BTS (방탄소년단) - 21st Century Girls (Color Coded Lyrics/Eng/Rom/Han) 「collab with ColorCodedK」

  • Published on Jan 30, 2018
  • Hi ! This Video is A collab With My friend ColorCodedK :)
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  • Meha Madan
    Meha Madan Hour ago

    me: i hate myself im so ug-
    bts: youre beautiful

    bullies: *ur so irritating you little shortie!*
    j hope: TELL EM UR MY LADY

  • Ben iloo
    Ben iloo Hour ago +1

    All song of BTS its beautiful :o

  • Xxleahplayz GachaXx
    Xxleahplayz GachaXx 3 hours ago

    My mind:I’m bored and school starts soon hmmmmmmmm * gets idea *

    Also me: *writes a bunch of notes to friends and past teachers even enemy’s and the most fake friends ever*

    Me again: *puts at the end of the most fakest friends note U CANT STOP MEH LOVING MYSELF ps:u won’t get it if ur not an army gorl friend*

  • nawomee anna
    nawomee anna 4 hours ago

    * me understanding the lyrics but not understanding the title *

  • Jimin Park BTS FAN
    Jimin Park BTS FAN 5 hours ago

    0:59 to 1:06 wasnt Suga..that was J-Hope-

  • Banana Meelk
    Banana Meelk 5 hours ago

    My sibling is a 21st century...


  • 민윤기
    민윤기 6 hours ago

    being a male stan is exhausting sometimes :"(

  • epochtae
    epochtae 7 hours ago

    *Me at the start of this video;* My bias is Kim Taehyung.
    *Me during the video;*
    - “Oh shit, Namjoon’s vocals are really hot”
    - “Okay Jimin, calm down with your beautiful voice”
    - “Jungkook, I honestly just care about your face in the picture which is _really nice,,,,_ sorry man”
    - “Okay so why is Suga’s picture and voice so attractive at this moment?!”
    - “Why do Suga and Tae kind of sound the same...”
    - “Goddamnit I hate this they’re all my bias”
    - “Ok now it’s all of them again, can I just clone a person who has all their features and personality traits inside them?”
    *Me after watching the video;* My bias is Parkyoongi Taehoseokjoon

  • Lola Faulhaber
    Lola Faulhaber 15 hours ago +1

    I love this song so much!

  • Sophia BAILEY
    Sophia BAILEY 15 hours ago +1

    Thanks to Bts im over here smiling like an idot

  • Im. thebadinfluence
    Im. thebadinfluence 22 hours ago

    I have to give a dislike to this song, tho I cherish BTS talent and passion, but, I dont like this US influence to make a feminist song and collabing with those, it all west influence, can't like it

  • hello _
    hello _ Day ago

    Seriously jhope need to bring that hairstyle back

    SHAHAD Al Day ago


  • Ja Ko
    Ja Ko Day ago

    💜Kim namjoon💜
    💜kim seokjin💜
    💜min yoongi💜
    💜jung hoseok💜
    💜park jimin💜
    💜kim taehyung💜

  • Bisma Ehsan
    Bisma Ehsan Day ago

    From the day I have head this song I hear it everyday (once at the very least) I ship it sooo much

  • 혜은
    혜은 Day ago

    지민이 옵 목소리 진짜 개쩐다...
    Jimin's voice is so loud...

  • Lavinia Ariadnes

    Army,don’t forget,we are the girls of hope ❤️🍒

  • Alyssa's Art Tutorials

    I died. RIP me! (I belong to Hobi ladies! Sorry!)

  • usune espallargas
    usune espallargas 2 days ago

    BTS: All my ladies put your hands up
    Me: 🙆🏻🙂🙃

  • Laiba Tariq
    Laiba Tariq 2 days ago

    Never thought I'll cry listening to 21st century girls!!

  • Hobi X army
    Hobi X army 2 days ago

    Mom: Omg can't you just be like your sister! You're so clumsy!
    Me: ...
    Me: I'M JHOPES LADY!!!!

