10 Draft Night Trades That Would Change The NBA | Zion And RJ On The Pelicans?

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • With the 2019 NBA draft order in place the NBA trade rumors are starting to heat up. We have everyone trying to land Anthony Davis and tons of lottery teams looking to make moves. Will Zion Wiliamson be able to team back up with RJ Barrett in New Orleans? Is Lonzo Ball headed to the Bulls?
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  • Land or Wipe
    Land or Wipe 25 days ago

    My brother is a good boy and mama went dumpster diving last week. I had a humble abode to store my convenient diabetes but no more, sub for my to get it back.

  • Zuofei Shan
    Zuofei Shan 28 days ago

    Has a funeral been scheduled for the poor Pelican owner?

  • Noah Howellstone
    Noah Howellstone 29 days ago

    This is a good draft
    Culver Rui Coby White

  • Noah Howellstone
    Noah Howellstone 29 days ago

    Walk away From AD

  • Jim Bradshaw
    Jim Bradshaw 29 days ago

    The Knicks also have Dallas' two picks to offer the Pelicans.

  • Sauce Jackson
    Sauce Jackson Month ago

    When is the Draft ?

    EL FENOMENO Month ago

    Noti gang

  • Jordan Russell
    Jordan Russell Month ago

    This guy sucks the lakers dick

  • Popular Nobody
    Popular Nobody Month ago

    Why is rui hachimura not being talked about for the draft?

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark Month ago

    We get lonzo ball I will no longer b a bulls fan fr

  • EXOTIC Mason
    EXOTIC Mason Month ago

    Chris Paul's maybe going to the Lakers and lonzo is getting traded for Bradley beal

  • Detroit's Reaper
    Detroit's Reaper Month ago

    If the team rather have a pick over lonzo they are stupid


    On my fav FB hoop page the question was asked if Kyle Lowery is a HOF'er l think not but the fact he's part of the Raptors he might sneak in one day off the strength of the globalization of the NBA. Might be an interesting video topic for you to consider giving your thoughts on

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller Month ago

    Knicks can also throw in those Maverick picks to sweeten the pot for A.D..

  • Aaron Kuehn
    Aaron Kuehn Month ago +1

    5 ads in 10 min? No thanks I'll never watch this channel again

    • JordaN xD
      JordaN xD Month ago

      mans gotta pay the rent bruv

  • Savage Opress
    Savage Opress Month ago +12

    You're sleeping in this draft class theres alot of very talented players after the first 3 or 4 picks still.

  • reesebaird
    reesebaird Month ago +3

    What about Atlanta with all there picks

    KAMI GOT DRIP Month ago +1

    The wizards need that Denver rebuild

    KAMI GOT DRIP Month ago

    You forgot that he was injured the whole season and he had good games when he was healthy

  • sinicalypse
    sinicalypse Month ago +5

    the NBA ain't gonna change til it enters the LaMelo Ball era.

  • dhaus09
    dhaus09 Month ago

    If we trade our pick for Lonzo, I’m going to become a Clippers fan

  • Alec Lindenberg
    Alec Lindenberg Month ago +1

    RJ on lakers and gets traded to the pelicans with Kyle Kuzma for Anthony Davis

  • Drew Dup
    Drew Dup Month ago +3

    I’d like to see Lonzo on Miami or Phoenix

  • Batz130
    Batz130 Month ago +2

    Build around Pascal Siakim if lowry and Leonard leave, ROFL 😂 😂😂 😂 I'M DEAD. you get a dislike just for putting that in a sentence.😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheMaddenGuru -
    TheMaddenGuru - Month ago

    I definitely would like to see Mike Conley in Lakers Jersey and maybe another pick idk why people sleep on him

  • ProGamers24-7
    ProGamers24-7 Month ago

    Mike Conley could go to the pacers they need a point guard and they have huge contracts

  • I am The Future
    I am The Future Month ago

    Lottery Teams Trades

    Pelicans and Lakers- Trade Anthony Davis for Brandon Ingram, Javale McGee, Kyle Kuzma, and 4th pick
    Grizzlies and Bulls- Chandler Hutchison, Denzel Valentine, 38th pick, future pick for Mike Conley
    Knicks and Hawks- 3rd pick for 8th pick and 10th pick
    Cavaliers and Suns- Collin Sexton, future first, Ante Zizic, and 26th pick for 6th pick and Deandre Ayton
    Wizards and Bulls- 7th pick, multiple future 1st round picks, and Robin Lopez for John Wall
    Hornets and Heat- 12th pick and Nicolas Batum For Hassan Whiteside and future pick

  • LurkerDood
    LurkerDood Month ago +1

    Pelicans take the NY Knicks deal!!

