7 Simple Hacks For Your Next Move

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • From the quickest way to pack up a closet to the right way to box your dishes, these hacks will make your next move less stressful!
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Comments • 68

  • MegaTHUG pro
    MegaTHUG pro 15 days ago

    I like it 😊👍😊

  • ItsMeGaby
    ItsMeGaby Month ago

    I am so weird but.. I'm watching this because I am renovating my room these were sorta helpful..

  • what
    what Month ago

    Sometimes moving is great but the worst part is packing everything

  • Cara Grace
    Cara Grace 2 months ago

    I’m 13, not moving .... just bored 🙃

  • Abigail Conley
    Abigail Conley 2 months ago

    I’ve moved 8 times.

  • Hogwarts 177
    Hogwarts 177 3 months ago

    For the plastic wrap hack you can just tape the draws shut with little pieces of tape on each side so much easier and less wast

  • Ella Lesnever
    Ella Lesnever 3 months ago

    I moved almost 4 years ago and still haven’t unpacked everything

  • Faith Cook
    Faith Cook 6 months ago

    i've moved 12 times in the last 22 years so i already do most of these but packing your dishes vertically is Genius??? totally doing that this summer lol

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 6 months ago

    Very awesome idea's 😊. Thank you so much for sharing this video 😊.

  • The UnbelieVegetable Ryan Henry

    He is super cute can we get more videos of him .. Lol

  • rohmah fauzia
    rohmah fauzia 6 months ago +1

    1:20 make a hole on box -- easy to lift n carry
    2:27 still lift the box manually (not by the hole)

  • Kathy -Lee
    Kathy -Lee 6 months ago

    I moved twice in 6 months and I actually really liked moving 😂 I have very little to move anyway and I was usually packed 2 weeks before the move 😂

  • lpt2008lt
    lpt2008lt 6 months ago

    The trash bag hack didnt work so well for me. And I used it in two moves.

  • Dylan Koury
    Dylan Koury 6 months ago +1

    Home Depot sells boxes with handles

  • Arabella Pursley
    Arabella Pursley 6 months ago +8

    Every army kid should be blessed with this video. #armybrat

  • Desert Pepper
    Desert Pepper 6 months ago

    Nice tips!

  • Anonymous Vlogs
    Anonymous Vlogs 6 months ago

    Great tips!!! Thank you

  • Cheryl Fitch
    Cheryl Fitch 6 months ago +7

    I can’t believe that I never thought of ANY of these tips before. For crying out loud, I’m nearly 70 years old! I may decide to move just to try them out.🥴🥰

  • Claudia Escalante Riveros

    I love it... is pragmatic, so logical way

  • Mercedes Angel Elzbieta

    Love this!

  • Kyl
    Kyl 6 months ago +4

    Reminder that plastic free options work just as well :)

  • Jess L
    Jess L 6 months ago

    I don’t know why I was expecting this to help with moving to another country 😂

  • Nadja Mdz
    Nadja Mdz 6 months ago

    Super tips ...I loved the first one thanks

  • Dayna Burchell
    Dayna Burchell 6 months ago +12

    An idea with the colour coding is to not write the room name on the boxes when you're moving- There's been some cases where moving companies have gone through people's things before unloading the boxes so keeping the labels as plain as you can can help deter any shady people from looking at your things (since they won't know where valuables are)

  • Brenna Light
    Brenna Light 6 months ago +1

    You could save so so so much plastic... Use painters tape for drawers. Its recyclable. Again yaoe screws on the inside. I just moved and literally used no plAstic at all. You could have thought all these through and used no plastic, and be even cheaper than press and seal and all that garbage.... Buzzfeed you're pretending to promote enviromental help. Thwn you film crap like this.

    • SophieMia806
      SophieMia806 4 months ago +1

      Right? Glad Press and Seal isn't that cheap, either. And it looked like he might have used almost the whole box, if not all of it, on that one plastic drawer unit.

  • Monique Gomez
    Monique Gomez 6 months ago

    Tip: instead of wrapping the whole drawers in plastic, try taping the sides instead of using a whole lot of plastic and they won’t open! No need to use all that plastic. (:

  • RachelKaralyn
    RachelKaralyn 6 months ago +5

    Instead of using the plastic press n seal, just use strips of packing tape on the left and right and/or top and bottom of each drawer!

    • DZ Ko
      DZ Ko 12 days ago

      idk if a packing tape is any different, but sometimes the tape leaves sticky residues that's very hard to get out. Also it's better to cover your furniture to minimize damage to the furniture

  • RoxyDus
    RoxyDus 6 months ago

    Great tips 👍🏻

  • Arpit Kuldeep
    Arpit Kuldeep 6 months ago +1

    I like these but that’s so much plastic waste tho

  • Ms Twistedtressys
    Ms Twistedtressys 6 months ago +3

    I also like to use the plastic/rubber storage bins to pack my things. They make for great basement or garage storage and can be used to transport items to donate or for yard/garage sale. IKEA bags are good too. I'll incorporate the color coding tape and trash bag ideas too! Thx!

  • Lehcki
    Lehcki 6 months ago +7

    Out of ideas for a new vídeo? Just take an old one, segmented it, put some dude/chic/person talking over, and you are done! New video!

  • Chaww iiee
    Chaww iiee 6 months ago +2

    Has anyone seen those Japanese companies that would help you move? I think youd gain more hacks from them than this lol

  • ifch0
    ifch0 6 months ago +58

    Move tip #1
    Never, never, never put all your books in one box!

    • FluffyGriffinDog _101
      FluffyGriffinDog _101 Month ago

      Exactly another good way to store books to move is to put them in an extra suitcase so it is on wheels!

