Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.

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  • Leal A
    Leal A Hour ago

    Estúpidos norteamericanos, sean por una vez en la vida libres y voten por Bernie

  • Jamie Boswell
    Jamie Boswell Hour ago

    Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020

  • Hllbllybdass
    Hllbllybdass Hour ago

    so i guess I'm the only one that heard him say that he wants to tax corporations to the point that they just move to other countries, he wants to take our guns, kinda upset that it wasn't mentioned that 2a is to protect us from a tyrannical government, period. "we don't send the fbi door to door to confiscate guns, that's not what we do in the US." but VA is threatening to call in the national guard right now. the only things i heard that i can agree with is big pharma is bad, the cost of higher education is ridiculous, kids shouldn't be so heavily drugged and yes legalize pot. other than that, he pretty much is the socialist that he has been painted to be.. to each is own but I'm not willing to give up my freedom and liberties to have my student debt excused. jmo....

  • griffinwm
    griffinwm 3 hours ago +1

    This is a politician

  • Alex Howe
    Alex Howe 3 hours ago

    I love Bernie but the idea that all the world leaders are going to come together and agree we don’t need strong militaries anymore (which I pray someday they will) is way more far fetched than universal basic income. Also he doesnt address the cyber warfare issue nearly as well informed as Yang.

  • Sean Creaney
    Sean Creaney 3 hours ago

    So only the Criminals have the good guns . wow and not a word about the movies and violent games .

  • Sean Creaney
    Sean Creaney 4 hours ago

    Was enjoying that until he said we have 12 yrs to sort climate change . Pity , I WAS ENJOYING THIS GUY . Such nonsense about the climate change being terminal . Pure nonsense . Core samples have shown that climate has been changing for thousands of generations before there was fossil fuel pollution . China , India , Russia are the worst and there is no way to stop them . Pure nonsense . There is no proof what causes the changes that have been warming and cooling for thousands upon thousands of years .

  • Sean Creaney
    Sean Creaney 4 hours ago

    Your description of tv time in the UK is untrue . They have the same debate system as the US

  • Flux Capacitor
    Flux Capacitor 5 hours ago +2

    No question, I'm voting for the Bern...

  • A Burrito
    A Burrito 6 hours ago +2

    when you have a whole system set up around money, very few of those in that status quo society will want change

  • Sebastian Morales
    Sebastian Morales 6 hours ago +1

    Joe you claim to do your research and be unbiased. Yet you don't ask Bernie about his historic connection with Russia or why his top advisor was associated with Cohen.

  • Kenny Thawsh
    Kenny Thawsh 6 hours ago +2

    as bernie supporters we need to thank the fuck out of joe for what this interview has done for bernie

  • Everett Lewis
    Everett Lewis 7 hours ago +1

    bring Bernie back on ASAP

    DTJNKY 7 hours ago

    34:45 could AI solve the whole background & risk assessment issue

  • Anthony Fair
    Anthony Fair 7 hours ago

    Those drug companies were monopolized BY THE FUCKING GOVT. Bernie and his idiot congressmen, passed laws which forcibly removed competition and established the revolving doors for these companies. Dishonest piece of shit takes no responsibility for having created this problem

  • Alexander Micco
    Alexander Micco 8 hours ago

    I can't stand Bernie, but I enjoyed this interview. It is always good to get a different view of someone you disagree with.

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 8 hours ago +5

    Yeah I'm gonna need you to get Bernie back on...

  • gorgeousmike
    gorgeousmike 9 hours ago +3


  • Adam The Great
    Adam The Great 9 hours ago +3

    10 million views 10 million beautiful people who have watch this that is good stuff right there!🙏😍🎩♥🕊🤗👍

  • mrbullnutzzz
    mrbullnutzzz 10 hours ago +4

    Bernie 2020 bitches!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!

  • Steven Rauschelbach
    Steven Rauschelbach 10 hours ago +5

    Good job Joe.

  • Matthew Viramontes
    Matthew Viramontes 11 hours ago +2

    No joke, if Tulsi and Bernie team up, they'd be unbeatable

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams 11 hours ago +4

    Bernie is one of the rare politicians who care about the people. And the only presidential candidate who wants what's best for the 99% of the rest of us.

  • Chi Ngo
    Chi Ngo 12 hours ago +4

    Bernie makes me feel safe

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 15 hours ago

    Amazon pays no taxes due to the speed of their growth coupled with an expanding loyal customer base. They are constantly spending profits back into their own business. This is then written off on their taxes to encourage growth. It's not as simple as he makes it sound. Do you feel like you are stealing when you use deductions and write offs?

