[SUBS]Theory Thursday: Changes Caused - BTS WINGS Short Films Theory/Explanation

  • Published on Sep 18, 2016
  • It's 3:33am. The book is only a theme. The book doesn't explain why they're mental patients so I didn't want to sit here and tell you about the book because I'm 99.99% that's what everyone else is doing lol. IT'S ONLY A THEME. Future music videos will explain more. I don't usualy do theories on teasers because it's rather pointless, but this was a bit different LOL. I want Jin to be alive even though it fits my theory that he's dead (ffs Big Hit, this is not what I wanted).
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  • Bambuś Berneńczyk
    Bambuś Berneńczyk 3 days ago

    13:57 wow so kind of you to mention cuz stupid me is watching this and 3:34 so thank you much respect 💜

  • lil peach
    lil peach 26 days ago

    i literally joined the fandom a few weeks ago. i'm scared what the fuck is this, can someone tell me where to start? like the story and stuff with these theories

  • Lina Bkn
    Lina Bkn 2 months ago


  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 2 months ago

    what was the white dog symbol?

  • G K
    G K 2 months ago +1

    Persona era is here
    But I'm still stuck in wings era even before eras ?😂😂

  • h. o. e.
    h. o. e. 2 months ago

    I cry whenever I remember this video.....

  • Alien from Taetae planet

    Can some one tell me what is butterfly effrct😕😕?

  • 땡땡
    땡땡 4 months ago

    I'm reading webtoon Save Me and my brain Hurts,I NEED HELP

  • Kids Town TV
    Kids Town TV 4 months ago

    I think he can't decide what to do to turn good or bad because if he looks on one side there are probably creatures encouraging him to be good and on the other hand its the opposite that's my theory

  • Endira Reeknauth
    Endira Reeknauth 4 months ago

    I understand but still this is confusing. Like are any of these incidents real or was this just made up. But i would just congradulate them for the themes and the mind exploding mystery.

  • Putri V
    Putri V 4 months ago

    Where is the Indonesia sub??😭😭😣😣

  • Nordin Yaacob
    Nordin Yaacob 4 months ago

    This video make me more confused

  • Alysia J
    Alysia J 5 months ago

    Don’t forget that some of the other members faces appeared during the ripples when Jin touched the portal thing! That was some crazy detail. And I would think it represents him going in to try and save his friends, maybe?

  • Radhika Sharma
    Radhika Sharma 6 months ago

    When i saw the i need you theory video... I thought you're crazy. But now i think i would've gone crazy if you didn't exist. Thank you, ally ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • borahae bangtan
    borahae bangtan 7 months ago

    I have a short theory in Jimins part in Lie could it be that he was representing how idol's live?They smile and act happy on camera but the other way around if the camera is not there?

