These Events Will Happen In Asia Before 2050

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
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    So far on this channel, we’ve only ever talked about current or past events.
    Well not anymore, because this video is about the future. We’ll be covering the major events that will happen in Asia leading up to the year 2050. Of course, predicting such events is extremely difficult, but we can always give our best estimates based the information we currently have.
    We will cover the following:
    - Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
    - JAXA's Mercury mission
    - Japanese Emperor Akihito's abdication
    - Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower (tallest building in the world)
    - Transcontinental bridge from Middle East to Africa (Yemen to Djibouti / Saudi Arabia to Egypt) - the Bridge of Horns
    - Holographic TVs
    - Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020
    - UAE's Hope Probe to Mars + First city on Mars
    - Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
    - Rising sea levels affect Maldives (global warming)
    - China's large particle accelerator (twice the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN)
    - Southeast Asia unified by transport links (Sunda Strait Bridge & Malacca Strait Bridge)
    - Bangkok, Thailand is sinking
    - Borneo's rainforests will be wiped out at current rate of deforestation
    - Russia will become a global food superpower (melting permafrost and retreating ice caps opening up North Asia & Siberia for arable land (farming & crop production)
    - Japan connected to the mainland & Russia with Sakhalin-Hokkaido Tunnel
    - China's first astronauts on the moon
    - India's economic rise
    - Japan connected to mainland & South Korea with Japan-Korea Tunnel
    - Major volcanic eruption of Sakurajima
    - Decline in homosexual discrimination particularly Middle East
    - 100th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
    - Japan's population drops below 100 million due to low birth rate
    - Pakistan and India celebrate 100th anniversary of independence
    - One Country Two Systems agreement for Hong Kong & Macau expires
    - North Korea celebrates 100th anniversary of founding
    - Dead Sea drying up
    - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster will be successfully decommissioned
    - Biggest refugee crisis in history in Southeast Asia
    - Robots will be commonplace
    - Asia connected to the world via Bering Strait Bridge & Transglobal Highway

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  • Benjamin Generoso

    No undersea tunnel from luzon philippines to hongkong, china?

  • Jason Booore
    Jason Booore 3 days ago

    So basically Philippines is forever alone.

  • travel zap
    travel zap 7 days ago

    TravelZap was here 👍 November 29, 2019

  • perak empire gerik black death

    In 2060's malaysia and indonesia becomes as like brothers and together hold each other countries from trespassing out from another over countries..and also wouldn't be good mate.

  • Its me Justine Meow!

    Its now 2019

  • tristan entrey
    tristan entrey 11 days ago +3

    Isn’t it weird how you would say “The United States” but you wouldn’t say “The Russia” you would just say Russia

  • JulzCentral
    JulzCentral 13 days ago +1

    I was here in 2010s, anyone still watching this past the 2010s?

  • Savira Balamash
    Savira Balamash 15 days ago

    The makers of this video obviously didn't take in account if Trump gets reelected, a war with Iran is sure to happen and if Iran gets help from China and Russia its all out WW3.

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright 15 days ago

    He didn’t predict the hong Kong protests soooooo

  • Yoongles cute
    Yoongles cute 15 days ago

    But like Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia signed HOB which is heart of Borneo to protect the rainforest (?) or maybe I misunderstood social studies class

  • Maayong Aga
    Maayong Aga 15 days ago

    By 2050 I'm 6 ft under the ground and so does the video maker.
    What will happen to your country?

  • Spicy Man
    Spicy Man 18 days ago

    I’m not gay but gays aren’t bad because it is kind of stopping birth rate, so there would be less food for everyone

  • William Zhao
    William Zhao 18 days ago +1

    This isn't the future I hoped for... nor does "Back to the future"...

  • Sarita Dangwal
    Sarita Dangwal 18 days ago

    Soo China's urbanization is so advanced will they any trees

  • Zaina Rabah Mohamad
    Zaina Rabah Mohamad 18 days ago

    I live in Dubai

  • Norizan  Kamaruddin
    Norizan Kamaruddin 19 days ago

    2048 Israel will celebrate the 100th anniversary of their occupation of Palestine

  • Norizan  Kamaruddin
    Norizan Kamaruddin 19 days ago

    Before we have the capability to build city on Mars by 2117, we should have technology for building city beneath the sea first by 2026

  • Yowie
    Yowie 19 days ago

    I hope India becomes a developed economy by 2047 (100 years since Independence)
    But I highly doubt it will happen.

  • L.S. van Ahee
    L.S. van Ahee 19 days ago

    Plsss make one for Europe

  • afiq kashfi
    afiq kashfi 20 days ago

    pelaq israel..noob israel

  • Artie Hach
    Artie Hach 20 days ago

    Why on Earth would Japan want to connect to South Korea in 2019. Perhaps when SK grows up and becomes civilized!

    EZKATKA 20 days ago

    We will be called BOOMER in 2060

  • Jhon Louie Telan
    Jhon Louie Telan 23 days ago

    Who are you? A God? To predict what happen in the future? Haha whats your source?

