Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Speed Test!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Speed Test vs iPhone X! How Fast Is The New Note 9? Real World Speed Test & Benchmarks.
    Fake Galaxy Note 9 Review:
    Note 8 vs iPhone X Speed Test:
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  10 months ago +89

    Also check out the new fake galaxy note 9 here:

    • gaming with mimi and cutie
      gaming with mimi and cutie 7 months ago


    • Harris Murtaza
      Harris Murtaza 9 months ago

      Still apple is shit

      RAGHUNATH PANWAR 9 months ago +1

      idiot apple agent

    • Luminosity OGz
      Luminosity OGz 9 months ago

      Do a full comparison bro.All you worry about is which phone is the fastest.Everyone needs to know which phone is winner in full comparison.Unless you don't want to make apple look bad like the way you did when you compared the note 8 to the x and realize you couldn't tell which company got buried

    • Andre Pitts
      Andre Pitts 10 months ago +1

      Faster - iPhone X
      Second to faster - Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • Manhar Singh
    Manhar Singh Day ago

    I have an iPhone X but this guy is being racist

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious 2 days ago

    Iphone x looks like my old galaxy S3

  • abdoallah Ali hassan
    abdoallah Ali hassan 27 days ago


  • Visual Master
    Visual Master Month ago

    i lv note 9

  • Vyad
    Vyad Month ago

    Well, you are biased otherwise you would've chose unlocked Note 9 instead of a Verizon one. I'm pretty sure it would've blown iPhone X out of the water. And for your kind information, on first time note 9 was faster in lock screen test, not iPhone you EverythingAssholePro.

  • GodOfChaos
    GodOfChaos Month ago

    Turn the animation speed up on the note like you did the iPhone. My note 9 is wayyyyy snappier than that.

  • VanCyfox Channel
    VanCyfox Channel 2 months ago

    i think the winner here is note 9
    but you keep pushing it to apple
    lmao for that😂😂

  • Nayalash Butt
    Nayalash Butt 2 months ago

    You are a liar you iphone x side video is 2x faster than the side of note 9

  • MR keko
    MR keko 2 months ago


  • Echo647 Echo
    Echo647 Echo 2 months ago

    note 9 much better

  • Gamax Vamp
    Gamax Vamp 3 months ago +1

    Note 9 is the winner and I'm proud to have this phone but I would also like to the xs max hahaha I like both Android and iOS.

  • Joe Long
    Joe Long 3 months ago

    Just watched s10 vs xs max speed test! And the s10 smoked the iPhone! Note 9 fail

  • Martin Ivanovski
    Martin Ivanovski 3 months ago

    In every video I have watched that compares a Samsung flagship to an iPhone it has always been faster
    Yet according to Geekbench, Antutu and all those other benchmark apps iPhones always get higher scores, especially in the single core processing
    So are they just biased and are their stats completely worthless?

  • pkPr03d
    pkPr03d 4 months ago

    I’m getting an iPhone X tomorrow.

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 4 months ago

    Someone please reply... where can I get that wallpaper?

  • Manasi Manjari Sahoo
    Manasi Manjari Sahoo 4 months ago

    Best phone ever Samsung

  • Aravinda Sai Surya Media/Channel

    How many apps are there in your note 9 ?
    Will note 9 hang

  • Köksal Köseoğlu
    Köksal Köseoğlu 5 months ago

    Always İPHONE

  • Ezrathegr8 YT
    Ezrathegr8 YT 5 months ago

    Wait a i didn’t want to bring any of this up but it’s seriously scratchy! The iPhone X didn’t have that whole hello thing from Verizon and why is it that the iPhone was running on a brand new iOS the os Oreo has been out for a while and we all know that new iOS runs faster then most smh

  • Basluc 77
    Basluc 77 5 months ago +8

    Samsung is best 💪💣🏆🥇🎖

  • Taiwo Abayomi
    Taiwo Abayomi 5 months ago

    Where did you get the wallpaper on the iphone x from?

  • Fat Fish
    Fat Fish 5 months ago

    The note 9 was slower to load up because it showed the Verizon logo

  • Fat Fish
    Fat Fish 5 months ago

    You optimise the apps yourself

  • CocoonsLastHope
    CocoonsLastHope 5 months ago

    Could I have yoir internet speed please haha, I’ve had 860kb for 14 years, getting tired of it, I’m putting off downloading patches on games because of how long they take, of course putting it off means that the size of the patch becomes bigger and then I end up having to leave it overnight anyways. When I go into town and run a 4G test I get 220mb/s and so all my iPad downloads are done in town. Too bad I can’t do the same with my desktop. Coverage says 4G/3G should work out here but it does not.

