TOP 15 BIGGEST CRASHES NÜRBURGRING - Nordschleife Top 15 Crash Compilation 2012 - 2018

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • TOP 15 CRASHES NÜRBURGRING - Nordschleife Top 15 Hardest Crashes compilation 2012 - 2018 *150.000 Subscriber Special*
    I didn't really prepare anything special for the 150.000 subscriber milestone, but most of you like crashes... So here's a compilation of our Top 15 crashes!
    (PS: I am aware that as a subscriber you've probably already seen these crashes, but according to RU-clip's analytics only 11% of our viewers are actually subscribed!
    If you DON'T like crashes, we've got something special coming up in a few weeks!)
    PLEASE NOTE: Nobody got any serious injuries, not even the #1 crash!
    If you wonder were the Nissan GTR crash is; I did not include that clip since there was a fatality in that accident. Out of respect to the friends and family, I will not use that clip in any future video.
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Comments • 1 287

  • Mr Shahnawaz
    Mr Shahnawaz 22 hours ago

    Love to see these looser want to be Formula 1 racer, destroy their cars for fun, what the hell happen, don't they have something better to do

  • Vollmilchpizza
    Vollmilchpizza 2 days ago

    Bei 7:52 ... Der Ferrari Fahrer ist doch komplett bescheuert... beschwert sich noch beim Porsche Fahrer... Er schneidet ihn und er beschwert sich... Voll idiot.. Was hätte er machen sollen? in die Botanik und selber einschlagen?

  • Hermínio Teles
    Hermínio Teles 2 days ago

    Was the guy Awright from #1 megane crash? Jesus that was a crazy crash.

  • J G
    J G 4 days ago

    I see why that guy took the #1 spot, good lord..

  • 1984
    1984 4 days ago


  • ``
    `` 5 days ago

    2:45 sick drift for the first driver, not so lucky for the second

  • Ridder van Doorne
    Ridder van Doorne 6 days ago

    i guess dumbasses will be dumbasses :)

  • Seb 718
    Seb 718 6 days ago

    At 2.4 sans casque ??? Idiots driver

  • Road Dog
    Road Dog 7 days ago

    Next morning on phone to insurance....
    "Ummm I hit a deer.."

    • Bart Zijtveld
      Bart Zijtveld 3 days ago

      "Uhm yea, it was a minor parking acident"

  • Skythunder Sky
    Skythunder Sky 7 days ago

    That EP3 broke my heart. Looks like he´s a good driver too...

  • pedjarudnik
    pedjarudnik 8 days ago

    idioten na kvadrat

  • ecmjr
    ecmjr 9 days ago

    Yup, that #1 has the best view too!

  • Mmb40
    Mmb40 10 days ago

    Stupid ferrari cup car. Tried to blame the porsche for his own fault.

  • marcducati
    marcducati 10 days ago

    Of coarse the Ferrari crashes cutting into the Porsche but it’s the Porsche’s fault. Typical Ferrari drivers.

  • Michael Achenbach
    Michael Achenbach 10 days ago

    Idiot's never die.....

  • g27
    g27 14 days ago

    fokin hel

  • john doe
    john doe 16 days ago

    Everyone's a race car driver.

  • Fredmfk2005
    Fredmfk2005 17 days ago

    Number one just wanted to make sure he hit every corner of the car.

  • F1 Rocket Engine
    F1 Rocket Engine 17 days ago

    'Un-pimp ze auto?'

  • Oğuz Ersoy
    Oğuz Ersoy 18 days ago

    ahahahaahahah nr1 were realy unexpected what kind of bunny is that man cyborgbnuny

  • moekakke
    moekakke 19 days ago

    7:56 that asshole got what he deserved !

  • moekakke
    moekakke 19 days ago

    I just love to see some noobs reck their dad's car...

  • FabianpawTM
    FabianpawTM 20 days ago

    3:00 There is a reason why the Gran Turismo logo in on the car...

  • rick9021090210
    rick9021090210 20 days ago

    I don't know the name of (@5:36) that curve... but It should be named the evil troll curve... xD

  • Theo Mitropoulos
    Theo Mitropoulos 21 day ago

    Why the fuck is the BMW driver flashing his lights at 3:40??? It's always those people...

  • CTR Wildfire
    CTR Wildfire 21 day ago

    Freaks :p

  • nuori
    nuori 22 days ago

    "big crashes" lol

  • Carlos Corrente
    Carlos Corrente 25 days ago

    well, at least they are not in public road or motorway, and in the end they are just compet with each other in a place meant for that.