  • Taekook and Namjin Army

    What BTS are thinkin rn
    Jin: YOU SAID IM UGLY? I wouldnt be talking PeAsAnT.
    Suga: lol yea i killed him why?
    Jungkook: taehyung will be mine.
    Taehyung: gimmie that dam apple Park Jimin
    Jimin: wtf no this is MY apple.
    RM: why the hell are u to arguing over an apple?
    J hope: ha im gorgeous and you cant deny it.

  • Play Easy
    Play Easy 2 days ago

    Music beautiful

  • Lil meow meow
    Lil meow meow 2 days ago

    Why do Jimin looks like drunk ?

    JUNGKOOK LOVE 2 days ago +1

    Do backsounds say "BTS, BTS!" ?

  • Kenya Cummings
    Kenya Cummings 2 days ago

    Yoongi and his smile and jimin is gonna make me faint OMG 😘😘

  • Reem Larabi
    Reem Larabi 3 days ago

    i'm always getting bullied for some reason :(
    but this song gives me STRENGTH

  • Nurul Midah
    Nurul Midah 3 days ago

    This just gave me boost of convidence. JUST WHAT I NEED.

  • Varada Varier
    Varada Varier 3 days ago +2

    I am so happy that i existed in the *21st century* !!😂

  • HeyHello WhyAmIHere
    HeyHello WhyAmIHere 3 days ago +2

    Army: Omg I was born in 21st century

  • Palak Mehta
    Palak Mehta 3 days ago


  • salma Bin Laden
    salma Bin Laden 3 days ago

    This song low-key sound like "how's this by hyuna"

  • Janae Willabus
    Janae Willabus 3 days ago

    Suga:all my ladies put your hands up. Me:yaaaaaass *puts hand up*

  • mish__ armlink *borahae*

    BTS: *put ur hand up*
    *Now scream*
    Me: screaming mAh heart out...!!

  • mish__ armlink *borahae*

    ARMY: *depressed* am ugly
    BTS: u r beautiful
    Bully: u r the ugliest person ever
    Me: BTS told meh am beautiful so am beautiful B!TCH...!!

  • Biscuit
    Biscuit 4 days ago

    This song has really encouraged me to love myself so thank you BTS💜💜💜

  • 이다은
    이다은 4 days ago

    RM되게 키위같다

  • RedRose RM
    RedRose RM 4 days ago +2

    Jimin you better give V your apple or you finna die tonight-

  • Gigi_playzROBLOX K
    Gigi_playzROBLOX K 4 days ago

    Suga called me beautiful I can rest in peace now

  • moonshot mist
    moonshot mist 4 days ago

    I swear I can hear BTS BTS after let it go oh

  • Aloha803
    Aloha803 4 days ago

    I just can't say enough how cool they are for writing this song for us girls, I feel like we all need this kind of empowerment in life❤❤❤

  • Aloha803
    Aloha803 4 days ago

    I need to print out these lyrics and hang them on my wall so my brain can see them every day!

  • Sierra Sammy
    Sierra Sammy 5 days ago +1

    My Little Brother: STOOPID!!
    Me: i'M j HoPe'S lAdY bIsH

    *yes I know someone already wrote this*

  • Djihane Kebabou
    Djihane Kebabou 5 days ago +2

    Im diying to see the comments at the 22nd i know this crazy but.......YEAH!😂

  • [민떠]\[ARMY]/
    [민떠]\[ARMY]/ 5 days ago +2

    21세기 한국인을 찾습니다

  • k-popper desconhecida

    J-hope=Tell em you're my lady
    Bully=Haha sua feia ridícula (bem do 1° ano/serie)
    Eu:O j-hope disse que eu sou dele,bjs

  • Kimberly Bendixen
    Kimberly Bendixen 5 days ago +1

    I really love this song, but unfortunately it’s not enough to get my self-esteem up... but I sing along anyway!

  • Djihane Kebabou
    Djihane Kebabou 6 days ago +2

    Who will listen this at the 22scnd century ???

