6 MORE Annoying Anime Tropes! (Ft. CDawgVA)

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
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  • Adhaam Gonzalez
    Adhaam Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Another more annoying anime tropes

    1 of them is gonna be the INCEST

  • 。 cloud 。
    。 cloud 。 10 hours ago

    I don’t like when everything is predictable

  • • Midnight Gacha •
    • Midnight Gacha • 12 hours ago

    *” I’m just an,with an average life but I have a problem..”* kind of reminds me of miraculous Ladybug’s intro “I’m just a normal girl with a normal life, but there’s something about me that.. no one knows yet!”

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 14 hours ago

    the best love triangle is one that ends with korrasmai

  • Eshaal Zehri
    Eshaal Zehri 15 hours ago

    I’m watching an anime called children of the whales it’s amazing

  • Maryana Leite
    Maryana Leite 17 hours ago

    1:11 *cough* *cough* SAO

  • Lin Rose17
    Lin Rose17 22 hours ago

    Is it just me or does the hero ( 0:48 ) look like Hosuh from DanPlan?

  • Slime face Harry
    Slime face Harry 23 hours ago

    Love triangles yeah like in yugioh the one with seto Kaiba the pharaoh and yugi

  • Lakota Long
    Lakota Long Day ago


  • Kyoanime
    Kyoanime Day ago

    So happy someone sees the good in love triangles when they are good for the story (fruits basket)

  • Kyoanime
    Kyoanime Day ago

    Literally died laughing at the two guys for the love triangle part cause it’s true! (But I love it haha )

  • Sammy ShinyVictini

    I know this trope was in the last one but I don't feel like hitting back button. I honest to god can't stand how anime girls eat. I think I'd also slap the food out of their hands if they were also doing that.
    And yes. The power of friendship needs to stop. If you can't beat the all powerful demon then you can't do it. I'm done with Deus ex machina friendship powers.

  • ガチャCherryBubbles

    Her face...

  • ガチャCherryBubbles

    Her face...

  • Lelecutie123
    Lelecutie123 Day ago

    Pretty much all of these boil down to miraculous

  • Lao - bad
    Lao - bad Day ago

    So true tho🤣🤣

  • Edward V.D. Meer

    Favourite trope? Hmmm... probably the "morals are subjective or nonexistent". This really brings forward a great discussion on psychologies within the anime.

  • Ferretzim 86
    Ferretzim 86 Day ago

    For male protagonists, it's either the power of friendship, or the power of *nut* (They fight for the fan waifu) that helps them defeat their opponent.
    Also, I don't like when shows shoehorn in friendship as a way to stop people from doing something bad. I want to see what they can do without all the friendship juice. Or the insistance on redeeming villains because "Friendship". "What if this character focused more on honing his skills instead of being with people?". It'd actually be a bit funny if they made a series where they make fun at this, like the protagonist trying to get this one person to become their friend and join their group of partymembers, but then later when the protagonist's party get their collective butts handed to them, the "loner" person comes back to save them and is absurdly strong. Say they average at lv 15, while he's lv 60.

    Protagonist: "How did you become so strong?!" Guy: "...Training" Protagonist: "We should team up! With your help, we'll be sure to defeat [generic bad guy, often a demon lord]! Friendship forever!" Guy: "...................no" *Snaps his fingers and teleports away* PRtotagonist: "....waah" * Guy Opens a portal again to stick his head through* Guy: "I still have training to do. And hanging out with an airhead fighter, a tsundere elf girl, an awkward trap, a clumsy cleric, and a perverted catgirl isn't going to help me" *Retracts his head while simultaniously bulling the corpse of the honster he killed through the portal with one arm. Guy "I'm also taking this" *Portal vanishes*

  • cones
    cones Day ago

    *pillar men theme plays*

  • Дмитрий Д

    No 3 trope exception: Monogatary series.
    Girl accidentally show MC her panties, he explains her how pervert he is and than SHE explains him that he would not see her panties if she had not decided to show em. Boy fall in silence to appreciate pervertion of this girl.

  • y o u t r a i t o r
    y o u t r a i t o r 2 days ago

    "But I have a problem,I like two boys at the same time"
    Me,An intellectual who has a crush on at least five people at a time: *hold my juice box*

  • Joaquin adriazola berrios

    5:56 I agree, Wiz is the best girl of Konosuba. 100% waifu XD

  • DerCookie23
    DerCookie23 3 days ago +1

    Every average anime
    *episode 7*
    "So I guess we're at the beach, huh?"

    • Kamyra Chavis
      Kamyra Chavis 12 hours ago

      Lmao, I thought of Dakaichi (its a bl)

  • fluffyjim
    fluffyjim 3 days ago

    1:08 *Silver The Hegehog intensifies*

  • Pumpkin Boiii
    Pumpkin Boiii 3 days ago

    The love triangle...the two males, and or females (very rarely) just need to bang each other, then BAM. Problem solved.

  • Probably Izaac
    Probably Izaac 3 days ago

    0:51 omg is that house!

  • Wolfi Dragon Studioz • 50 years ago ·


  • Anthony Ricardo
    Anthony Ricardo 4 days ago

    I dislike The Power of Friendship most of the time, the only anime in which I actually like this trope is Fairy Tail because it actually fits the themes of the anime.

  • Chien Gie Kon
    Chien Gie Kon 4 days ago

    pls no bulli

  • daniel faris
    daniel faris 4 days ago

    Hey emirichu,your voice over on this RU-clip remind me a character "yang" from anime rwby.

  • Priya Gupta
    Priya Gupta 4 days ago

    I recommend ‘Sirius The Jaeger’ and an older anime called ‘Shounen Maid’ to you!