  • charles ellender
    charles ellender Month ago

    AD going to the east

  • EnerZone TV
    EnerZone TV Month ago

    trade bron to davis and convince kd or irving to sign in lakers...pelicans duo zion and bron... lakers duo davis and kd or davis and irving...or lakers can sign irving and kd both if they want..new big 3..irving davis kd

  • Z Ber
    Z Ber Month ago

    Davis has no grit. Rudy Gobert and Embiid always own him.

    • Z Ber
      Z Ber Month ago

      She’s very good.

    • sinicalypse
      sinicalypse Month ago +1

      Damn... And even Hailee Stenfield has True Grit these days!

  • Mike Steacy
    Mike Steacy Month ago

    Question if the Lakers or Knicks have 2 max stars how do either resign AD? Without setting a record for luxury tax

    • Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu
      Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Month ago

      Its brons last few years in the nba (2-3 tops), so he is ready to face a paycheck cut for a championship possibility. I doubt bron will get a max contract, probably a 20M/y contract will be accepted by him. Other than Kawhi, I don't see any of these free agents signing for LAL, so they desperately need a trade. Either a Bradley Beal trade, or a AD trade is necessary while signing of Kawhi for LAL to have a chance to become champions since I expect Knick building a super team (they traded Porzingis away to get rid of his contract, they have 3 max contract spots right now)- Durant, Kyrie + Addition From FA and RJ Barrett will be their team.

  • Dyslexic Parrot
    Dyslexic Parrot Month ago +5

    Lonzo to Chicago could be a good young core for Chicago

  • Michael Svoboda
    Michael Svoboda Month ago

    Lakers aren't getting AD because Pels would rather see him in the east. Only way possible is to give a crazy package including 4th pick, Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, and future picks.

    • Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu
      Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Month ago

      The trade has little to do with Pels, they can't risk keeping him against his will if LAL is the only decent team with a decent trade offer. I don't see why Pels will accept any 3nd pick offers and a bunch of trashbags for AD from the Knicks, or from the Memph, so LAL is the only team out there that can give a solid trade offer. The "crazy package" isn't crazy at all. LAL will most probably sign Kawhi, even if Raptors win it all he'll leave. With Bron and Kawhi, defensive side will be fairly fit for LAL, while Lonzo will be an unnecessary player for the team when they have Rondo (a proven playmaker that is used to feeding big boys). I'd be fine of letting go Ingram (probably ending his car. in 3 years due to injuries), Kuzma (underrated at the beginning of his car. now overrated- too slow, too dumb, lacks almost everything), Lonzo (worst offensive player that LAL currently have, the kid can make plays but not at such a high level) and a 4th round pick (Garland, Reddish, Bol, and even Tyler Herro have superstar talents if raised well). All in all, if I were Pelicans I'd go for a build up. Young talents such as Zion, Lonzo, 4th Pick, Kuzma and a max contract free agent will enable them to secure 50+ wins for the next 3 years, and after that they can play for championships. Don't see a reason why they want to hold on to AD, since that wont do shit for them.

  • Sam Winston James
    Sam Winston James Month ago

    What's funny about u guys outside of the Lakers is we would trade Lonzo Ball for a ham sandwich. He is injury prone cant shoot and shoots free throws at 45%. I only hope the Lakers don't be stupid, stupid and pick up Chris Pauls contract (40 mil a yr for 3 yrs). With being a friend of LeBron James, I see it happening.

    GOAT SOSA Month ago


    • Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu
      Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Month ago

      This class is trash. Literally there is no one to follow other than 3 picks, which 2 of them are fairly debatable. Yes Zion plays a really different game than what we have seen, but he wont be able to bully out defense in NBA like he did in HS and college. RJ Barrett is an unreliable player, wasn't even ranked in top 10 HS listings and didn't have a 6 star rating yet had a phenomenal season at Duke with his duo Zion so he hasn't really proven himself. And for the other picks, they are trash, bench warmers that you'll forget that they even existed in this class.

