TOUGHEST Bumper for the Samsung S9?! - RhinoShield Samsung S9/S9+ Cases - First Look

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • RhinoShield has released their lineup of Samsung S9 cases included the infamous CrashGuard Bumper and their new SolidSuit Case that offers a premium back design such as carbon fibre or a classic black leather. Both options include their signature honeycomb interior that we previously tested and can confidently say it will protect your S9. They also have both options available for the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL as well.
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    The products and review are sponsored by RhinoShield but I had complete creative freedom and all opinions are based on my own experience with the products.
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  • Karam J
    Karam J Month ago

    You're crazy.

  • Mister Sean
    Mister Sean 2 months ago

    Just buy dbrans skind. Mahogmy looks so good 👍👍👍

  • מיכאל חג'בי
    מיכאל חג'בי 3 months ago

    pleaseeee do drop test with rhinoshield sulidsuit case to one plus 7pro

  • sorucha
    sorucha 3 months ago

    I need rhinoshield for the ipad

  • Team ApoC - CoD Mobile Clan

    This adhs edit fucks up

  • Danyaal Butt
    Danyaal Butt 3 months ago

    I've got a crashguard for the S9+ but the sides are a little loose, as in you can push them in slightly....Does this happen to any of you?

  • Le Monki
    Le Monki 3 months ago +1

    Is it only available online or is it also available at retail stores?

  • AdN
    AdN 5 months ago

    is this available on s8?

  • L3g1t
    L3g1t 8 months ago

    Wer kommt auch von Krass KlassenFAHRT

  • JJ R
    JJ R 8 months ago

    Terrible Case! Had the rhino shield and a 3 foot drop caused my screen to shatter hitting a flat surface because the sides of this case are cut way too low and offer no protection for the sides of your screen. If your going to buy a case with a curved screen avoid this case and purchase one that offers protection on the sides. The case should have an edge that raises just above your entire screen which this does not. i now have a case that offers the protection and i CAN STILL USE THE CURVED SCREEN.

  • bluefin tuna
    bluefin tuna 9 months ago

    Very funny. I like😂

  • Michael Sa5
    Michael Sa5 9 months ago

    I had this case on my s8 loved it
    know Its on my note 9 and i love it
    best case ever 👏

  • NinjaGamer Pro
    NinjaGamer Pro 9 months ago

    Pffffff 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • Peter van der Ham
    Peter van der Ham 9 months ago

    Nice editing :)

  • Sun Abeer
    Sun Abeer 10 months ago +1

    didn't realize this was the same person who does the EDC carry videos i've watched until he slammed those cases onto the table and started squeezing them xD i was like 'oh it's the guy who fingers everything he touches'

  • CarsMusic MTB
    CarsMusic MTB 10 months ago +1

    Protect the case enough without a screen Protector?

  • Nikos Makris
    Nikos Makris 10 months ago

    Whats the difference of leather and carbon except of the design? Do the have the same durability?

  • sant
    sant 11 months ago

    So is the bumper or case stronger?

  • F4 Phantom
    F4 Phantom 11 months ago

    Wow those edits are really well done! Some of them were really clever and cool. Good job!

  • ang HDA
    ang HDA Year ago

    does the classic black have a leather finish?

  • mackenzie crichton

    I use my crash guard with a dbrand skin and it works really good, the bottom can wrinkle but you just have to be careful putting it on

    • Arthur morgan
      Arthur morgan 11 months ago

      Damn my black camo get destroyed using the crash guard

  • ً
    ً Year ago

    I have this case and I've accidentally dropped my s9 multiple times. This case has protected my phone from getting any damage.

    • ً
      ً Year ago

      I'm a little sad though because they now offer custom print cases :(

  • ShadowNite
    ShadowNite Year ago

    2.00 the phone says you can't write more

  • random stuff
    random stuff Year ago

    what about the impact protection screen protector i would pick that over the tempered glass one although it is a plastic like material so it scratches easier

  • ChevyChris
    ChevyChris Year ago

    When will the leather one be available!

  • Marc Co
    Marc Co Year ago

    lol I forgot I had it on 1.5x speed...I was like holy fuck you speak fast!

  • Clay Denos
    Clay Denos Year ago

    Love your videos. Who makes your slippers

  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira Year ago

    Still can't protect it from a bus running it over.

  • Fair Human
    Fair Human Year ago +1

    Liked and subbed

    LION_OF_JUDAH Year ago +1

    what u say to the samsung protective standing cover? i know its thicker but has is the same drop safety?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Year ago

    Thanks for the promo code. saved 16$ You have the BEST review channel.

