The TALLEST High School Basketball Player That's Still TOO Small For The NBA

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • The tallest high school basketball player, Robert Bobroczky, has kind of disappeared. It’s hard to lose the 7’ 7” 19 year old so what happened to LaMelo’s teammate? #NBA #TALLEST
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    Here we are, 1 year after I first talked about Robert Bobroczky, the 7 foot 7 17 year old and when I called him a stickman. But it’s weird that he hasn’t been talked about more, especially since now he’s 19 years old and since he was supposed to be in the spotlight with LaMelo, so I wanted to breakdown Robert and see what’s happened to him.
    So for those that don’t know Robert Bobrocsky, he was a 17 year old Romanian senior that was 7’ 7”, weighing only 190 pounds. That’s why he legit looks photoshopped. His dad stands at 7’ 1” and played on the national team alongside Gheorghe Muresan, you know the tallest player in NBA History at 7’ 7.5”. Robert’s mom is 6’ 1” and so after numerous tests, it’s been concluded that Robert’s height isn’t some disease, it’s just good old genetics. At the age of 14, Robert was recruited by A.S. Stella Azzurra, the institution in Italy that has produced amazing talent like Andrea Bargnani.
    In 2016 he transferred over to SPIRE Institute in Ohio with the main goal of putting on more mass. At the age of 16 at 7’ 7”, 180 pounds, there were some serious risks for injury, for exhaustion, and he would instantly break if someone backed him down. Rob’s fees were covered through a scholarship and so you would think that at top-notch facilities with personal trainers focusing on one goal after one whole high school season, that Robert would show some progress right? He was 190 pounds.The more important note was that Robert wasn’t really putting on much weight despite being on 5000 calories diet. SPIRE had him on a very different set of exercises, lowering his basketball practice to preserve weight while trying to work on all his muscle groups. 1 year later and now Robert was 195 pounds at the age of 18. It’s not as if he isn’t giving it his all, trainers have said he’s fully committed to following through on the diet and lifting. Now Robert was getting ready to play in his Senior year alongside LaMelo Ball, and that’s when news about him really resurfaced. With LaMelo on SPIRE, people thought we would get to see more of Robert because there would be more media coverage on SPIRE. The season goes along and there is a lot of coverage on SPIRE and LaMelo, but Rob doesn’t even play. Rob didn’t play in any of the games. Now that’s weird for a guy in his junior year who’s trying to make it in college basketball. He wants to make a D1 school and eventually make the NBA as the second Romanian player ever. The only reason I can see is that Robert has had scoliosis for a while. Scoliosis is a curve in the spine which could be due to bad posture or just a large frame. Because he developed it when he was younger, his hips have been misaligned by several inches. This causes back pain and other issues running up and down the court. That explains the awkward run. That also explain why he’s really can’t take any weight, because his center of gravity and core are all out of line. This leads to less stability.
    Different sources report different current weights. Most sources stick with his weight being 220 pounds. MaxPreps has his weight listed at 225 pounds. If that is true, then Robert really is doing well weight wise. I don’t know how he went from gaining 5-10 pounds in a year to 25-30 pounds, but that’s progress. The fact that there is no news is what is kinda scary. He does have one more year of high school left even though he’s 19 and so I guess we’ll have to see in his senior year, but he hasn’t received any offers from college. So yeah, Robert Bobroczky was the tallest high school basketball player. But now he’s sort of fading into the background. But what do you think? Can Robert make the NBA?
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