Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.

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  • ομοφυλόφιλος boa

    Yang Gand 2020 anyone

  • Jonny M
    Jonny M 3 hours ago +1

    I wonder if Bernie is alluding to Rothschild types when he talks about the richest of the rich who hoarse their money in the trillions in offshore accounts. This man seems to genuinely have the general public’s best interest at heart. He’s had time to sell out yet he still speaks truth

  • John
    John 3 hours ago +3

    If you want Bernie to win, share this with people you know. Bonus points if they aren't registered to vote. He needs our help.

  • Aminal Studios
    Aminal Studios 3 hours ago +2

    A few big differences between Warren & Bernie: Bernie has been committed to Medicare for All from the beginning. Warren only recently declared she is fully supportive of Medicare for all. Unlike Warren, Bernie is committed to small donor fundraising even in the General election. Warren has said she would only do small donor fundraising in the Primary, so Bernie won't feel any sort of pressure to bend on his policy stances once elected. Warren originally planned on voting for Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing, but then flip flopped when she was criticized. Warren worked with republicans to repeal the 'Medical Device Tax' which would have helped defund the ACA, in order to appease the Medical Device Industry in her state. Unlike Warren, Bernie has a long history of progressivism dating back to the 60s. Warren was a staunch Republican up until the late 90s. Bernie has also been one of the longest serving members of congress, he was a mayor in Vermont, and has a lot of experience in governance compared to Warren. Warren voted twice to increase the Military budget brought forth under Pres. Trump, which appropriated over $81Billion for purchase of Aircraft, Weapons, Missiles, and Combat Vehicles. On top of that it appropriated several Billion dollars toward other parts of the DoD. Bernie wants to cancel all student debt, Warren wants to implement a means-tested solution. A Means-tested program will likely further split people into the "haves" vs. "have-nots" and are easier to attack, dismantle, and weaken. Take a means-tested program like Welfare vs a universal program like Social Security as an example. Welfare is very unpopular whereas Social Security is very popular. Why the Differences Between Sanders and Warren Matter That Time Warren Cheered Trump. Well, this was disappointing... Elizabeth Warren gives standing ovation to Trump's promise that "America will never be a socialist country." Elizabeth Warren hates money in politics, keeps taking campaign donations from rich lobbyists and corporate executives Elizabeth Warren ripped Joe Biden’s big Philly fund-raiser. Last year, she did an event with some of the same rich donors. Leftover PAC money funneled into Warren's campaign Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Turned To A Big Donor To Pay For The DNC Voter Database, Despite Her Fundraising Pledge Despite Fundraising Pledge, Elizabeth Warren Turns To Multi-Million Dollar Democratic Donor Dem front-runners [Biden, Harris, Warren] cash in on slippery definition of lobbying Here are the federal lobbyists who have funded Elizabeth Warren, despite her pledge to reject such money Elizabeth Warren's 'big money' rejection doesn't apply to general Warren’s Top Donors Include Individuals From Firms That Represent Corporations: Received hundreds of thousands of dollars from individuals in securities and investments; Wall Street lawyers Why Wall Street prefers Warren to Sanders Warren has a plan for Wall Street - and Wall Street isn’t panicking Wall Street Sees Elizabeth Warren as ‘Acceptable Alternative’ to Bernie Sanders Why Does Wall Street Suddenly Find Elizabeth Warren Acceptable? Dow breast implant case spotlights Elizabeth Warren’s work helping big corporations navigate bankruptcies When Elizabeth Warren Agreed With Betsy DeVos: How the heterodox professor became a predictable candidate Elizabeth Warren Hints That She Would Accept Middle Ground on Medicare for All Elizabeth Warren Falsely Claims She Endorsed Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive Elizabeth Warren on War and Peace. Warren’s troubling foreign policy history includes uncritical support of Israel, supporting sanctions on Venezuela, and vilifying Russia and China as national security threats. Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Shelling Of Gaza Schools Elizabeth Warren says killing Palestinian civilians is ‘the last thing Israel wants’ Elizabeth Warren Votes for Massive Increase of War Budget Elizabeth Warren Can and Should Do Better on Foreign Policy Elizabeth Warren just failed to stand up for Native Americans Native American Sovereignty Is Under Attack. Here’s How Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test Hurt Our Struggle. Elizabeth Warren Has Spent Her Adult Life Repeating A Lie. I Want Her To Tell The Truth. Elizabeth Warren’s Shameful Exploitation of Standing Rock Victory She's got a (borrowed) plan for that: The media myth of Elizabeth Warren the wonk Why Elizabeth Warren is the Biggest Fauxgressive of All “Liz Was a Diehard Conservative” Warren, Biden Campaigns Appear to Find Loophole Around Paid Internships Warren Fellowship Applicants: Campaign Program Was a ‘Great Scam’ In 2016 Elizabeth Warren endorsed centrist candidate Hillary Clinton over progressive Bernie Sanders

