PART TWO: Don’t Diss My Sis: We Talk About Why We Talk About Race

  • Real fam, have you ever had to defend one of your friends against a diss?

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  • L R13
    L R13 Day ago

    I love jeannie, Tamara, and Adrienne on the show. I wish I could say the same about the other 2 girls

  • Trish
    Trish 3 days ago

    For Amanda to play an imaginary violin and disregarding the comment as a pathetic joke is all the evidence you need that her degree is actually useless. In actual fact she's closed minded and could never have a conversation with different minds. This is why she surrounds herself with like minded people because in reality she's weak. And that's why she tries to put out a strong persona to compensate. Can't take criticism, so ends up pulling a funny face and making it a joke. Well done Amanda, we now see who you really are.✌🏼

  • Trish
    Trish 3 days ago

    I want y'all to listen carefully to Loni and Amanda's reply to the race comment.
    This is the difference between someone who just speaks to speak, and someone who has an intellectual and NECESSARY point and conversation to have. (Even though Amanda missed the point, or refused to hear the point. )
    No hate to Loni, I love her. She has many great qualities. But her conversation needs to be thought out and necessary so that she doesnt come across as some 2 year old throwing a tantrum with no real point made. Loni all of a sudden (ever since A joined) thinks she's an expert about racial issues when really she's just a loud mouthed bully sometimes. Just because you black doesn't mean your other co-stars have no right to speak.
    Also for Amanda to play an imaginary violin and disregarding the comment as a pathetic joke is all the evidence you need that her degree is actually useless. In actual fact shes closed minded and could never have a conversation with different minds. This is why she surrounds herself with like minded people because in reality she's weak. And that's why she tries to put out a strong persona to compensate. Cant take criticism, so ends up pulling a funny face and making it a joke. Well done Amanda, we now see who you really are.✌🏼
    Sorry not sorry.

  • Savannah Moreno
    Savannah Moreno 4 days ago

    Why does it has to be considered a “diss” though? The real has talked about race issues from time to time and I feel like it had to be said but ever since Amanda has came on the show she somehow makes it a “race issue”. What was said was true and a majority of your fans feel the same way. I really do love the real and I love that there are so many diverse women on the panel but I stand with the fan on this one.

  • Daija Crismas-Huggins

    I don’t have a problem listening to race discussion and actually like listening but do not like listening to Amanda. She gives me anxiety always getting so heated.

  • DeeDee Mac
    DeeDee Mac 8 days ago

    The hate these ladies get (especially Amanda and Loni) is realllll suspect. 👀 Y'all looking real privileged and prejudice in these comments. The ladies should be able to discuss identity when giving their perspectives without ridicule. Our race, class, and gender identity is central to most (if not all) of our life experiences. Keep up the good work ladies!

  • Nina Sue
    Nina Sue 12 days ago

    I don't mind hearing about racial issues. I was wondering, could y'all talk about native Americans? Why not have a native on the show and get their take on life in modern day America?

  • Maryam H
    Maryam H 12 days ago

    Meanwhile, there is no middle eastern representation at all 🙃 maybe one day they’ll allow a middle eastern perspective on a talkshow, I’d like to see myself represented too

  • Tea Baggins
    Tea Baggins 12 days ago

    I kinda agree with the last comment, maybe they need to tone it down and not talk about race when it’s unnecessary

    WEDDINGS WITH BELLES 13 days ago

    I like Amanda.

  • Vodka Lime Soda
    Vodka Lime Soda 15 days ago

    As a white man, I love watching this show PRECISELY because it is women of colour talking about issues that effect them, things I may not ever have considered. This show is such a learning experience for non women of colour, this show should be applauded for giving the platform that for decades has be restricted from them.

  • Her Though
    Her Though 15 days ago

    Everyone’s coming for them because we keep telling them what WE FEEL...

  • Her Though
    Her Though 15 days ago

    They won’t listen to the audience lol .... we get it but yikes

  • Kyra
    Kyra 19 days ago

    I feel like the comments really bully Loni now for no reason. She’s just a woman giving her experiences and opinions like everyone else on the panel. And unlike everyone else’s shade comments that were light and funny, the one they chose to post as Loni’s was absolutely mean. It was bullying. The producers were wrong to have the other ladies “shade” comments be light and then throw a whole tree at Loni. I don’t like it

  • snickle fritz
    snickle fritz 23 days ago

    Im so glad someone had that comment approved. Amanda does make everything about race. I have a feeling like this show is going to go down in ratings. Amanda doesn't bring anything to this table of women. For that comment to bother loni the way it did just goes to show that its the truth.