  • Alex Tucker
    Alex Tucker 5 months ago

    The video kinda blacked out/lagged at 0:44 seconds

  • Puppy Gamer
    Puppy Gamer 5 months ago

    Can you test the speakers? And the display?

  • Respect Putere
    Respect Putere 5 months ago

    Apple is better than Samsung ,like if you agree

  • Dipjyoti Saha
    Dipjyoti Saha 5 months ago

    See Samsung or Android is called beggar phone just poor people who don't have money they uses android

  • Asif Ali Khan
    Asif Ali Khan 5 months ago

    iphone love

  • sri vnk
    sri vnk 5 months ago

    Ⓢⓐⓜⓢⓤⓝⓖ Ⓖⓐⓛⓐⓧⓨ ⓝⓞⓣⓔ 9⃣ ⓘⓢ ⓐⓛⓦⓐⓨⓢ ⓑⓔⓢⓣ

  • Wasim Akram
    Wasim Akram 5 months ago +1

    SAMSUNG 💖💗❤👌🏻👍🏻

  • Lou Oul
    Lou Oul 5 months ago

    Samsung (note 9) all the way✊ Check this out

  • Annie DeMartino
    Annie DeMartino 5 months ago +2

    *I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use and moves so smoothly.The screen is amazing. The phone looks amazing>>>**** and still feels sturdy even though it is made of glass! I will be keeping this phone. I love it! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.*

  • Jenny Soto
    Jenny Soto 6 months ago

    The iphone had the wifi cheater

  • ali jutt
    ali jutt 6 months ago

    Should hv put fingerprint sensor in apple logo

  • Felix Kühling
    Felix Kühling 6 months ago

    What App is that in 9:10

  • Mark R.
    Mark R. 6 months ago

    The ram in the Note9 is for excel & office applications, the note is more an office use smartphone and the iPhone is just a gadget which looks nice..
    If you tested office apps the iPhone X would run out of memory all the time, like compiling code (which nobody does on the iPhone because apple doesn't allow apps like that)
    And also no picture-in-picture mode on the iPhone, you're forced to constantly switch between apps (When on the N9 you can have everything open at the same display)

  • D00D
    D00D 6 months ago

    Only reason why iphones tend to have better app loading times is the optimization devs do for apple

  • LateNite
    LateNite 6 months ago +1

    Expandable memory and earphone jack, less money.THE END

  • Glitch Rekal
    Glitch Rekal 6 months ago

    alot of ram means nothing without optimization from the os

    ACHRAF BELHOUARI 6 months ago

    Nou tengou niu ideau deu lou queu dicing soy de españa

  • Lucas Salcedo
    Lucas Salcedo 6 months ago

    Bro you really serious I have to watch like 4 ads like this much really !!!?

  • oTi Films
    oTi Films 6 months ago

    The web based apps obviously launch faster on the android cause google apps are optimized for android

  • Mark Bodor
    Mark Bodor 6 months ago

    I do there is 50% android fan boys and 50% apple fanboy and this I mine the samsung galaxy note phone and I android fan. I just talking this true the iPhone x is the better.

  • Teemu Riekki
    Teemu Riekki 7 months ago

    My Honor 9 got a better Antutu benchmark score than this iphone 10.. Samsung the clear winner.

  • mr g
    mr g 7 months ago

    samsung has to leave android and i'll buy it for now love apple coz android has everyone man so its not fancy

  • Under Ground Sounds
    Under Ground Sounds 7 months ago

    Im suprised on the bench mark test. Wait till apple slows down the phones lol

  • dyllen1907
    dyllen1907 7 months ago

    I choose the mobile phone that doesn't have a Notch.