    • upnorthgirl
      upnorthgirl 3 hours ago +1

      ✊Knowledge is power, thank you. 🤟

  • Jared Bly
    Jared Bly 5 hours ago +2

    the only grandpa that I listen to

  • Filmaker25
    Filmaker25 5 hours ago +2

    First , many I golf with have their own medical practices: Oral surgeon, plastic surgeon and so on . We have discussions about healthcare and I always agree with them; if everyone has a way to pay their medical bills ...that helps those too in the medical proffession. Second, I'm happy to have a professional degree but what about those with no degree struggling to pay for college? Bernie has some good ideas. I went to UCLA, however I had a Scholarship , thankfully! Without a degree you don't have many choices in life . If you get lucky you start at $75k-$100k a year with a professional degree , with benefits!

  • Joe Engelbird
    Joe Engelbird 6 hours ago

    Hey Bernie they didn’t make the laws....... you did. How long have you been in office?

  • Joe Engelbird
    Joe Engelbird 6 hours ago

    Is it reasonable to you when Bernie says “We put pressure on the and they did the right thing”. That’s your government strong arming private corporations to do something. Is that reasonable? If you think so then your next!

  • Joe Engelbird
    Joe Engelbird 6 hours ago

    So Bernie “sounds” reasonable? Remember that he is still advocating for the government to be the sole solution to every problem. That is not reasonable.

  • wyatt hatch
    wyatt hatch 6 hours ago

    I really wish he would change his tune on gun control so I could vote for him...

  • Beyond Translation
    Beyond Translation 7 hours ago +2

    Of course we consider Bernie the furthest left candidate. However you could make the the case that he is the most centered candidate. Not an an establishment centrist, like Biden, but centered in the fact that each of his policies are deeply popular, and are centered among american voters. Both Democrats and Republicans voters overwhelmingly support Medicare for All, A living wage, social security, the green new deal, legalizing marijuana, infrastructure and ending the wars.. The media would have us believe these are pie in the sky far left proposals, but in reality it is exactly what the majority of the American people want.

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 8 hours ago

    The new secret for making it through presidential debates:
    Be a master at 1 liners to save time on responses.

  • Håkon
    Håkon 8 hours ago +4

    How glad i am that i live in Norway.
    Hoper Bernie wins next election.

  • Gavin Yates
    Gavin Yates 8 hours ago +3

    Bernie has balls he doesn't like greedy billionaires but Trump doesn't say a word. There's too much billionaire greed now.

  • Mikko Lappalainen
    Mikko Lappalainen 9 hours ago

    Get donald trump in joe rogan show

  • Johnthicc
    Johnthicc 10 hours ago +3

    Thank you Joe for letting Bernie speak

  • Finder Outer
    Finder Outer 11 hours ago

    He'll never be president

  • Ed McLaughlin
    Ed McLaughlin 12 hours ago +1

    The climate is NOT going to be irreparably damaged in 12 years and he KNOWS it. This guy is an intelligent human being that cares about America. I wish he would deal with all the issues truthfully.

