Why you shouldn't water cool your PC

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
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    AIO water coolers seem to be all the rage, but we're here to tell you that big air coolers are where it's at. Probably.
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Comments • 8 989

  • cfcreative
    cfcreative Hour ago

    i am encoding video with my water cooled xeon system and i am not breaking 50.

  • DigitizedCitrus
    DigitizedCitrus Hour ago

    I just want the best cooling per dollar, I dont care if I have a jet engine in my ear

    • DigitizedCitrus
      DigitizedCitrus Hour ago

      And I got a 73 dollar 2 fan AIO, (its a DeepCool Captain240EX)

  • cfcreative
    cfcreative Hour ago

    Most people are home computing not in an office.

  • cfcreative
    cfcreative Hour ago

    YOur in Canada use Celcius.

  • walkabout
    walkabout 5 hours ago

    some of your pros for aio are really stretching, motherboard bending? who has this problem anyway but good content, will stay away from water cooling from now on..

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 5 hours ago

    Never buy AIO, at some point it will leak

  • Foued Bendaya
    Foued Bendaya 5 hours ago

    water cool is cool

  • Because Bitcoin
    Because Bitcoin 5 hours ago

    has anyone tried filling a PC Liquid cooling system with automotive radiator fluid? ... its NEON GREEN

  • TheCodexNecro
    TheCodexNecro 6 hours ago

    I'm with you, Alex! YEAH!

  • 72Yonatan
    72Yonatan 7 hours ago

    Linus: please check out the air cooled design of the new Compulab Airport series of commercial computers, totally air cooled.

  • Gustaf Abrahamsson
    Gustaf Abrahamsson 8 hours ago

    Test out NZXT!

  • Otaku_ Panda
    Otaku_ Panda 9 hours ago

    Why dont watercoolers just transfer water like in cars via thermostat

  • Oliver A
    Oliver A 10 hours ago

    I need a room full of beanbags like this

  • Haleys Core
    Haleys Core 15 hours ago

    That formula at 1:45...
    ..am I a joke to you , sir?

  • Casey Cunanan
    Casey Cunanan 16 hours ago

    Is scrapyard wars coming back?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 17 hours ago

    I love that dance around what he really wanted to say "using your computer' Vs "tinkering.." uh-huh!

  • Jon Boggio
    Jon Boggio 19 hours ago

    In all fairness Noctua kills competition on performance..... for their fans.
    I run a GTX 1070 SeaHawk with 120mm rad. and a Corsair H90 140mm rad.
    I put a Noctua Chromax NF-F12 and NF-A14 and I saw a 8-10°C drop across the board from the stock fans. So I want to see all these blocks done with the appropriate Noctua fans rather than their stock because clearly that makes a difference.
    I overclock to just about 4.8 and I stay comfortably about 60-62°C on average. My GPU is about the same.
    Granted I do run a ITX case (CoreV1) both fans on exhaust with filters. reason I state this is I don't have a lot of air to move in a smaller case and I believe the multitude of venting on this case help.

  • Austin K
    Austin K 20 hours ago

    Have a be quiet dark rock pro 4 and a 1700x and it never rises above 50c under full gaming load

  • Accuracy
    Accuracy 20 hours ago

    Is it true that the water cooling tubes rot over time

  • heffyg101
    heffyg101 22 hours ago

    Went from using a Corsair H60 water cooler to a Coolermaster hyper 212 heatsink, performed better, quieter and was cheaper.

  • Michael Burt
    Michael Burt Day ago

    Oooooo im a very advanced user :D literally learnt how to do it all from here :P

  • Jinix64
    Jinix64 Day ago

    Performance wise, I got a nice boost on my H150i by installing 3 more fans and using it on a push/pull config, rather than just pushing air.

  • BlueSonics Music

    Interested in which cools the CPU down quicker *after* a full load on the CPU.
    Like surely the water cooling the CPU stays warmer for longer than just having fresh air passing through the case?

  • Herobrine Cyberdemon

    Consider the advanced miner's approach, remove all heatsinks and fans from your system, put it in a large, sealable case and fill the whole case with transformer oil.