  • E O
    E O 24 days ago

    I’m black and even majored in Black studies. Something I noticed in my university was that people in my major were so engulfed in critiquing racial injustices that they were on permanent defense mode. Everything was an attack. They were good in race topics but lacked insight on anything else and would just drag convos back to race just so they sounded smart. (Thank God I double-majored.)
    Amanda does the same thing. Loni might be loud and wrong a lot but she can hold nuanced conversations. Amanda cannot. I would like to see her leave. She was ok as a guest host but she brings the energy & chemistry of the show down.

  • Gina Kyriakopoulos
    Gina Kyriakopoulos 24 days ago

    In order for racism to go away people need to stop enlightening it!!

  • Bella White
    Bella White 24 days ago

    Jannie the thing I love about you is you’re not afraid to stand up for things that you feel is right and I love you for that,, you give people a voice when they can’t speak. Adrienne you hair and skin is so beautiful I wish I could have your skin cause you look sting every time. I just love watching your show on RU-clip they really inspire me and I love you all and keep going what you’re going

  • Bella White
    Bella White 24 days ago

    Tamara something I feel like I contact with you on is owe skin tones as a light skinned black Woman I was told you’re to white to be black oh you aboriginal would have never picked that,,,, Italian for sure, aboriginal no way

  • Bella White
    Bella White 24 days ago

    Lani I love you and all the things you talk about it’s your mouth and you can what ever the hell you want to and Amanda girl you just recently came on this and I already love you got.... Tamara something I connedConnect

  • Leena
    Leena 27 days ago

    This show is wack y’all have this platform and don’t use it right. Making black people look bitter and racist. And misleading Christians into thinking everything is ok.

  • Leena
    Leena 27 days ago

    I’m black and I agree with the race comment. Y’all are weird with that victim mindset. Yes racism exists and it’s not ok. But not everything is racist

  • Nikole Linares
    Nikole Linares Month ago

    This show should NEVER stop talking about race or racism in this country. Yes - I agree with that. But WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT & WHEN THE TOPIC CALLS FOR IT. Not all topics are the same. Learn the difference.

  • ayan Nuur
    ayan Nuur Month ago

    Yessss stop making everything about race!!!!! And it's not two damn minutes, it's almost every damn show! For fucks sake...not everything is not about race and I'm black too so don't @ me!

  • Mutchy Chutchy
    Mutchy Chutchy Month ago

    Bahahaha ok i love hearing about race issues, but what i don’t like is when Loni makes herself out to be blacker then Tamera. Skin colour doesn’t determine your lived experience. The darkest women in the world could have been raised in the white privilege of foster parents. Firstly Loni you don’t speak your native tongue nor do you practice their customs. Secondly racism is not only directed towards black people, it doesn’t discriminate against race. White is a colour so I’m order to have a completely unbiased panel there should be a caucasian in the mix. Its about getting all perspectives. Tamera as mixed race has the ability to shared her lived experience in both the black community and the white community. So, yeah, women of colour doesn’t translate as black women. The struggle is real i know i am also indigenous with a dark skinned father and a light skinned mother. I am fare skinned but i live fully in my Māori culture. I am one of the few who speak my native tongue and practice our customs. So i would “go native” (go cray cray) at any dark skinned Māori who tried to deny my right to speak on behalf of my culture.

  • Ikran Ali
    Ikran Ali Month ago

    For many fucking decades yall (white people) have been doing the segregating and dividing...Now if we ppl of color wanna talk about race its yalls turn to do the listening.

  • James
    James Month ago

    Finally a comment that actually needs addressing cause they do turn the convo all the time.

  • Spooktown Edho
    Spooktown Edho Month ago

    Amanda is a cancer??? That explains it

  • Alexandra Parker
    Alexandra Parker Month ago

    The producers were sending them a message lol

  • kawaiikrew1
    kawaiikrew1 Month ago

    They keep preaching about how important it is to listen to each other but Amanda & Loni are unable to listen to anyone else's perspective. If another perspective does not 100% align with their views they interrupt and start talking over people, roll their eyes, or make faces while the other hosts are speaking.