  • JiminsJams •
    JiminsJams • 8 months ago

    Here's my theory lol it's kinda long so read with caution
    The next album is gonna be called "Moments of happiness" and it's probably gonna be a repackage album of all their old songs. What's gonna happen with the storyline is Jin will time travel once more, back before V killed his father, when Jimin was admitted to the hospital, when Yoongi tried to kill himself, when JHope started taking pills he didn't need, when Jungkook got hit by a car, when Namjoon was helping V vandalizing stuff. Back before Jin's love interest got hit by a car, before Jungkooks girl left, before V had to leave his girl, before Jimin hurt his girl, before JHope couldn't commit to his girl, before Namjoon couldn't tell her he liked her, before Yoongi lashed out at his girl and left. Back where it all started. HYYH. Where everything started. In all the videos that are apart of the BU storyline, there is some sort of relation back to HYYH. The new album will be a reflection of their youth. Jin has always been trying to figure out where he needs to turn back time in order to fix everything, he goes back before the car hit the girl, thinking that would fix everything. He fails. He goes back before Jungkook got hit by the car, he fails. He's always trying to find someway to fix everything. He goes back to random dates where everything went wrong, like back to when V killed his father, thinking it might fix it all. It never works. The video for Euphoria is one time that he went back and changed something that happened, he influenced Jungkook to go save Yoongi somehow while influencing JHope to leave Jimin to save Taehyung. He thought that worked, but it didn't. In the end something bad still happened, Jimin was all alone. All these time travels have caused a butterfly effect, which is why there are minor changes and connections between videos like the WINGS short films and the older HYYH videos. Both the WINGS videos and the HYYH videos look very very similar but there are minor changes to them, even with Prologue, the ending scene in Prologue changed because Jin turned back time to try and fix it all. This time, Jin's gonna go back to HYYH. In the Prologue video we see many things, like examples of V jumping off the platform. In prologue it's a little thing by a pool he jumps off of, like he's writing his own history. Like he is planning out his future. There are so many more examples of this in prologue. Like the ocean, and them running around on the beach. It's all examples of their future. Maybe Jin finally realizes that so he knows where to go back, where to fix it all. If he goes back before V jumps off the thing at an old abandoned pool, before Namjoon picks up vandalism, before all of that and tells them to do something else, maybe their future will be different, maybe everything will be okay and everyone will be happy. He believes that since he now loves himself, he can help the others. Maybe once he goes back he'll influence them to love themselves in hopes of rewriting their future. In The Highlight reel at the very end Jin says this "If we could turn back the clock where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can all our mistakes and errors be undone? Will happiness be ours to stay?" while he is saying this, clips from all their videos in the BU storyline start playing. Scenes from the WINGS short films, some from I NEED U, some from Run, and many others. But the thing is, the scenes are reversed. As if Jins going back in time. The last scene is one from HYYH. It's almost as if Jin thinks that if he goes all the way back to HYYH and stops all the bad things from happening there that it will all be fixed and that in the future everyone will be happy. But, it won't work. The butterfly effect comes into play, and minor details get changed once again, but fate still finds it's way to the boys. Another clip from the Highlight reel Jin says this "Though many seasons pass there are places that cannot be reached, yet another storm to be faced and to be weathered head on, loving without fear, hesitating and parting, merely living as the person I am." Which is his thought after going back in time to HYYH and after he realises that no matter what, the boys will go their own way, and they will meet the girls in the highlight reel, they'll love them without fear, they'll hesitate and part ways with the girls, then they'll love themselves. Once they love themselves they'll find their way back to each other, they'll become friends again, and they'll go back and look about the good times they had together on Jin's camcorder and they'll look at his polaroids. They'll go back to look at their "Moments of Happiness." This will be the time that they finally reflect on their youth, and the time that they learn that loving themselves way the key to it all along with letting time do it's own thing. Jin will realise that he never needed to time travel, that he never needed to dwell on the past and he'll put his time traveling powers to rest and he'll live in the moment. He'll learn not to dwell on the past, to live in the present, and not to worry about the future.

  • millie carrion
    millie carrion 9 months ago

    2years later and im still confused....

  • • Mochi Hyuna •
    • Mochi Hyuna • 9 months ago

    Can i just ask.
    Why im jhopes short film does he see Taehyungs scene from the other short film what does it mean

  • XxPastelFruitySaladPotatoGirlxX !

    It’s a butterfly affect maybe that’s why the albums is called


  • violetblack
    violetblack 9 months ago

    This is why I would never forget WINGS era.
    Also the time I became an ARMY.

  • Lily Barner
    Lily Barner 10 months ago

    You have a career in the FBI

  • Audrey Irwan
    Audrey Irwan 10 months ago

    that picture scares me and the picture is a combination of yoongi and jungkook

  • Plebwood YT x ARMY
    Plebwood YT x ARMY 10 months ago

    I almost cried but luckily a VLIVE ad came up to stop me crying, 😊

  • Alias Sea
    Alias Sea 10 months ago

    Seeing the description-The book is just the theme...JUST THE DAMN THEME

  • eXCusE mE?!
    eXCusE mE?! 10 months ago

    They really thought this through

  • Minerva Midnight
    Minerva Midnight 10 months ago

    I had a headache because of bts' theory now u explained alot but that gave me more headache...But thk u😍😰

  • Mazahir Mohammed
    Mazahir Mohammed 10 months ago

    I can understand math,chemistry and physics but not bts's theory 😧🙄... they are amazing... i cant express my feelings💔

  • Blue Paws
    Blue Paws 11 months ago

    If you pause and look at the the doctor is signing it says delusional thoughts

  • Shan
    Shan 11 months ago

    What if it's the other way around? What if Jin is the last one alive? The others fell prey to the evil, and now Jin is the only one left and he's gone insane, crazy, knowing his friends aren't there anymore. So he's constantly imagining, seeing situations that are not there, hallucinating, dizzy, etc. It's because he cannot handle the fact that his friends are gone. And he can't let it go, he can't fly, he can't be free because they aren't there anymore. His reason for life isn't there anymore.

  • Shan
    Shan 11 months ago

    For me, the puppy symbolizes the hope that V had knowing that RM cares about him and loves him, the puppy is RM. The fact that V lets the puppy go and he's locked up represents how he told the police officer that he did the vandalism alone. Maybe the fact that in the Wings short video, V is seen scratching off the graffiti alone, represents him creating a lie to the police that he didn't have anyone else with him. Even though in RUN, it was V and RM. V calls RM as an innocent friend to come bail him out but because of the guilt, RM succumbs to the alcohol and while he can subconsciously hear the phone ringing, he can't wake up. His body has given in to the alcohol and he lays there passed out, hearing this phone call that he can't answer. Hearing his friend's call for help, and he can't answer.

