FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
  • FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**
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    The Ireland Boys did a Fake Black Friday Employee Prank and got attacked ! We dressed up as fake employees and went to stores and pretended to work there and prank the customers who were shopping on black Friday! #BlackFriday shoppers are known for being crazy so we wanted to make some people laugh... however one of the people shopping in the stores when we pretended to work there got so mad that they attacked us while we were filming. This was one of the craziest things to happen in a store on #BlackFriday and we can't believe someone #Shopping did this while were were dressed up pretending to be a #FakeEmployee . This guy was a crazy black friday shopper and we hope he's calmed down and is okay now.
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Comments • 15 114

  • Althea Jane Adriano
    Althea Jane Adriano 11 hours ago

    Ireland boys don't make a prank again

  • Sarah E. Johnston
    Sarah E. Johnston 16 hours ago

    He needs to fuck off

  • Sufiyan Arab
    Sufiyan Arab 22 hours ago

    oh my god that f*** that s*** guys

  • Caleb Bonilla
    Caleb Bonilla Day ago

    Throw the toilet paper at him

  • MattVlogs
    MattVlogs Day ago

    And this is why you get a concealed weapon to permit. As soon as they get aggressive pull it out and say back off then put it away and walk away. If they keep it up it’s your right if self defense... your choice from then on...

  • Tyler McGuinness
    Tyler McGuinness Day ago +1

    I’m a 👮🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Jay Powell
    Jay Powell Day ago

    If that guy did the same thing to me I would punch him in the face and yeet out of the store

  • Milosh Lakic
    Milosh Lakic 2 days ago

    Por nana.

  • Reversed Songs
    Reversed Songs 2 days ago

    Bruh if I was any of the RU-clipr, I wouldn’t just let these dudes push me around, I’d fight back in self defense, I wouldn’t be embarrassed...

  • I AmIronMan
    I AmIronMan 2 days ago

    Keep touching them again and imma pull on you fool

  • I AmIronMan
    I AmIronMan 2 days ago +1

    He committed assault on Rohan
    1 like= if he deserves to go to jail for felony and assault and battery on someone

  • Cameron McGuire
    Cameron McGuire 2 days ago

    Yall are fucked up

  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl 2 days ago

    Y'all need to stop doing these pranks man or else worst things are gonna happend

  • Mya Moo
    Mya Moo 2 days ago

    That is a crazy guy

  • Funneh Dylan
    Funneh Dylan 3 days ago

    The chessermen box him

  • Abraham Castellanos
    Abraham Castellanos 3 days ago

    Dat messt up you will do that to an old lady so wrong

  • Tyler 627legend
    Tyler 627legend 3 days ago

    If i was any of them the man would probably be dead

  • JFB Karimi
    JFB Karimi 3 days ago

    If I was you guys I wouldn’t just let him do that I will beat him up

  • Beastmode_ 0918
    Beastmode_ 0918 3 days ago

    Bro not hating but it’s kinda messed up doing stuff to old people

  • LR012 :/
    LR012 :/ 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for the first lady

  • Bluey Flix
    Bluey Flix 4 days ago

    @ @ @

  • AllTime GamerPro
    AllTime GamerPro 4 days ago

    Dude if That guy would try to do that to me I would Stab the shit out of him

  • AllTime GamerPro
    AllTime GamerPro 4 days ago

    That guy in the blue shirt needs to go to a mental hospital asylum

  • Mara George
    Mara George 4 days ago +1

    do not do that

  • Mara George
    Mara George 4 days ago +1

    man you guys are mean to a sweet old lady

  • Samson Wood
    Samson Wood 5 days ago

    Why'd yall have to do the old lady! :(

  • Small Ninja code 719
    Small Ninja code 719 5 days ago +2

    this is how many tomes he needs to be pinched in the face

  • Eric Schulz
    Eric Schulz 5 days ago


  • Saphix_ Bro’s
    Saphix_ Bro’s 5 days ago

    The first girl he messed with was my mama 😱

    PRANITA'S ASMR 6 days ago

    that guy prob has anger issues

    PRANITA'S ASMR 6 days ago

    omg 😮

  • Nevermind076
    Nevermind076 6 days ago

    He got a really really bad day

  • Eking_bruh _hea
    Eking_bruh _hea 6 days ago

    I wonder why u guys no fight back my dud?

  • guildrich
    guildrich 6 days ago

    He didn't get mad because y'all pranked him; he got mad because he caught y'all recording him WITHOUT HIS CONSENT! As funny as these videos are, I do NOT condone video recording anyone without their permission outside of surveillance purposes. Trust me; I learned that shit the hard way. I'd much rather see this stuff scripted.

  • Xxxtentacion Hernandez

    That guy was cheese 🧀🧀🧀

  • Louie Calayag
    Louie Calayag 8 days ago

    man 1 like 1 hit from the buds for that fat man

  • Ravi Vencilao
    Ravi Vencilao 8 days ago +1

    Hey if I’m you im gonna kick him thats not good guys

  • Thalthvan Doomhammer


  • Gabriella Sanchez
    Gabriella Sanchez 8 days ago +1

    1👍 = that man goes to jail

  • Sis VS Bro
    Sis VS Bro 8 days ago +1

    I feel SOOOOO bad for that lady in the first part

  • Sneezles Asparagus
    Sneezles Asparagus 8 days ago

    i love how u guys didnt ask permission to have that guys face on youtube but you did it anyways

  • xxgamer 360
    xxgamer 360 9 days ago

    this was posted before my birthday

  • Naethan Kong
    Naethan Kong 9 days ago

    ye ye lreland boys! saying I got my phone broken by just saying YE YE all the time....he almost broke my arm!

  • Donovan Bosley
    Donovan Bosley 9 days ago

    At 5:50 look in the back blue shirt Geled hair and glasses

  • Dale ironheart
    Dale ironheart 10 days ago

    I hate that everyone

  • SwavySpamsL2 Btw
    SwavySpamsL2 Btw 10 days ago

    0:20 that voice crack

  • Cinders Vlog
    Cinders Vlog 10 days ago

    Rohan you should have called the police on him cause he ASALTED u

  • The creative Channel
    The creative Channel 10 days ago

    Why didn’t u hit him

  • Mitchell Ingram
    Mitchell Ingram 10 days ago

    That was mean of youAre you guys

    M1N3CRAFT G0D 10 days ago

    The first one was a pool funny and kinda sad

    M1N3CRAFT G0D 10 days ago


  • Magnetic Gaming
    Magnetic Gaming 10 days ago +1

    Ok phew

  • Magnetic Gaming
    Magnetic Gaming 10 days ago +1

    Give the stuff back to her or i’m unsubbing

  • kalyn castro
    kalyn castro 10 days ago

    thats called a 400.they act like imployeys but there not. they dont want do to get caught by the cops

  • Nathen Dominguez
    Nathen Dominguez 11 days ago

    That mest up to the olfd lsry

  • Hamilton Avery
    Hamilton Avery 11 days ago

    Are you guys okay 🤕☯️

  • Ethan Staudt
    Ethan Staudt 12 days ago

    Punch blue face

  • Ethan Staudt
    Ethan Staudt 12 days ago

    I hate you and love You

  • Dorian garcia
    Dorian garcia 12 days ago

    l love the pranks

  • Otaku Tsukuin
    Otaku Tsukuin 12 days ago +1

    I would of sockex the fuck out of him