Lincoln "Now" scene

  • Published on Apr 20, 2015
  • This scene depicts Daniel Day Lewis's incredible acting

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  • FishNipples
    FishNipples 18 minutes ago

    I watched this for history class freshman year, one of the best school experiences ever

  • The Beez Kneez
    The Beez Kneez 8 hours ago

    I wish i could of meet him.. teach me how to live like a honorable men

  • asian art of living
    asian art of living 3 days ago +1

    I would love to see DDL bloopers reel someday

  • Mariban
    Mariban 3 days ago

    By the way, that was at a time when emperors, kings and princes ruled over the peoples almost everywhere here in Europe. But at least slavery was abolished almost everywhere in Europe.

  • Jon
    Jon 5 days ago

    Lincoln was the prototypical benevolent dictator.

  • Marco GarciaFlores
    Marco GarciaFlores 8 days ago

    Imagine him as the joker

    TRAP ROCKSTAR 9 days ago


  • Hsn Khn
    Hsn Khn 9 days ago

    I didn't know there were such good cameras in Lincoln's time.
    Thats the real Lincoln isn't it...

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake 9 days ago


  • Sharon Wilson
    Sharon Wilson 10 days ago

    Once again I view this scene and I am "blown away" by its apparent profoundness (moral, political, social, artistic or otherwise) - even if it bears no resemblance to whatever was the "truth" of the matter

  • ラム
    ラム 11 days ago

    ...his acting in this scene is pretty bad actually.

  • Duy Linh Chu Ha
    Duy Linh Chu Ha 11 days ago

    Wasn’t Lincoln famously pragmatic? He didn’t support abolishment of slavery because he wants to free the slaves, he supported it because it was popular and he sacrificed the slave owners rather than the citizens.

  • kof cuf
    kof cuf 11 days ago

    God grant our leaders the ability to see things Lincon's way. To forsee their impact in history with clarity.

  • Stayson Gurl
    Stayson Gurl 12 days ago

    Is that what his voice actually sounded like

    • David Wang
      David Wang 7 days ago

      It's based on historical primary source descriptions of his voice being high pitched, but of course we do not know for certain. This is a interpretation by Lewis based on limited knowledge.

  • noah chicono
    noah chicono 15 days ago

    I really hope another civil war won’t occur in our country with Liberals wanting to take away people’s guns

    • TheGreaterGood80
      TheGreaterGood80 14 days ago

      No one will want to fight in a civil war, for now.

  • sfar1
    sfar1 16 days ago

    Any time I think acting is easy, I watch a scene with good acting to remind me how unbelievably difficult it would be to pull this off. I return to this scene and from other movies like The Godfather or Good Will Hunting because they are so inexplicably haunting and satisfying.

  • Dan Fer
    Dan Fer 17 days ago

    what happend whit the light in tjis scene? it's completely unreal...we can see the spotlight

  • Pedro Bakale
    Pedro Bakale 17 days ago


  • fuferito
    fuferito 19 days ago

    He clapped in the milkshake scene in There Will Be Blood.
    Here, Daniel Day Lewis shows us the sound of one hand clapping.

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran 21 day ago +1

    Anyone else mildly turned on watching this?

  • Zack TheBongRipper
    Zack TheBongRipper 21 day ago

    Horeshit history. Btw, Lincoln was a lawyer for big railroad. You know, the 1% of his time, 😀

  • The Life Of Cydre
    The Life Of Cydre 21 day ago

    He speaks like Jordan Peterson

  • Tony G
    Tony G 22 days ago +1

    Republicans saved the Union.. Democrats tried to destroy it. Much like they are trying to do today. Only now Republicans are weak..all but one.

  • Reise Keller
    Reise Keller 23 days ago

    Apparently, this moment isn't good enough, for today's minorities... still crying victimhood!

  • Bryan Steele
    Bryan Steele 23 days ago

    What is a pettifogging Tammany Hall huckster?

  • The Liberal Aristocrat

    3 Now’s = 3rd Oscar

  • ashish saini
    ashish saini 24 days ago

    i Don't know whether if it was spielberg who came up with idea for the camera angles for the thump on the table , but this surely makes the scene 10 times more effective. And you add to that the Brilliance of Lewis to it and you have probably the greatest scene you can hope to watch.

  • Alex Alerasoul
    Alex Alerasoul Month ago

    I looked up whether he actually said "clothed in immense power" and all the rest. According to reports, turns out he did.
    But though the intention was very, very noble, his assertions concerning his power are just plain incorrect. At least constitutionally. And most of the other presidents both before and after him, up until Franklin Roosevelt, knew this not to be true about themselves.

    • Alex Alerasoul
      Alex Alerasoul 27 days ago

      @FlameHAZE2010 Shouldn't matter if you have any war on your hands.

    • FlameHAZE2010
      FlameHAZE2010 28 days ago

      Did any of those Presidents have a Civil War on their hands?

  • nessa H.
    nessa H. Month ago

    1:11 when you get yelled at by your mom

  • Damian
    Damian Month ago +2

    From Lincoln to Trump in only 155 the fuck did that happen??

  • WeWantSome FallenStarNow

    Yeah thanks alot free 4 million people and they aint had a job since.

  • brady robertson
    brady robertson Month ago +2

    “Leave the constitution alone!”
    Every American liked that.

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil Month ago

    1:19 Yeah, I can shake my hands like that. Even if it`s likely Lincoln snaps at his fellow constitutioners because they don`t see his point of view on how slavery can be abolished.