  • Jhon Louie Telan
    Jhon Louie Telan 23 days ago

    Where do you these information's? Just like what you've done to your Prison Break? Kopyador.

  • Regin
    Regin 24 days ago

    In 2050 china will be the owner of all seas and island

  • PBJ_Exotic
    PBJ_Exotic 24 days ago

    I was here 12 November 2019 like and reply to remind me of this comment and video thank you

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 25 days ago +1

    일본해라니 미친

  • Your Pikachu
    Your Pikachu 26 days ago

    On future... the philippines will build "Pearl City"

  • SkinnerTheSuperIntendent

    By 2200 Androids will have transformed into machines with Tentacles and the United Nations is officially dissolved after their headquarters been nuked

  • ET Enter teen
    ET Enter teen 28 days ago

    Good video though
    Hard work is present.

  • Adibah K
    Adibah K 29 days ago

    Israel is not a country

    CRUCHYTHE DRAGON 29 days ago

    Is Malaysia here?

  • sk imtiaz
    sk imtiaz Month ago

    how are these assumptions made?

  • Saurabh Pandey
    Saurabh Pandey Month ago

    When you excel in many things but your overpopulation lands you a place on third world country list...
    *Sad Indian Noises*

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Month ago

    9:48 "sorry australia"

  • 어버이
    어버이 Month ago +3

    What will happen in 2050:

    The 2049 is over.

  • Leigh Plays
    Leigh Plays Month ago

    I'm from 2019 and the mission to mercury thing didn't happen

  • IceKing
    IceKing Month ago

    Transglobal highway **exists**
    Mr.beast: *I dROve frOm NorTh CarOLina To MoSCow*

  • phyo min thant
    phyo min thant Month ago

    Australia is left out. LOL

  • Kay_teeh
    Kay_teeh Month ago

    oh lord ill be like 62-64

  • Shuvam Roy
    Shuvam Roy Month ago

    Is he a time traveler?😂

  • Coggy
    Coggy Month ago +4

    Them: India will find an increase of 1.5 billion people
    Me: _stop having so many kids dang it_

  • Olivia Wilson
    Olivia Wilson Month ago

    u forgot something, there will be 20 mil trees planted in 2020! Donate to #TeamTrees to help our environment! (forgot this was Asian events not American... I left this comment here instead of deleting it so people can donate to team trees.)

  • AkioPlayz AKA BurbPlayz

    I was here 2019 reply what happened

  • Vishn S
    Vishn S Month ago +1

    2050 still we will not be able to play gta v on mobile

  • dmerritt4ever
    dmerritt4ever Month ago +2

    as i watch this video, a meteor hits the earth and wipes out all life

  • Clanktitan 2000
    Clanktitan 2000 Month ago +1

    4:27 I don't understand why you just put a scaled-up graphic of tall buildings in Shanghai as buildings that will surpass the Burj Khalifa and Jeddah tower

  • The FBI
    The FBI Month ago

    the sad thing is climate change and animals getting extinct. we’ll probably be dying at that point (honestly i’d rather not be alive at 2050, even if that means dying in my 40’s)

    • 1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3
      1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3 Month ago

      You accepting death i cant even think what i need to do to be satisfied.i want to help my mother find my father and travel the whole world

    • 1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3
      1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3 Month ago

      Howbold are you now

  • Xayn
    Xayn Month ago

    I hope all of this will happen

  • Seven DeadlyPumpkins

    2024 nuclear war

  • Avinash Jain
    Avinash Jain Month ago

    Hago ads are so bad, so bad.

  • Default Maestro
    Default Maestro Month ago

    Please.. as long our countries doesn"t connect. with North Korea we would not face any problem at all

  • ML DaveyPlays
    ML DaveyPlays Month ago

    In 2050:there will be vr with ULTRA GRAPHICS

  • Gemini June
    Gemini June Month ago

    I am actually sad for our future. I don't completely agree with A.I technology since watching movies like I Robot and stuff. I'm already just imagining my parent's childhood world and how much I just want to go in that time.

    • 1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3
      1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3 Month ago


    • Gemini June
      Gemini June Month ago

      @1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3 15

    • 1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3
      1 0ri9 Br4H Pr0m1s3 Month ago

      Oh my so true. before having fun with no phones is normal now its almost impossible socializing
      And also how old are you? So i can count your age

  • Sensei
    Sensei Month ago

    Everything will be disappearing 😥

  • RKV Kanyan
    RKV Kanyan Month ago

    8:43 are you telling us that taking other nation's land & life resources considered independence O_o read the history

  • wadavivi
    wadavivi Month ago

    So nothing on Africa.. 🥺

  • itz_ unlucky.gacha.gamer

    What about the philippines ? forgot dont u well its nobody comes in the philippines anymore...........WHY! 😭😭😭

  • Fabian Brown
    Fabian Brown Month ago

    7:17 *2038 we will see a Large expansion of the "death penalty" (God's willing)*

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Month ago

    If I could drive to japan that would be the craziest shit ever