Black Moms Try Other Black Moms' Soul Food

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Four black moms battle it out for the title of Soul Food Queen!
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Comments • 17 436

  • Trinity Hines
    Trinity Hines 2 minutes ago

    You can tell who cooks with love and it shows 💀💀👍🏾👍🏾

  • king nana
    king nana 8 minutes ago

    Can you FRY in an OVEN?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 minutes ago

    I read more than three comments so I wanna get this started for real let’s get it going BuzzFeed. Next, White Moms Making Their Best Hotdish or Casserole. Midwest White Moms do their thing on some hotdish. 🍽

  • Gorilla Sangar
    Gorilla Sangar 15 minutes ago

    Yea you know how a good person starts to get mad

  • Sk Roules
    Sk Roules 37 minutes ago

    “What do you think that person could do better? Uuhh don’t cook” lmao

  • Bobby Lindsey
    Bobby Lindsey Hour ago

    0:45...healthy soulfood? idk abt y'all but I dont eat soulfood for health reasons..Gimme that deep fried canola oil chicken lol

  • kara alexandra
    kara alexandra Hour ago +1

    J’s chicken reminds me of Hottie’s chicken

  • Light Blessing
    Light Blessing Hour ago

    With videos like these I feel like buzzfeed is the sjw version of cut lmao

  • Panda rustfeild
    Panda rustfeild 2 hours ago

    what was the point of this video it is just black people eating food

  • The Trans
    The Trans 2 hours ago

    She could take a dick though

  • Antonio King
    Antonio King 3 hours ago +1

    No one can’t convince me that the mom in the purple shirt wasn’t high😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Brock Lesnar
    Brock Lesnar 3 hours ago

    Gina is a QUEEN

  • Ogmeow
    Ogmeow 5 hours ago

    Funny how he one who had the most to say got the lowest score!

  • Off Alexx
    Off Alexx 5 hours ago

    1:43 That girl/guy built like young thug 😭

  • CannedBark 67598
    CannedBark 67598 6 hours ago

    Gina Brown be Gina White

  • Jess07
    Jess07 6 hours ago

    Yep the rude one got the karma with her bad attitude, she deserved that.

  • Rebecca Lowe
    Rebecca Lowe 8 hours ago

    They take their fried chicken VERY seriously. Doesn't everyone though?

    JORGEDGK 8 hours ago

    Puta some different oil on her chicken thinks she’s above everyone

  • Tricia Lizette
    Tricia Lizette 8 hours ago

    J: “What else makes mine better? Mine is just better.”
    **gets lowest score**
    Me: Karma at its finest. 😌

  • Cartier Bombbody 🥰💋☀️

    I legit watched this like 50 times now since it’s been on the channel 🤗

  • destiny kellogg
    destiny kellogg 8 hours ago

    um you can fry chicken in the oven?? 0:51

  • Joselin Delgado
    Joselin Delgado 9 hours ago

    The sweetest mom won, you know she cooks it with love ❤️.

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera 9 hours ago

    Chewing like a cow on a piece of FRIED CHICKEN: “ITS A LITTLE GREASY THO”

  • Kermit Teh Frog
    Kermit Teh Frog 9 hours ago

    i want white or mexican moms

  • Magic Marker
    Magic Marker 9 hours ago

    Gina had the best attitude, my fav mom

  • justinbebustin
    justinbebustin 10 hours ago +1

    why she sound like a slime from minecraft

  • ItsMeShishy
    ItsMeShishy 10 hours ago +1

    You should do “White Moms Try Each others Casseroles”

  • Nun Special
    Nun Special 10 hours ago +1

    Y’all needa do black moms try white moms food and white moms try black moms food. My mom would gladly be a contender.

  • Vaniana Flawless
    Vaniana Flawless 10 hours ago

    That’s a shame
    “That’s fish chicken,”

  • Landon Urbanec
    Landon Urbanec 11 hours ago

    shes not black

    ITZURBOI1 - 11 hours ago

    The most confident ones always get the worst scores lol

  • Anaya Nayyar
    Anaya Nayyar 11 hours ago

    do brown moms try other brown moms food plzz!!!!!!!!!

