Which Type Of Alcohol F*cks You Up The Most? • Try Guys

  • Published on Mar 16, 2016
  • The Try Guys test beer, vodka, wine, and tequila to find out how drunk and hungover you get on different types of alcohol.
    Thanks so much to Dr. Keith Heinzerling, MD and UCLA!
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  • Shelby Connors
    Shelby Connors Day ago

    She probably took all the money out of her account last night and forgot about it since she was junk🥴

  • Libby Scattergood
    Libby Scattergood 3 days ago

    LOL the blurred out Nic Cage poster in Zach's house at the end

  • heh h
    heh h 7 days ago

    Grey goose. Thank me later lol

  • Sean Crockett
    Sean Crockett 8 days ago

    Free bread is like when a friend shows you their privates

  • Stipe Rimac
    Stipe Rimac 8 days ago +1

    These guys have never had my uncle's homemade rakija

  • Larissa Islav
    Larissa Islav 10 days ago

    I never get hangover and honestly I think it’s because of the large of ice I eat as I drink

  • Photo Visuals
    Photo Visuals 11 days ago

    I get drunk off of liquor a lot and I never had a hangover once.

  • Grace Adler
    Grace Adler 19 days ago

    Imagine if the girl Zach kissed in this video was Maggy

  • wallflower.
    wallflower. 27 days ago

    They completely skipped Whiskey on the rocks. Sacrilege.

  • Orianna Bliss
    Orianna Bliss 27 days ago

    Kelsey hit a lick

  • Lemma Dogman
    Lemma Dogman 29 days ago

    Wow I relate to Keith’s constant desire for food

  • Schwanzus Longus
    Schwanzus Longus Month ago

    fun without alcohol? No thanks, i take alcohol without fun

  • Alaa Aly
    Alaa Aly Month ago +1


  • Mruca
    Mruca Month ago

    Just going to stick on drinking ever clear boys


    The first time I got drunk 😵 it was VODKA 🤢🤮

  • Tobias Krog Wilhjelm 7B Arden Skole

    I love vodka!

  • El Rayado
    El Rayado Month ago

    Puro pinche tequila a la verga

  • brianna marie
    brianna marie Month ago

    Keith is me , I just eat and eat

  • Talia Richer
    Talia Richer Month ago

    *hits gong* eVeRyOnE tAkE a ShOt

  • •Crayild Studio•
    •Crayild Studio• Month ago +1

    Try guys as alcoholic drinks:
    Keith: Beer
    Ned: Wine
    Eugene: Vodka

  • Riley Freeburn
    Riley Freeburn 2 months ago

    Can some tell me the one that fucked them up the most lmao

  • ardit gjini
    ardit gjini 2 months ago


  • Slothboiclique
    Slothboiclique 2 months ago

    Honestly my ‘favourite’ type of drinks are medium percentage ones. Such as cocktails, Prosecco, wine, mixers. I prefer to take shots but I always get my tolerance wrong and also beer and cider and gross. :)

    PROJECTMAYHEM 2 months ago

    Kelsey is the one chick every man wishes they can meet because she’s a combination of everything awesome.

  • Louise
    Louise 2 months ago

    ‘I think I’m still drunk and I have to go to the airport , oh no’ . Me when I have to go to work 2 hours after I’ve drunk way to much tequila.

  • Kyle Drennan
    Kyle Drennan 2 months ago

    Is it just me or that doctor sound like Tim cook

  • Fangirl Hell
    Fangirl Hell 2 months ago

    Everyone: wOrst NIgHt aHhHh
    Eugene: I feel fine.

  • Batool Nafid
    Batool Nafid 2 months ago +1

    Sooo when is Eugene droppin that skin care routine?

  • mattroski007
    mattroski007 2 months ago

    Should be called three nerds and an Asian.

  • Karma 501st
    Karma 501st 2 months ago

    Doctor: u might have a problem 7:30
    Me laying under my tree outside with 3 bottles of Gatorade throwing up watching this video to feel better

  • ahoward
    ahoward 2 months ago

    re watching this. who else thinks the dr.s name is the same as Keith's....