    • zefix1234
      zefix1234 14 hours ago +1

      it´s not as simple as you make it sound either. they also made a deal with then luxembourg president juncker that they would pay their european taxes in luxembourg at a ridiculously low rate, they paid 0,07% in taxes in 2016. overall in europe over a period of 10 years, they overall benefited from tax payer money, gaining 15 million in subventions. giving the size of amazon and the wealth of jeff bezos, i call that stealing, yes!

      and they behave in similar ways in the united states, too

  • Genius Wraps & Signs
    Genius Wraps & Signs 16 hours ago

    Communist Bernie...

    • zefix1234
      zefix1234 14 hours ago +2

      not so genius comment

  • Atticus Femuur
    Atticus Femuur 19 hours ago +4

    This is hopefully 10 million more people to at least hear our cause

  • Krampus
    Krampus 20 hours ago +2

    Its a horrifying thing that this has only about a third as many views as the Alex Jones episode.

  • Pas Mater
    Pas Mater Day ago +4

    Americans are unjustly disliked in most of the world. The majority of Americans I've met so far are honest and good people, they don't deserve the hate they get. It's the corrupt politicians and corporate entities that smear a whole nation with their shady practices. Bernie seems like a good man and I hope that he will get a chance to represent honest and hard-working Americans in the White House and to right the wrongs his predecessors did. From what I've seen so far it's not Democrats against Republicans anymore; it's honest citizens against the corrupt establishment.

  • youtube controls all thoughts

    What a moron! Anyone who would like this clown......You are the problem. Or at least a large portion of the problem. Do the world a favor and abort your babies. Whatever it takes don't reproduce.

  • Max Maloney
    Max Maloney Day ago +1

    Bernie is not only honest, he has been working in the Senate for decades. Somehow he hasn’t become a traditional politician too cynical to make real change in that time AND he understands how the Congress works. He has decades of voting records to show he has supported working people his entire career. Other independent-minded candidates may have sound ideas, but Bernie combines that with real, practical experience.

  • Jeffrey Daniel
    Jeffrey Daniel Day ago

    I respect Bernie did the show. We will disagree on quite a few things but my major takeaway was that he really does care about America. He’s misguided and ultraistic, naive but a patriot nonetheless.
    I’m glad I listened to this bc it reminded me that the respect I demand is the same respect I should give Bernie. I will. 👍🏼🇺🇸👊

    • Jordan Simeone
      Jordan Simeone Day ago

      Yeah as a hardcore liberal i respect that. No more good faith arguements, if we can just treat eachother like humans we’d get alot more done

    • Foul Gerbil
      Foul Gerbil Day ago +4

      I would just like to point out that what Sanders is proposing is in no way "misguided, ultraistic or naive" these are standard social nets that the US should have adopted and implemented decades ago. This is basically just an effort to catch up with the rest of the world. It is hard to imagine the system getting better when you're in the thick of it but things can get better.

  • Jeffrey Daniel
    Jeffrey Daniel Day ago

    He’s lying a big pharma. Such a long and complicated explanation but essentially and I’m gonna use bullet points then let you double check the facts.
    -the United States pharma companies produce the most new and innovative drugs of any country in the world.
    -US drug patents don’t apply in every other country
    -other countries take the brand and create genetics but us companies can’t stop these other countries producing knockoffs
    -something like 90% of all drugs created by pharma don’t pass muster with FDA and to create a drug can take 10 years of research and thousands of man hours in cost just to get kicked out in trials so there is enormous risk to create a drug, see it approved and then ripped off overseas
    -American drug costs are high bc of the risk to research and bring to market just to get knocked off overseas so they have to raise prices here to offset those costs.
    Essentiallyamericans fund all Research and Devolpemen, take all the risk of failure at trial stage and when trial stages fail it’s drugs like viagra at $50/pill that have to offset that RnD and intellectual property theft outside the US.
    -if you don’t charge high prices there is no RnD. I’m 100% confident there are so many drugs they could create, expensive, but costs wouldn’t make it profitable and if it’s state mandated they create them-quality and effectiveness goes down.