  • roses red
    roses red 11 hours ago

    And Gina's mac n' cheese was trash. Y'all just putting on airs lmao

  • roses red
    roses red 11 hours ago

    Gina isn't black. She's possibly biracial, which isn't black. It's just biracial.

  • shahram72
    shahram72 11 hours ago

    1st of all. MAc and cheese is so varied you can't compare them fairly, and these ladies are way too biased. I doubt any of it was bad. And too bad to try? I don't think so.

  • Elie G.G
    Elie G.G 11 hours ago

    Gina my type of mom

  • Tanvi Wilson
    Tanvi Wilson 11 hours ago

    Racist video !

  • Tyjae Riley
    Tyjae Riley 11 hours ago

    Yesss Gina 😍

  • yolo_frea
    yolo_frea 12 hours ago

    What the hell, some of these moms aren’t even black.

  • Cryonic Two3
    Cryonic Two3 12 hours ago

    bruh these comments are too relatable to what i was thinking about that stubborn healthy mom

  • Larvelle Small
    Larvelle Small 12 hours ago

    They should give the ppl there own food with out telling them to see how they really feel about they own food an then they won’t be fronting

  • husk kie
    husk kie 13 hours ago

    just be humble

  • Mnty Is waiting
    Mnty Is waiting 13 hours ago

    “Uhh..Don’t cook.”

  • Maxed Gaming
    Maxed Gaming 13 hours ago +1

    Gina was the best

  • Urias Vlogs
    Urias Vlogs 13 hours ago

    Good thing Gina won she was nice

  • jahaira echeverry
    jahaira echeverry 14 hours ago

    Lmfao the fact that the nice one got serious about j’s burnt chicken 😂😂😂

  • Austen Cota
    Austen Cota 14 hours ago

    Chicken is chicken

    Fatem BELHOUARI 14 hours ago


  • PJ Pointer
    PJ Pointer 14 hours ago +1

    6:10 nah fam, she white for real for real

  • PJ Pointer
    PJ Pointer 14 hours ago

    Y’all need to get some *AUTHENTIC* black grandmothers next time. I don’t know nothing but y’all *new age* grandmas, but back in my day; grandmas didn’t tell NOBODY NOTHING ABOUT THEY RECIPE. IM NOT EVEN SURE THE LIGHTSKIN OE *WAAS* BLACK!

  • Missaw !
    Missaw ! 14 hours ago

    Donna and Denise look like Gta 5 character

  • Hrjfjfj Nfnnfjf
    Hrjfjfj Nfnnfjf 14 hours ago

    Gina letttts ggggoooo

  • Orrucle
    Orrucle 15 hours ago +2

    Next Episode: Asian Parents look at other Asian parents kids grades

  • Drippy Uchiha
    Drippy Uchiha 15 hours ago

    Did she say that the chicken was fried in the oven???? I’m pretty sure that’s baked not fried

  • Ashley Belling
    Ashley Belling 15 hours ago

    "What is this" Girl can't cook. Why is she here?

  • Summer Grimes
    Summer Grimes 15 hours ago

    My mom never cooked much so I’m tryna see what soul food is

  • Yes Ok
    Yes Ok 16 hours ago

    How’d y’all get lil Wayne’s mom on here

  • Anthony Glasgow
    Anthony Glasgow 16 hours ago

    "Oh no she cooked it in the fish grease, poor thang"

  • RLpsyd2213
    RLpsyd2213 16 hours ago

    some dude ass voices damn

  • luke hodge
    luke hodge 16 hours ago +1

    Bruh they should do a white moms casserole version

  • luke hodge
    luke hodge 16 hours ago

    Gina is the best

  • Skyz
    Skyz 16 hours ago

    The girl that complained the most got the worst rating lol 😆

  • Adrian Hernandez.J
    Adrian Hernandez.J 16 hours ago

    When you have to click on a buzzfeed video to enjoy content
    " A small price to pay for salvation"

  • Happy Catuts
    Happy Catuts 17 hours ago

    Gina deserved to win😚

  • Dallas Daliy
    Dallas Daliy 17 hours ago

    Is it fun to make theirs vids???