  • O_ display
    O_ display 7 months ago

    Noh 9😂😂😂😂

  • jacksputrid
    jacksputrid 7 months ago

    The iPhone X will get you laid faster

  • Club Penquin
    Club Penquin 7 months ago

    Who's cringing at Apple but who's so just OMG so beautiful that note 9 is

    GIANNIS XOXAKOS 7 months ago

    Note 9

    95 BLAZER MAN 7 months ago


  • Shikamaru Ace
    Shikamaru Ace 7 months ago +1

    Watching now on my Note 3 Samsung 😂 its Clear best phone Samsung

  • trozen broy
    trozen broy 7 months ago

    except Photoshop express every app opened faster on note 9. there's a tiny population who uses that app.. I don't get it why he had to include that app in this test. geekbench caught up in controversies recently so, I doubt their scores. if you gonna spend a couple of hundred dollars more for editing 4k videos just a couple of seconds early than note 9, then you're a right candidate to buy marketing mumbo jumbo, that's the difference between a smart user and a sheep.

  • 。黒いバラ
    。黒いバラ 7 months ago

    I personally prefer note 9 . Samsung in general

  • EchoRapids
    EchoRapids 7 months ago +2

    How is exporting a 8k image part of the real world test

  • Anonymoose Gaming
    Anonymoose Gaming 7 months ago

    his name is everything apple pro but he probably uses a samsung as his daily phone not an i phone loool

  • Daniel Haiqal
    Daniel Haiqal 7 months ago

    Note 9 or others more focus on peaple that working.. to make more easier to do work or presention on your phone.. but you still can play game

  • abhishek tiwari
    abhishek tiwari 7 months ago

    Oh my phucking god iphone is amazing

  • Ben Wa Balls
    Ben Wa Balls 7 months ago

    Only an IDIOT would by an iPhone, icons = garbage, pictures = trash, os is absolutely awful... Android is king you dingalings

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Team IPhone X! The feeling is much smother

  • Binklo 10
    Binklo 10 7 months ago

    Iphone is the best

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right 7 months ago

    both gorgeous phones.. but even with this comparison i'd still go with the note 9.. although i can't really afford neither of them

  • IIPhonixKingII
    IIPhonixKingII 7 months ago


  • Vj Minerales Gamuyao
    Vj Minerales Gamuyao 7 months ago

    Apple bias here

  • D. Khoung
    D. Khoung 8 months ago

    Maker of this a tard!!!

  • ix vzk
    ix vzk 8 months ago

    LOL 3GB ram killed 6gb

  • Neil McMahon
    Neil McMahon 8 months ago +1

    "Adults" judging each other on gadget they use to play games on. Go back, we fucked up.

  • Lamaisana Kosyana
    Lamaisana Kosyana 8 months ago

    Too much bullshit the ral is
    iPhone:advance in os, even old phone like 5s can run the samo os with iphone xs smoothly, responsive screen but not good, smooth, puoneer of many features like bokeh, face id, touch id, dual camera, ois, optical zoom, that follow by many android
    Samsung:advance in camera, very good screen but delay, high spec not as high benchmark as iPhone but poor os, not spec but os, even 200 dollar phone can be smoother like xiaomi because optimized os, laggy ive try you wanna say everything lying but the fact is laggy

    IRIE4IPIER 8 months ago

    This iturd really just said ui feels clunky on the note 9! He's a fucking Apple pp sucker and his first test is pointless because when you open apps at the same time, note always wins. Not to mention the note pushes more pixels

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 7 8 months ago

    Minecraft loaded first

  • • Mitsuke •
    • Mitsuke • 8 months ago +1

    Team Iphone X...

  • Luke, I'm your father!
    Luke, I'm your father! 8 months ago

    You dumbass Muslim do love sucking an apple

  • Tommy Bayshore
    Tommy Bayshore 8 months ago +1

    God your ridiculously biased, why did I even watch the shit

  • konex _darjal
    konex _darjal 8 months ago

    hahahahahahaha 3gb ram hahahahhaha

  • Jack F
    Jack F 8 months ago

    Honestly. I won't be subscribing to your ad riddled channel. What a pain. Greedy

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 8 months ago

    put the Note 9 in High Performance mode and it’ll win

  • A random clown
    A random clown 8 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy Lag 9 FTW

    • A random clown
      A random clown 8 months ago

      On the other hand, I know people with an S6 and S7 that lag and stutter like crazy. Even people with an S8 and Note 8 complain that it lags, and the S9 and Note 9 won't be much different.

    • フムメ
      フムメ 8 months ago

      @A random clown my mom had an S3 for years and it never lagged. I have never heard of anyone I know personally experiencing lag on their Samsung device, only people claiming that it happens.