  • Corinna
    Corinna 11 months ago

    loved it

  • hwichiun
    hwichiun 11 months ago

    (Is the camera J-Hope?)
    i think the frick yes.
    *f a t y e s*
    (i have many more theories bUT IM LAZY)

  • *insert aesthetic username here*

    Wait what if 'No More Dream' is called No More Dream becuase they have to stop dreaming that Jin is still alive?

  • Ryuku Mochi
    Ryuku Mochi Year ago

    Hey this theory was great! But I think that when he says he can't fly he means he can't move on and leave the others

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumar Year ago


  • helin aras
    helin aras Year ago

    I just want to indicate to some thing i noticed
    There's a writing in RM video on the mirror and the same writing in Jin's video on the wall i translated it and it was " you need to stay alive " or "you have to survive"
    Hope it helps

  • imagine park
    imagine park Year ago +1

    Beynim yandı🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥ama bana Jin in şizofren olduğu ve diğer 6 üyenin onun alt kişiliği olduğuyla ilgili olan teori daha mantıklı gelmişti ancak iki teoriyi kafamda birleştirdiğimde daha heyecanlı bir teori oluştu. 🔥⚡

  • NamjoonsExpensiveGirl


  • Shiela Robles
    Shiela Robles Year ago

    12:06 suga's painting scared the crap out of me

  • B0612*Kim
    B0612*Kim Year ago

    Why was this such a sad, emotional, and weirdly inspirational video?

  • Saya Kazuhiko
    Saya Kazuhiko Year ago

    Or what if its actually the boys sins that killed Jin??
    Maybe Jin while making a deal with the devil (in blood sweat and tears) he was trying to wash away all their sins so they could go to heven in exchange Jin takes all their sins and now his soul is tortured and cant fly back to God because its so sinful
    In blood sweat and rears V has some devil's wings because he is the moat sinful one he had killed his father
    And then when Jin made the deal V's wings tore appart and all we can see is a wond thats healing
    So its like Jin was trying to protect his friends and help them wash away their sins
    That woild make more sens ao now the boys are hunted by Jin's death because they know they causes it ...

  • Saya Kazuhiko
    Saya Kazuhiko Year ago

    But what if Jin is really dead and he "can't fly" because his soul is actually trapped in this wold with his friends because they womt let go of his memory
    So its like the boys are suffring because they lost Jin but at the same time their actions are causing Jin's soul to suffer and he cant fly back to heaven .....

  • Jhope snatching weave And so is BTS

    I know one thing I am NEVER looking up mental hospital bed again

  • Katie Foley
    Katie Foley Year ago

    im really confused about all of this but i cant stop watching these theories oof

  • Beatriz Gomez
    Beatriz Gomez Year ago

    Tell me why the heck I started to cry. These theories are too much for me but I can’t stop.

  • Suzuya Juuzou
    Suzuya Juuzou Year ago +1

    A few of them definitely seem to be going insane.
    I would know.

  • Chatchatleen Tallean


  • Maddy Cox
    Maddy Cox Year ago

    did anyone else rage at the ads??

  • 100% Dead Inside
    100% Dead Inside Year ago

    from what i have collected, WINGS is not extremely interconnected with the overall story it takes more of a little arc in the story on a different subject, but yes is is connected to the story in ways. WINGS brings on new pairing between the members -- Jimin Yoongi, Jungkook Namjoon, Hoseok Taehyung-- and connects with the 'full' storyline, and also Demian which i have read some of. I'm not going to explain all of it but if you all want you can watch these theory videos that i support. (i am not saying this one is wrong im only saying that the connections i have gathered connect in different ways) wings pt 1-ru-clip.net/video/3NuxHwXcAZw/video.html wings pt 2-ru-clip.net/video/lahv_DNfjMA/video.html

  • Leila
    Leila Year ago

    Holy crap

  • bts & webtoons & swimming & music

    wow...i'm really new to bts but damn... there is still so much to learn about them. thisvideo really helps explain things. thank you!

  • Yui Komori
    Yui Komori Year ago

    so bascically jin is trying 2 break free from this alter illusion of being dead but the reason he cant comeback 2 life is cause his wings are broken 2 break free. jimin & j-hope have a bound b/w eachother jimin desperate thoughts abt j-hope is similar 2 j-hope getting flashbags abt thinking of jimin. Each bts members have a past history of their puberty of their folks rycycling back like heavy nigtmares from the past. cn u MAKE danger thursday theory 2 to explain the entire intro...

