Why Apple is Buying Intel's Modem Business

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
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    There have been rumors of Apple working on their own cellular modems for years. Those are the radios that phones and other gear use to connect to carrier networks like AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Vodafone, and all the rest.
    They’re mainly LTE right now but 5G is on the horizon and they’re already speccing out 6G beyond that. So, it’s a critical part of the hardware we all use every day and Apple likes to control all of those parts.
    The rumors picked up recently when Apple settled with Qualcomm, the biggest modem maker in the game, and Intel, who’d been providing Apple with modems during the spat, announced they’d be getting out of the business now that the other two had made up.
    But that left Intel’s modem portfolio up for grabs. And, much like Apple once bought PA Semi, licensed ARM’s IP, and began making custom A-Series chipsets for iPhones and iPads, the rumor here is that Apple will buy that modem business, license Qualcomm IP, and begin making custom modems as well.
    To help me sort the facts from the wishful thinking, I’ve got Ben Bajarin on the line. Principle at Creative Strategies and founder of TechPinions.

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Comments • 198

  • Rene Ritchie
    Rene Ritchie  2 months ago +16

    And it's official! www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/07/apple-to-acquire-the-majority-of-intels-smartphone-modem-business/

    • mohammed nagshabandi
      mohammed nagshabandi 2 months ago

      Looking forward to see apple own silicon with integrated cellular soon. Specially T and S series.

    • Apple Exposed
      Apple Exposed 2 months ago

      Yup. Innovative things are coming.

  • American Islander
    American Islander 2 months ago

    Yes, for Intel Tech as the main source.

  • Nonth Suriyan
    Nonth Suriyan 2 months ago +1

    It'd be great if Apple put modem into its A series CPU, so all iPads can have cellular.

  • ronnieboy12341
    ronnieboy12341 2 months ago

    still with an iPhone 6 until 5G iPhone!

  • hurforddj
    hurforddj 2 months ago

    Looks as usual you got this one right.

  • Bogdan Nistor
    Bogdan Nistor 2 months ago

    I dont buy a new iphon when they put 5g ii buy it

  • Queen Elsa
    Queen Elsa 2 months ago

    WTF?! Intel? Apple? Oh gosh

  • Xoa Gray
    Xoa Gray 2 months ago

    The only thing that concerns me here is that Intel modems were consistently outpaced by Qualcom modems in all but the most optimal conditions. I remember the lackluster performance of the iPhone 7 Intel modems and would be put off seeing the spawn of that tech in an iPhone going forward.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie  2 months ago +2

      Apple has the Qualcomm ip license now as well. :)

  • James L
    James L 2 months ago

    Brilliant insight

  • kelvin smith
    kelvin smith 2 months ago

    Man.. it’s really hard to watch this guy. He acts like a kindergarten student, forced to recite a poem in front of the class.

    We know you have a script but, don’t make it obvious.! Just saying.

  • Abdul Mueez
    Abdul Mueez 2 months ago

    very insightful

  • Kim Rene Jensen
    Kim Rene Jensen 2 months ago

    Iphone sales are failing all the time according to IDC.. the market is getting smaller.. Conclusion : users leave Iphone.. this is easy... no rocket science...

    • Marcusesq
      Marcusesq Month ago

      Kim Rene Jensen Except for the fact that you are wrong. Watch the video again and pay attention this time.

  • Shah Khalid
    Shah Khalid 2 months ago

    Apple wants to have 5g simple and wirediscover have article on it...

  • Alan Deacon
    Alan Deacon 2 months ago

    We need to STOP the roll out of 5G: ru-clip.net/video/ol3tAxnNccY/video.html !!

