My Day at Singapore Zoo (Best Zoo in the World?!) | KatChats

  • Published on Nov 22, 2018
  • Spend the day with me at one of the so-called "Best Zoo's in the World" ... The Singapore Zoo!!
    I know about halfway through the video I go on a tangent about my psychology tutor, but I find her her very interesting so sorry about that. I am a psychology major after all, so do expect increasingly ... more tangents in random psych directions from time to time LOL
    Also yes I know when I talked about orangutans I wasn't actually showing a clip of it - this is just because I didn't video them at all xD
    (I don't know if I need one, but you guys know how the internet can be these days so just in case it needs to be spelled out... xD )
    So just to make it clear: I first and foremost support animals in the wild - that's where they belong. However, there are certain zoo's (a small minority that is) that are very high standard, with good foundations and research centers behind them that I think can do some good in this world too. I do not support establishments that clearly treat their animals poorly (ie concrete barren cages, no enrichment, drugged, made to perform unnatural behavior for entertainment, not captive bred ie caught from the wild, places that house animals clearly not equipped for captivity in any capacity (orcas for example), unnecessary transport of animals from place to place etc) and the few places I do go to are either sanctuaries or zoos I feel like have a strong structure behind them - for example rehabilitation programs designed to breed and release animals back into the wild (for example the Przewalski's horses at Helsinki zoo or the raccoons that are all from the Netherlands that were originally pets and dumped into the streets where they had trouble adjusting to since they were raised as household animals and now live in Helsinki zoo too) stuff like that. I mean the environment is diminishing at an alarming speed and I feel like zoos along with the people working alongside them etc can help engage the public and work behind the scenes to do what they can to minimize the impact we have created to the environment and in consequence to the animals that are losing their habitats. I mean I think these things are never black and white - we can always broaden our horizons and consider things like equestrian sports. Horse riding is a bit of a controversial topic these days too - is it okay to ride horses and force them to do what we tell them to? I understand 100% why people don't go to zoos and I agree with most of the reasons why, and for 99% of the zoos in the world I agree completely that I would never want to fund anything associated with that. But also as someone that knows people that work in zoos as scientists I can see the efforts that goes on as well. Idk ignore my rambles - lol...
    Anyway, this is supposed to be a light hearted video - don't take anything I say too seriously please xD Enjoy some footage of cute animals ♡
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    Thank you for watching!

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  • Unreal SouIxdrag
    Unreal SouIxdrag 9 months ago

    3:13 fragile forest. I can stay inside for whole day

  • Unreal SouIxdrag
    Unreal SouIxdrag 9 months ago

    I love their fragile forest. Close up with the bats.

  • Haytham Emara
    Haytham Emara 9 months ago

    Nice 🤗

  • Tarek Hamzawy
    Tarek Hamzawy 9 months ago

    Wonderful but you can visit Giza zoo in Egypt? Very old Zoo and very big nearly from pyramids.

  • Janne Schroderus
    Janne Schroderus 9 months ago +1

    Anteeksi Kat,mutta miksi tuet eläinten vangitsemista eläintarhoihin...(käymällä eläintarhoissa) Surullista,että eläimet vangitaan keinotekoiseen elinympäristöön.. Selitit kyllä asian,mutta keinotekoinen elinympäristö ei koskaan vastaa oikeata vapautta..

    • Janne Schroderus
      Janne Schroderus 9 months ago

      @KatChats Olen saanut sinusta käsityksen,että olet hyvä ihminen,joka ajattelee niin toisia ihmisiä,eläimiä kuin luontoa... Itse olen niin eläinrakas tyyppi etten kestä katsoa eläimiä jotka ovat vangittuina... Minulle tekee jopa pahaa,kun näen koiria,jotka ovat aina häkissä tai omistajan tiukkaan hihnaan kytkettyinä.. Esim. koirat nauttivat ihan eri tavalla ulkoilusta,kun saavat kulkea vapaana verratuna koiriin jotka ovat aina kytkettyinä omistajiin lyhyellä hihnalla!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  9 months ago

      Ehkä lue mun "description box" ?

  • kaani bakim
    kaani bakim 9 months ago +1

    Hate zoos

  • shane 062801
    shane 062801 9 months ago

    Mega Video! ✮♥

  • ilyes skender
    ilyes skender 9 months ago

    You're voice over is awesome ...

    • KatChats
      KatChats  9 months ago +1

      Haha glad you liked it :P

  • Melissa Emily
    Melissa Emily 9 months ago

    I went to the River Safari when I was in Singapore. It was really fun and informative! There was even a river boat ride you could take and see some of the animals in their habitat.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  9 months ago

      Ohh wow sounds fun! =)

  • EricArts
    EricArts 9 months ago

    It's very interesting that your psychology tutor has linked psychology with animals, as that's something I've been fascinated about, and learnt a bit about in my psychology studies!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  9 months ago

      Same! I find that sort of stuff very interesting too :D

  • Royaal1995
    Royaal1995 9 months ago

    Nice video! Greetings from Mexico!

  • Igor
    Igor 9 months ago


  • Ilmarinen7
    Ilmarinen7 9 months ago +2

    I think it depends on the zoo. A bad one could combine the worst of prison solitary confinement with a freakshow. A good one will educate to help people understand and value nature, while trying to provide as near-natural an environment as possible for the specimens and help preserve species threatened with extinction.
    Saw an article about an operation in the Czech Rep recently, that was basically a tiger farm supplying the Chinese traditional medicine industry. Grim.
    That Singapore zoo, however, looks like it tries to teach people (in an engaging way) about creatures they'd not otherwise see. And if you want to protect nature and wild species, first you need to persuade people to value it. Then they'll get behind efforts to protect it. And zoos can help do that.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  9 months ago +2

      100% agree, I think just a small bit of research beforehand is all you need to know whether you're funding something productive or not. I'd say unfortunately the large majority of places that house animals are definitely not ideal and are places I'd rather not visit myself - and like you mentioned with the tiger thing :/ I went to a wildlife forensics talk recently where they guy was telling about a case in the UK where a rhino died in the zoo and the horn was confiscated at the airport as someone was trying to smuggle it overseas to China.. and about another case in a French zoo where a rhino was shot by poachers in the night and a horn was sawed off. Bit off topic, but it's just really sad.
      But I agree that usually it's the case that if for say (for example) you want to save the orangutan's habitats from deforestation - it's more unlikely that people will care if they barely know what an orangutan is in the first place.
      Anyways, sorry for the ramble! HAHA thanks for your comment :)

  • Jae2
    Jae2 9 months ago

    4:09 thare are a lot of these here where I live.. a few months ago my dad found one in our bathroon hahaha

  • Sakhi Namdar
    Sakhi Namdar 9 months ago

    Hi beautiful nice 👍😍🌷