6 MORE Annoying Anime Tropes! (Ft. CDawgVA)

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
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  • Hannah Cardon
    Hannah Cardon 58 minutes ago

    *thinks* heh, it would be pretty funny if the opposite effect of the friendship power thing happened, where the character gets all pumped up but then practically dies......

    *my brain* remembers mumen rider in one punch man

  • Bernardo Freitas
    Bernardo Freitas Hour ago

    When the love triangle becomes a...uhh...when the anime have more than just two guys, like, a reverse harém, I just drop The anime >->(sorry for my english, maybe I have made some mistakes :3, i'm a big fan of your work) )b

  • Mobile Gibbs
    Mobile Gibbs 4 hours ago

    At 2:30 I would want to add that if the female walks in on the Male protagonist is changing the female still slaps him and calls him a pervert.

  • Shenpai Gaming
    Shenpai Gaming 7 hours ago

    Okay Beach episode and thousand year old Loli it just aimed at “The Helpful Fox Senko-San

  • Rebound UwU
    Rebound UwU 8 hours ago

    *demon lord or something idk what:* **evil anime villain laugh, rawr**
    me: *hold yo poyo, me gonna poyo if you don't start fighting already. I've waited 27 episodes for this fight now just fight already idc if you have determination about friendship or poyo but please, just do something, thank u, poyo*
    both demon lord thing and protagonist: ok..
    me: *P O Y O*

  • PhantomGamer28
    PhantomGamer28 9 hours ago +1

    Damn, fruits basket has a lot of these... but I still love it

    • Hannah Cardon
      Hannah Cardon Hour ago +1

      Yeeeeeeessssss after I watched it the first time I immediately restarted it and thus, re-experiencing every emotion of happiness, fear and... OH MY GOSH I FLIPPEN LOVE KYO SO MUCH

  • Pinoy Nightcore
    Pinoy Nightcore 9 hours ago

    In almost every shounen romance(and harem) animes... the male mc runs away from all of the hot, cute, or even lewd girls... and runs to who? More often times than not, a dude... why? Cuz anime... hella annoying... you get a lot of girl's attention, amd what do you do? Run the eff away from it! A lot of guys(and maybe some lesbians) would literally kill for your position! And the most common reason is because they want to preserve their viriginity... yeah... wait till you're 32... let's see what happens you damned fool that takes everything for granted...

  • Souldrion OP
    Souldrion OP 11 hours ago


  • DiarrhoeaIsUnbreakable
    DiarrhoeaIsUnbreakable 13 hours ago

    The Freudian Excuse Trope. The villain is more than often given a sob backstory, mostly at the end of their fight with the hero. And for some reason that makes them justified in doing the horrible shit over the course of the series, and what’s worse is that the main character forgives them and the villain ends up becoming redeemed. Naruto is especially guilty of this. A sympathetic villain is not bad, but there’s a difference between them being meant to be seen as sympathetic and them actually being sympathetic.

  • Lucan Andrews
    Lucan Andrews 14 hours ago

    Dawn of the Arcana (manga only) has a 'love triangle' that majorly backfires at the last manga... and there were almost no horror/gore/psychological tropes on these... which is fair, but- those get funny on their own...

  • ItsDrawingGuy
    ItsDrawingGuy 15 hours ago

    3:57 this reminds me of miraculous. IDK why...

  • Alexis Nguyen
    Alexis Nguyen 15 hours ago

    I would love to see a MC claiming to use the power of friendship, but it would be just a MF tank called "Friendship"

  • anime lover
    anime lover 15 hours ago

    Why am i the door mat character?? If someone insults me i just laugh it off, if someone hits me i laugh it off. I prefer if everyone gets along (i mean who doesn't) i will tell you off though if your mean to my friends, I'm not incapable of self defense i just choose.....not....to defend me self.......sooo.....