  • Matt Halpain
    Matt Halpain 2 months ago +1

    2019 I switched to Android Samsung J7 2018 cell phone. I think my Android phone blows away the iPhone X. The J7 camera is not as good as the iPhone X, but I only paid around $300., for the Samsung J7 as compared to the iPhone X which cost me around $1200 when it was the flagship phone of Apple. I've owned a iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, 6sPlus, and finally iPhone X. I don't miss my iPhone X at all. I can do way more in the way of file management and online services like google docs and google drive. I can get all the same apps on my android phone that I had on my iPhone. I get a AMOLED screen on my Samsung J7 as my iPhone X only had an OLED. The speed navigating the Android OS of my Samsung J7 2018, is great for how affordable the phone is. I don't think I will buy a flagship cell phone ever again. Yes it is still very affordable to get a flagship cell phone is doable with monthly non-interest free payments. But I feel completely satisfied with my Samsung J7. Now when it comes to Apple and the iPad, I own a 2018 iPad $329.,, with $100., apple pencil. I love my iPad. I love iOS on my iPad. I primarily use my iPad for art creation, and social media, but I am not complaining for the wonderful ability of the iPad to be a content consumption device. So I get the best of both worlds of Apple on my iPad and Android Samsung on my Phone. I have a late 2012 i7 mac mini and it was nice to have air drop between my iPhone and Mac mini. I can do exactly the same wireless sharing with Google drive on my Samsung Android J7 phone to all my computers be it Windows, macOS, or Kubuntu linux.

  • tech 101
    tech 101 2 months ago +3

    What's you're Opinion on the Dangers of 5G? And other health issues happening in other countries?

  • JP V
    JP V 2 months ago

    AWESOME news! 👏... Also - another great vid, Rene. Thank you!

  • Sacto1654
    Sacto1654 2 months ago

    I think what may happen is that Apple on future MacBook models may have a multi-mode modem chip that supports WiFi 6, 3GPP LTE and 3GPP NR 5G.

  • Verlin Swarey
    Verlin Swarey 2 months ago

    This guy was good

  • RockWell Aim
    RockWell Aim 2 months ago

    I just recently dumped iOS in favor of Android. Am pretty typical of people around these parts (norcal). Android got really good and has tools iOS is missing... so there's really no choice.

  • Flying Tiger
    Flying Tiger 2 months ago

    So they enjoy microwaves in their brains?

  • Danie Bello
    Danie Bello 2 months ago +4

    His focus filter is honestly so distracting and horrible looking, makes it hard to actually listen to what he’s saying

    • Nonth Suriyan
      Nonth Suriyan 2 months ago +1

      Maybe just to blur the background because he doesn't want anyone to see

  • charlie B
    charlie B 2 months ago

    Umm I was in down town Atlanta about two months ago and had a 5G connection on my iPone 8.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      @charlie B At&t 5g sucks!!

    • charlie B
      charlie B 2 months ago

      BTW I am a At&T customer.

  • David Musiak
    David Musiak 2 months ago +9

    I can honestly say it wouldn’t bother me even slightly if Apple didn’t have a 5G iPhone before 2021. For no other reason that the fact that we don’t even have the best 4G coverage here, never mind 5G.

  • Brian L
    Brian L 2 months ago

    you know what i’m going to say it
    I don’t give a fuck about 5G fix your damn 4g lte nobody needs to download a movie in a second

  • Ethan Turner
    Ethan Turner 2 months ago

    I can actually say for certainty that most gen z kids, as soon as they can get an iPhone, will. Most seem to start out with some android phone, but not having an iPhone in high school is seen as a bad thing. So most kids will get one. So iPhone rates amount gen Z kids seems to be rising.

  • David Seitz Jr
    David Seitz Jr 2 months ago

    this new connectivity will go a long way for powering Apple’s AR glasses experience

  • יוסי פנסו
    יוסי פנסו 2 months ago

    אלון גרעיני

  • K M
    K M 2 months ago +1

    I thought Qualcomm modems were better?

    • K M
      K M 2 months ago

      Emily Totorio - thank you

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      @K M Samsung made it's own modems years ago. It's called Exynos. They're using both Exynos and Qualcomm on their phones for various regions.