  • George Stevens
    George Stevens Month ago

    Lonzo a bust

  • Alexander Robb
    Alexander Robb Month ago

    Anthony Davis is the hybrid of Draymond and Durant 😤💪😎

    • Shrek
      Shrek Month ago +1

      Alexander Robb wtf

    • Yung Shizzy
      Yung Shizzy Month ago +2

      Alexander Robb nigga what? lol go to bed

  • Alexander Robb
    Alexander Robb Month ago

    Don't sleep on Jrue Holiday.

  • Nick King Televised

    Suns 2021 Lineup: Lonzo, Booker, Melo, Gelo, Lavar

    • Nick King Televised
      Nick King Televised Month ago

      @Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Dude Lavar beat MJ 1 on 1 in his Prime! Imagine what get could now, with all that time off to Rest? Word has it Lavar taught Kareem the Sky Hook in a 6th Grade basketball camp

    • Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu
      Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Month ago

      @KD Gray 9 games? Fuck off dude, those small as wannabe niggas would probably win no more than 3. They'll probably average 60 points per game, 10% three point fg, 25% overall fg, and a 40% free throw fg while being blocked 30 times p/g.

    • KD Gray
      KD Gray Month ago

      That's a team winning 9 games.

  • apolo kabali
    apolo kabali Month ago

    The Pelicans are stupid, the laker trade gives them instant succes imagine adding on the 4 pick. They can get a shooting guard or even a point guard. Even if Lonzo doesnt sign, Ingham, and Kuzma are great power forwards. The pick can even still be used to get Hunter or even Bol Bol, he can give them 20 good minutes at center.

    • Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu
      Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Month ago

      Don't forget Tyler Herro, a player that has been off of media since his HS days are over. Currently a 17 pick projectile, but he is a pure scorer, can split defense in so easily. If I were Pels, I'd trade AD right away. Kuzma PF, Lonzo SG, Zion SF, and 4th pick (Reddish, Bol, or Herro), they'll just have an opening in either PG or C position which can be traded so easily. This team can become a superteam in 3-4 years...

  • Ebube Mbulu
    Ebube Mbulu Month ago

    I say 4th pick is Rui

    • Shrek
      Shrek Month ago

      Ebube Mbulu more like 14th

  • BJ
    BJ Month ago

    I don't understand why everyone thinks Zion, Davis, and also Randle on the same team would be scary. I mean 3 big men in your top 5 when the role of big men isn't what it used to be in the current NBA. If they got like a Klay Thompson or another great shooter the team good be scary but just with the addition the team would be so unbalanced and not that great imo. I think there would be a lot of drama too. It's probably in their best interest to deal AD for some other pieces to benefit the team and to end the drama.

  • Hungry Panda Studios

    "Lets try to get 7 likes"

    Gets 7K

  • R D
    R D Month ago

    Lonzo ball is only 1 step above Fultz
    Both have suspect shooting.
    Possibly bad mechanics

  • R D
    R D Month ago

    People talk durant and leonard as the best
    Right now but anthony davis would be a
    Great argument

  • Rein Maker
    Rein Maker Month ago

    I'd love the idea of us trading the 5th pick and a filler player like Zizic to Atlanta for the 8th and 10th pick. I also hope we trade JR, 26th pick for Dion Waiters, 13th pick and draft a good center like Brandon Clarke. A Sexton, Reddish, Hachimura, Love, Clarke starting lineup wouldn't be so bad

  • 9some
    9some Month ago

    there's suspicion zion might not be like touted, like ayton or something, anyways we've seen that before.
    who knows if this ends up being one of the best classes ever regardless of zion and because of all others outside of zion?