  • Marcus Schrecke
    Marcus Schrecke 25 days ago +2

    1970: in the Future there will be flying cars....
    2018: #1 Mission accomblished

  • Aaron Brockington
    Aaron Brockington 25 days ago

    @7:30...daamn...well...we know ONE dude who likes his Brats n Beer, na ;) LMAO!!

  • sahil chandnani
    sahil chandnani 26 days ago +2

    3:43 someone drove a Volkswagen up on track 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Volcom House
    Volcom House 26 days ago

    5:10 this is why you shouldn’t track your car unless you have staged suspension

    • TheRango789
      TheRango789 24 days ago

      laughs in stock foxbody suspension

    TOPTREK 27 days ago

    The last wreck blew my mind

  • Lacroix en fonte
    Lacroix en fonte 27 days ago +2

    #10 stupid papa's boy who owns an R8 and cannot drive it
    #3 the fault is on the 458's driver, the guy in the Porsche was keeping his lane

  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One 28 days ago

    4:21 why did that car flip?
    also at 6:05 that corner is evil.
    8:47 driver of 22 was in the wrong. he cut across the front of 125.

  • 4K Nature and City Walks
    4K Nature and City Walks 28 days ago +3

    This is why I stick to forza

    DRIFTRAGE 29 days ago +7

    08:43 This guy must be blind, it was his fault.

    • Urban Sekkt
      Urban Sekkt 20 days ago

      Indeed, he cuts off the porsche badly, crashes and pretends to blame the porsche ...good xD

  • cs512tr
    cs512tr Month ago

    alternate view:

  • cornz38
    cornz38 Month ago

    It's great watching all the BMW driver who learnt in a front wheel drive car absolutely balls it up in a rear wheel drive one.

  • Hazzard
    Hazzard Month ago +1

    Mum ... would you tell dad i MIGHT be a bit late returning his car as I had a bit of a problem with it today...

    • Hazzard
      Hazzard Month ago

      You see. its that the windscreen fell out and.....

  • Fastpadder
    Fastpadder Month ago +1

    8:41 at least Blame the Porsche for the accident...🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hencamalx
    Hencamalx Month ago

    Siempre lo digo el que corre y choca es una bestia a bolante.

  • Jacob Otstot
    Jacob Otstot Month ago

    I think i see the culprit of the number 4 crash. There was too much weight in the car.

  • Gran Fury
    Gran Fury Month ago +1

    Well, let me say it this way - everyone who fails at passing the Nürburgring should get the driving license revoked xD
    The streets certainly would be saver

  • AAron Thom
    AAron Thom Month ago

    I wonder if all of these people were sufficiently insured to race on the track?

  • Ibrar Ahmed
    Ibrar Ahmed Month ago

    2:20 hurts the most

  • Bob Nancy
    Bob Nancy Month ago

    #1 got a full 2 seconds of air time... that takes skill

  • James Kaplonek
    James Kaplonek Month ago

    I love watching these videos, there's something satisfying about seeing this kind of person smashing the shit out of their cars because they think they are invincible and infallible... I expect most are like that in their everyday life too not just on a track!

  • DickTruth
    DickTruth Month ago

    #3: "What the fuck, bro?! How come your car didn't stop occupying space and existence the second I passed you?!"

  • DickTruth
    DickTruth Month ago

    When the worlds of Schadenfreude and Porn unite.

  • wazza33racer
    wazza33racer Month ago

    even on a race sim its easy to see what a challenging track it is..................

  • IdealSound & Performance

    #14 - never lift in fwd car

  • Digital Mike
    Digital Mike Month ago

    11:10 the moment you realize you really don't know how to drive. The Nurburgring exposing shitty drivers since the beginning.

  • Emir Aslan
    Emir Aslan Month ago

    2:24 r8 ;'(

  • Evan Nadeau
    Evan Nadeau Month ago

    amazes me how little common sense is used, the Volvo station wagon driver ran out in front of the red Audi without a second thought. unless the car is on fire, just stay inside until a marshal comes out.

  • Kräuterseuche
    Kräuterseuche Month ago

    #3 - war das nicht Absicht vom grünen? Die Nase zieht sich verdächtig rüber ...

  • Sturmtruppen
    Sturmtruppen Month ago

    6:05 Stuka?

  • Leono Liber
    Leono Liber Month ago

    Krass. Privatleute schrotten Privatautos. Müssen bekloppt sein.

  • Jimmy Hannon
    Jimmy Hannon Month ago

    Looks like an ordinary day on Melbournes Monash Freeway.

  • DarkEmperor
    DarkEmperor Month ago

    #1 car spins least 11 times is the worlds records most spin beating casino royal with 7 spins in the movie, plus guys reaction was just so true lol