    • K M
      K M 2 months ago

      Emily Totorio - Doesn’t Samsung use Qualcomm modems, or do they make their own?

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      Nah Samsung's modems are better.

  • Saurabh Parmar
    Saurabh Parmar 2 months ago

    Why it takes your podcast so long to post after the video?

  • thomas666
    thomas666 2 months ago

    Since switching from any iPhone to the XS Max, my coverage with Verizon went from 95% coverage to about 65% coverage. I have tried 4 SIM cards and Apple even switched my phone for a new one... same issues. My friends who have even older model phones have perfect coverage everywhere however my brand new overpriced phone coverage is complete shit. Have you heard anything about the 2018 phones having a sub par modem? Almost the entire middle section of San Francisco just has no coverage at all. The speed test app get a pop-up that says “cannot connect to server”

    • woww.. ok..
      woww.. ok.. 2 months ago

      The new iPhones uses Intel Modems instead of Qualcomm and everyone knows Intel is shit compared to Qualcomm at least at this point

  • Satoshi Nakamoto
    Satoshi Nakamoto 2 months ago

    putting a bigger number in front of the letter G does not equate to better

  • Heidi Morris
    Heidi Morris 2 months ago

    5G WILL KILL US ALL look up the dangers please tell everyone and stay aware

  • Nicholas Oldfield
    Nicholas Oldfield 2 months ago +1

    Great videos great questions keep up the good work.

  • erwin verzo
    erwin verzo 2 months ago

    That's what I noticed right now in the Philippines,me personally is shifting to Google phones & Huawei. From iPhone 2G to iPhone 6s plus and I find apple boring in terms of specs .

  • iciconnect
    iciconnect 2 months ago

    @Rene Ritchie as always, I enjoy your videos and production quality! Respect..

  • iciconnect
    iciconnect 2 months ago

    @Rene Ritchie could you please do a proper review of Steam Link on the AppleTV 4K? There aren’t any current videos that’s worth watching to explain the feel the app brings to the AppleTV 4K. Nor if it’s positive or negative as other devices even Steams own device. Thx!

  • Bruce McKay
    Bruce McKay 2 months ago +3

    Very good discussion.... keep up the good work 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Vylpes
    Vylpes 2 months ago +12

    The thumbnail shows 128MB/S on mobile data, I wish I got that on Wi-Fi lol

    • SuperHyphyOne
      SuperHyphyOne 2 months ago

      @Queen Elsa w were speaking in terms of wifi. I have AT&T and g0et about 120mbps down during the day and around 150mbps or so during the night.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      @SuperHyphyOne Verizon?

    • Vylpes
      Vylpes 2 months ago

      SuperHyphyOne My wifi is typically 10mb/s down if that :/ Stuck with an ISP router because parents ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • SuperHyphyOne
      SuperHyphyOne 2 months ago +1

      I can get that fast if I wanted but I don't want it because it's on a tiered usage plan. I just settle for 40mbps down with 10-15mbps up but unlimited usage. My college's campus can get up to 250 mbps. I go there for large files both download and upload.

  • Aviel leeoz
    Aviel leeoz 2 months ago +1

    damage control, damn near my whole job has left apple for these new android phones.

    PiCABLESKY 2 months ago

    huawei is by far bigger in everathing, than LITTLE qualqom...

  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 2 months ago +3

    I agree that China is different but I don’t know what he means by a buying freeze.
    There is a wave of propaganda in China that Apple are spying with their iPhones.
    The Chinese government “recommends” that government agencies not to use Apple iPhones.
    At a consumer level, Apple iPhones are extremely expensive in China, but it does shows status. Status is one of the most important social factor in China.
    Many people simply can’t afford iPhones and will use fakes. The more sensible people will use a more affordable Chinese phone.

    • Kwarkool
      Kwarkool 2 months ago

      Jeffrey O ru-clip.net/video/YpG3h3yp6rs/video.html Rene must of heard you.