  • NotAYandere
    NotAYandere 18 hours ago

    Only one thing missing... where is my Yandere? You showed us Osana Now it time for the Yanderes >:D

  • Fernando Aragon
    Fernando Aragon 19 hours ago

    Surprised I didn't see many Il Vento D'oro comments.

  • The Ghost Crow Gamer
    The Ghost Crow Gamer 19 hours ago

    Street fighter

  • FrecklesAndFries
    FrecklesAndFries 20 hours ago

    Dude calling out the Anime Man HARSH

  • Potato Fries
    Potato Fries 21 hour ago


  • Crazybat Animations
    Crazybat Animations 22 hours ago +1

    Why is the first one in Sao style even down too the Kirito and asuna

  • Haru Arts
    Haru Arts Day ago

    *The doormat heroine*
    In Short words, i would said she's a kind of "Airhead" or a Dumbass.

  • Your Average Otaku

    4:00 This is very Fruits Basket-y

  • Marysol Zuniga
    Marysol Zuniga Day ago

    wait, Korra is not a real anime?!

  • Nick Carignan
    Nick Carignan Day ago

    Twist: all main characters die...

  • 【Knyght Mordhaus】

    Its getting over used now and starting to become hit or miss interms on how good they are.

  • onjrw
    onjrw Day ago

    4:48 Presses NUT button.
    NUT button: NUT

  • 7666 7666
    7666 7666 Day ago

    I saw a anime with the door mat girl but she was actually a scary birch
    who hates everyone

  • Try Hard For Nothing

    Girl : *accident walk boy change room*
    Boy : ...
    Girl : I about end this man career

  • Szabolcs Udvari
    Szabolcs Udvari Day ago

    True story :D :D :)

  • Sierra Garcia
    Sierra Garcia Day ago

    Oml, an anime that does the love triangle trope pretty well is Gakuen Alice. I love this anime/mange so much. The anime is really short so I recommend reading the manga

  • Josephine Drake
    Josephine Drake Day ago

    I’m literally the doormat troop except when my brother who’s SEVEN starts smack talking me I will go nuts

  • emw 16
    emw 16 Day ago

    3:44 I have a crush on 5 women, 3 men, a few celestial beings and a timelord. Try me, please.

  • alisaboredf meow
    alisaboredf meow Day ago +1

    I just realized that Emily could TOTALLY make a comic,like she even has Conner as a voice actor

  • yoongi could step on me and id still say thankyou

    i actually want to see an anime that ends with the main character ending up with the second lead due to his/her more lovable personality than the main lead

  • BTStuff w/GAMEN
    BTStuff w/GAMEN Day ago

    2:59 It reminds me of one scene in haikyuu were tanaka was just wearing his boxers to call hinata outside the clubroom cus he was wearing his pants then suddenly a girl walked by and called tanaka a pervert

  • kalkoen ruijgrok
    kalkoen ruijgrok Day ago +1

    Naruto fighting just out of nowhere having a speach and the bad guy changes his/her way

  • DC NINETAILS anime boy

    I know one
    The episode where the main character comes home and the thirsty female is there and says would u like dinner, a bath or would u have me?.

  • dekuu uu
    dekuu uu Day ago




    im so funny


  • Valerie Aguilar
    Valerie Aguilar Day ago

    Anime girl: *people step all over her*

  • pleby turtlesaurus

    This is so true XDDD

  • Yeet /:
    Yeet /: Day ago

    Number two: she sees the best in everyone and also secretly has depression

  • Fir3
    Fir3 Day ago

    Guy: *exists*

  • ɨlumɨnum
    ɨlumɨnum 2 days ago +2

    Emirichu: The love triangle

    Me: *Blink*

    *FrUiTs BaSkEt*

  • Kunhee Shin
    Kunhee Shin 2 days ago

    Any one got yu gi oh and fairy tale flash backs

  • Mireille Foley
    Mireille Foley 2 days ago

    In Into the Ballroom, Tatara and his dance partner ALWAYS have some sort of romantic and sexual tension. It just gets on my nerves! Like, confess already! And the nosebleeds. Who does that in really life?!