  • ben 77
    ben 77 2 months ago

    Asian guys the best drunk

  • katiegrim
    katiegrim 2 months ago

    you shouldve done rum one time i took like 15 shots and i was FUCKED up

  • Y T
    Y T 2 months ago

    Kelsey and Eugene fucked I’m calling it

  • raj sharma
    raj sharma 2 months ago

    just drink diet coke and enjoy the night

  • Luca Roine
    Luca Roine 3 months ago

    The word is absinthe

  • Cherry .W
    Cherry .W 3 months ago +3

    I learned something this episode
    Eugene can’t have a hangover

  • Noah Phillips
    Noah Phillips 3 months ago +2

    Best moment in this video "I think im still drunk. *breathalyzer* I AM STILL DRUNK"

  • teSlide56
    teSlide56 3 months ago +1

    These guys should be called the bi guys. Bunch of queers

  • Diana Fussell
    Diana Fussell 3 months ago

    4 drinks in a 24hr period 😂😂😂😂 ya ok

  • Sebastian Naranjo
    Sebastian Naranjo 3 months ago

    Everybody no one can out drink a Mexican🤣🤣🤣

  • tmcke
    tmcke 3 months ago +2

    "if you drunk so much that you don't remember what happened or you've done things you later regret those are some of the warning signs you could have a problem." *cut to me every time I am drunk* yeah I may have a problem.

  • The_Og_HomeNugget
    The_Og_HomeNugget 3 months ago

    Don’t even have to watch the vid 2 know the answer


  • Hannana
    Hannana 3 months ago

    bro i think the girl zach made out with was maggie this was right around the time they started dating

    LILWRD 3 months ago +1

    how just eugebe not ge5 a hangover

  • Mike Pecoraa
    Mike Pecoraa 3 months ago

    So i know it is long after but it but with beer it is what beer u drink cause u could drink like 20 light beers vs like 50 belgium triple that is between like7.5 abv and up to like 10 percent or a beer that can be like 10-20 percent or a snake bite witch is 67.5 percent beer

  • Jpox Frod
    Jpox Frod 3 months ago

    Rubbing alcohol is the best in my opinion

  • Hrithik Joshi
    Hrithik Joshi 3 months ago

    Wine is fine whiskey is quicker ❤️

  • L S
    L S 3 months ago +2

    I love the queer power combo of Kelsey and Eugene

  • L S
    L S 3 months ago +1

    I know that different alcohols don't actually get you drunk differently but vodka is a boring drunk

  • Katie Villa
    Katie Villa 3 months ago +1


  • Lucas Lieu
    Lucas Lieu 3 months ago +5

    Eugene: I feel pretty great. No hangover at all.

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 3 months ago +1

    Eugene: *drinks more alcohol then
    other three try guys combined*
    Other try guys: *dont drink but loads of
    Other try guys: *are very hungover next
    Eugene: “I feel fine I’m just going to go

  • Stalin’s Soviet Frog
    Stalin’s Soviet Frog 3 months ago

    WHO SAID THAT VODKA SUCKS?! Blyat u vodka is da best drink ever

  • Marisel Schalck
    Marisel Schalck 3 months ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Zach made out with someone????

  • Relentless Ohio
    Relentless Ohio 3 months ago

    -Coming from an alcoholic who has been in rehab.

  • ben cuellar
    ben cuellar 3 months ago +1

    The one guy that kept disappearing was probably leaving to go puke. Next day, no hangover as usual LOL.

  • Pia Michelle
    Pia Michelle 4 months ago

    Haha Eugene can really hold his liquor, Eugene is the epitome of perfection

  • Izzy Anne
    Izzy Anne 4 months ago

    Lol. Everyone is rlly hungover and Eugene doesn’t feel a thing. 😂

  • Ben Hayward
    Ben Hayward 4 months ago

    So is 3 mouthfuls of whiskey and two beers healthy for a guy?