Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
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    AIO water coolers seem to be all the rage, but we're here to tell you that big air coolers are where it's at. Probably.
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  • Leo van Lierop
    Leo van Lierop 3 hours ago +1

    Water cooling can keep your whole case cooler. No mentioning of that.

  • bertraminc
    bertraminc 4 hours ago

    Not really a good control here. You need the SAME FANS ON EVERYTHING. You are comparing air cooled to water cooled but if they have different fans you can't claim that comparison... Not only that you are comparing a different number of fans to one another... either change the N to Corsair fans or change the C fans to Nactua. You did all that work and the results are useless because the fans are different on each set. But even then you have to address the fact that a three fan setup will theoretically take more voltage to run at the same speed as your air cooled two fan setup which will add heat to the inside of your case.... to eliminate this you should only compare the two fan liquid cooled to the air cooled, since your air cooled has two N fans. This should get CLOSER to equal fans and the air cooled and water cooled can then be examined without the fans as a variable. Other numbers are interesting but can't really be compared to one another as air cooled vs water cooled! Furthermore, if you are comparing temperature, you should be running the fans at the same speed and compare the temps that the same speed of the same number of fans produces.. if you are looking for sound, you should set the fan speeds to produce the same CPU temperatures and then compare the sounds that were needed to produce the same temps. In this test you are looking for which produces the lowest temperature as your primary test. To do this you need two exact fans on each type of cooler. Then you need to run the fans at the same speeds and compare temps. This will give you which setup cools better at the same speed. If your air cooler then cools better at the same fan speeds, you have more excess cooling capability than the water cooler and conversely if your water cooler cools better at the same fan speeds, it has more excess cooling capability. To simplify the problem with what you did... and you stated this.... if these coolers are even anywhere close, the much better Nactua fans will invalidate your experiment.

  • Harry Amar Bidarkar
    Harry Amar Bidarkar 7 hours ago

    Noctua should have been the sponsor of this vid

    BIONICBIO 7 hours ago

    my phenon II 1090t was liquid cooled with a cosair H80.. had a push/pull config on the radiator.. idled at 39c and with all 6 cores @100%, never went above 55c in a room that was 25.5c.. my 4Ghz Alienware idles at 31c and with all 6 cores, hits 59c
    AIO coolers kick ass

  • Anneke de Bruyn
    Anneke de Bruyn 10 hours ago

    I ditched water cooling when I had the hassle of a defective waterpump.
    Far easier to simply swap the fans out for a new one.

  • i 2o2
    i 2o2 15 hours ago

    The day when i made my first gaming pc i realised that in india you ought to have liquid cooling where in summers temp reaches 47-48 deg c ambient. I got CPU restart every 15 min in summers my amd fx 8350 radeon 8570 were like oven even playing for 15 min. Then i threw the stock cooler and got h100i liquid cooling. Never again did i faced any prob reg temp.

  • Wladpad
    Wladpad 20 hours ago

    My brother and i actually had a failing cpu watercooler so we opened it and it had bubbles and dirty stuff. Then added engine coolant and cleaned it up now it doesn't get hotter than 70 degrees. 8core cpu with 1 fan radiator.

  • Lance Zimmerman
    Lance Zimmerman Day ago

    What I found with switching to water cooling, I use that single fan Corsair H50, is that the video card works not as hard to keep cool. I have mine one top sucking air out. So that the total noise is less. The video card fans are way noisier. With the water cooling, unless I'm gaming the video card fans don't come on, unless it is a hot summer day.
    One note, I did stack a fan on the inside and outside the radiator.

  • Zak Srdanovich
    Zak Srdanovich Day ago

    Because Noctua pays you to advertise their air cooler...

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago

    now I'd like to see Noctua NH-U12A vs BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 Pro (noise and temperature)

  • Basiletho Live
    Basiletho Live Day ago


  • David Shipley
    David Shipley Day ago

    0:10, now that's where you're wrong. I use a frying pan, so that I can cook while I game.