  • steffenbk1
    steffenbk1 Day ago

    if you're literally going to ship the pc on a flight, just take out the cpu cooler, its only two screws as he said xD

  • IKH TV
    IKH TV Day ago

    Or use the stock ryzen cooler.. Ez

  • ano nymous
    ano nymous Day ago

    You shouldn't ship yout pc with air cooler mounted at all. It is easy to mound/dismount so it's 100%safe when dismounted.

  • NukDuk
    NukDuk Day ago

    Kraken M22 costs less here than any Noctua AirCooler

  • Jason Bane
    Jason Bane Day ago

    After delidding my i7-8700k, I have not had to change my Hyper 212 Evo and have not even considered buying a different one. This is because even with overclocking to 5GHz I dropped 20°C under load.

  • Mr. Potatoes Head
    Mr. Potatoes Head Day ago +1

    4:55 i wonder what that tissue is used for ;)

  • Nahush Bhat
    Nahush Bhat Day ago +2

    Here's my experience upgrading from a dual-fan CM fan cooler to a dual fan AIO liquid cooler.
    The fan was really loud during gaming, sometimes even louder than the game I was playing. My primary reason to upgrade was the noise. With the fans, the CPU stayed cool though, at a max of 55 to 58 degrees.
    After switching to the AIO, I noticed that the idle temp rose by a few degrees, from 38 to 42 degrees. But during gaming the ramp up to 55 degrees took a really long time than before. Atleast 30 to 40 minutes to reach 55 degrees. However, once 55 is crossed, the temps tended to stay there or get warmer and warmer with time. This is due to the nature of water and its specific heat capacity. It loses heat very slowly too.
    Conclusion: Fans and air cooling do the job, but are much louder. AIOs are quiet and better for shorter duration gaming, but endurance runs will be very very warm. Warmer than air coolers.

  • Leduan Reina
    Leduan Reina Day ago

    The video you show a the beginning is from Tom’s Hardware, and shows how an Athlon CPU burns when not refrigerated, the pentium 3 coppermine in the other hand was able to protect it self by reducing speed and voltage automatically, even in those dates, so it wasn’t the “CPU’s of that time” it was the AMD CPUs of that time the ones who burn like crazy

  • Mokimanify
    Mokimanify Day ago

    WoT is still slugging along trying desperately not to die ... DIE ALREADY !!!

  • busywl69
    busywl69 Day ago +1

    water and electronics. Not in my rigs. water cooling is for enthusiasts. more power to them.
    where can I get some of those neat giant pillow sound sucking things?

  • Nate Harlow
    Nate Harlow 2 days ago

    Noctua: Best performance
    Also Noctua: ugliest colored products

  • Jean-Francois Loirat

    Been saying it for years, was constantly called an idiot. "But its water!!!!"
    Now of course, Linus says it, so everybody takes it for cash and agrees lol

  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX 2 days ago +2

    Yeah, don't buy water coolers.

  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX 2 days ago +2

    Basically, Noctua Air NH-U12A cooler. (8:45)

  • MehdiBarka
    MehdiBarka 2 days ago

    Please for the love of good convert to Celsius

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 2 days ago

    tl;dw AIOs are dumb

  • delete urselef
    delete urselef 2 days ago +9

    can’t i just buy a mini fridge and put my pc in there

    • ano nymous
      ano nymous Day ago

      Mini fridge wouldn't do. You need freezer like on Intel Show on Computex. This did the work well.

    WGITR3TRO 2 days ago

    "custom water-cooling is for people who enjoy using their computers.. as opposed to tinkering with their computers" well that's a nice way of calling us broke boisz 😌

    • TROPtastic
      TROPtastic Day ago

      You got it backwards: Linus said that, because open loop setups are more complicated, he would *not* recommend custom water-cooling for people who enjoy using their computers as opposed to tinkering with them

  • LeadUR Subconscious
    LeadUR Subconscious 2 days ago

    Bite me and your sponsors ad

  • scruffy pugs
    scruffy pugs 2 days ago

    10:50 🤣
    Linus: "and if you regularly move you're PC to lan parties and search"
    EDITOR" *puts in a clip of a search engine with the word correct for what he intended to say*

  • Hoody♤
    Hoody♤ 2 days ago

    Water plus electronic components was never a good idea to begin with lol.
    I'm happy with my air cooler it is keeping my 3700x below 65 under load. And it isn't even Noctua cooler. (I really wish I spent the extra $20 for it now after watching this...)