  • Rajan Genesis Natividad Sanchez

    Chills down my spine....what a remarkable portrayal and performance by a most respected method actor in history....

  • Godfather9814
    Godfather9814 Month ago

    For a president that obviously wouldn’t have voice recording for Day-Lewis to study he did an incredible job as Lincoln and I’m sure if you could hear the real Lincoln talk he would sound like this!

  • Lolm3ist3r
    Lolm3ist3r Month ago +1

    Fun fact, Lincoln thought Blacks should never be equal to Whites under the law and that they should never be able to vote or hold public office.

    • Emilie Laurent
      Emilie Laurent 18 days ago

      Yes but put it in context. For our present day it's shocking.
      But the society around Lincoln thought a Black man meant less than an animal.

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr Month ago

    Not only did Lincoln get assassinated, 'Lincoln' was *robbed* . It should have won Best Picture that year.

  • RDM 010
    RDM 010 Month ago

    I'm offended that he said pettifogging Tammsny Hall Hucksters. I'm part of the easily offended for no reason age.

  • Patrick Chole
    Patrick Chole Month ago +1

    He managed to embody Lincoln so entirely-I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else show Lincoln at full boil, which on extremely rare occasions he was indeed prone to. Such a great film.

  • Mughworts Longshot
    Mughworts Longshot Month ago

    1:32 I'm stealing that phrase

    NARROW Month ago

    Alyssa's is propaganda made by Hollywood, the war was started over tariffs, I have videos on my channel talkin about it, Lincoln was a dictator who violated the Constitution of the United States and stole the rights of the Sovereign citizens of the nation away from them and massacred innocent people all for money and power you can believe this propaganda all you want, you know that the Wizard's wand is made of Hollywood that's actually what the wands are made out of so you are literally having a spell cast in front of you by Hollywood, you get your history not from actual history but from propaganda that stuff down your throat

  • Erikk kenneth Deneke

    And ignorants call republicans nazis , that is just not logical

  • KnightofFunnyJunk
    KnightofFunnyJunk Month ago



  • Jeremy Rounds
    Jeremy Rounds Month ago

    How come when every other nation abolished slavery it was because it was profitable politically or economically and just made sense and the leaders who enacted the policies are viewed as pragmatic and reasonable and its a minor accomplishment over their many actions (Napoleon) but with Lincoln this movie tries to depict him as a moral warrior and his vast morality and bombastic use of language makes him some kind of heroic figure. 5 IQ maybe 7 here. What about all those millions of Russian serfs that are enslaved currently in this time period? Barely anyone cared when the Czar freed them. No one really cares about their moral disparity. Probably because they killed all of their rulers. This is where Linear thinking in historical films get you though

  • anthony white
    anthony white Month ago

    That's the Eurovision sorted so?

  • Cyril Reyes
    Cyril Reyes Month ago

    This fictional president is infinitely more inspiring than the 2019 Tammany Hall Huckster in office.

    • Cyril Reyes
      Cyril Reyes Month ago

      @Kyle & Chung I was talking about the president represented in the movie. Hence the use of the pronoun "this".

    • Kyle & Chung
      Kyle & Chung Month ago

      Cyril Reyes Lincoln is a real President not a fictional president

  • frisco21
    frisco21 Month ago

    Why is it that English actors make the best Americans?

  • Babe Ruth
    Babe Ruth Month ago +1

    We all owe a debt a gratitude to our 16th President. He held the Union together if he would of lost the Civil War, the US as we know it would not exist, and we would probably not be the greatest country in the world, that we are today. He was a smart man that could be ruthless when needed. Abraham Lincoln was the greatest President of our beloved country. May God have his soul in His Heavenly Glory.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Heritage NOT Hate
    Heritage NOT Hate Month ago

    Lincoln, Father of the Republican party.

  • Sikandar Shahid
    Sikandar Shahid Month ago +1

    Seeing this movies scene after 4 years as 2019...
    One of great inspiration for me!
    Abraham lincon😘😘😘

  • toll_booth
    toll_booth Month ago

    The 1860s version of "Failure is not an option!"

  • Jeffery Burnett
    Jeffery Burnett Month ago

    Lewis sure did earn that award.

  • Kyle & Chung
    Kyle & Chung Month ago

    0:40 when Lincoln time travels to the 1920s and finds the KKK and segregation and many people getting killed

  • Sheetz Brothers
    Sheetz Brothers Month ago

    1. this scene is incredible. 2. Every movie I watch recently, I see so so so so so many editing issues with motion continuity. EVERY movie. At 0:40 you can clearly see a mistimed cut with DDL smacking the table. Watch his forward motion in the side angle, then him restarting the same motion in the wide.

    These things don't matter much if they don't take us outta the scene lol I just keep seeing them, idunno.

  • Mortal Clown
    Mortal Clown Month ago

    His nobility. And the wretch in office today without an atom of his morality. A thing to consider.

  • Lassannn
    Lassannn Month ago

    When he said "immense power, you will procure me these votes," I would have taken that to mean "absolutely anything goes here. No rules." Bribery, threats to a person's family. I would have gone all the way. Break every law necessary.

  • Brad Morosan
    Brad Morosan Month ago

    Sometimes, you got to lay down the law.

  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn Month ago

    This The textbook definition of what it means to be courageous in the face of all adversity. Willing to risk it all to make a right for all time...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸

  • Ian Derbyshire
    Ian Derbyshire Month ago

    I didn't know they had video cameras during Lincoln's time.

  • Anh Trieu
    Anh Trieu Month ago

    Is there anyone feel the need to strangle any Republican who tries to compare themselves to Lincoln these days?