iPhone XS and XS Max in 9 minutes

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Watch Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max announcement from Apple's September 2018 keynote.
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Comments • 682

  • iTech Talk
    iTech Talk 5 days ago +1

    His face @00:06

  • Cristhyl Bartolini
    Cristhyl Bartolini 15 days ago

    Welcome for the expensive gadgets

  • Taryn Munsell
    Taryn Munsell Month ago

    Oof 🤨 I'm pretty sure they are screwed now because they skipped nine, went to ten (for the anniversary thing) now XS and the max.. XR what next 🤨🤨

  • recordinghammer
    recordinghammer Month ago

    But is it still a rip off if you are upgrading (like me) from a 5. Is it really

  • nino p.
    nino p. Month ago

    Where can i enable unknown sources on iphone xs max software version 12.3.1 ?

  • Ryan Sola
    Ryan Sola Month ago

    The beat lg made apple does not makes oled screens they buy from samsung and lg

  • Alex M
    Alex M Month ago +3

    *Put on captions*
    *Skip to **5:58*
    “The A12 bionic chip is doing more than that”
    *youtube translates*
    *”Niggas do ever more than that”*

  • Gireesh Prasad
    Gireesh Prasad 2 months ago

    8:15 no claps when he announces the price :P

  • Awoken Minds
    Awoken Minds 2 months ago

    With the introduction of neural networking in the 2017 iPhone X, what is the AI difference between that phone and the Max? I was told by an Apple support that the difference between a iPhone SE and the iPhone X intelligence wise was like comparing a worm to a dog. A phone as smart as a dog is kinda impressive and since the intelligence in a machine doubles every 2 years what is the intelligence of the max I’m trying to find any type of information about how far we’ve gotten but I’m having trouble in my search

  • aidensky
    aidensky 2 months ago

    Those morons (audience) just clapped and wooped him because he said the word ‘nanometre’...They practically lost their shit when he said ‘six trillion transistor’ and OMG, when he said Depth of field adjustment’ I swear several of them fainted.
    I truly have nothing against Apple products but the users and fans make me sick to my stomach for some reason. I’m not even embarrassed for them nor do I pity them..I am just so off put by them.

  • Daire You
    Daire You 2 months ago

    So whats new? Apple always claiming that their phone is the most advance one but It's still the same every year lol

  • DoomedThunder66
    DoomedThunder66 3 months ago

    I had the max and switched to the s10 plus. I felt like Apple had ripped me off since Apple uses Samsung screens and other parts from different companies. You only thing Apple makes is the software.

  • Ghibran Siregar
    Ghibran Siregar 3 months ago

    I love apple products but I think it's time apple stop saying "most advanced iPhone ever"like every God damn year, it's not rocket science since is the latest product,is getting annoying you know

  • Biggie Chiz
    Biggie Chiz 3 months ago

    5:57 Okay turn on captions now

  • Free Giveaway iPhone XS

    fantastic ❤️

  • Cmack
    Cmack 3 months ago +11

    A lot of poor people hating here lol.

    • Ueli Haupt
      Ueli Haupt 4 days ago

      Lol i could easily afford it but u iphone fans just dont realise that this phone is such a fucking small upgrade from the x and in comparison to other flagships its just years behind.

  • randy banks
    randy banks 3 months ago

    “Most advanced iPhone we ever created” I heard that more than once

  • Coelhinho Fufu
    Coelhinho Fufu 4 months ago

    They really likes number 9

  • Blerim Kuqi
    Blerim Kuqi 5 months ago

    I cant watch 4K videos on RU-clip

  • Riki
    Riki 5 months ago

    Tim cook stupid homo.. not inovation

  • iherb mop737
    iherb mop737 6 months ago

    Notice how they rarely say, the best phone ever. Even Apple doesn't believe anymore iPhone is the best. It's only the best iPhone ever.

  • iherb mop737
    iherb mop737 6 months ago

    I need 512GB for... err? Who needs 512!

  • Hussein Joudee
    Hussein Joudee 7 months ago

    People complaining about it it's an s version of the phone x just like 6 and 6s people shouldn't be that stupid it's a beautiful phone.

  • Hussein Joudee
    Hussein Joudee 7 months ago

    Iphone xs and xs max are amazing phones .

  • Anildo Eliasse Manuel
    Anildo Eliasse Manuel 8 months ago

    Great! With this new feature of dual SIM, it will help a lot instead of handling two phones. Congratulations to Apple and to us as iPhone users. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • doni ellenberg
    doni ellenberg 8 months ago

    Apple: our phone is (bla bla bla a bunch of dumb numbers)
    Samsung: our phone is (actually reasons i want to buy the phone)

  • Benjamin Bearce
    Benjamin Bearce 8 months ago

    Which should I rather get ? An IPhone 8 Max or an IPhone XS Max ?