  • dominicanyor
    dominicanyor 2 months ago

    People are working on 6g already.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      What about 7g?

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic 2 months ago +1

      That is how development work is done. Once one step is finished you start work on the next.

  • Jeff Bommarito
    Jeff Bommarito 2 months ago +2

    I greatly appreciate Apple - however, strongly disagree. Loyalty is DECREASING

  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool 2 months ago +7

    Ben Bajarin is on Skype beautification 😍
    Great how Ben has joined the dots.

  • BrettHanaNoah
    BrettHanaNoah 2 months ago +11

    Another well presented and informative video Rene. A lot of people just stated Apple just gave up and paid Qualcomm. However now that we know they have access to IP it seems more a strategic decision. Perhaps the plan was to get Intel to sell the modem business and get the IP and the protections that come with that. I remember when the 64bit came out on the A7 from memory that had everyone shocked as it came from nowhere. I think Apple can do the same with modems. Also would love an esim MacBook.

    • Jigsaw Wookie
      Jigsaw Wookie 2 months ago

      BrettHanaNoah luckily I'm in an area where my home wifi is around 1050 mbs

    • Carlo Mason
      Carlo Mason 2 months ago +1

      eSIM Mac...the ultimate in work machine!!

  • A glass of orange juice
    A glass of orange juice 2 months ago +1

    No thanks, I don't want cancer

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      No thanks, I don't want orange juice

    • Kwarkool
      Kwarkool 2 months ago +2

      RamsesBic One could blind oneself by the light reflected from the sun onto a shiny can. Hmmm, the irony.

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic 2 months ago +1

      @Kwarkool You can cut yourself on a can and the string around your neck.... :-)

    • Kwarkool
      Kwarkool 2 months ago +1

      The only way to be safe is to have two cans and a string.
      Good luck.

  • Ryan Planinshek
    Ryan Planinshek 2 months ago

    Great video. It’ll definitely be interesting to see where Apple goes with their modems.

  • sunil h.n
    sunil h.n 2 months ago +4

    In most of ur videos, I was not able to take my eyes on ur single AirPod. In this video fake bokeh completely takes the stage.

  • Bad Luca
    Bad Luca 2 months ago

    I totally thought that was Daniel Negreanu

  • Matt H
    Matt H 2 months ago +1

    Should we be concerned over the heath effects of 5G? Serious question.

    • Chris T
      Chris T 2 months ago

      @Coyote Star Astrology Save my links for future reference, only way to keep these brainwashed dimwits in check.

    • Coyote Star Astrology
      Coyote Star Astrology 2 months ago +1

      RamsesBic children are getting cancer, you idiot. They don’t even know what 5g is.
      Stay comfy in your little cave of ignorance. Check back in this space in a year or two when this is widely known and we’ll talk.

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic 2 months ago +1

      @Coyote Star Astrology Placebo! If you keep harping about people getting cancer of blue light you will start getting people having such "health issues". As soon as you start looking for any real proof none is there.

  • Professor Buttons
    Professor Buttons 2 months ago

    Haven’t heard the future spoken so clearly

  • Brandon Tseng
    Brandon Tseng 2 months ago

    Apple should do a Qualcomm and Apple 5G edition and Apple and Intel 5G edition at the same time. Lol

  • The Ace of Spades
    The Ace of Spades 2 months ago +15

    5G is a joke. Let’s focus on getting ok speeds on every square inch before we go onto stupid meme speeds. The only difference for the vast majority of the people will be the price.