  • Jaymo James
    Jaymo James Day ago

    I must say that im impressed with my MSi Core Frozer L air cooler...i wont be liquid cooling anytime soon,if ever...

  • Connor Sandberg
    Connor Sandberg Day ago

    Noctua LOVES Linus

  • My Hero
    My Hero Day ago

    If we can water cool our body, then why can't we water our pc huh huh?

  • garry arganis
    garry arganis Day ago

    world of tanks doesnt have authentic tanks and its full of aimbot surpriced to see they still try advertice their game with all the cheating issues, i used to play for 4 years and quit bcuz things got out of hand with cheaters and pay to win premium tanks.

  • alextamago
    alextamago Day ago

    Why is my computer not working, I put tap water in my computer and it should be cooling down my pc but my pc is not even responding. Someone help pls.

  • 50_Cal
    50_Cal 2 days ago

    Thank u Alex.

  • Whelplayed
    Whelplayed 2 days ago

    Ive been using the deepcool captain 240 cooler for about 4-5 years now and I love this thing. Its very quiet and my cpu never goes above 60c in full 4K gaming sessions (i7 5930K). My idle is about 35c. Like Im on RDR2 on my other screen right now and my 6 cores are at 55, 53, 57, 53, 51, 58.

  • Lord 37
    Lord 37 2 days ago

    Linus: "why you shouldnt watercool your pc"
    Literally linus in his pc buildings: "LETS USE THIS WATERCOOLER FOR THE PC"

  • Richard Chen
    Richard Chen 2 days ago

    Linus tank tips

  • Adam Feffer
    Adam Feffer 2 days ago +1

    2:25 that's where you went wrong, I live in Phoenix

  • j a
    j a 2 days ago

    heatpipes are one of the most efficient forms of heat transfer, its no wonder that a cooler using heatpipes outperforms everything on that table

  • Max Loh
    Max Loh 2 days ago

    Should I then replace my U12S with U12A if silence is my goal? Strangely Linus Tech Tips is the only test that showed such extreme noise difference between U12A and U12S. I looked up the decibel test results on other websites and they're practically identical.

  • SonsyWhale
    SonsyWhale 2 days ago

    People care about fan noise? Lmao uhh okay. I certainly don't.

  • Renaldo king
    Renaldo king 2 days ago

    Dam now i dont wana bother to buy a aio 😅😅

  • Gtx 1080 Ti
    Gtx 1080 Ti 2 days ago

    Side panel removed gang

  • Matthew Joseph
    Matthew Joseph 3 days ago


  • Matthew Joseph
    Matthew Joseph 3 days ago

    Whys home boy got paper towels by his computer 😂 What's he cleaning up??

  • Sid
    Sid 3 days ago

    My only problem with noctua is that horrible fan color.. And it seems like it's the only one they have...

  • Willie Last
    Willie Last 3 days ago

    Not true. Swapping to a beefy 360mm AIO was the best decision for me. CPU temps have been ridiculously low even during the crazy heatwave we had this year. I'll never go back to air.

    • mankind and destiny
      mankind and destiny Day ago

      @Willie Last no fucking way im testing my luck with such dangerous radiator that will leak water in my expensive components in any moment id rather buy a noctua nhd15 over it

    • Willie Last
      Willie Last Day ago

      @mankind and destiny lol, what makes you think the pump will fail? They're stress tested to last for years (at least a decade) even if running 24/7.
      I would probably have upgraded my PC multiple times by then.

    • mankind and destiny
      mankind and destiny Day ago

      but what will you do when the pump fail

  • jcub
    jcub 3 days ago

    Turns out me being lazy and not wanting to setup liquid cooling in my pc paid off