  • Differential Content
    Differential Content 8 months ago

    I'm upgrading to that iPhone Xs max

  • CrazyCode
    CrazyCode 9 months ago +1

    Remember the days, jobs wanted to make the iPhone more affordable and dropped it from 599$ to 199$ while still improving alot? Yeah... I miss those times too

  • Pratham Patel
    Pratham Patel 9 months ago

    199 Dollars (iphone 3g) 1999 Dollars (Iphone XS Max)

  • Irene Hernandez
    Irene Hernandez 9 months ago

    I have a idea to share its called the IPHONE 100 it well have 2 cameras on the back and 2 flashlights on the back. It well have faceidey and you well have to put your fenge Brent and password. by Gabriel Hernandez

  • praneeth repplle
    praneeth repplle 9 months ago


  • white nigga
    white nigga 9 months ago

    note 9 batter

  • Xander Gragasin
    Xander Gragasin 9 months ago +1

    Why do they use like big words that no one knows?

  • Hampus Altenburg
    Hampus Altenburg 10 months ago

    Whaaaaat is it good for?, Absolutely nothing, say it again. worst specs, worst, warranty, worst quality. Shepp will buy no one else!

  • fahad alrajhi
    fahad alrajhi 10 months ago

    Lol you say that every year

  • Tiana N
    Tiana N 10 months ago

    Apple using durable glass? Now that's a shocker!

  • byram101
    byram101 10 months ago

    Apple be wary.... nearly 100% of the 600 comments below are either negative or neutral.. people are waking up to the expensive planned obsolescence scheme Apple has imprisoned consumers in for the past decade and their frustration is finally as loud as Apples hype machine.

  • Aaron Chen
    Aaron Chen 10 months ago

    What the heck like I just don't get it it's just the same thing as the iPhone x only it's turn to gold

  • Aaron Chen
    Aaron Chen 10 months ago

    That's literally the same thing as iPhone x that's bigger than my pocket too and the Dongola is still there

  • TDT Mogens17
    TDT Mogens17 10 months ago

    lige købt den

  • Egg Roll321
    Egg Roll321 10 months ago

    *records 4k videos that obliterates my tiny 64 GB storage*
    *doesn't even own a 4k screen to view them*

  • XGh0sT 7
    XGh0sT 7 10 months ago

    Literally the X with another letter and a $100 whoop

  • Sawyer
    Sawyer 10 months ago

    When you can’t afford an iPhone so instead you talk shit. 😂 Watch them hate 👇🏻

  • Jagged637
    Jagged637 10 months ago

    But will I be able to see the damn battery percentage

  • Philip Quaglino
    Philip Quaglino 10 months ago

    most advanced "iPhone" ever made, that IS a true statement. He never claimed most advanced "Phone!" I want to vomit but I had to go with this phone, had 2 droids, both awesome but both after 1 year started to slow down a TON. I also had 2 iPhones, both ran at Day 1 speeds and only upgraded for more storage space. Damning the man, I went S7 Edge, great camera, loved it, now a bane and slow...again, and my storage is only half full. Pixel 3 taking to long to come out and one thing is iOS is crazy optimized to run faster and better on slower specs.
    But Apple cannot justify those prices.

  • Charlotte Squires
    Charlotte Squires 10 months ago

    “Just $1099” Lmao

  • Donna Benson
    Donna Benson 10 months ago

    Charging us for the glass! No home button

  • T Matthew
    T Matthew 10 months ago


  • Temple U
    Temple U 10 months ago

    When Samsung logo is the messing part of the apple logo

  • X.xheidix.X
    X.xheidix.X 10 months ago

    How much is this one ? 1,00000😅

  • Kenny Wize
    Kenny Wize 10 months ago

    Ctfu they legit will make a phone with some issues that they should fix but dont..then drop a S, C, or X version of the same phone with the tweeks upgraded and do the same exact thing with the next gen phone...and everyone buys into it lol.."Hey guys heres a cool phone....Hey guys heres a updated version of the cool phone with enhanced specs..Hey guys here is and upgraded version of the updated cool phone ...now we fixed the specs on the upgraded updated...

  • juzuvloke
    juzuvloke 10 months ago

    Either way it's good for competition!

  • WasGibtEs Leute
    WasGibtEs Leute 10 months ago

    So, so, the Xs has faster algorithms. Well, I guess the X will get these great algorithes with iOS 12 too.