  • smol potat art
    smol potat art 6 days ago

    kys that means kiss your senpai

  • mustafizur rahman
    mustafizur rahman 6 days ago


  • hEy StOb iT
    hEy StOb iT 6 days ago +6

    I was in the living room with my family and when V and Suga said "put your hands up!" I furiously put them up and everyone looked at me. I have no shame

  • Merf
    Merf 6 days ago +2

    Where my teens with low self esteem at?

  • Monica curtale
    Monica curtale 6 days ago +2

    Bts(except Jimin):lets not bring fruit and not tell Jimin
    Jimin:why didn't anyone else bring fruit

  • Ary_BTS_ARMY Estrada
    Ary_BTS_ARMY Estrada 6 days ago +4

    Hobi: YOURE MINE

  • Merf
    Merf 6 days ago +3

    Me before BTS
    Person: you're weird and ugly
    Me: True
    Me now
    Person: you're weird and ugly
    Me: your weird opinion hun

  • Nivya Dawar
    Nivya Dawar 6 days ago +2

    International army's out there ??

  • đæňıə 035
    đæňıə 035 7 days ago

    The person who made Dutch subtitles

    Ik had meer van je verwacht -_- ik weet al hoe je Engels spreekt
    (translation: I expected more from you -_- I already know how to speak English)

  • _WqffleAnimates_
    _WqffleAnimates_ 7 days ago

    “Everybody gonna want you babe”

    Me: bAHAHAHHAHAHA as if

  • _WqffleAnimates_
    _WqffleAnimates_ 7 days ago

    Yoongi’s “all my ladies” had me rolling around fangirling djdnbdf

  • Mustafa Haider
    Mustafa Haider 7 days ago

    Me:iam so ugly, I'll apply some makeup
    BTS :your beautiful just the way u r

  • Mufakkhar Abbas
    Mufakkhar Abbas 7 days ago

    Jin : I'm worldwide handsome...
    SUGA : HaHahaHaHaAhHahA ... wait why am I laughing fml
    Jungkook: what's for dinner? I just wanna go home ..
    V: hey jimin... you gonna eat the whole Apple ? *planning world destruction and planning how to get jimin Apple
    Jimin : I'm not gonna eat this Apple ; just look sexy and pretend to eat it ...
    RM: I regret this hair....
    Hobo : SmIZeEee

  • Mufakkhar Abbas
    Mufakkhar Abbas 7 days ago

    0:03 *clap clap clap clap * (on beat )

    Because that's the only move in the dance ma fat potAto ash can do

  • Suga NesseCafe
    Suga NesseCafe 7 days ago

    Como não se emocionar com essa letra maravilhosa!? T~T

  • Bangtan Crazy
    Bangtan Crazy 7 days ago +1

    Anyone else think it's hilarious that they called billions of girls that they don't know exist "bae". XD

  • kokz43
    kokz43 7 days ago

    Brooo I just got jimin’s serendipity as an ad ! I feel so blessed ❤️🤲🏻❤️

  • BTSzap
    BTSzap 7 days ago

    Sksksk I just shed a year from this song I feel less like a mistake

  • Namjoon took Jimins Jams

    That jimin pic tho

    I'm melting...

  • никита Авдеев

    BTS Live

  • Namjin Enthusiast
    Namjin Enthusiast 7 days ago +1

    I think this song shipped to ships :Namjin & Jikook in thee choreography and in the lyrics

  • masuda liza
    masuda liza 7 days ago +2

    I'm putting my hands up!! My hyungs and my dear hubby told me to do so..😍🙌🙋

  • No one Important
    No one Important 8 days ago

    no one:
    the ad before this video: DID YOU SEE MAH BAG

    ...I didnt have the willpower to skip it

  • Khudeja Kamran
    Khudeja Kamran 8 days ago +1

    How many of you were bullied by the people you thought were your friends and you never knew the difference between friendship and bullying

  • Ale Hernandez
    Ale Hernandez 8 days ago

    i was born in 1997 so... 😂

  • Hyunjin taejjin
    Hyunjin taejjin 8 days ago

    It so weird when Suga and Rm sing😬

  • Lee Hyunra
    Lee Hyunra 8 days ago

    Me:21st century hasn’t even came and your already talking about the ladies in the 21st century
    BTS:all my ladies put your hands up