  • kirbee uwu
    kirbee uwu 4 days ago

    me: *sees accidental pervert*
    ikr, trying to fit in fanservice everywhere
    also me:
    *sips tea*

  • KingKano89
    KingKano89 4 days ago

    I think that the friendship trope isn't as bad if it can be explained in a conclusive way straight from episode 1 of the anime/game such as in Trails of Cold Steel where the Class VII becomes more powerful together and can stand against powerful foes because of the links they form allowing them to fight as one or in Dragonball with the fusions requiring the perfect level of power balance so that it can actually work. In other anime's like Fairy Tail and Yugioh where it simply serves as a way to make everyone alongside the main protagonist seem important as well as give him a power boost for no reason; it's slightly more annoying

  • Pans Girl
    Pans Girl 4 days ago +2

    Okay, the 'Acidental Pevert'? Gacha. Almost. Every. Gacha.

  • Full SpoOn
    Full SpoOn 4 days ago

    My favorite is the opposite of the power of friendship, how in highschool dxd the mc wins with sheer determination, hardwork, and pervertedness.

  • Yami Nero
    Yami Nero 4 days ago

    I watched both of these while watching demon slayer on VRV

  • Maeve Mackie
    Maeve Mackie 4 days ago


  • Frogg doggs
    Frogg doggs 4 days ago +3

    Girl: Hi
    Guy: Hey
    Girl: PERVERT!!!!

  • Cjpupy Gamer
    Cjpupy Gamer 4 days ago

    The power of friendship!!! 😂

  • UnknownPlayer 27
    UnknownPlayer 27 5 days ago

    Guy: Does literally nothing wrong
    Girl: PERVERT
    Guy: What did I do wrong! *questions every thing he has done*
    Guy: remembers he was nice to her.
    Is that why I’m a pervert
    Girl: calls the guy a pervert again,
    Guy: *busy having a self crisis*
    I see stuff like the above a lot

  • sebastian chia
    sebastian chia 5 days ago +4

    Anime cliche: Enemy becomes ally after hero shows kindness

  • NovaSupreme YT
    NovaSupreme YT 5 days ago +2

    want an anime that is about a good villain, and the heroes are the actual bad guys but the villain is still a villain,this is confusing as hecc

  • Nathan Key-No
    Nathan Key-No 5 days ago

    I kinda like the beach episodes
    It’s just nice to sit back and get some laughs sometimes and that “wink and a nod” to the audience

  • Alia Natasya
    Alia Natasya 5 days ago +2

    Production: How much do you want clicheness, cringiness, pervertness and obliviousness
    Anime: Yes

  • Alia Natasya
    Alia Natasya 5 days ago +1

    Im already falling for the tsundere bad boy. Hnghh

  • Mr Butter
    Mr Butter 5 days ago

    I hate the shy geeky girl idk y

  • Wyatt Ashen
    Wyatt Ashen 5 days ago

    Kono suba is the best 'yes'!!

  • Layla's World Gacha
    Layla's World Gacha 5 days ago

    Are you making fun of sword art online? *cries*

  • Crackheadism
    Crackheadism 5 days ago +1

    Truck-sama in isekai manga.. I mean yeah Truck-sama is amazing but does every protagonist in isekai manga have to be an overworked corporate slave that gets hit by a truck and transports to another world because they died? Like can’t they die in a different way? WHY IS IT TRUCK-SAMA EVERY SINGLE TIME

  • Crackheadism
    Crackheadism 5 days ago +1

    You know what i hate a lot? When the female leads are utterly useless and do nothing to help the protagonist except lead them into dangerous situations where they might almost die and gain a new power because they’re so fricking stupid and defenseless. Like sure wow the protagonist got a cool new power but they also almost DIED! And the protagonist can’t get mad at them either because they’re just “too cute”.. So basically i just don’t like love interests that’ll become the weakness of the protagonist.
    (Also probably why i enjoy fantasy manga/LN’s where the protagonist is female since most of the time they’re also super powerful or when the male protagonist is gay because there probably won’t be a weak love interest that you have to protect)

  • Allaine Smith
    Allaine Smith 5 days ago

    That first trope is just all dbz fights summed up

  • Noodlenugget Mcgee
    Noodlenugget Mcgee 5 days ago +2

    Emirichu: the beach episode
    Me: *intense flash backs to ouran highschool host club

  • Akinwumi Akinlosoye
    Akinwumi Akinlosoye 5 days ago

    3:02 dying

  • Royale Keegan
    Royale Keegan 5 days ago +8

    Guy: *looks at girl*
    Girl: *PERVERT*

    • Folker46 !
      Folker46 ! 4 hours ago

      Welcome to the modern American collage campus where extreme feminism runs the school. You can't even talk to a girl without being accused of sexual harassment!

  • Jada Canon
    Jada Canon 5 days ago

    It’s nice that assassination classroom brought a different perspective. But there is some other tropes in there. Butaaa you think that this boi is a girl but thennnn yeah...

  • Anonymouse Llama
    Anonymouse Llama 5 days ago +1

    *Lavendertown's viewers also watch this channel*
    _Heck yeah_

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 5 days ago


  • OtakuLady
    OtakuLady 6 days ago

    The pervert trope is so annoying. Save screaming pervert at the real perverts.

  • ColbaltMind
    ColbaltMind 6 days ago

    Girl: I have a crush on two boys! Oh, who do I choose?!
    Me: Polyamory baby, it solves all your love triangle related problems.

  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru
    Kiyotaka Ishimaru 6 days ago +1

    6.beach episode