  • uziel martinez
    uziel martinez 10 months ago

    I laugh the shit out of me when Cook said that it is the most advanced iphone they have ever made. 😂😂😂 looks like an ice scraper with a high prive tag

  • DJ KaNeck
    DJ KaNeck 10 months ago

    They should let Trump sell this phone, if I here “the most” one more damn time!

  • ប៊ូប៊ន់ ប៊ូប៊ន់


  • XdkX A
    XdkX A 10 months ago

    Song at 0:08 welp

  • Brett miles
    Brett miles 10 months ago

    I'll stick to my note 9 way better than that crap better camera and has a s pen so I can take my photo on it instead of reaching for camera button on a big phone it's hard s pen really come in handy

  • Westheimer
    Westheimer 10 months ago

    Wtf 9 minute video? It's a bigger iphone 10: took 3 seconds.

    BIKHAN BEHERA 10 months ago

    Good iPhone

  • Anthony Riviello
    Anthony Riviello 10 months ago

    I work for a phone company... After reading these comments below, I'm curious to see what happens in the next year. Lol

  • Siddharth Mehta
    Siddharth Mehta 10 months ago

    It's actually hilarious that the OnePlus 6T is better than the iPhone Xs Max and is going to sell for like $500 cheaper.

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 10 months ago

    Didn’t do enough in my opinion

  • fuat duman
    fuat duman 10 months ago

    O.ç Apple yaşasın samsung

  • CavexMyth Hunter
    CavexMyth Hunter 10 months ago +1

    Apple Sucks Samsung is better, and has better specs

  • Fruity
    Fruity 10 months ago

    Ha, Apple sheep like AUsTiN EVaNs complain about how the s8 and s9 looked too similar. Now look at the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS MAX

  • Nikolaj Golobic
    Nikolaj Golobic 10 months ago

    Go for Samsung

  • I only comment
    I only comment 10 months ago

    4000:samsung gets rekt
    10000:samsung makes a comback
    5000000:teams up and makes "appsung"
    5000001:has its own meme
    5000002:makes something bigger than the world :P

  • Pking With bleach
    Pking With bleach 10 months ago

    Lol so many android users here hating they really come to an iPhone video to be negative sad sad

  • Don Ferris
    Don Ferris 10 months ago

    Over 1k people swallowing this crap again . . . Apple still playing catch up . . . greedy bastards, just get a Note 9, cheaper and more options, including upgrading to 1 tb of storage, and it also has Samsung's screen. Tim Cook's opening announcement is probably the same face he makes when his boyfriend comes in from behind . . . "it's magical, the best yet, most powerful" yada yada yada . . . you won't hear the notch, no fast-charge included, no headphone jack, no bluetooth S-Pen, and almost 2 grand with taxes and Apple Care for the even closest comparable model to the Note 9,

    • Digitaldeath 187
      Digitaldeath 187 10 months ago

      Yes so what! I bought three of them for my family take your broke ass on somewhere

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson 10 months ago +1

    2018......still heavily using my iphone 6s.

    • u mirin brah
      u mirin brah Month ago

      Howard Johnson me too but I want to upgrade on the XS

  • Hoodout
    Hoodout 10 months ago

    Y'all can't be serious right?

  • raul robles
    raul robles 10 months ago +1

    Team galaxy 👍

    • Digitaldeath 187
      Digitaldeath 187 10 months ago

      Translation team can't afford to buy a real phone

  • Tou Yang
    Tou Yang 10 months ago

    The new iPhones are 30% more shitty! And 20% harder on the wallet!

  • babduda
    babduda 10 months ago +1

    When you get your new iPhone and you’re happy, then Apple comes out with a newer version and you feel like shit. 😞

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W 10 months ago

    Schrott und zu teuer! Immer der selbe Schinken. Gebt euer geld für essen aus oder so.

  • Lisa Mccullough
    Lisa Mccullough 10 months ago

    You took away the home button.....I will hold onto this iPhone 8 plus until it dissolves. Heathens.

  • Zybiax
    Zybiax 10 months ago

    Lmao, Apple have seriously lost their shit. I am happy enough with my OnePlus 6 128gb.

  • Love To All
    Love To All 10 months ago

    Most advanced we have ever created 😂 where is the damn STYLUS!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Uuuuuuuugh! Erm. For a $1000+ phone I was expecting significant improvements and/or changes. Ugh 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • cyclonehero
    cyclonehero 10 months ago

    Promoting features that other phone companies had for years... Well... Don't mean to be rude... That's really... Lame.