  • njemtrn1129
    njemtrn1129 2 days ago

    "why you shouldn't water cool your PC" is definitely not the thing i'd expect to come from Linus

  • Darran Douglas
    Darran Douglas 2 days ago

    the H-50 never leaked, the other guy did, a lot.

  • B laCk
    B laCk 2 days ago

    13:51 this happens all the time and the biggest example is the car industry

  • Mike H
    Mike H 2 days ago

    Did he say "ghetto?". Uh oh..

  • krancan25
    krancan25 3 days ago +2

    You had to be doing something wrong with the test... I mean how can a 2 fan (not to mention smaller radiator) outperform a 3 fan setup..?

  • Josiah Gonzalez
    Josiah Gonzalez 3 days ago +3

    I think that this may be just a tad skewed as that air cooler has a push-pull configuration, giving it the BEST airflow compared to the rest of your line-up. I'd like to see how any of those AIOs would react to having similar flow.

  • liam
    liam 3 days ago

    how are they at 70-80 celsius i’m at 30 sometimes lower

    • MDS
      MDS 2 days ago

      Run a benchmark

  • Thorwald Johanson
    Thorwald Johanson 3 days ago

    Absolutely great video and content, love it. I was very sad though that you didn't let us listen to the different setups. As every cooling nerd knows, it's not just the dB, but the frequencies and spike distribution, that make a sound annoying or not. Please make Alex do a follow up video. Perhaps testing more popular air coolers. These guides exist but are old by now and don't have your amazing setup and resources. Thumbs up if you agree :)

  • Dan Beißwenger
    Dan Beißwenger 3 days ago +3

    Well if the pump failed, wouldn't the CPU heat up and shut off once it hit the safety limit?

    • Miles Greenaway
      Miles Greenaway Day ago

      Yh I'm using a liquid cooler and my CPU is overheating within minuets! (Might have another issue I haven't found yet but) not a fan

  • Eric McManus
    Eric McManus 3 days ago +1

    I think you need to do much more testing before you can make a legitimate statement on this. Different AIO's, different fan/heat plate set ups. And do these tests multiple times.

  • Tyler Lebowsky
    Tyler Lebowsky 3 days ago

    If you have a Tempered Glass case like Lian Li PC O11, you need to go with water cooling like it or not. Making this kind of absolute statements isn't very clever. Accepting them is even worst. Depending on the scenario you have different needs, just use your brain.

  • Vasilis Green
    Vasilis Green 3 days ago

    So, here we see how crappy PC water cooling is. If sir was better than water at heat dissipation automobile wouldn't almost exclusively use it.

    EPICLULZ123 3 days ago

    Wait, so two huge ugly liquid pipes hanging in an ugly random spot no matter which way you mount the cooler looks cleaner than a tiny little pwm fan plug that can be tucked away really nicely? Get outta here.

  • nt109
    nt109 3 days ago

    Say No to water cooling because most modern CPU's have very little headroom left for additional Mhz when overclocking. Just look at the latest AMD CPU's 3700x and 3900x, they cant even reach their advertised boost clocks. Why bother with water cooling.

  • Dustin Tebo
    Dustin Tebo 3 days ago +5

    Temps would be significantly lower if the radiator was at the front. Who cares about noise??

    • Freddy Krugger
      Freddy Krugger Day ago

      Isaac Barnett Headphones?

    • Isaac Barnett
      Isaac Barnett Day ago

      I care about noise.... who DOESN’T care about noise?

    • FreaqqShow
      FreaqqShow 2 days ago +1

      I care more for noise than for temps

  • Daniel Glegg
    Daniel Glegg 3 days ago +1

    Noctua NHD14 has stood the test of time for 6+ years now. Love it.