  • Matthewzard
    Matthewzard 2 days ago

    My favorite is when two people in a battle use one final attack to win and which on is more powerful wins and the loser ends up on the floor

  • Ameeko 2343
    Ameeko 2343 2 days ago

    Oh and the one cliche that every single action anime has.......

  • Speed'o Goku
    Speed'o Goku 2 days ago

    *The tropes are the only thing that sperates anime and just a normal reality show.*

  • mini Artist
    mini Artist 2 days ago

    I saw a fairytale picture!! Have you watched fairytale!?!??😮 IF NOT YOU SHOULD!!!!!!! There is some clichés, but the story goes DEEP it's impossible to guess the whole story at the beginning.

  • Sharkdude show
    Sharkdude show 2 days ago

    My fav love triangle sasuke, Naruto, and sakura

  • Bascade ?
    Bascade ? 2 days ago

    The beach trope makes me uncomfortable

  • Kayle Does YouTube
    Kayle Does YouTube 2 days ago +2

    My favorite love triangle:
    Tony Stark
    Stephen Strange
    Steve Rogers
    (kill me please)

  • Toby Schroeder
    Toby Schroeder 2 days ago

    Thousand year old loli *cough* senko *cough*

  • King Of The Ducks
    King Of The Ducks 2 days ago

    Emirichus cooking class - how to make the perfect beach episode
    Don't forget that you may season your dish with a hint of alcohol and drunkedness

  • Winnie Cooper
    Winnie Cooper 2 days ago

    Oh I have one!!! In yandere sim! ( I actually hate this one but ) Yan Chan: kills Osana.
    Senpai: heard friend bring up Osana.
    Also Senpai: I’ve never met her in my life.

  • brooke.challenor challenor

    the first trope is so fairy tail

  • Blue 71
    Blue 71 2 days ago

    1. Is like fairy tail but i still love it 😍😍😍

  • Vicki Souvannalath
    Vicki Souvannalath 2 days ago

    "I have a crush on two boys!"
    Boi the first one looks like he's in his frickin' 20's!

  • Sophie Krushelnytskiy

    I'm a doormat just less likeable because everyone thinks I dont exist

  • Карина Голищева

    0:47 wait, is that Hosuh?
    Or maybe i've watched too many Danplan videos :p

  • Xenofate _Onex
    Xenofate _Onex 2 days ago

    1st one is fairytail in a nutshell

  • TheZombieKing
    TheZombieKing 3 days ago

    I think the Doormat Heroine one stems mostly about how Japanese culture hasn't figured out this "women leaving the kitchen" nonsense quite yet, so they gotta make them submissive, or else they aren't "ideal".

  • Forty One Six
    Forty One Six 3 days ago

    I don't know what is worse, the cliches or the same advertisment at the beginning and end of the video.

  • Katiepinks
    Katiepinks 3 days ago

    3:13 Can someone please tell me what anime is that? Its so freaking creepy! 😂😨😵😵

  • Sin
    Sin 3 days ago

    How could anyone forget the hot spring/ bath scenes where all the girls start fondling each others boobs? Seen this far too many times

  • Paul Anseaume
    Paul Anseaume 3 days ago

    3:02 the image says it all xD

  • Fleur Apeldoorn
    Fleur Apeldoorn 3 days ago

    Emily should make an anime,
    Like or comment if you agree

  • Christine Nguyen
    Christine Nguyen 3 days ago +1

    1:50 literally the girl from fruit basket. She’s so cute, but so annoying. Like build some back bone

  • Victor Masson
    Victor Masson 3 days ago

    Inoue Orihime is my best answer, besides her power development in the last Arc of Bleach

  • skrilllfury 21
    skrilllfury 21 3 days ago

    Every time I see the love triangle trope: *CURSE THIS FREAKING PIECE OF-* or: *Death to the creators of this.* no one can tell I hate this trope, right?
    The pedo thing was hilarious.