  • quality333
    quality333 Month ago +1

    zion is supposed to carry his by himself? the only logical move is to reunite Barret with Zion Knicks will be very happy with that one

    • LA Clippers
      LA Clippers Month ago

      quality333 what does Knicks have to offer pelicans would trade rj Barrett for jru holiday

  • Byoung5
    Byoung5 Month ago


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  • Moor Thirteen
    Moor Thirteen Month ago

    In my 2k career mode Mike Conley was trades to Utah for R. Gobert

    • Shrek
      Shrek Month ago

      Moor Thirteen cool

  • Karlton Gooch
    Karlton Gooch Month ago +1

    I'm not even gonna lie to u, I'd Prefer to see AD traded to the NY Knicks instead. Because the Pelicans would have a decent if not above average starting 5:
    PG-Frank Jackson/Frank Nitlinka (Assuming if they trade Jr. Holiday for assests.)
    SG-RJ Barrett
    SF-Zion Williamson/Stanley Johnson [vice versa]
    PF-Mitchell Robinson/Zion Williamson [vice versa]
    C-Jahlil Okafor
    Since the Pelicans won't trade with the Lakers, but AD is worth a 1 year rental 🤔🤪

  • Qidong John Liang
    Qidong John Liang Month ago +1

    If I have to decide between keeping Ball or Keeping Kuzma and Ingram in the trade involved with AD, I would choose the first option. And then signing either Clay or Beal (more likely) can bump Lakers up a lot. Only option makes me decide to give away Lonzo is to get a offer with more versatile PG position rookie which I did not see the one except Joe Morant.

  • Carter
    Carter Month ago +1

    Lonzo ball before his ankle sprain was going OFF

  • quoc-anh Pham
    quoc-anh Pham Month ago

    I can't find your second channel. I searched up curry range channel and it didn't show up. Please help.

  • Marcus Cooper
    Marcus Cooper Month ago

    Would Pelicans take Hawks 2019 8 & 10 ÷ Next yrs 1st for AD?

    • Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu
      Kraliçe Elizabetin Tohumu Month ago

      Too risky, that would make Pels too reliant on the future. They need at least a decent somewhat aged player in their roster to get the best out of Zion or he'll end up as the next rebel Cousins.

    • mike mike
      mike mike Month ago

      No idiot

  • Raging Rubie
    Raging Rubie Month ago

    We not trading Mitchell Robinson

  • Milo D. Ace
    Milo D. Ace Month ago +2

    Jrue Holiday for Pick 6 and Josh Jackson and Tyler Johnson from the Suns

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez Month ago +1

    I find it insane a 31 year old is considered "Old" now a days

  • joedubatl
    joedubatl Month ago

    Hawks don’t want Hunter we want Reddish.

  • Sunscreen Machine
    Sunscreen Machine Month ago

    in my opinion the celtics have the most likely package and knicks the least. are you a knicks fan?

  • Madmartigan
    Madmartigan Month ago +1

    I thought AD was going to be the next Tim Duncan, he better get busy winning.

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson Month ago

    Kyrie wouldn’t go to the knicks just to team up with barret, Knox, d Smith jr and maybe Kevin Durant especially after making such a big deal about leading his own team and he wouldn’t be doing that in LA or NYC

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins Month ago

    Zion and rj would be really cool but I hate to see pelicans waste first few years of their career

      NOLA FOLARIN Month ago

      Mary Poppins I’m sick of this take. Jesus Christ. The same people who say this are the same ones that prefer him to go to NY, Chicago, & LA, but over the past 7 years Pelicans been better than all 3 of them. Y’all can’t make a case for why those teams are better without only using market size.

  • I'm Chris Munoz!
    I'm Chris Munoz! Month ago +5

    Mike Conley made it to the All NBA 3rd team

  • Eric Colburn
    Eric Colburn Month ago

    Hell no one wants to trade for ball, broke ass jumper and daddy issues

  • markv1
    markv1 Month ago +1

    My prediction (for whatever it is worth) is that Celtics drop out of AD bidding after Kyrie leaves Cs. Knicks won't offer both Mitch and RJ Barrett in their package and Lakers win the bid by trading Ball to Suns or Bulls for their pick and packaging it with their #4 pick, Ingram and Kuzma for AD.

  • MrBIGCAT987
    MrBIGCAT987 Month ago

    Ben Simmons, all their picks for AD

    • markv1
      markv1 Month ago

      Simmons and Zion would be as awkward combo as you can think of in the NBA - two bad outside shooters on the same team.. ouch

  • Steve Abitante
    Steve Abitante Month ago +1

    This will Definitely be AD's Last Season in THE BAYOU.