Mastin
    Steven Mastin 4 months ago

    Yessss dream come true

  • Natalia Anthony
    Natalia Anthony 4 months ago

    Please do one on Lola, she is my absolute favourite. ❤❤❤❤

  • Finn Gjerdrum
    Finn Gjerdrum 4 months ago

    When is season 3 coming out?

  • Lance Williams
    Lance Williams 4 months ago +1

    Still don’t think I’m a baaaaddd mitten?...
    Stick around and watch me f**k this dead bird.

  • pro mast
    pro mast 4 months ago

    Who wants to be this freak!

  • Valkyrie
    Valkyrie 4 months ago

    Some people prefer to live the flash Steve way but me... I'm livin like Larry

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward 4 months ago

    How come coach Steve was able to eat the dip in dots without vomiting when he is lactose intolerant?

    • SR Brant
      SR Brant 3 months ago

      I like to think they cut away from the scene just before he puked.

  • Trey Trotter
    Trey Trotter 4 months ago

    Damn it i though this was coming out soon when I saw this now I gotta wait til fall 😥

  • Blake Bever
    Blake Bever 4 months ago +1

    This show has the best writing for any animated comedy I've ever seen. It's all genius and I die laughing relating to it.

    • SR Brant
      SR Brant 3 months ago

      The Michael Shannon Valentine’s Day card. That is all.

  • Pikachu Comments
    Pikachu Comments 4 months ago +1

    Who's the man? *STEVE'S* THE MAN!

  • Archmage Torstein
    Archmage Torstein 4 months ago

    What a moron shitbag.

  • Max Mendez
    Max Mendez 4 months ago

    You the man, baby!

  • CRF FilmZ
    CRF FilmZ 4 months ago

    Favorite character

  • Eric R
    Eric R 4 months ago


  • Tyrrell Fielding
    Tyrrell Fielding 4 months ago

    bring on season 3 bring on fuckin season 3!

  • parkour Beast
    parkour Beast 4 months ago

    Jay is my favorite but coach Steve is definitely second best

  • Keira Eyles
    Keira Eyles 4 months ago

    LeTs g0 mEtS

  • Shane S
    Shane S 4 months ago

    “So far...of course.” 🤣

  • Ben Connor
    Ben Connor 4 months ago


  • Jake Rivas
    Jake Rivas 4 months ago

    What's the background music of this video, Netflix?

  • Ali Floth
    Ali Floth 4 months ago


  • Flora J
    Flora J 4 months ago

    Cant wait for season 3

  • nina torres
    nina torres 4 months ago

    Third season

  • Melony Panda
    Melony Panda 4 months ago +1

    T H E M A N

  • AC
    AC 4 months ago

    Where's Mindhunter my dude!!!!

  • Jade, Joanna John
    Jade, Joanna John 4 months ago +4

    Does this mean I lost my virginity since I’m, y’know, technically the coolest guy I know, soo..

  • lew824
    lew824 4 months ago

    Idk about anyone else but this video just convinced me more not to watch this show...

  • M B
    M B 4 months ago +14

    You're the man baby Netflix! (now please give us the rest of season 3)

  • The Dudess
    The Dudess 4 months ago +2

    I love you, my dude!!!

  • YovaniDosSantos
    YovaniDosSantos 4 months ago

    Your The Man Baby

  • Derek Stock
    Derek Stock 4 months ago +11

    I did my thanksgiving speech in coach Steve's voice. My family was so lost. 😂😂

    • CRF FilmZ
      CRF FilmZ 4 months ago

      I'm really good at his voice lol

  • PickleJalapeno
    PickleJalapeno 4 months ago


  • King Tristeza
    King Tristeza 4 months ago

    Now I’m god

  • TheStopShort
    TheStopShort 4 months ago

    Put a little pepper on that salt, baby

  • Bandicoot
    Bandicoot 4 months ago

    It would be wierd if there was a big mouth fan who isnt a teenager🤔

  • Cameron McArthur
    Cameron McArthur 4 months ago +1

    I usually HATE a character like Coach Steve, but amazingly I find him hilarious in this. Not often such a preposterously stupid character is entertaining like this.

  • GamingTime
    GamingTime 4 months ago +16

    Coach Steve is the best character for sure 😂

  • Jon Loc
    Jon Loc 4 months ago +41

    I just wanna say Netflix is absolutely killing it with their animated series. Some of the best out there. Anyway thanks Netflix for being so great.

    • Jon Loc
      Jon Loc 4 months ago

      @Robert Dunay Bojack could

    • Robert Dunay
      Robert Dunay 4 months ago

      Jon Loc I would like to see something outdo Bojack

  • Teddie 1
    Teddie 1 4 months ago +4

    Coach steve & Jay are the funniest mfs on Big mouth

  • Michael Buno
    Michael Buno 4 months ago

    "Teepee, fat guy, sideways moon... other fat guy, sideways comb"

  • marcus talerico
    marcus talerico 4 months ago


  • DextrousGinger X
    DextrousGinger X 4 months ago +1

    Stop Only making 10 episode seasons

  • Mick Ambrusfy
    Mick Ambrusfy 4 months ago +54

    Netflix hurry your curry and get me season 3

  • Skunk Gaming
    Skunk Gaming 4 months ago +1

    I lost it when his hormone monster says to him "put a little pepper on that salt baby". 😂😂

  • fighting game lover
    fighting game lover 4 months ago

    Body is so ready for season 3 😩😩😩😩

  • Amy Y
    Amy Y 4 months ago +1

    Coach Steve is just Gil Faizon

  • Chris
    Chris 4 months ago

    netflix, stop doing this

  • binkie twinkie
    binkie twinkie 4 months ago

    Where’s big mouth season 3!!!

  • Sean Kermani
    Sean Kermani 4 months ago

    Seriously what’s his purpose? Is he suppose to be comedic relief or something

  • Indy Mutt Productions
    Indy Mutt Productions 4 months ago

    *Let's go Mets*

  • Adam E
    Adam E 4 months ago +56

    I'd pay money to see him interact with cheese from fosters home from imaginary friends

    • Omar Brown
      Omar Brown 4 months ago +1

      @Vanessa Alejo that makes wwaayy to much sense

    • Vanessa Alejo
      Vanessa Alejo 4 months ago


    • Vanessa Alejo
      Vanessa Alejo 4 months ago +1

      OR or mayve cheese was steves imaginary friend👀👀

    • Drew One
      Drew One 4 months ago +1

      Adam E oh noooo no no lmao ..... that would be an absolute disaster 😆😅😆 I could feel the headaches already just trying to keep up with THAT conversation smh lol

    • Omar Brown
      Omar Brown 4 months ago

      @Samuel Jeffries Dbza 😂

  • Athenas Nova
    Athenas Nova 4 months ago


  • sebastyann123
    sebastyann123 4 months ago +4

    1:35 I need my family to watch this so they can be as cool as coach Steve and accept my bisexuality lol

    • Random Gmod Vids
      Random Gmod Vids 4 months ago

      I don’t think you want coach Steve as your family lol