  • Rude Uno Card
    Rude Uno Card 3 days ago

    Water + Electrics = Boom

  • Julian B
    Julian B 3 days ago

    Water cooling isn't dumb, AIO coolers are. If you're going to add the mechanical complexity / potential failure points of a water cooling system, you'd be stupid not to at least do it in the form of a custom loop that can actually cool all your relevant components and eliminate any high-speed fans. An AIO cooler can't do that-- your GPU, motherboard chipset, and anything else that requires active cooling in your setup are still going to be covered in fans (worse, these kinds of applications often use the little, higher-RPM varieties). If you're just going to cool a CPU there's no point doing water. The benefits come when you can use massive radiators and low-speed, high-pressure optimized fans to pull the heat out of a water loop that plugs into all your components: no more CPU fan, no more GPU blower, no more chipset fans. Sometimes full-cover blocks for the motherboard if you go with a board whose OEM does a water-cooled version or buy something popular enough that one of the waterblock manufacturers will do one.
    High-end air coolers are great, too. Seems like Noctua is the new Thermalright. I used to use on of their XP120s to cool a Q6700 without even using a discrete CPU fan: just having that heatsink adjacent to a case-fan was enough if you weren't overclocking. A nice air-cooler makes a thousand times more sense than any AIO water cooling setup: it's cheaper and involves virtually no maintenance. Blow the dust out of it and clean your fan once a year and you're done. AIOs are just for people who want to be able to say / show their PC is water cooled without having to do any work themselves. They're full of low-quality components, they underperform, and they fail to deliver the quality of life improvements that water cooling systems are meant to provide (near-silent operation without sacrificing performance). They're pointless systems that exist for bragging rights / "gaming street cred."
    Cheap / low maintenance: OEM air
    Cheap / low maintenance w/ good performance: high end air
    Expensive, but quiet and good performance: custom water
    Expensive, annoying, amazing performance: exotic shit like phase-change or chilled water (have fun dealing with condensation any time your coolant temperatures are below the dewpoint, which-- if you're going for any meaningful temperature drops-- is going to be all the time unless you live in the goddamn desert)

  • danmar007
    danmar007 3 days ago

    It's not so much the marketing as the shilling egghead techies who make it seem as if it's better than God herself.

  • Joe Bui
    Joe Bui 3 days ago

    I like my custom triple fan watercooler...cpu & gpu water cooling blocks 15$, triple fan double core radiator 30$, 12v brushless Pump 13$, g1 fittings and tubing 20$, hyperlube coolant enhancer 10$... 3 cosair sp120 that came with my case 3 pin pwm . temps 21c idle 45 full load. My gpu and cpu are Y split and in the same system. I also have a amd style rgb fan thermal cemented to the cpu and gpu waterblocks just in case the pump fails (10$). My setup is a little extreme but still well worth the price i paid, you can get smaller radiators etc to make this cheaper but I would never go back to air after this, get some quieter fans. e5-2660v3 with 1660gtx

    • Joe Bui
      Joe Bui 3 days ago

      use automotive pressure clamps to save 20$ G1 is aesthetic with function but they are expensive and are prone to fail if you done tighten them correctly. Automotive clamp will less likely fail and can handle 100psi + dependent on your tube material.

  • Jason
    Jason 4 days ago

    This sends such a wrong message. Linus is such a sell out. I guess you just don't know how to set up liquid cooling properly because it's the coolest thing you can literally do to your PC. You can create art with it. Oh and by the way it LIQUID COOLS YOUR PC. This video is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously Noctua is paying him to do this. That's how YT works. And that's why YT is beginning to suck. Soon as someone gets big it all goes to there heads and they stop making honest videos and only make what "they" want. You don't have to tell people it's going on, so every gullible person watching thinks this is ACTUALLY Linus's opinion about water cooling. When really it's either not, or he's just too afraid to do it. I honestly can't figure it out. If there's anything you shouldn't do, is overclock. There is no point whatsoever unless you wanna destroy your parts way faster. Anyways, I'm done.