  • joy christy
    joy christy 10 months ago

    Every now and then this apple company is fooling people launching different size ,screen,camera lens and etc etc ....... just to make profit for the company and there workers but any iPhone launched in past months ad years they can use same apps and so called ios I don’t deny that I don’t use iPhone I do but I do use Samsung and I love Samsung after started using iPhone I got my eyes blurry too lol so rarely using it as consumer it’s my opinion lol .
    Walk with time but I don’t know why they keep on resizing it and selling it for lots of money lol.

  • I Am Fernando
    I Am Fernando 10 months ago +28

    Remember when $700 for a phone was expensive?

    • cgwworldministries
      cgwworldministries 3 days ago

      It still is

    • Dozen456
      Dozen456 2 months ago

      AquariaGeek that was with a contract tho it still was around 700 USD

    • AquariaGeek
      AquariaGeek 9 months ago +1

      That was back in like the iPhone 2g to 3gs tho...

    • AquariaGeek
      AquariaGeek 9 months ago +3

      Nando I remember when new iPhones were like $199-$299....

  • Eason Tan
    Eason Tan 10 months ago +1

    Admin. You just uploaded last year video accidentally.

  • joseph taylor
    joseph taylor 10 months ago +4

    Apple is plain status symbol. Crappy hardware. Straight up boring AF.

  • Isaac Kamau
    Isaac Kamau 10 months ago

    Apple every single year; “I’m excited to announce the best iPhone ever! We are removing something else this year, headphone jack- done, expandable memory-done... next year we might sell speakers separately as well and all storage will be on the cloud for you to pay $.99 cents a month. We hope you will pay us more money for the experience of nothingness which we call premium. Thank you!”. 😜

  • khalidsuxx
    khalidsuxx 10 months ago

    haha i can get 3 smartphone oppo/vivo/mi with that price an almost identical specs.. why get 1 when u get 3! XD

  • J B
    J B 10 months ago +3

    Compare to note 9, this phone a joke

    • J B
      J B 8 months ago

      @Sam Papp no. Im just never an apple fan

    • J B
      J B 8 months ago

      @Sam Papp fan boy make u bias about certain things again the competitor

    • Sam Papp
      Sam Papp 8 months ago

      What's wrong with being a fanboy?

    • Sam Papp
      Sam Papp 8 months ago

      @J B ok, well at least it's not a joke compared to the Note 9 that's for sure. Sounds really biased to me...

    • J B
      J B 8 months ago

      Samuel Papp and i ain’t bitching about Samsung price tag, I’m bitching about apple price tag. Why would I pay for over price shit , when I could get more value with note 9

  • tubesept
    tubesept 10 months ago

    Well, I hope you keep lunching iPhones that are the most advanced that you have ever created before ....otherwise would be a bit ridiculous.. isn't it?

  • Wanted Marshmallow
    Wanted Marshmallow 10 months ago

    Notch? ✔

  • SJ
    SJ 10 months ago

    Apple: insert *multiple pretty sounding adjectives to make their "new" phone look good*

  • Nick zolex
    Nick zolex 10 months ago

    Wow dats a tablet

  • Jermaine Coleman
    Jermaine Coleman 10 months ago

    I buy a new phone every 4 years and this is year 4

  • Miguel Maya
    Miguel Maya 10 months ago

    This might be a little off topic, but by not so much. What I find absurd and redundant, is when people complain about paying $450 for a Chris Reeve Large Sebenza or any other Chris Reeve knife, but at the end of the day, they buy the newest iPhone every single year. The iPhone or Samsung, are not going to last your lifetime, a Sebenza will. At $450, a Sebenza is a steal. A Sebenza is an investment, and a life companion. Same people who complain about the Sebenza 21 being too expensive, are the first assholes who pre-order the new iPhone first, before anybody else.

  • Makhulu Mapogo
    Makhulu Mapogo 10 months ago

    I know I’m your dumb customer but hey
    Still Take my money and get me that iPhone

  • Cesar Ochoa
    Cesar Ochoa 10 months ago

    I just hate that horrendous notch it . Still waiting that they get rid of it 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😪

  • Julianna James
    Julianna James 10 months ago


  • Google Reviewer
    Google Reviewer 10 months ago

    If this can take a better photo than the Google Pixel 2 then it's worth the upgrade, at least for me. Yes Google Pixel 2 has that good a camera. Sadly my iPhone X can't even compete with it.

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle 10 months ago

    S8 is better than that piece of shit. Try harder next time 🍎

  • cop con
    cop con 10 months ago +1

    6:50 Muahahahahahahahahahha