    • A random clown
      A random clown 8 months ago

      samsung devices are well known for lag. if yours doesn't lag then give it a few months.

    • フムメ
      フムメ 8 months ago

      No lag on my Note9. Clearly you don't know a thing about Samsung devices.

  • Joker Gaming
    Joker Gaming 8 months ago

    You can make a speed test between note 9 clone vs I phone x clone or other I phone clone :-)

  • anthony treacy
    anthony treacy 8 months ago

    Android Samsung any day!! APPLE ARE PURE SHIT!! The apple stops apps! So ya review speed test is pointless. It's so obvious by your channel name you love APPLE. The new note 9 is one evil mobile phone and will always destroy the Apple mobiles. As the Apple uses Samsung's displays, but always uses the last year's screen. As Samsung won't let Apple have the new display. Just shows Apple can't get the tech right for there displays.
    Your review is pointless!! Samsung always!!!! Your voice when Samsung wins! Gutted) when Apple wins a test your jumping with joy !! Lmao

  • Bass Booster
    Bass Booster 8 months ago

    Note 9 👌

  • Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown 8 months ago

    Speed tests are irrelevant......

  • just did 10 years
    just did 10 years 8 months ago

    Just spoiled teenagers on here you don’t even need an iphone4 or an Samsung galaxy5 phones are meant for call communication.

    • フムメ
      フムメ 8 months ago

      Smartphones aren't meant for calls. You're still living in the 1990s if you think that.

  • NAGGER wassup
    NAGGER wassup 8 months ago

    My friend have an iphoneX

    He's still looking for the headphone jack

  • bot. koalay
    bot. koalay 9 months ago

    How to insult iphone users samsung creates some parts for iphones
    How to insult android users ur cameras suck

  • bot. koalay
    bot. koalay 9 months ago

    You do have to hand It to iphone the optimization is Very good

  • Keefed
    Keefed 9 months ago

    I like how in almost everything except SYNTHETIC benchmarks(which mean nothing for actual use) the note 9 destroys the iphone but then at the end of the video you say samsung can't catch up to the iphone 10? LOL your fanboy blinders are engaged sir.

  • Soumik Das
    Soumik Das 9 months ago

    note 9 sucks

  • Kamugin Khan
    Kamugin Khan 9 months ago

    My Note N9 SN845 got 2438 single-core and 8775 multi-core, with AnTuTu it got 283162, however I cleared up the RAM before running the tests. Kudos for Apple and their excellent processors, however the Note 9 is no slug and taking all into account, it is a better phone. It is expensive, yet the iPhones are ludicrously more expensive specially outside the US.

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 9 months ago +1

    Ur videos are totally amazing bro keep it up i luv all ur videos hope someday I'll be able to buy a Samsung S9

  • Akshar 007
    Akshar 007 9 months ago +1

    The truth is....
    Apple won

    • フムメ
      フムメ 8 months ago

      They won in speed. That's literally it.

    • Akshar 007
      Akshar 007 8 months ago

      Sherwood Dungeon watch the video baby 👶...

    • Dauntless Sherwood
      Dauntless Sherwood 9 months ago

      Akshar 007 nope

  • UMG Production
    UMG Production 9 months ago

    Dude, where did you get that awesome decal on note 9? Thanks!

  • joleon de leon
    joleon de leon 9 months ago

    as long as your eyes are closed apple will constantly robbed in a legal way...

  • Handryan Sutanto
    Handryan Sutanto 9 months ago

    And the only closed app on samsung was the photoshop

  • Sushant Modgil
    Sushant Modgil 9 months ago +1

    Note 9 is so good but ill buy iPhone because ios updates are consistent not like Samsung they dont give any os upgrade after 2 major os upgrades. Iphone 5s has ios 12...its crazy how much support apple gives to each iphone

  • Denny kurniawan
    Denny kurniawan 9 months ago

    oh pls, fck samsung fck apple. Xiaomi and Huawei all the way. just see how Huawei will overtake samsung as leading phone brand company.

    • Denny kurniawan
      Denny kurniawan 8 months ago

      @フムメ not in terms of benchmark, i meant selling midrange phone because they overtake apple as 2nd leading brand

    • フムメ
      フムメ 8 months ago

      Xiaomi is great, but Huawei won't overtake anything lying about benchmarks.

  • Yahia Hussein
    Yahia Hussein 9 months ago

    Pathetic iPhone lover lol