    • Shawn Williams
      Shawn Williams 2 months ago +1

      The Ace of Spades Lol, not my fault where you live or what carrier you’re using, jackass

    • The Ace of Spades
      The Ace of Spades 2 months ago

      @Shawn Williams I live in downtown Los Angeles and have trouble getting 3 bars sometimes, jackass

    • Shawn Williams
      Shawn Williams 2 months ago

      @The Ace of Spades Ridiculous, because there are people out there that live in non 4G capable areas you want to stop the industry from moving forward. Smh

    • Alan Deacon
      Alan Deacon 2 months ago

      and it's no joke: ru-clip.net/video/ol3tAxnNccY/video.html :(

    • Dominic Hammel
      Dominic Hammel 2 months ago +1

      The Ace of Spades No, 5G isn’t just faster than 4G it has specs that make it suitable for wide area coverage. For instance, it will have towers that emit low frequencies -> meaning they travel further. Why should we have 100% 4G coverage before adopting superior 5G tech that will be able to cover larger areas with less towers ? BTW stop the salt...

  • tipoomaster
    tipoomaster 2 months ago +13

    Just throwing this out there, but the fake bokeh effect in these video calls only serves to distract with how much it cuts out

  • Charles-A Rovira
    Charles-A Rovira 2 months ago +1

    Hmmm. Why didn't *Apple* license *Huawei's 5G patents* and fab their own chips in a TSMC factory?
    How about *Apple* getting in bed with *StarLink* and coming up with a _consumer-friendly_ *StarLink* receiver. (I'd buy *that* for a grand in a minute.)

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      @Kwarkool That's so amazing! Nice to meet you ya 😊

    • Kwarkool
      Kwarkool 2 months ago +1

      Emily Totorio I design and build networks infrastructure. Qualcomm is king, it has the brightest minds. Huawei tend to acquire technology and shoe horn it into their products and call it their own.
      I don’t know anyone who works at Intel, but it’s no secret they tend to drag their feet.
      Giving the technology to a fresh team will change how the product performs. That’s just how the industry works.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      @Kwarkool Sorry to say but in Intel, Speed is a joke.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      @Kwarkool I assume you're not iphone user. Once check iphone speed especially of that stupid Intel modem ones. It's very slow and lagging behind Huawei and Qualcomm.

    • Kwarkool
      Kwarkool 2 months ago

      Emily Totorio You don’t know what you are talking about.
      Huawei’s code/firmware are a joke. Little to no security compliance, or quality control.
      We couldn’t believe the level of vulnerability because the coding was so poor.

  • Beautiful Bastard
    Beautiful Bastard 2 months ago +17

    Health concerns? Sorry, I don’t mean to bore you with cancer.

    • Chris T
      Chris T 2 months ago

      @Beautiful Bastard Yeah, ain't that the truth, quicker death

    • Beautiful Bastard
      Beautiful Bastard 2 months ago

      Chris T meanwhile we can order our chemo pills straight from our phones really fast.

    • Chris T
      Chris T 2 months ago

      @Beautiful Bastard Yeah, hopefully that info will boom into their brainwashed minds... we can hope.

    • Beautiful Bastard
      Beautiful Bastard 2 months ago


    • Chris T
      Chris T 2 months ago

      *A cross-sectional case control study on genetic damage in individuals residing in the vicinity of a mobile phone base station*
      Genetic damage parameters of DNA migration length, damage frequency (DF) and damage index were significantly (p?=?0.000) elevated in the sample group compared to respective values in healthy controls. The female residents (n?=?25) of the sample group had significantly (p?=?0.004) elevated DF than the male residents (n?=?38). The linear regression analysis further revealed daily mobile phone usage, location of residence and power density as significant predictors of genetic damage.

      *Genetic damage in mobile phone users: some preliminary findings*
      These results highlight a correlation between mobile phone use (exposure to RFR 800 to 2000 MHz) and genetic damage and require interim public health actions in the wake of widespread use of mobile telephony.

      *Electromagnetic fields and DNA damage*
      RFR exposure does indeed appear to affect DNA damage and repair, and the total body of available data contains clues as to conditions producing effects and methodologies to detect them.