  • Ian Templeton
    Ian Templeton 12 hours ago +1

    He's still crazy

  • Tobias
    Tobias 12 hours ago

    I think why bernie sanders talks to this drug dealer?

  • Tobias
    Tobias 12 hours ago

    Anyway i might just state that DMT just gave you Tinnitus. This does not mean that something got really damaged physically in the ear but at least the chemistry got f* up and lead to a permanent Tinnitus. So actually, from all the reports, DMT isn't that safe drug as a lot of people state.

  • Tobias
    Tobias 12 hours ago

    Anyway i might just state that DMT just gave you Tinnitus. This does not mean that something got really damaged physically in the ear but at least the chemistry got f* up and lead to a permanent Tinnitus. So actually, from all the reports, DMT isn't that safe drug as a lot of people state.

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry 17 hours ago +1

    Bernie is a communist, his ideas will sound great to fools who can't open a history book.

  • gcxred4kat9
    gcxred4kat9 17 hours ago +1

    Socialist dickhead! Sitting on your ass expecting free shit isn't American!!! The economy's great, get off your ass and go get a job!!!!!!!!!

    • Nackdad
      Nackdad 9 hours ago

      None of it is free. It's paid for with taxes that get taken out of our checks.

    • Robbie Mcholland
      Robbie Mcholland 9 hours ago +1

      What do you mean get a job? He probably made more money In the last week than you have in your life.

  • Kaylee Abeyta
    Kaylee Abeyta 19 hours ago +9

    It makes me so beyond happy seeing how many people like Bernie or have listened to him and gave him a chance.. but how many people in this comment section will actually go out and vote and make bernie the democratic candidate? That’s where the change begins

  • Mytiske Kriger
    Mytiske Kriger 21 hour ago

    Alright. So the VA operates 152 hospitals and some 1400 clinics on a federal budget of just under $200 billion. If you completely scrapped Medicare and Medicaid and used all of that budget to run a civilian equivalent of the VA (assuming a 1:1 cost) you could theoretically afford 900 hospitals and 7600 clinics to spread out across the 50 states and charge literally $0 for any citizen, and still save money over Medicare and Medicaid. Then, you get the government's hands out of the private sector and deregulate as much as possible without creating a potentially hazardous environment. The free government care would have a tremendous impact on the cost of the private healthcare industry and the deregulation and removal of government involvement would cripple the ability for special interest lobbying groups to buy favorable influence and no longer be able to stifle competition, increasing innovation and driving down prices.

  • Felix
    Felix 22 hours ago +4

    Maybe Joe Rogan saved America with this podcast!!

  • TheRealBRad90
    TheRealBRad90 23 hours ago +3


  • j17anderson
    j17anderson 23 hours ago +1

    He has absolutely no clue what an assault rifle is. There is no such thing as an assault weapon.

    • j17anderson
      j17anderson 3 hours ago

      @delux679 Uh dude, you are aware that wikipedia can be edited by anyone? The correct term is assault rifle. Coming from someone with four years of experience with them in the Army.

    • delux679
      delux679 22 hours ago +3

      Uh dude, are you aware the US government themselves defined the term 'assault weapon' in the past?

  • survivor030406
    survivor030406 Day ago

    Billionairs didnt ruin Baltimore. It was democrats.

  • survivor030406
    survivor030406 Day ago

    no bong hits with Bernie?

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Day ago +8

    Remember please independent & turned off Republican voters please register to vote as a Democrat in the primary to vote for bernie !!!! Than go back to your party's and vote for him in the general !!! This is about returning the power back to the people! 💚 I believe we can and we will do this!!

