Trying Dollar Tree Makeup For The First Time

  • Published on May 5, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm going on another adventure to try and find great, affordable makeup! After my testing TJ MAXX makeup video, I've gotten so many requests to try Dollar Tree makeup so here we are! I haven't been to a Dollar Tree in years so I didn't know what to expect! The Yelp reviews were scary but does the makeup work??? Watch and find out the REAL truth...
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Comments • 41 054

  • cactus_ charming
    cactus_ charming 5 hours ago

    Stuck up rich people

  • Jasmin Logrono
    Jasmin Logrono 6 hours ago

    He said, “I almost wanna throw up looking at this but then I’m kinda hungry.” 😂 Same

  • newwi
    newwi 8 hours ago

    Actually you don't have to refrigerate most kinds of sealed milk, especially not plant milk. It's not a scandal, in Germany it's standard practice for some kinds of milk...

  • Kyleigh Toppett
    Kyleigh Toppett 18 hours ago

    your awsome

  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice 20 hours ago

    I got pink eye from dollar tree eyeshadow, I then made a super satisfying scraping of the eyeshadow

  • Joanne Howlett
    Joanne Howlett Day ago

    Come to the UK and test out Primark mark up ☺️☺️

  • Dino lady T
    Dino lady T Day ago

    Love how nate and jefferee show love its sooo cute

  • Madisennn
    Madisennn Day ago

    is it just me or.. i love when jeffree drives himself places

  • Squishies 101
    Squishies 101 Day ago

    12:58 HOW HE SAID HELLO I woke up my whole family of laughter

  • Leslie Soriano
    Leslie Soriano Day ago

    You should make a video why don’t you like Kylie spill the tie I want to know all the shit about her

  • Ringo Chia
    Ringo Chia Day ago +2

    When you realise jeffree is so rich but still has ads in his vids

  • SioOmara Guzmán

    Lobe nice

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia Day ago

    Plus you have two big sunglasses they look like you're a giant 😂

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia Day ago

    James Charles better than you 😂😜😉😜

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia Day ago

    I love

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia Day ago

    Jeffree Stars I know you love makeup so you suck

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia Day ago

    You suck Jeffree Stars you're supposed to be a normal boy

  • Theo Saveria
    Theo Saveria Day ago

    that cashier was so great

  • Daisy Kriz
    Daisy Kriz 2 days ago

    At Virginia Beach there is amazing dollar stores

  • Bri Keele
    Bri Keele 2 days ago +1

    Jeffree star can make anything look good though😂

  • cute mirror
    cute mirror 2 days ago +2

    i felt pain wen they started to squeeze out the hurt...

  • Fatima Abdo
    Fatima Abdo 2 days ago

    Jeffre star: Maybe we should eat Roman noddles for a week actually no that sounds like a bad idea
    Me : hahaha 😆

  • T Flink
    T Flink 2 days ago +3

    Jeffree Star a man with a huge mansion and is a millionaire, gets excited about a sturdy pole in dollar tree.

  • Adriana Chavez
    Adriana Chavez 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but... who the fuck rates a dollar tree🤣

  • Unity Kitten
    Unity Kitten 2 days ago

    That girl "I'm like your biggest fan" CHILE BOO.

  • Courtney Peterson
    Courtney Peterson 2 days ago

    U should go to miss a store

  • MarvellousMightyMol
    MarvellousMightyMol 2 days ago

    10:08 Tell me that was not Shane!

  • Tina Monge
    Tina Monge 2 days ago

    I would lose my fucking shit if I saw Jeffree at the $1 store 😂

  • Doodthedood
    Doodthedood 2 days ago

    I used to work at a dollar tree. This video gives me ptsd

  • Itz Jazzy
    Itz Jazzy 3 days ago +1

    You should do Walmart

  • Chuy Talamantes
    Chuy Talamantes 3 days ago +1

    I love watching Jeffree Star my mom has a bunch lip scrubs and glosses.

  • it's your girl ash
    it's your girl ash 3 days ago

    You should make an palette and one of the shades should be named "red bull "

  • DaRk HoRsE
    DaRk HoRsE 3 days ago

    Meet and greet and dollar Store...every one is shook...what a treat..

  • Marla Alarcon
    Marla Alarcon 3 days ago

    Good looking couple, they can't help it.

  • Veronica Johns
    Veronica Johns 3 days ago

    Wait a second is jefree legally a girl or a boy?

  • Veronica Johns
    Veronica Johns 3 days ago

    Most people go to the dollar store to save money lol

  • Nungki Peyang
    Nungki Peyang 3 days ago

    I love you both of you are so down to earth

  • Sophia Castano
    Sophia Castano 3 days ago

    Man, something about your spirit just speaks to me. I think it is because you clearly have such a big heart. I wish we were friends in real life.

  • E2 D
    E2 D 4 days ago

    My friend got a squishy at the dollar tree and it was hard as a rock

  • Ace
    Ace 4 days ago

    That foundation could be a fcking highlighter

  • Confessions With me
    Confessions With me 4 days ago +4

    I went awwww when Nate went “hey baby”

  • Pandapan 35
    Pandapan 35 4 days ago

    Do you use bronzer

  • Bastet
    Bastet 4 days ago

    “WHOOHOO! Fuckin magician up in this bitch”😂

  • Mark Christian Lopez

    4:05 is the best for me. Loooooool

  • Dramatic Hyunjin
    Dramatic Hyunjin 4 days ago

    Lol shane

  • De’Jah_Summerall Chungus

    Her boyfriend is cute but I am not trying to steal mans

  • Rae 87
    Rae 87 4 days ago

    Would love if jeffree would do an online school on how to do make like I really need help

  • stormeagle81x
    stormeagle81x 4 days ago

    Wow worshipping nates feet would be fun

  • Shelby Elizabeth Curry

    i love the fact that you did this omfg. i would die of embarrassment if i was like lookinh through the makeup at dollar tree and jeffree star walks up and starts looking at it too.

  • Gjd
    Gjd 4 days ago

    "all 6 of our dogs"

    I felt so fucking bad :(

  • Emily Triplett
    Emily Triplett 4 days ago


  • Felicity
    Felicity 4 days ago

    Only jeffree looks at yelp reviews on a dollar tree
    Only jeffree

  • Olivia Rundgren
    Olivia Rundgren 5 days ago

    nate just said love you DUDE uhm alright

  • Olivia Rundgren
    Olivia Rundgren 5 days ago

    let's all focus here THE jeffre star says Melk and not Milk MCxcuse me

  • Rosey Cloudz
    Rosey Cloudz 5 days ago

    does anyone notice that he is using a plastic straw in the beginning 👀

  • Briana White
    Briana White 5 days ago

    Love jeffree. Always in great spirits and your energy is amazing love u !!!

  • Jaja Bebe
    Jaja Bebe 5 days ago

    Wow they allowed this shit SMH the mentality ill

  • Claire Beattie
    Claire Beattie 5 days ago

    Everyone makes jeffree out to be this big bad selfless rich guy. But he can be so sweet

  • Jordan Hawkins
    Jordan Hawkins 5 days ago

    The foundation at first kinda looked like mud

  • Young Prodigy
    Young Prodigy 5 days ago

    She funny!!