      *Electromagnetic fields stress living cells*
      While low energy EMF interacts with DNA to induce the stress response, increasing EMF energy in the RF range can lead to breaks in DNA strands. Therefore, DNA can no longer be considered unaffected by environmental EMF levels. It can be activated and damaged by EMF at levels that are considered safe.

      *How Cancer Can Be Caused by Microwave Frequency Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures*
      Thirty reviews each argue that microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can and do cause cancer. These conclusions should be definitive and are further buttressed by the National Institute of Toxicology study on 2G cell phone radiation. However, there are still claims that there cannot be a mechanism for EMF cancer causation. Such EMFs are known to act via voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation and consequent downstream increases in intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i and peroxynitrite/free radicals/oxidative stress. Fifteen mechanisms are discussed here whereby these downstream effects can cause cancer. These include single strand and double strand DNA breaks and oxidized DNA bases.

      *Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects*
      ...pathophysiological responses to EMFs may be as a result of nitric oxide-peroxynitrite-oxidative stress pathway of action. A single such well-documented example, EMF induction of DNA single-strand breaks in cells, as measured by alkaline comet assays, is reviewed here. Such single-strand breaks are known to be produced through the action of this pathway. Data on the mechanism of EMF induction of such breaks are limited; what data are available support this proposed mechanism.

      *Mobile phone radiation induces reactive oxygen species production and DNA damage in human spermatozoa in vitro*
      RF-EMR in both the power density and frequency range of mobile phones enhances mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation by human spermatozoa, decreasing the motility and vitality of these cells while stimulating DNA base adduct formation and, ultimately DNA fragmentation. These findings have clear implications for the safety of extensive mobile phone use by males of reproductive age, potentially affecting both their fertility and the health and wellbeing of their offspring.

      *Non-thermal DNA breakage by mobile-phone radiation (1800 MHz) in human fibroblasts and in transformed GFSH-R17 rat granulosa cells in vitro*
      RF-EMF exposure (1800 MHz; SAR 1.2 or 2 W/kg; different modulations; during 4, 16 and 24 h; intermittent 5 min on/10 min off or continuous wave) induced DNA single- and double-strand breaks. Effects occurred after 16 h exposure in both cell types and after different mobile-phone modulations. The intermittent exposure showed a stronger effect in the comet assay than continuous exposure. Therefore we conclude that the induced DNA damage cannot be based on thermal effects.

      *Genotoxic effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields*
      Cells are unusually sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Weak fields may accelerate electron transfer and thereby destabilize the H-bond of cellular macromolecules. This could explain the stimulation of transcription and protein expression, which has been observed after RF-EMF exposure. However, the energy of weak EM fields is not sufficient directly to break a chemical bond in DNA. Therefore it can be concluded, that genotoxic effects are mediated by indirect mechanisms as microthermal processes, generation of oxygen radicals (ROS), or a disturbance of DNA-repair processes.

      *DNA Damage of Lymphocytes in Volunteers after 4 hours Use of Mobile Phone*
      The Olive Tail Moment of B-cells and granulocytes and Tail DNA % of B-cells and granulocytes were increased by a statistically significant extent after 4- hour use of a cell phone compared with controls. It is concluded that cell phone radiation caused the DNA damage during the 4 hours of experimental condition. Nonetheless, this study suggested that cell phone use may increase DNA damage by electromagnetic radiation and other contributing factors.

      *2.45 GHz radiofrequency fields alter gene expression in cultured human cells*
      Under the experimental conditions used in this study, we observed that the RF fields at 2.45 GHz causes expression changes for considerable number of genes in the RF exposed cultural human cells. These results indicate that the RF fields at 2.45 GHz can alter gene expression in cultured human cells through non-thermal mechanism.

      *Single-strand DNA breaks in human hair root cells exposed to mobile phone radiation*
      A short-term exposure (15 and 30 min) to RFR (900-MHz) from a mobile phone caused a significant increase in DNA single-strand breaks in human hair root cells located around the ear which is used for the phone calls.