    They claim this show is a place for "women of color" but Amanda & Loni only focus on the African American experience and make no effort to be inclusive of the experience of other cultures.

  • Selena Dominguez
    Selena Dominguez Month ago

    I love Amanda's jacket😍 Wish I could find it online😔 It's soooo pretty!

  • Maxine Black
    Maxine Black Month ago

    Great to see matters of race and racism being discussed! Haters will hate! Whilst the rest of f us will applause and appreciate!!!!

  • Bouahome Paphatsalang

    CANCER yesss!!!

  • Ricky B
    Ricky B Month ago +1

    To be honest she do turn everything to race

  • Edith Santana
    Edith Santana Month ago +1

    I don’t mind hearing about race issues my issue with that is that you don’t only have black women there on the show there’s a Latina women and a asian women and every time they even try to express there issues it’s never as big of a deal as a black person problem 🙄

  • Edith Santana
    Edith Santana Month ago

    You could tell Adrian did not want to read this comment they look on her face said it all

  • Tasha Summers
    Tasha Summers Month ago

    Them producers shady AF

  • Crohn’s Disease Colostomy Ileostomy Bag

    #5!!! Out of 7 clips today! If you don’t know what I’m talking about go to my original comment earlier! I have decided to count the number of times this REAL show or GIRL CHAT use the racism card SMFH... they talk racism on their B’SH!T platform but I don’t see a white persons Perspective in this show. This tells me that our response/opinion isn’t needed because they apparently know how I think and feel, but we have to listen to them bash the white community!!! Wow 😮 well done ladies! By the way I would like to know if you guys read these comments? There is a LOT!!! Of POC that absolutely agree how you turn anything into racism yet you all maintain that you’re not about racism? 🤥 And then there’s Tamara 😂 a person of God/Jesus and then openly admits to lying to her kids! But when the rest of the panel disagrees she then judges them? I’m so confused, I thought church people didn’t judge? Or can they change and judge people but then go to church and say sorry?? What a load of crap!!!! I’m going to keep counting from today on and we’ll see how far I get very quickly! Lmao 😂 go ladies attack another person and then race because that’s why we are all here, we know it won’t be long 🤬

  • Simply Sofie
    Simply Sofie Month ago

    Low key want Tamar back . Amanda’s energy is too negative for me

  • Khali N
    Khali N Month ago

    Can both points of view be right? I can understand how it could be draining to hear about race all the time. However, this is one show, compared to all the shows on TV that are in existence, how many actually give a voice to this experience? They are giving voice to an experience that is dismissed and often overlooked b/c it makes people uncomfortable and people watch tv to
    Be entertained. I think Amanda makes people uncomfortable because she is a beautiful woman who is unapologetic about her perspective and has the education and communication skills to support
    It. I find that funny we want to label her arrogant and blame her for creating a divide between the show and the viewers. Is she really that powerful! Lol They are being authentic to their experience. We don’t have to like everyone on the show, after all their are 3 other host you can tune in to enjoy. This is what diverse opinions actually look like! It’s what the world looks like. Different perspectives and personalities. Some we agree with and some we don’t. For many of you, you haven’t had to be in spaces and entertain people’s opinions that made you uncomfortable. However, this is what makes the show live up to its name sake...The Real is keeping it real

  • princesspoopsie1995

    So can you all put maybe an Indian co-host on this show?

  • ZeldasFinalFantasy
    ZeldasFinalFantasy Month ago +1

    Imagine if Loni had her own show? All she’d talk about is race and being fat. Hell no

  • The Risk-Gay podcast

    @loni your time is getting cut short girl 👀👀👀

  • estrella3460
    estrella3460 Month ago

    Loni and her bitterness.. lmao.. she don’t like to hear other people’s opinions.. that’s crazy to me.. this show is simply not the same.. over it!

  • Kaitlyn Kenley
    Kaitlyn Kenley Month ago

    I think it’s cool to talk about racism and all but it’s completely one sided. They only discuss racism towards blacks as if they are the only ones who deal with racism when they aren’t.

  • Nana Esi O. Nyarkoh

    Lol why don't the producers pull out some of the top comments from this video next time 😂 why go for the subtle comments that have little effect?