  • Jiheem Vohor
    Jiheem Vohor Year ago

    Is it real carbon fiber

  • 10rnds down
    10rnds down Year ago +1

    Damn man, I love the editing haha

  • Vincent Hodges
    Vincent Hodges Year ago

    Umm your code still worked! Bought it and should come next monday!

  • ꧁٭HaRRy٭꧂
    ꧁٭HaRRy٭꧂ Year ago +2

    Don't forget to show rhinoshield for OnePlus 6, once it starts shipping in August

    • Hugo valente
      Hugo valente Year ago

      HarryGamer HD I got the black one for my midnight black and Im rocking a dbrand skin as well fit really well

    • ꧁٭HaRRy٭꧂
      ꧁٭HaRRy٭꧂ Year ago +1

      Hugo valente good to know.
      I ordered white case for my mirror black.
      Will it look good.

    • Hugo valente
      Hugo valente Year ago

      Have mine already looks and feels really great, hope it does the job 😅

    • ꧁٭HaRRy٭꧂
      ꧁٭HaRRy٭꧂ Year ago

      Thanks in advance.

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +1

      Oh... it's coming.

  • Shubham Newlay
    Shubham Newlay Year ago

    That carbon fibre one is 🔥

  • Jason Detraux
    Jason Detraux Year ago

    My god, your editing !! Best review ever !! Thanks !

  • 0rignal c0ntent
    0rignal c0ntent Year ago

    3:34 howtobasic

  • Scarface
    Scarface Year ago

    Man i dont know why i liked this video and subbed. good job man.

  • André Laux
    André Laux Year ago

    Gosto muito do seu trabalho, comprei agora no site deles e usei o seu cupom de 20% e ainda esta funcionando!

  • Joe Williamson
    Joe Williamson Year ago

    i want the soildsuit for the s8 plus please rhinoshield.

  • Sentinel_Prime_
    Sentinel_Prime_ Year ago

    Any plans on reviewing the Solidsuite for the OnePlus 6 once its realesed?

    • Sentinel_Prime_
      Sentinel_Prime_ Year ago

      EXCESSORIZE ME. Thank you!

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +1

      No plans on getting the OnePlus 6, although I assume it’ll be similar to the X or S9 reviews.

  • TheSerun13
    TheSerun13 Year ago

    TFW u drop it in asphalt .-. It was a bad day all around V_V

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Year ago

    It looks like the case covers the heart rate sensor? Does it?

  • Asad Abdussalam Shaikh

    Very very very irritating . Difficult to watch video 😅

  • Bautista Prea
    Bautista Prea Year ago

    how is the glass screen protector doing? Will water get in it?

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73 Year ago

    Your T-shirt is one size too small.

  • Jason C
    Jason C Year ago

    he is how to basic

  • Canal do Ronaldo
    Canal do Ronaldo Year ago +27

    I don't have a S9 and im not interested in having one, someone linked your video in a smartphone group i am part of and i came just to say i loved your editing style

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +3

      Thank you - glad you enjoyed it and hopefully it can help someone there!

  • Erwin Bouhassoun
    Erwin Bouhassoun Year ago

    I liked the quality of your editing , it's short and complete

  • ishan mistry
    ishan mistry Year ago

    which keyboard are you using on your s9 ? Just curious :)

  • satyasrisai nunna

    Waiting for crashguard review

  • King Azaz
    King Azaz Year ago

    Yo! What’s that background you use! Looks dope!

  • devin7224
    devin7224 Year ago

    Think a popsocket would stick just fine on the carbon fiber, not leave residue....or damage?

  • Clarrence Jose
    Clarrence Jose Year ago

    Got mine for my iPhone X! Adds a little bulk but feels premium and great.

  • GrapeDrank001
    GrapeDrank001 Year ago

    How to basic reviews phones?

  • WhiskeyTime
    WhiskeyTime Year ago

    Does the whitedome screen protector fit with the rhinosheild bumpercase?


    Bro, is this crash guard case compatible with Dbrand skin??

    • Tommior
      Tommior Year ago

      4 months later (hopefully helping someone else reading) its doesnt work with bumper. Well it kinda does, but top or bottom part of the skin will get lose and bubbly

  • Weizzz
    Weizzz Year ago

    I am guessing, you watch a lot of HowToBasic right? Still, nice review though haha

    • Weizzz
      Weizzz Year ago

      Not sure if being sarcastic, but look it up on RU-clip if you wanna waste time looking at weird shit

      EXCESSORIZE ME.  Year ago +1

      What is a HowToBasic?

  • nil x
    nil x Year ago

    Hey bro, you sound like you are not as enthusiastic as you were on the s8 video