  • Valentine Carstensen

    SANDERS 2020
    Below are the positions of the Democratic Socialists that inform my position on gun rights... they also inform Sanders’ position.
    “A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.” “Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave.”- Frederick Douglas, American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, statesman and former slave.
    "Recollect that in arming yourselves, as you are bound to do unless you are willing to be forced into abject slavery, you are safely within the spirit and letter of the law." - Eugene V. Debs, five-time US Presidential Candidate
    "That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." - George Orwell, author, member of the P.O.U.M. militia in the Spanish Civil War
    "Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any moment." - Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago +1

    47:30 - "Buy our marirana!"

    • christie crawford
      christie crawford 19 hours ago +1

      You asshole. I had to go back. It played and I busted out laughing!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Crusader Light
    Crusader Light Day ago +2

    As a common Indian, I request common Americans to please get Bernie elected. The world needs him, America pulling out of Paris agreement and not leading the way in tackling climate change will be catastrophic for the world. The fossil fuel industry across the world is controlled by American dollars and hence the American deep state and you guys need to get power back to people and do the right thing.

  • A Reed
    A Reed Day ago +1

    Bring Bernie back on the podcast!

  • Zach Whitaker
    Zach Whitaker Day ago +5

    There are soo many loony libs in the comments it's hilarious. They all circlejerk each other thinking they know everything and Bernie is gonna win the election with 100% chance. They think hes incorruptable and clean as a whistle 😂😂 Not to mention all the foreigners who think there opinion matters in American politics lmaooo. Come November 2020 yall will be crying in the streets again. Keep sheeping libs, keep your leaders proud.

    • Zach Whitaker
      Zach Whitaker 8 hours ago

      @zefix1234 That's obvious. Some people need the media to tell them everything they know.

    • zefix1234
      zefix1234 9 hours ago

      @Zach Whitaker not everyone gets by purely on "inner wisdom" like you.

    • Zach Whitaker
      Zach Whitaker 9 hours ago +1

      @Foul Gerbil Can't believe there is still people gullible enough to believe everything they see in the media, especially polls. What did the polls say of Killarys chances of winning in 2016? Riiight. The only people who still believe polls are you loony lefties. You guys are so gullible it's almost sad. Keep sheeping.

    • Foul Gerbil
      Foul Gerbil 9 hours ago +3

      @Zach Whitaker Trump: ≈40% national approval rating - Dream on

    • Zach Whitaker
      Zach Whitaker 10 hours ago +1

      @Foul Gerbil Whatever makes you guys feel better I guess. Can't wait to see you all crying in the streets again on November 3rd, 2020.

  • yes no
    yes no Day ago

    If you’re living in the best possible world then you wouldn’t need a gun. And as he said we don’t live in the best possible world which is exactly why you need a gun.

  • StoneTheMason Music

    yeah he's a little loopy...Then again anyone who rambles about solutions sounds loopy to me

  • Farben Seher
    Farben Seher Day ago

    Truly a great and rational man. Too bad i won't have the chance to vote for him in 2020. Go, Bernie.

    Greetings from germoney.

  • Steve Fisher
    Steve Fisher Day ago +1

    Joe have you asked Mitch McConnell to come on?

  • Steve Fisher
    Steve Fisher Day ago +1

    The right has stacked the judiciary branch so that the rich can do anything and not see justice for the bad things they've done.

  • Justin M
    Justin M Day ago +3

    Bernie or bust

  • Patriot 03
    Patriot 03 Day ago

    It looks like everyone is just eating this up and praising him because he sounds genuine, but let's not kid ourselves Joe as per usual treated him with kid gloves.

    1. 2nd Amendment is not acceptable, just stick with Healthcare you bed bug.

    2. Doesn't talk about the REAL Elite who run the world, the top 1% of the 1% who are all in bed with the Leftist Agenda (It's their Agenda that they've branded as leftism).

    If he was Legit he wouldn't be talking about taking our rights, and he would address the REAL Elites not the generic "Rich people".

  • Rehab
    Rehab Day ago

    The same conglomerate that operates the #1 supplier of pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment also operates the #1 suppiler of GMO'd food products and consumables.. Behr & Monsanto btw, yet people are surprised when a mass shooting occurs? A civilian unloading an assault rifles unto other civilians isnt even 1% as crazy as the fact that the group that feeds us is the same group that sickens us so that the same group can treat us.. This is the universe. Universe is the universal equation of energy. The energy the elite allocates to pursue unimaginable pointless wealth is the IDENTICAL energy the mentally ill civilian with an assault rifle harnesses when he orchestrates a mass shooting. Shit rolls down hill... whatever energy and emotions the general public experiences first hand is the reflection of the energy and emotions cast upon civilization by the elites.