    • Daniel Glegg
      Daniel Glegg 2 days ago

      @Ahmed Khalil Yeah, Noctua has never disappointed me.

    • Ahmed Khalil
      Ahmed Khalil 2 days ago

      I use it's newer sibling, the NH-D15, it's a monster, best decision I made in my last upgrade.

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 3 days ago

    Jesus stop spreading bullshit linus I run a REAL liquid cooling system not this closed loop shit and my PC under MAX load runs at 31 Celsius. Open loop water cooled is superior to air cooled in literally every possible way. Significantly quieter and significantly cooler.

  • Jaime Frischwasser
    Jaime Frischwasser 3 days ago

    "Even though after a long load its performance might not be as impresive" 10:30

  • Kevin Vega
    Kevin Vega 3 days ago

    But most noise comes from the GPU. That’s why I went open loop.

  • Nick Manhota
    Nick Manhota 3 days ago

    This guy is full of shit click bait crap.

  • Michael Kaba
    Michael Kaba 3 days ago

    Yeah fuck Linus, he cannot calculate impedance, but he knows chips need to be cool. Lol GTFO.

  • Michael Kaba
    Michael Kaba 3 days ago

    He never knows test results.

  • Michael Kaba
    Michael Kaba 3 days ago

    I bet Linus can't read a DMM.

  • gay freakin frog
    gay freakin frog 3 days ago

    this is 5 years too late

  • Atomkey Sinclair
    Atomkey Sinclair 3 days ago

    Cooler Master RR-H6V2-13PK-R1 Hyper 612 Ver.2. ... so far on everything. Never messed with water cooling yet.

  • James Balazs
    James Balazs 3 days ago +1

    80°C wtffff my 5820k @ 4.2GHz maxes at 40°C while gaming
    It got to 80°C once when the cooler wasn't screwed down and it blue screened as a result - how is that thing even running?

  • sexiewasd
    sexiewasd 3 days ago

    My pc will be bolted to the side of a 4 axis vertical machining center, I can’t see fan noise being an issue

  • Sarys
    Sarys 3 days ago

    Big fan is best fan!

  • Aj Walker
    Aj Walker 4 days ago

    What case is used in this video?

  • john4kc
    john4kc 4 days ago

    My water cooler apparently had a water loss. Maybe slow evaporation or something. My processor got very hot and I guess it all shut down. I feel lucky that the CPU wasn't a loss. My next build will be with a air cooler for sure. Thanks for the review.

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 4 days ago +11

    He was gonna say custom watercooling is not for peasants

  • mark woodward
    mark woodward 4 days ago +6

    I just Wish Noctua would make their fans a better color.

  • vidfreak56
    vidfreak56 4 days ago

    The top of the case matters here. Is it vented in both cases? That would make a huge difference if it was. Even if top case fans weren't present because HOT air rises.

  • I Cac Rubin
    I Cac Rubin 4 days ago

    I have two PCs and both of them are water cooled now and it was so pleasant change from stock coolers.

  • spirit free
    spirit free 4 days ago

    What website tests what you pc can run?

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 4 days ago

    Linus, don't be dumb

  • kram Null
    kram Null 4 days ago +7

    One thing not mentioned. Thermal paste being used. Were they using the "provided" thermal paste or using aftermarket on ALL their tests...

  • John Suarez
    John Suarez 4 days ago

    Do clear cases have a greenhouse effect like a car does?

  • Pizza PowerXYZ
    Pizza PowerXYZ 4 days ago

    I'm still using liquid cooling because it looks better

  • BluePsion
    BluePsion 4 days ago +1

    My computer is 8 years old, it was a retail PC H8-1534 with 10 GB memory and an AMD FX-6200. Over the years I've upgraded everything but the motherboard and and processor. In the next two years I'm going to have to replace the processor. A year and a half ago I finally got a Zotac 1080 (mini to fit in my case) and was worried about cooling. No way I was using a 6 year old HP OEM fan with my $500 GFX card. It has exactly one fan on the back. I replaced it with one of those distinguished (ugly) Noctua 120mm fans. Well, I couldn't be happier. Using hardware monitor my CPU hits around 51c and the card gets up to 60-something, perfectly reasonable in such a small, crappy case. This is under heavy load like VR and resource hog games. When it is time to get my new Mobo/CPU/case, I'm going to get more of the Noctua fans :)