  • Louisa Yu
    Louisa Yu Month ago

    I was such a huge fan of the show up till recently they’ve seemed to make a lot of topics into race when it’s not about race. I watch it quite a lot less these days due to the frustration with this issue. I think the table can really use someone like Jada Pinket Smith. She’s a great listener. Always open to listen and learn. She’s super wise and knowledgeable. She does her research about different topics she talk about. I find Amanda very defensive and aggressive at the same time. I’m all about important topics being discussed but I miss the positive constructive lessons this show used to bring.

  • Duds
    Duds Month ago

    Loni is so defensive. Relaxxxxx!!!

  • LitGirlablaZe
    LitGirlablaZe Month ago

    She’s right though, I thought this show was about women of color. People need to realize race issues (good or bad) exist in everyday of a minority woman’s life. Just so you guys know.

  • Teyana Smith
    Teyana Smith Month ago

    I honestly like the way they address the issue ! I mean to some extent I do think loni does make everything about race but you gotta consider a few variables for that. One being the generation in which she grew up in. What was happening during that period & how it still carries into today’s time. Unfortunately talking about certain topics does make people uncomfortable but with discomfort should encourage change in disposition!

  • aylabrown79
    aylabrown79 Month ago +1

    I hate how Tamera always excludes herself from black tall as if she isn’t black & society doesn’t see her as a black woman.

  • Stanford Blondes
    Stanford Blondes Month ago

    Remove Amanda, get Tamar back on.

  • Hailey Fortson
    Hailey Fortson Month ago

    GUYS! LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH!! Look at what we’re doing!!!!! Be open minded & loving. You only know your experience!!! Sending you high vibrations🙏🏼🌙

  • Giggles1202
    Giggles1202 Month ago

    Race is prevalent in my everyday life so YES! talk abt it. If it makes you uncomfortable than that is a clear indication that you need to check yourself. This country's make up is built on race, a system that shows itself in many forms. From privilege to supremacy. And when we speak up it's "whoa its me" no need to tip toe on a topic that's prevalent in EVERY DAY LIFE! 🗣on it ladies!

  • nicole brown
    nicole brown Month ago

    White ppl do it EVERYDAY so why cant we? Every topic revolves back on race i mean how cant it?

  • nicole brown
    nicole brown Month ago

    Seriously tho if u think EVERYTHING is not about race..u are the prob....EVERYDAY is a race thing for me so stfu i want the topic on green light at ALL TIMES

  • Ruby Houston
    Ruby Houston Month ago

    It really gets me when a light skinned person talks about race when they haven't gone through have the things a brown or dark skinned black person has. They need to shut up and stop perpetrating. Amanda is not a good addition to the show and they need to show Loni the door.

  • tee white
    tee white Month ago

    I love Amanda's response here

  • Marie Lowman
    Marie Lowman Month ago

    Also you can't just say racism exists because it exists of course it exists in very small cases. Hollywood and the Democratic party are brainwashing the minds of people to believe that there is so much racism in the United States when they have no statistical proof of it. Hollywood wants to drum up false claim but you want to know some facts? In America a black unarmed men has a lesser of a chance of being shot by a police officer than being struck by lightning. More white men are shot by cops every year than black men. You can argue with me if you want to but these are facts not my opinion. Also one more thing to add you cannot use your voice and say that you are speaking on behalf of others when you do not know their experiences. You are a privileged woman that lives in Hollywood so I'm so confused on why you think you can speak on peoples experiences?

  • Marie Lowman
    Marie Lowman Month ago

    I really want you guys to have Candace Owen on a black conservative with different views than you guys. I've heard in another video you guys talking about slavery and how that is affected the black community when in fact it never has affected the black community in today's society because no one today has lived through slavery. The people actually live through slavery are victims but you are not a victim of slavery. I know the slavery doesn't pertain specifically to this video but it does pertain to another video they have posted. The Democratic party needs to stop playing the victim card.

  • ChefTone85
    ChefTone85 Month ago

    You can believe that producers are definitely keeping watch on our comments and veiws.. this will either be the last season or there will be a shift in host yet again.. and i cant wait. We all know the two who need to go.. starting with Lonnie

  • Roberta Lee
    Roberta Lee Month ago

    I was just thinking the same thing, watching a few of The Real's videos. Loni always finds a way to turn any issue into a black issue. If you don't want everyone to be racist, then don't keep pointing to race. I don't even think about it until Loni starts pointing it out.