  • Zeflin Troll
    Zeflin Troll 4 days ago

    Who can do one conclusion ?😂
    I comprend rien 🤔

  • Minato YF
    Minato YF 4 days ago

    I have the 150i pro 360 mm ;_; I really dont push my pc that much but thanks for the head up

  • Deep FryMe
    Deep FryMe 5 days ago

    the results in this video had me grinning! Noctua fan boy here

  • Paul Eaton
    Paul Eaton 5 days ago

    I don't know about anyone else, but I like to hear my fans on my radiator. Hearing them makes me know they are doing they're job. I have 3 floe 360 fans on my rad, and my 980ti classified has 2. I blast them all and I don't see a problem with noise what so ever. so I don't see what the big deal is when it comes to people talking about noise levels from your pc. I mean don't get me wrong I'm sure if you had 3 5000rpm fans blasting that could be a lil bit noisy. But I think I would like that even more. hahahah

  • James Carter
    James Carter 5 days ago +1

    The fans on that corsair cooler are really loud

  • cauzlog
    cauzlog 5 days ago +3

    6 months later*
    linus: builds a liquid cooler

  • Victor Suriel
    Victor Suriel 5 days ago

    What’s that case

  • A i k a r u
    A i k a r u 6 days ago

    Only problem with Noctua fans is that they're ugly as hell

  • Cade Pope
    Cade Pope 6 days ago


  • san carlos
    san carlos 6 days ago

    Gigabyte 1070 GTX STOCK + 3x 80mm Noctua Fans = 45 Celsius Degrees on RDR2 after 1 hrs of gaming with mid preset and unlocked fps. Can your custom loop do better?

  • Suddenbooch 6040
    Suddenbooch 6040 6 days ago


  • Suddenbooch 6040
    Suddenbooch 6040 6 days ago

    You just know linus on hes grave. Stone it. Say my cpu died

  • Moto_919
    Moto_919 6 days ago

    I have the H100i with a couple noctua fans on it for my 4790k. I cant imagine it gets any better than that for cooling. They didnt get into the advantages of swapping out for some awesome fans on a AIO like the H100i. Built this PC going on 5 years ago! and it still going strong. Not one problem with the water pump, Knock on wood.

  • Nathan Lester
    Nathan Lester 6 days ago

    What if they get a CPU Cooler that had Vapor inside of the coils, with fans of course, kinda like the vapor chamber found in phones like the Razer 2 🤔 bigger of course but would it be beneficial as a hybrid between air and water coolers

  • Ruiluth
    Ruiluth 6 days ago

    This is so helpful. I would have been completely lost without this video.

  • Stuart D
    Stuart D 6 days ago

    From my own personal experience I've always gotten better performance and audibles with a water cooled all in one. What I don't understand is how the noctua can be so good if it's all aluminum which it appears to be in the video. Also if it's all aluminum why the hell does it cost so much? There's like $0.30 worth of aluminum there.

  • Ming
    Ming 6 days ago

    AIO can leak water, pumps are noisey after a few months, air cooled all the way

  • Drinner D
    Drinner D 7 days ago

    Okay, time for some honesty. Can someone, anyone, PLEASE tell me why "Noise" is an issue?! If I owned a BEAST of a machine that can work and process lightning-fast, perform realtime-renders incredibly fast at extreme sample rates and export 3D animations at beyond, optimal speeds, I frankly do NOT GIVE A @#% how "noisy" it is! HOWEVER, if the noise actually MEANS something negative, then I get it. So, can some computer-savvy person give me some guidance on this issue? Does noise mean anything negative or significant?

  • MrAce0r
    MrAce0r 7 days ago

    Wus dat kitchen towel for, in this ultra silent room? 😂

  • Vidhaan games
    Vidhaan games 7 days ago

    Doesn’t warm air go up so it will use warm air to cool

  • Contamination Games
    Contamination Games 7 days ago

    And if you get a faulty water cooler, then you could destroy your GPU with water.

  • George White
    George White 8 days ago

    What is the case in this video with the clear glass on the side

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 8 days ago

    What if you put the NH-U12A on the radiator and measure the fan speed on both to keep the same temperature.
    Also you forget that the 3 fans in the case which keeps its internal ambient temperature down so the fans on the CPU cooler works.
    So essentially you have 5 fans vs 3 fans + pump on the water cooling solution. I think a Fair compare here would be to turn of the fans which moves Air into the case.
    Now with water you also get the ability to move the heat somewhere else like outside the case.