  • Rooster Long
    Rooster Long Day ago

    I like Bernie, but I have a problem with some of this ideas to address
    income inequality. Bernie suggest a Federal jobs guarantee. however, fed
    job guarantee is why my family left China. In China it’s called the
    iron rice bowl. Which was mostly abandoned with the introduction of
    capitalism during the 80s. Fed job guarantee was one of the worst by
    products of communism and it was by all measure a failed experiment. It
    killed innovation, created unnecessary bureaucracy and paid everyone the
    same regardless of talent.There has not been an example in modern
    history where a federal job guarantee had successfully reduced labor
    issue and created a thriving economy. Ubi is the only solution

  • Apryl B
    Apryl B Day ago +1

    Would it work if older workers with more dependents get higher wage? I think age should definitely matter in terms of pay.

  • Zach Darr
    Zach Darr Day ago

    Twice as much per capita is spent on healthcare here because this is where all innovation is done. In no other country do you have health care innovation. But either way I trust private industry over government control.

    • Robbie Mcholland
      Robbie Mcholland 9 hours ago

      Joshua Perry nice respond you fuckin Inbred LMAO

    • Joshua Perry
      Joshua Perry 17 hours ago

      @Nackdad Ha! Wrecked! You insulted him properly, now go high five your twitter followers.

    • Nackdad
      Nackdad Day ago +3

      The American taxpayer pays for the vast majority of research via universities. So we socialize the cost of development but then the profits are privatized. Your talking point is lazy and bullshit. Let me guess you only watch Fox or do you work for the pharmaceutical industry?

  • K C
    K C Day ago +1

    Hey may say good things, but he still seems sketchy to me after so enthusiastically capitulating to crooked Hilary in the last election.

    • Ian James Chapman
      Ian James Chapman Day ago +2

      Bernie said in 2015 as he says this time that he will support the Democratic nominee if not him. How exactly did Bernie capitulate to Hillary? Bernie is transparent and a man of his word.

  • National Sarcastic Society

    I wish he would say some of this stuff in the debates. Speak to rural poor, they need to hear this stuff.

    • dipojones
      dipojones Day ago +1

      I don't know what his campaign management is doing but they need to push him to speak like this during the debates.

  • toriigatedigital
    toriigatedigital Day ago +3

    second watching this, so great hearing something different from Bernie, seems like he repeats himself a lot and a lot of people when they don't know about his background and his policies get the wrong impression about him, he's more then meets the eye upon first look or listen.

  • B Nen
    B Nen Day ago +13

    Wtf!!! Make this guy president and lets get to work.... amazing interview

  • jeck jeck
    jeck jeck Day ago +8

    One complaint I have about this interview: TOO SHORT!

  • Medo Yami
    Medo Yami Day ago +4

    Possibly Bernie can beat Trump.

  • Zachman1318
    Zachman1318 Day ago

    Drinking game
    Take a shot every time Bernie clears his throat

  • Bagia Ramadhan
    Bagia Ramadhan Day ago +1

    JRE can have a conversation with so many type of people and still can keep up with many other topics that could come up with. That's very incredible.

  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Day ago +1

    Bernie: This is a very very deep question = Some vague answer
    like mitigating despair
    Yang: Decrimilaize heroine and create safe injection sites which includes help.

    For real guys...Yang is the only real candidate with real answers. If you want to move forward with society, Yang should be your top choice.

  • Tech & Ukelele Guy
    Tech & Ukelele Guy Day ago +2


  • Steven Carriere
    Steven Carriere Day ago +2

    I wish Bernie was Canadian and replacing Treutarded....

  • Judah Prestegaard
    Judah Prestegaard Day ago +1

    We did not have more than 270 mass shootings in a year. Although definitions really matter in this topic

  • Bearded Elder
    Bearded Elder Day ago +1

    The guy is ridiculous. Out of touch with reality!

    • triforce919
      triforce919 16 hours ago


    • dipojones
      dipojones Day ago +6

      Oh yeah vote for Trump or Biden to fuck your lives even more. You fools haven't had enough of establishment corporate candidates fucking you in the ass for decades.

  • National Sarcastic Society

    someone give this man a glass of water.