  • akashdeep
    akashdeep 4 days ago +1

    Build a i7 4th gen with a gtx 1650 4gb

  • F_U_L_L__ M_E_T_A_L
    F_U_L_L__ M_E_T_A_L 4 days ago +1

    Water coolers are easier to keep clean which maintaines average lower temps with less maintenance.

  • Thomas Jaynes
    Thomas Jaynes 5 days ago +1

    I still do not get this video, and further more Linus himself. in so many videos he talks about sheer performance; what is the best version of a tech product based on graphs that measure performance in a quantitative manner.
    Then.... there is this video. After years of water cooled builds squeezing maximum performance from CPUs and GPUs using liquid cooling, seemingly attempting to defy the laws of thermodynamics, he sets up a test pitting standard air cooling against liquid cooling. He even goes as far as to try and stack the deck in his favor by not only measuring function but the sound it makes (to which he almost immediately shows is irrelevant because an office space is louder and no one ever complains how loud office spaces are, ever.) After all this he is shown data proving the beefiest liquid cooler he brought was crushed by air cooling he continues to try and advocate for liquid coolers because they are more securely affixed to the chassis/MB than air coolers (???areyouserious.png???) and that despite having greater upkeep, cost, failure risk, and fallout they look better??
    I don't get it. I would rather have a faster PC that performs its absolute best over knowingly handicapping it while looking sick, bro. If you are going to split hairs in microseconds with monitor refresh rates, key strike response times and the like why would you go with less performance anywhere?

    • Alex Kramer
      Alex Kramer 3 days ago

      Thomas Jaynes to draw a better overall picture, meaning its not only not better but also more expensive. Now thats a point I heard him discuss before

  • Ryan Lockwood
    Ryan Lockwood 5 days ago

    If it didn't cost me only about 5-10 bucks to update my water cooling system for a new chipset, I would agree with this. If you've never done a watercooling build before and odn't have a loop already set up...yeah, just buy a noctua fan.

  • Kage
    Kage 5 days ago

    Jayztwocentz would like to know your location

  • AdmJcb Crd
    AdmJcb Crd 5 days ago

    4:07 Meme Review

  • siru moon
    siru moon 5 days ago

    gaming pc's are pretty much like a gas dirt bike motor they are both very non efficient and that's why you see them with water cooled unless they aren't real powerful and they wont be on for a long time.

  • Elmo
    Elmo 5 days ago

    86c and it's a little toasty...... Understatement of the year.

  • Kobe Wild
    Kobe Wild 5 days ago +1

    AIO's work, save space and are quite... that's all I need to know...

  • BeastlyArctic
    BeastlyArctic 5 days ago

    he’s like bill bye the science guy except for cpu cooling

  • Classy Modder
    Classy Modder 5 days ago

    You guys are pretty cool.

  • zezba9000
    zezba9000 5 days ago +1

    Sorry but this is crap for me. I tested a Noctua vs a liquid cooler on a AMD FX 8350 and the liquid cooler was always 10c cooler ALWAYS at any load. Liquid is way better.

    • siru moon
      siru moon 5 days ago

      I saw this video and clicked on it and was like this video sucks. I have air cooled but I know liquid cool is better, its like with dirt bikes liquid cool is much better.

  • Jill_22
    Jill_22 5 days ago +1

    I would never go near a computer that has a roll of paper towel next to it...

  • Adicted2Mc
    Adicted2Mc 5 days ago

    My PC flirts with 90 degrees Celsius when playing GTA 5. It's an upgraded sff hp prebuilt. The HP Elite Compaq 8300 SFF

    • ripred
      ripred 5 days ago

      Adicted2Mc isn’t that real hot

  • Michael Salvador
    Michael Salvador 5 days ago

    so just lay it on its back while transporting