  • Lenny
    Lenny Year ago +1

    I love all of the theory videos, but it’s just so confusing.
    Glad I’m actually getting the hang of it though.

  • Jie Ning-Chan
    Jie Ning-Chan Year ago

    My english is so bad. Sometime i dont understand what are you explain about, hehe.

    BTS_ FUN BOYS Year ago

    I just ant to say if feel like this is connected to this game called life is strange because of the butterfly effect thing

  • Teach
    Teach Year ago

    Mind blown 🤯

  • Sindi Sahiti
    Sindi Sahiti Year ago

    This was amazing! 👌💙

  • cinnamon roll
    cinnamon roll Year ago

    i love the connection between jiminand j-hope in wings.
    it touches me everytime and i always cry becayse of it.
    i feel like they really loved each other (just like yoongi and kookie)
    also thank you so much for posting this theory, i agree with everything you said and i loved it.
    love youu~~

  • laraeee
    laraeee Year ago

    But you said when namjoon dropping the phone because he heard that taehyung said he killed his father (?)

  • Rene G
    Rene G Year ago

    Love your theories
    @14:49 this reminds me of a scene in an ambulance, the boys could be imitating how the ER people brought jin back. the canisters RM is holding looks like those drips with liquid that they connect to the patients. Maybe Jin attempted suicide and was then hospitalised brought to an asylum and isolated from the others , which is almost as if their friend died as they can't be with him.

  • Une Petite Louve
    Une Petite Louve Year ago

    I think Jin is actually in coma and do know how to get out. Die or live, or even if he can dies or lives.

  • Pepa Pig Is 7'1
    Pepa Pig Is 7'1 Year ago

    I knew that it was somewhat based off a book, because RM likees to read books.

  • Martha gultom
    Martha gultom Year ago

    maybe jin is a special boy....maybe thats why he is a room,some photoshoots/mvs he doesnt use shoes and he like to see around the room...its just my thinking though...but there might be a chance he died and he left his friends....IDK XD

    UWUJISUNG Year ago

    I was crying more then i ever did before :/

  • Trepe Around
    Trepe Around Year ago

    I love your theories. They’re so fresh and logical. Please please please continue, especially now that euphoria is out. Cheers!

  • Erwin Salasina
    Erwin Salasina Year ago

    I think Jin is in a Coma?

  • Multifandom Daebak Girl

    Just trying to understand the new part I've seen all this again, and I came to realize too late that in minute 13:19 in the wall, if you tap Abraxas on google and see a picture you'll see that the figure is really similar to the wall one

  • itscrystalclaire
    itscrystalclaire Year ago +1

    Literally that first scene when V lays next to the girl I replayed it like 10 times and each time I was like no.no.nO.NO.NO.NOOOOO

  • sarah yen
    sarah yen Year ago +1


  • Andri Sixx
    Andri Sixx Year ago +1

    Hi just saw your theory and im going to watch the rest later, but you should check out Second Breakfast Club theorys, i like both of yours, even if i didn't finished yours maybe you'll end with the same theory as her but i actually think her theory as more chance to be true because of the book of Demian. Her theory goes pretty well with the book's story so yep. If you have time check it out she did a good job !

  • S0lstice
    S0lstice Year ago +1

    These are so cool...This is all head canon for me now, that the boys live in this sort of dream-like, supernatural world with every action affecting the others in some way. The comparisons you did with the memories and the changes side by side was so cool...I especially got chills watching Jungkook's. It looked EXACTLY like that was the memory he was reliving. Loved it!!!
    Oh, and the music was so awesome. It fit perfectly. Serious, but also mysterious and almost dream-like.

  • Lee Cutie
    Lee Cutie Year ago

    Are all of this...Did they go the same path on the same effects of places?

  • Hey There, It's Z3R0

    It probably indicates that he can't bring himself to let go and move to the other side and when we see him lay down and (as you said) he seems to become delusional, he then rolls over on his side and appears to fall asleep.. That could mean that him walking into the light is a dream, just a desire of his he can't do. Maybe the lyrics "Maybe I, I can never fly" mean he can't but he really wants too.
    Lmao I probably sound stupid and it's probably explained later on in your other videos but this is what I think :)) also srry if I have any grammar mistakes, it's really late and I'm tired so I can't really proof read it properly..

  • -Sacha-
    -Sacha- Year ago

    Okay .. My brain is hurting .. GUYS ! THAT'S NOT NORMAL ! I think I need to take rest .. ;-;