UFC Brooklyn: Henry Cejudo & TJ Dillashaw Octagon Interviews

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Henry Cejudo defends his flyweight title from bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw in a stunning :32 seconds to conclude the UFC's debut on ESPN in Brooklyn, New York.
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Comments • 6 215

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub! 4 days ago +1

    Here just before stipe vs dc.

  • doark darksgaard
    doark darksgaard 6 days ago +1

    TJ failed to kill flyweight division so Dana killed his career 😂😂😂

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 7 days ago

    Tj there's a big as bottle 1.58 get revenge

  • Kapil Patel
    Kapil Patel 17 days ago

    Fuck TJ, & Jon Jones along with 99% of UFC fighters juicing.

  • Jacqueline Daisyface
    Jacqueline Daisyface 19 days ago +1

    Thanks, RU-clip algorithm.

  • Michael Morley
    Michael Morley 22 days ago

    Tj is a snake, even more so door going DOWN a weight class to try to take a belt a weight class under him. Only snake in ufc history who would do so, smh shame. Hope he got taught a lesson, congrats henry for giving him what he deserved.

  • 6ix 9ine
    6ix 9ine 25 days ago

    Why does cejudo sound high in drugs?? And who is here after tj tested positive

  • hey hey Bebe
    hey hey Bebe 27 days ago +2

    0:30 lol !

  • Vino
    Vino Month ago

    2:08 salt

  • pizza nigga
    pizza nigga Month ago

    fucking ban Dillashaw for life... fake ass bitch

  • Kire
    Kire Month ago


  • Mc Me
    Mc Me Month ago

    A beautiful night. TJ is no snake. He's a filthy rat and deserves so much worse for being a liar, thief and cheat.

  • doark darksgaard
    doark darksgaard Month ago

    That Bald head egg white immediately ended tj's career😂😂😂😂😂

  • banana Hammock
    banana Hammock Month ago

    He whooped that fucking bigot up !

  • t-j morgan
    t-j morgan Month ago

    look the pussy snake

  • Luke X
    Luke X Month ago

    “All class” anik says to dillashaw as he acts completely classless

  • Georgiy Petrov
    Georgiy Petrov Month ago

    Georgiy Petrov

  • Georgiy Petrov
    Georgiy Petrov Month ago

    Georgiy Petrov

  • Daniel Martinez Fernando

    Fuck Henry Cejudo. He’s a stuck up retarded brat. Fucker is so cocky, I hope he gets hit shit bloodied up next fight. Henry aka the dick suckin’ asshole ass eater

  • Muranda Corson
    Muranda Corson Month ago

    Anyone catch Jon anik push Henry cedudus coach out the way like move bitch lol

  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 2 months ago +1

    Henry's hair looks beautiful after a fight! Like the real fur trim on some hoodie type jackets...

  • cranky 73 chorizo
    cranky 73 chorizo 2 months ago

    Uncle Dana.. what a fag

  • Crack Fishy740
    Crack Fishy740 2 months ago

    TJ u got beat as u can see by your face and nothing on Henry

  • Smashing Pumpkings97
    Smashing Pumpkings97 2 months ago

    Tj is a sore loser fuck him

  • Run
    Run 2 months ago

    Cejudo would kill tj in a rematch

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 2 months ago +1

    3:03 Dana White to TJ what happen come on we even made you take steroids for this fight 😂TJ a sour loser and a cheater I’ll never be a fan of that guy ,all class ha

  • Deep state Agent
    Deep state Agent 2 months ago

    Ref shoulda let TJ get cracked a few more times if he wanted it so bad.

  • faristheking 128
    faristheking 128 2 months ago

    since henry is the champion he thinks that he can beat everybody
    i think that conor has to come back and beat the fuck out of this guy
    respect for henry

  • ForzaTerra89
    ForzaTerra89 2 months ago

    Was not an early stoppage at all. Better man won. Clean too

  • Karlo Rodriguez
    Karlo Rodriguez 2 months ago +87

    Mad cause he used EPO for the fight and Henry ran through him like nothing lol

    • Soy Boy Beta Male
      Soy Boy Beta Male 19 hours ago

      Yep he got rekt easily. Cejudo pushed his ass down like a little kid hahaha

    • Khaled Jamil
      Khaled Jamil 26 days ago +1

      Triple C the Goat

    • AsianTryHard
      AsianTryHard Month ago +6

      bro he looked so fucking salty lmao, ive never seen anyone look so salty before

  • jesse guzman
    jesse guzman 2 months ago

    and tj was on the sauce lol

  • TheGreatLegend007
    TheGreatLegend007 3 months ago

    Lol after Tj got KO Dana was butt hurt then TJ got busted for riods DANA was crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cypresspuz
    cypresspuz 3 months ago


  • Jacob Ortega
    Jacob Ortega 3 months ago

    Fuck yeah henry!! My weight division is saved baby!!! Thank you!! 💯

  • TGRgrimreaper209
    TGRgrimreaper209 3 months ago +1

    TJ u fucking cheater

  • Syed Raza
    Syed Raza 3 months ago +1

    0:04 dillashaw saying wow because he realized that EPO didn't do shit.

  • Akram
    Akram 3 months ago


  • andre1442
    andre1442 3 months ago +3

    Henry cejudo is too much for dillashaw, overall a better fighter, but also a midget

  • BringMaCKtoLife
    BringMaCKtoLife 4 months ago

    Henry is a cocky midget, TJ is a cocky midget cheater.

