Who would WANT a Keyboard like this? - Chassepot C1000 Review

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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Comments • 3 788

  • Jack Meads
    Jack Meads 2 days ago

    taran would enjoy this

  • Intrspace
    Intrspace 2 days ago

    Actually a lot of keyboards already have a button between Z and left Shift

  • Peekofwar
    Peekofwar 3 days ago

    7:36 - I heard "fifty-thousand hour life expectancy," and had to do the math... It didn't sound impressive until the math showed just over 5.7 years.

  • Classic Max
    Classic Max 3 days ago

    who the fuck has the money to spend over $100 on a keyboard

  • F0X _
    F0X _ 5 days ago

    this gives me a headache to watch as the keyboard looks upside down and backwards

  • Zane Meyer
    Zane Meyer 6 days ago

    It’s worth it because it has RGB.

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 6 days ago

    When you look at it that way where’s the price it’s a kind day

  • DetUle
    DetUle 10 days ago

    Your editor is drooling looking at it 😂

  • Solomon B
    Solomon B 14 days ago

    Hi guys, thanks for tuning into another video on Forgottenwea- I mean Linus Tech Tips....

  • nope!
    nope! 16 days ago

    my sidewinder x6 have the better solution

  • ahoybich
    ahoybich 16 days ago

    lmao just get the anne pro 2 and use the function key lol

  • DogSubZero
    DogSubZero 19 days ago

    Am I really the only idiot that has the indicator on W, the middle finger on A and the other 3 fingers on other keys and none on D?

  • SpaceRider
    SpaceRider 19 days ago

    That is kinda dope :D

  • Jake Vega
    Jake Vega 20 days ago

    *me at 1:40
    Alright imma head out

  • Malo Serra
    Malo Serra 21 day ago +1

    sacre bleu chassepot

  • Batzu Blu
    Batzu Blu 21 day ago

    Dumb kids who think it gives them some sort of magical advantage.

  • ITZReZoHn Md
    ITZReZoHn Md 22 days ago

    Why not just put the numb pad on the left like?

  • bkingk8
    bkingk8 22 days ago


  • Chou Atsushi
    Chou Atsushi 23 days ago

    The best keyboard i see is HHKB

  • Greta Thunberg
    Greta Thunberg 23 days ago +1

    Their issue is that they tried to reinvent the keyboard. Only one company has managed to reinvent a product well.

  • Yfrozz
    Yfrozz 24 days ago

    I love to hear linus speak french

  • Andrew Blanford
    Andrew Blanford 24 days ago

    wtf is this

  • Matej Velican
    Matej Velican 24 days ago +1

    "who would want a keyboard like this?"
    *looks at Taran

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 25 days ago

    Get this on your skin

  • MooseAtundra
    MooseAtundra 26 days ago +1

    Omg the background is rainbow... I think linus is coming out!!

  • GuyDoom
    GuyDoom 26 days ago


  • PhoenixTool
    PhoenixTool 27 days ago

    This hurts me

  • The GrOnch
    The GrOnch 27 days ago

    When linus's random Macbeth quote makes you realize you have a Macbeth essay due tomorrow

  • Ved Sharma
    Ved Sharma 27 days ago

    2:59 Quick question to people who live in B.C, do they teach French in B.C? Because Linus sounds like he has never uttered a word of French before. Just curious to see if that is not just something us weird Atlantic Canadians do.

  • OG Dexter
    OG Dexter 27 days ago

    A mop wow player 😂

  • MayViz
    MayViz 28 days ago +1

    2:56 sorry but I'm not Spanish, I don't understand

  • Thomas Rowlands
    Thomas Rowlands 28 days ago

    Is the mute button even centered

    RUFUSDESIGN 29 days ago

    WHY do you have editors that cannot even properly spell check or find spelling errors. It is a constant in these videos.

  • Eyar Ouziel
    Eyar Ouziel Month ago

    Impressive, I never knew I could actually get angry by a keyboard design. Congrats.

  • Denis Kz
    Denis Kz Month ago

    my eyes are bleeding

  • Alminambo
    Alminambo Month ago

    "Sacrebleu Chassepot. Pourquoi m'envoies-tu ça si tu sais que les raccourcis ne fonctionnent pas ?" 😂

  • Sonny12681
    Sonny12681 Month ago

    Why cant PC gamers buy a keyboard of the the Magic Eagle by Havit.

  • Shane Nixon
    Shane Nixon Month ago

    Pour a monster on it and send it

  • M. D. P.
    M. D. P. Month ago

    worst keyboard ever

  • Bleak - _ -
    Bleak - _ - Month ago +1

    0:43 Wow LUL

  • Ahmed Rilwan
    Ahmed Rilwan Month ago


  • Sputnik
    Sputnik Month ago

    There's like 3 games I would love the arrow keys on the left for, otherwise that would mess me up so much

  • Mauro Mortier
    Mauro Mortier Month ago

    Actuallyyy, i live in belgium so we have an AZERTY keyboard as a standard. Soooo wasd gaming SUCKS!! They are so messed up! So the arrows to the left is nice

  • Danielsan B
    Danielsan B Month ago +1

    For a brief moment, it was brilliant. The more I heard - especially the price - the more "nah" it got.

  • SPLDLTA Arco
    SPLDLTA Arco Month ago

    This video is hilarious!

  • AgeingBoyPsychic
    AgeingBoyPsychic Month ago

    You give them too much credit... It looks like a keyboard designed by someone who's neighbour's daughter had a "speak and spell"... and threw up on it... and ate the buttons and threw half of them up again, and pooped the others out, and the designers only experience of keyboards was the doctors notes, in illegible doctor handwriting... while drunk-driving...and with no fingers... or eyes... It's pukecrap is what I'm saying.

  • ARythemB
    ARythemB Month ago +1

    Nice looking piece of junk

  • Marcel -//- AdSoleWare

    You could use it for ETS2 to give each key a function like setting the indicator etc

  • - Akkuto -
    - Akkuto - Month ago

    My mouse is on the left side... macro keys on the left fuck me more lmfao

  • Naturally Moronic
    Naturally Moronic Month ago

    this episode is sponsored by madrinas

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 Month ago

    Isn't [| \] between [Shift] and [Z]?

  • You Hit My Car Abc
    You Hit My Car Abc Month ago

    I love my numpad

  • Heldane Urbanus
    Heldane Urbanus Month ago

    Using Chassepot is a hilariously appropriate name. The rifle was innovative, kinda worked, but almost instantly obsolete and pretty clunky.

  • djexpanium
    djexpanium Month ago

    French is not my native language but for what i know, that french was horrible! :D tu dois pratiquer plus copain! :D

  • Dan Castro-Lopez
    Dan Castro-Lopez Month ago

    Lol nice try to place french here xD
    need a little more training :D

  • RamDragon's Art Studio

    "By someone who's only ever read about -blank- in a book" is one of my favorite insults, too! Now we're like twinsies!

  • Leppits
    Leppits Month ago +2

    "This damn cable on my Keyboard is always getting tangled up during my amazing flickshots I can't wait to get a wireless one" -No Gamer ever.

  • Kamden Vera
    Kamden Vera Month ago +1

    When your Canadian and wanna flex on Americans by speaking French

    • epistte
      epistte Month ago

      When I want to swear and not be obvious about it I do it in German. You almost feel like a Nazi when you swear in German.

  • Kamden Vera
    Kamden Vera Month ago

    Well uh... the lights are nice

  • Rumanddd
    Rumanddd Month ago +1

    When French make keyboards....