      *Detection of Low Level Microwave Radiation Induced Deoxyribonucleic Acid Damage Vis-à-vis Genotoxicity in Brain of Fischer Rats*
      In the present study, we demonstrated DNA damaging effects of low level microwave radiation in brain. CONCLUSION: We concluded that low SAR microwave radiation exposure at these frequencies may induce DNA strand breaks in brain tissue.

      *Cognitive Impairment and Neurogenotoxic Effects in Rats Exposed to Low-Intensity Microwave Radiation*
      The results showed declined cognitive function, elevated HSP70 level, and DNA damage in the brain of microwave-exposed animals. The results indicated that, chronic low-intensity microwave exposure in the frequency range of 900 to 2450 MHz may cause hazardous effects on the brain.

      *Effect of Low Level Subchronic Microwave Radiation on Rat Brain*
      Microwave exposure at 900-2450 MHz with SAR values as mentioned above lead to decline in cognitive function, increase in HSP70 level and DNA damage in brain. The results of the present study suggest that low level microwave exposure at frequencies 900, 1800, and 2450 MHz may lead to hazardous effects on brain.

      *Acute low-intensity microwave exposure increases DNA single-strand breaks in rat brain cells*
      Furthermore, in rats exposed for 2 h to continuous-wave 2450 MHz microwaves (SAR 1.2 W/kg), increases in brain cell DNA single-strand breaks were observed immediately as well as at 4 h postexposure.

      *Immunohistopathologic demonstration of deleterious effects on growing rat testes of radiofrequency waves emitted from conventional Wi-Fi devices*
      We observed significant increases in serum 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine levels and 8-hydroxyguanosine staining in the testes of the experimental group indicating DNA damage due to exposure (p < 0.05). We also found decreased levels of catalase and glutathione peroxidase activity in the experimental group, which may have been due to radiofrequency effects on enzyme activity (p < 0.05). These findings raise questions about the safety of radiofrequency exposure from Wi-Fi Internet access devices for growing organisms of reproductive age, with a potential effect on both fertility and the integrity of germ cells.

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb 2 months ago

    Why wild Apple succeed where Intel failed? Intel are no minnows.

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 2 months ago

      @Queen Elsa the only one who sucks here is you. why can't you help Intel not "to suck" wtf

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      Because intel sucks

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 2 months ago

      also why did Apple use Intel chips since decades and also why does apple still rely on Qualcomm and Intel after all that time?! seriously you think apple is that good??!! as example Samsung is able to design and manufacture their own chips and hardware at home while apple is relying on the Technology of TSMC and Samsung and LG....... the x86 is a good architechture but by today standards its not really as efficient as ARM based chips and before we completely switch to ARM chips Intel and AMD still have a long way to go. why are you even complaining about Intel?! cant you go there and help make their chips more efficient?!! wtf!!!

    WOLF BLADE 2 months ago +3

    5GE is here in Oregon man is really fast

    • Hokuto Shinken
      Hokuto Shinken 2 months ago

      No it’s not 5G. Its AT&Ts fake 5GE and yes it’s just a slightly enhanced LTE

    • Chris Dailey
      Chris Dailey 2 months ago +5

      Is it true 5G or Verizon’s fake 5G, thats really just optimized 4G?

  • OceanGuy 808
    OceanGuy 808 2 months ago +10

    I live in Hawaii, so I guess no real rush to buy a 5G phone. 5G is going to take a while to reach here.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa 2 months ago

      I'm staying in chicago. 4G sucks a lot in homes. I hope 5G doesn't.

    • Kwarkool
      Kwarkool 2 months ago

      Nice, Paradise doesn’t need 5G 😃

    • Luis Gonzalez
      Luis Gonzalez 2 months ago

      Dude I live in South Florida and I’m not holding my breath

    • Niko Moss
      Niko Moss 2 months ago

      OceanGuy 808 lmao yea same here, i think it would even take extraordinarily long to even install 5g here on the island