    • Luke Daniel
      Luke Daniel 3 months ago +2

      And you’re a loser with no future in life. 😄

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey 4 months ago

    “i would love to get beat” tf are you talking about 😂

  • Son Kakageta
    Son Kakageta 4 months ago

    He did beat him he just knocked him out

  • Juan Ordaz
    Juan Ordaz 4 months ago

    Lol dam crazy lol epo tj still can’t defeat Henry tuff must suck when you taking gear and you still can’t beat someone

  • Matt [quit]
    Matt [quit] 4 months ago

    0.30 he pushes the coach 😂😂

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life 4 months ago

    Good shit knockin that pussy out

  • Moritz D
    Moritz D 4 months ago +1

    EPO up your bum still lost

  • Juan Tijerina
    Juan Tijerina 4 months ago +1

    Tj u got your ass whopped plain and simple

  • Christian J Tlatelpa
    Christian J Tlatelpa 4 months ago

    Failed drug test and got finish in the first round? What else can you say. Haters will always hate

  • Indy Go
    Indy Go 4 months ago

    tj; you should see the other guy.
    us; we did....

  • prateek rai
    prateek rai 4 months ago +6

    Whose here after the failed drug test reports of tj ? 😂

    I FAMILYIH 4 months ago +1


    I FAMILYIH 4 months ago +13


  • El Flaco
    El Flaco 4 months ago +29

    Anyone here after tjs 2 year suspension??!! 🤣🤣

    • Gerald
      Gerald 2 months ago

      Dariaz Rahman 2 years

    • El Flaco
      El Flaco 2 months ago +1

      Dariaz Rahman do some research

    • Dariaz Rahman
      Dariaz Rahman 2 months ago

      El Flaco its 1 year not 2

    • Gerald
      Gerald 4 months ago +4

      The snake in the grass put a needle in his ass

  • i think you'd be suprised
    i think you'd be suprised 4 months ago +2


  • Felix Gonzalez
    Felix Gonzalez 4 months ago +1

    Lmfao bitch ass TJ is suspended 2 years!

  • Medicine Maaan
    Medicine Maaan 4 months ago +71

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA he just vacated the batamweight title for testing positive, nice knowing you TJ

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon 4 months ago +4

    Henry saludos head weighs about 50 lbs

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon 4 months ago +1

    Henry cejudo big massive head

  • Fergboy Rossgerson
    Fergboy Rossgerson 4 months ago +1


  • HeinNgoc Tran
    HeinNgoc Tran 4 months ago

    The referee stopped the fight tooooo soon,ya’ . TJ ‘s fights of style tho so that’s nothing ya . Bullshit stops

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 4 months ago

    never seen someone as lucky asf Cejudo fucking midget

  • Ben lagman
    Ben lagman 4 months ago

    TJ is VERY DISAPPOINTED that he lost to USADA. cant believe he lost to a fight while juiced up. I wouldnt beleive it either if I was him. I mean, what else should i have to do?

  • Hunter Short
    Hunter Short 4 months ago

    TJ is such a punk

  • Etang Wang
    Etang Wang 5 months ago

    Tj will get wrecked even if Cejudo was at 135

  • Jacqueline Daisyface
    Jacqueline Daisyface 5 months ago

    All class? No way.

  • Chris F
    Chris F 5 months ago

    Thank god my boy cejudo did quick work of this twerp that thinks he is the best and look 👀 he just pissed hot 🥵 LMAO 😂

  • The last Emperor
    The last Emperor 5 months ago +3

    Came back to say this 💉

    • Crowbar. 27
      Crowbar. 27 5 months ago

      Even better that cejudo beat em

  • CAESAR 2020
    CAESAR 2020 5 months ago +2

    Don’t underestimate the flyweights

  • Anonymous Unofficial
    Anonymous Unofficial 5 months ago +387

    Anyone here after TJ failed a drug test? 😂

    • Justin Lockwood
      Justin Lockwood 2 days ago

      I like TJ but it hasn’t been going to well for him 😂😂

    • Brendan
      Brendan 4 days ago

      Anonymous Unofficial LUL

    • pizza nigga
      pizza nigga Month ago

      bro i never hated a fighter more than i hate dillashaw... fucking trash ass fake ass nigga.. should be banned for life

    • Ataur Rahman
      Ataur Rahman 4 months ago

      why this motherfucker complaining i don't get it

    • Colin Oc12
      Colin Oc12 4 months ago +1

      Maybe they will fight in 2021 😂😂😂

  • NightstarIL
    NightstarIL 5 months ago +1

    Lol tj is in deep shit rn losing to cejudo and popping for peds lol

  • Nathaniel Wright
    Nathaniel Wright 5 months ago +3

    Let Cheju do fight for the vacant

  • Matthew watts
    Matthew watts 5 months ago

    Fuckkkkk the ufccccccc fuck the UFC REFREES

  • Davi nascimento Cardoso


  • Forsake
    Forsake 5 months ago +1

    "all class" ahahaha

  • TGRgrimreaper209
    TGRgrimreaper209 5 months ago +2

    TJ acting like a bitch

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson 5 months ago

    Are you bsing me? Don't say all class after he just said you didn't beat me, when he clearly got beat.