    • Natalia Nik
      Natalia Nik 4 months ago

      @Lembayung Jingga or you can pack them in a suitcase so IT'S easier to carry!

    • Lembayung Jingga
      Lembayung Jingga 6 months ago +1

      @Marin FrancisIC, thank u

    • Marin Francis
      Marin Francis 6 months ago +16

      Lembayung Jingga books are heavy as it is; putting them all in the same box can easily wrack up to 30+ pounds. so, distribute them between a couple boxes with light items like clothes.

    • Lembayung Jingga
      Lembayung Jingga 6 months ago +2

      Im new in moving,, can i ask why?

  • Csb1289
    Csb1289 6 months ago

    don't use a bunch of cling wrap (bc it's expensive!) just use duct tape to close your drawers, you don't have to wrap it around either! Just across the handle.

    • SophieMia806
      SophieMia806 4 months ago

      I usually use the clear packing tape around the front of the drawers. Or maybe painter's tape.

    • okashi10
      okashi10 6 months ago +2

      Duct tape might leave residue that you need to clean off later.
      They sell really long rolls of cling wrap specifically for moving for pretty cheap.

    • Audrey M
      Audrey M 6 months ago

      Both are good but it depends on what they have on hand.

  • simeon adams
    simeon adams 6 months ago

    I moved recently and everything you mentioned I did them.I must say it works 😊grate job

    • Scribbling With Idiots
      Scribbling With Idiots 6 months ago

      simeon adams Thai duct tape might hurt the furniture. Maybe use painters tape

  • Iron WingedAngel
    Iron WingedAngel 6 months ago

    When packing to move, have one box to donate, one for recycling, and a bag for trash. Use them LIBERALLY. If it doesn't spark joy or have a use within the next year, get rid of it.
    givebackbox.com/amazon offers free shipping for charity donations through amazon with previously used delivery boxes. You can choose other charities to donate to for a fee.
    Use clean washcloths, tshirts, socks, etc to wrap glasses and jars. This saves on paper/bubble wrap and packs more of your items into each box.
    Keep a suitcase/gym bag with enough toiletries and clothes for 2-3 days. Unpacking is a pain and moving is stressful and exhausting. Give yourself time.
    Keep a toolbox with said suitcase/gym bag.
    Tape a piece of paper or write "EMPTY/DONE" on tape for closets, cabinets, drawers, shed/outdoor storage etc. while packing. It's really easy to forget to pack the junk drawer if you've used it for forgettable things for the past year.
    Space Bags are awesome for comforters, fluffy winter coats, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.
    Pack small kitchen items like spices inside a large pot to save space. Both will go into the kitchen anyway.
    Measure your furniture and your new space. Sometimes the desk simply will not fit in the room.
    Use a mattress to wall off your boxes and keep them from sliding inside the truck. There are beams across the walls of most moving trucks for tying things down.
    Leave a roll of toilet paper behind at your old place and make sure that's the first item in place in your new home. Seriously.
    Keep a cooler with electrolyte beverages just inside/outside the door. Moving is hard work, and dehydration does NOT help.
    Buy pizza/chinese/promise to cook and follow through for friends who help.

  • Kim Beyer
    Kim Beyer 6 months ago

    Love this

  • Eliza Rexit
    Eliza Rexit 6 months ago +42

    At first I was like DUH, I know all of these, then I remember that I'm old and have moved far more then anyone should... so.... good luck new adults!
    I can say the clothes/trash bag and the cling wrap hacks are ones I use EVERY TIME

  • MasterQ 19
    MasterQ 19 6 months ago +112

    Rather than cutting the entire triangle for a hole/handle, just cut the bottom point and fold it up into the box. It'll save your hands from that rough cardboard edge.

    • Steve Dixon
      Steve Dixon 6 months ago

      @Cheryl Ross mine too ;p

    • Cheryl Ross
      Cheryl Ross 6 months ago +3

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • AspiringBruja
    AspiringBruja 6 months ago +5

    Thank you im moving soon!

  • Salitha Jagernath
    Salitha Jagernath 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for all these useful tips.

  • Victoriaaa Trouble
    Victoriaaa Trouble 6 months ago +10

    Needed so badly as moving on 10th March!!! 10 days to go! Thank you!

    • Victoriaaa Trouble
      Victoriaaa Trouble 6 months ago

      @Avery Castor Haha I imagine life is as chaotic for you as it is for me at the moment!!! I just want the madness to end now! :D Good luck with your move x

    • Avery Castor
      Avery Castor 6 months ago

      Victoriaaa Trouble I move March 11!!! haha wish u good luck

  • imthatsmartergirl
    imthatsmartergirl 6 months ago

    I'm kinda early!!!!!

  • Susan Gabel
    Susan Gabel 6 months ago +3

    Omg....these are ALL OLD NEWS. Nothing new and original here

    • SophieMia806
      SophieMia806 4 months ago

      Omg....some people are new to this channel, and have not seen this content before, so it WOULD be new and original for them.

    • Bubosbenke
      Bubosbenke 6 months ago +4

      Maybe for you, but these tips are great and new for me :)

  • Nelly Luong
    Nelly Luong 6 months ago +15

    I will move into my first own apartment in two weeks. So this is very helpful 👌

  • Lalaloop Siiu
    Lalaloop Siiu 6 months ago


  • HK Heart
    HK Heart 6 months ago +2

    First view like and comment ,I'm so happy,just 46 seconds after posting the video, I'm so happy you

  • Rein D
    Rein D 6 months ago +1

    Finally new content! Second

  • Avery Castor
    Avery Castor 6 months ago +21

    omg im actually moving houses w my mom in the next week, and we are having issues packing. thanks for the video!!!

  • Amina Otaa
    Amina Otaa 6 months ago