  • Lambda Function
    Lambda Function Day ago

    I do think Bernie's expansion of Medicare is radical. It's not a radical policy change, but its impact on the economy and quality of care for elderly is radical. As long as medicine in this country is protected by monopolies, trusts, patents, and pricing remains obscured by ubiquitous insurance, we can't ever expect the amount of money we put into Medicare to do much of anything. Sure, people of ages from 0-55 are going to need much less care than those at 65+ on average, but the expansion of this just adds another layer of third party payment to a system that has no controlling forces from the market. If the clinic here and the one down the street can both bill insurance $500 for an x-ray, and you're just supposed to walk into whichever is closest and get an x-ray, you don't so much care. Now if these two were restaurants both offering excellent steak dinners and this one is $100 and the other one is $50, but you need to walk 4 blocks to get to it, which are you going to pick? If enough people walk those 4 blocks, wouldn't this restaurant feel pressure to compete on that price point? It's radical to think that expanding Medicare with our medical system in this state is sustainable or reasonable. It's going to starve the funds for people 65+, leading to deaths, while providing minimal support for people under 65, and the only response congress will have is massively expanding the funding, making it cost us untold trillions. This is fundamentally radical.

    Let's start off small and work our way towards a better healthcare system with a public option. Let's start by getting rid of insurance for everything and require basic visits and basic tests to be funded out of pocket at the time of service. You can have medical stipends, FSAs, reimbursement programs, and keep the tax deductions how they work today, but let's get these companies competing on prices so we can eventually pour more money into these things and offer a real public option on the back of a working market.

  • eggo
    eggo Day ago +1

    I dream of a reality where Bernie comes back on JRE, as president, literally telling us about the aliens in Area 51 for 3 hours straight.

  • Jammin Man
    Jammin Man Day ago +2

    The DNC sucks. Period. They will continue to fuck Bernie over. I don't agree with him 100% but he would be a good president, much better than that idiot Joe Biden.

  • Anurag Chakraborti
    Anurag Chakraborti Day ago +6

    very few billionaire asslicker trumpterds and dnc bots tirelessly making comments after comments on venezuela, socialism, how caring about people's medicare are all same and bad desperate and triggered by the sheer popularity this episode gained... #snowflakes-entertain-us

  • Raymond Lancaster
    Raymond Lancaster Day ago +3

    You can, in a very calm and soothing voice, tell me that the post office will provide me better and cheaper service than Fedex. Any thinking person knows it is not true. Compassion does not consist of soothing words combined with giving people things. We in the United States have the best economic system that has ever existed on this planet. Improvements to it will come from creative free market ideas. People like Bernie Sanders who tell you that all of our woes are brought on by greedy individuals who seek to take advantage of people they do not like are virtue signaling fools. All we can hope is that the damage they create is minimal.

  • shooter1973
    shooter1973 Day ago +10

    Respectful interview Joe - nice job.

    • navonco
      navonco 9 hours ago

      I concur it was respectful. He could have easily made him look bad and he did not. Additionally, I think "Joe" positioned himself nicely to interview other politicians who could not handle what "Joe" could bring. I am curious did he have to bite his tongue or did he just have that much reverence for Bernie.

  • Tony Kahlon
    Tony Kahlon Day ago +5

    great work Joe!!!

  • Chad Chaddingston
    Chad Chaddingston Day ago +8

    Go Bernie Go Bernie Go Bernie ❤❤❤💯💯💯

  • Nameless
    Nameless Day ago +9

    Bernie "Let's make the US a better country by cleaning up some corporate garbage" Sanders.

  • aiRCoft
    aiRCoft Day ago +3

    Bernie "The United States Sucks Yet I'll Choose To Live Here" Sanders

    • tennaj
      tennaj Day ago +6

      WOW you're an extra type of idiot !

  • aiRCoft
    aiRCoft Day ago +3

    Man, Joe surely sucked Bernie's dick in this one... Bernie keeps talking about how much better other countries have it, yet he chooses to live in the United States, despite being able to afford to live anywhere he'd rather be, that's pretty telling....