  • Miracle C.
    Miracle C. Month ago

    Loni has become that person who only fights when they feel they have back up, Amanda it's true most folks can only take you in SMALL doses. I used to watch the show faithfully but not so much only because the narrative has become more about race than other issues ALL women face. Sorta kinda one sided 🙄

  • Tash Velez
    Tash Velez Month ago

    I'm living for Amanda's makeup today and how it matches her outfit. I wish I could see the entire outfit tho.

  • Di N
    Di N Month ago

    Thank god for that tweet for Loni and Amanda. It’s true tho!

  • Browneyedgirl_212
    Browneyedgirl_212 Month ago +1

    Loni’s reaction just proves that commenters point.... 😒

  • Brandy Cameron
    Brandy Cameron Month ago

    Comments are for generalization not justification.
    No one is right or wrong ,positive or negative here .

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster Month ago

    The thing is there is more than one race... all you hear about is only black or darker skinned people and race, but there is soo much more and not everything is race related. That was the point of the comment. There are wayyyy too many topics where it has nothing to do with race but thats all you hear. Im against racism and i have a big blended family but come on not everything is about race.

  • Robo Bitch
    Robo Bitch Month ago +1

    if you have a problem, stop watching the show, it's that easy lmfao

  • _.melyxedits._
    _.melyxedits._ Month ago

    Srry But like I’m on Loni and A seal side Like damn if y’all don’t like it just don’t watch it’s that simple (And I didn’t miss the point) When they bring Race into it that’s there way of getting there point through but y’all just don’t even pay attention fully to it y’all just hear them say sum about race and just stop listening 😒🙄(DONT @ me

  • Roena Skates
    Roena Skates Month ago +1

    They can Cancel this Racist Show! Jeannie and Adrienne can go to the White People they love so much to give them a job!😣 Black People were not placed on this Earth as something you screw in the bed and outside of that we are nothing to you people!😣

  • Jordan Daniels
    Jordan Daniels Month ago

    They missed the whole point though😂 they bring up race when race has NOTHING to do with a situation. The jillian michaels situation. Amanda said “she has a black daughter” like oookkk what that got to do with her being big

  • Bambii Xx
    Bambii Xx Month ago +1

    Tam tam got real quiet - 🤭☠️

  • Lacey Jane
    Lacey Jane Month ago +1

    Loni looks so beautiful. I love this outfit and her hair make up everything. 😍

  • Kairo
    Kairo Month ago +5

    The person had a point. They don't even talk about race, they just blame black men and ignore problems faced by Asians, Latin Americans and people from mixed heritage.

  • mechelle arteaga
    mechelle arteaga Month ago +1

    I love the way Amanda was speaking of listening to other people's perspective. Although they were very dismissive of the question. Lmao

  • mechelle arteaga
    mechelle arteaga Month ago

    Did loni just say this show is based on women of color? When they are constantly preaching to just see people as people stop judging people on the color of their skin.
    Well everyone needs to do that. No matter what color your skin in. They shut that comment down before even discussing it. They speak about being transparent and listening to new view points. But I guess it only counts if they are doing the criticizing. They should do more listening.

  • Takirah Best
    Takirah Best 2 months ago

    The girl is just speaking her truth... Y'all are used to the rest of the real cast sugar coating touchy topics.... So someone that unapologetically states her opinions can feel a bit much to y'all...

  • KC Roeder
    KC Roeder 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, read the comments. There’s a time and place to talk about race. Not every single situation is about race, but y’all MAKE it about race. Which is so annoying! Maybe you guys should diversify the panel a bit to get other people’s experience as well. Let me guess, you won’t do that though. Lol

  • Nancy Salgado
    Nancy Salgado 2 months ago

    They really hone in on black issues but those aren’t the only issues out there. As a Latina, I have experienced racism and discrimination for the language that I speak and where I come from. We are also seen in a negative light, the US looked at people from the Caribbean (Cubans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Jamaicans,etc) as savage, uncultured people. We still see this today. Just because you’re a diverse panel doesn’t mean you speak on diverse issues.