  • Jonathon Duane
    Jonathon Duane Day ago +2

    10,000,000 fucking views. Thank you Joe.

  • Rehab
    Rehab Day ago

    the reality of it all is, the things Bernie mentions are his elderly perspective on the product of what greed and corruption has done to this country, mentioning how people need a higher education to make it to the middle class and they're forced into debt that will literally effect their retirement by making the choice to make an attempt to become a middle class citizen. Mentioning how times have changed etc. He's overlooking how far the rabbit hole goes.. The education system is a brainwashing system. Capitalism is slavery without the shackles. Healthy mind influences the body to be healthy. All medical fields from pharmaceuticals to disease and illness treatment and therapies are all fraudulent. Emergency surgeries for tragedies are the only medical aspects that are justifiable scientifically. All of our projected history, the majority of science, and current understandings of reality that has been engraved into our culture over the last few centuries are all incorrect primitive speculations with little or no supporting data for the majority of the claims that together build the foundation for any of the pillars that hold together the uneducated opinions that make up humanities civilizations perspectives in todays world. Labor should be extinct in 2020, any laboring task can be performed by automated machinery. Art forms are the only things that require human attention. Everyone should have everything, in a thankful Utopian society world wide. It all falls back to energy. Well, in this existence everything we perceive as reality is the observation of the transfer of energy from what form to the next, any and all fabric of this space time operates on a frequency in which infinite energy can be harnessed. Everything is a lie.

  • Jesus
    Jesus Day ago +2

    Didn't know Bernie made ASMR videos

  • Emre Cayir
    Emre Cayir Day ago +5

    He is far more coherent than trump in almost every way like why is this man not president

  • jamorains
    jamorains Day ago +1

    hahaha. Fuck that dude.

  • Nikki Lim
    Nikki Lim Day ago +4

    Compare this guy with Donald trump

  • Carlos Moscoso
    Carlos Moscoso Day ago +1

    Noam Chomsky and Richard Wolf please.

    • Jacob Reichert
      Jacob Reichert 5 hours ago

      Noam chomsky is like a disease of the left. You have better guys come on, bring zizek and wolf. Chomsky is as one sided as it gets.

  • Griffith Luke
    Griffith Luke 2 days ago

    No real substantive specifics. Would need to change the Constitution to offer all of these freebies. Honestly, to sustain his plans, our system would need to fold. And maybe that’s what he wants. He doesn’t seem to be very positive towards the USA.

    • Foul Gerbil
      Foul Gerbil Day ago +4

      The richest country on the planet can't give people basic healthcare at an affordable rate, even though far poorer country seem to manage doing that just fine, without folding? Absolute nonsense. Just give up with these pathetic excuses already

    • TacticalScheme
      TacticalScheme Day ago +6

      Its a 1 hour podcast. I could debate each of your points but you should just watch more content. Do you understand the policy he is proposing and the specifics of what Bernie has said of how they would work and how he would achieve his agenda? They're worth looking into more outside of this podcast. He is on the right side. Takes no corporate money and is taking on every industry that is buying politicians to make our country worse for everyday people.

  • Connor Rafferty
    Connor Rafferty 2 days ago

    And the people that pay most if the taxes here are the top percent.

  • Connor Rafferty
    Connor Rafferty 2 days ago

    One thing I want to say is that we do have free healthcare that everyone ignores. If you go to the er you cant be turned down here.

    • zefix1234
      zefix1234 14 hours ago +2

      i´m sure the 45000 people dying in your country every year due to not having insurance are just stupid morons not valueing their own life.
      think of all all the diseases that can´t be dealt with in ER. seriously... getting so mad reading ignorant bullshit like this

  • James Rentschler
    James Rentschler 2 days ago +1

    i can't vote for this guy bc i dont want to have to listen to his voice for 4 years

    • TacticalScheme
      TacticalScheme Day ago +5

      Its between a reasonable raspy talker and Trump's/Biden's (albeit funny) actual dementia and stupidity.

  • Paul Ahern
    Paul Ahern 2 days ago

    Why did nobody offer this man a beverage?

  • Vanessa Beck
    Vanessa Beck 2 days ago +1

    I will be voting for Yang in the Iowa Caucus this Feb. but Bernie seems like the only other guy in the race who's heart is truly in the right place. I love Bernie!

  • tominosawyer420
    tominosawyer420 2 days ago

    why don’t bernie push revolution? if the system so corrupt why try to fight thru it wasting time and energy