  • lilianna vandevender
    lilianna vandevender 17 hours ago

    Gina was the nicest and the best cook

  • Jean McGhee
    Jean McGhee 17 hours ago

    "How old was this grease" 😂😂😂damn!!

  • Thedarkgreenmarine
    Thedarkgreenmarine 17 hours ago

    Where did they find these cooks, let me on there and show how I get down

  • Sam Gibbs
    Sam Gibbs 18 hours ago

    The moms were so much nicer than the dads. And I’m so glad that one sour ho got the worst rating

  • iman _Guccita
    iman _Guccita 19 hours ago

    Just fair the most honest person won the contest...

  • BranGoBrazy
    BranGoBrazy 19 hours ago

    Nun of them are old enough to put their soul into food

  • STARRS Mukbang
    STARRS Mukbang 19 hours ago

    Some of these black moms are not black . Hashtag genna brown

  • Sharisss Reid
    Sharisss Reid 19 hours ago

    Talking about peanut oil bye

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor 19 hours ago

    My grandma cooking look better then this 💯💯

  • bbytrinket
    bbytrinket 19 hours ago

    Okay now do Puerto Rican moms

  • hahaha nnn
    hahaha nnn 19 hours ago

    J Vanburen... Drama queen

  • Faye Indarsyah
    Faye Indarsyah 19 hours ago

    j looks alot like lil’ baby

  • PakSquad
    PakSquad 19 hours ago

    Girl wit purple got a good attitude

  • Yusuf :]
    Yusuf :] 20 hours ago

    J was acting up and hating all of the food. And nobody liked her food, nobody wanted to try the rest of the food and one of their pieces of advice was not to cook ever again. A well deserved L.

  • luckpennny seller
    luckpennny seller 20 hours ago

    The blacker the woman the better the chicken is.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 20 hours ago

    The paramedics wanna enjoy Mother’s Day too 😂😂😂

  • Deianeira 56
    Deianeira 56 20 hours ago

    I’m so happy that Gina won she was the nicest one there

  • Christian Maldonado
    Christian Maldonado 20 hours ago

    3:28 Am I the only one that thought the chicken sliced through her finger?

  • 399 gb
    399 gb 21 hour ago

    It says black moms and one of them isn’t black

  • daniellesaur
    daniellesaur 21 hour ago

    so basically the nicer you are the better you cook? got it

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 21 hour ago

    I knew da lite skin 1 would win..she look good nd chicken always greasy

  • Claire Crawford
    Claire Crawford 21 hour ago +2

    “It’s a little greasy though”

    Is somebody gonna tell her

  • Sherry Butler
    Sherry Butler 21 hour ago

    That chicken straight up look like some fried fish

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera 22 hours ago

    Gina is gorgeous 👀❤️

  • Mahalia M Wright
    Mahalia M Wright 22 hours ago

    I love black moms including the shady ones. Lol 😂

  • McKenna Duncan
    McKenna Duncan 22 hours ago

    go off Gina

  • Junior De La Torre
    Junior De La Torre 23 hours ago

    Black bitches will be black bitches 😂

  • Anthony Hedger
    Anthony Hedger 23 hours ago

    at least they have food right?

  • eXORY
    eXORY Day ago

    You get what you give :)

  • Sab D
    Sab D Day ago

    I’m trying to know Gina 💞

  • Dyodoleu
    Dyodoleu Day ago

    I was instantly sooo angry when J spit out the food, tf- completely out of pocket

  • Astafurillauh Habibi

    I bet they all start fighting after the interview was over

  • Subscribe to me Because why not?

    What even was J's food.
    That wasn't soul food.
    *That was reaper food.*

  • Faysal Moalim
    Faysal Moalim Day ago +1

    Vanburen was acting like Gordon ramsey wtf. I think she just wanted to act like she knew a lot about cooking or that she has a special pallet.

  • Team Punk
    Team Punk Day ago

    J is so toxic. Yo calm down lady.