Denis Tsyplenkov. The TRUTH about the health. Правда про здоровье Дениса Цыпленкова

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Comments • 80

    ARMBETS TV  2 months ago +508

    Мы верим в Дениса!! Он вернётся и мы еще увидем его поединки!!

    • anonymous
      anonymous 15 days ago


    • anonymous
      anonymous 15 days ago +1

      @psyborg06 HGH..TONS of steroids and high blood pressure??

    • Марина Венесуэльская
      Марина Венесуэльская 24 days ago +2


    • Rocky Bilbao
      Rocky Bilbao 25 days ago +2

      Не нужно.Организм ему сказал не нужно. В следующий раз не выкарабкается. Уже то что у него есть,те проблемы с оранизмом, дадут в перспективу последствия. Когда ему 40 ,50 лет будет.

      ARMBETS TV  Month ago

      @Warren Buffet я хочу сказать только одно - проблема Дениса не связана с фармой! Всё остальное разговора не касается!

  • Андрей Николаев

    Конечно, так жрать химию.. хорошо хоть жив.

  • X X
    X X Hour ago

    The number of men who have permanently injured themselves lifting too heavy is shockingly high.

    NORF FC SIMPLE AS 12 hours ago

    Steroids will kill us all

  • Łowca KureF
    Łowca KureF 14 hours ago

    Similar view to Crippled Ronnie Coleman. Steroids have a bigger prize than money.

  • Arjun Raj
    Arjun Raj 14 hours ago

    I love Denis but i don't think he's fooling anybody .

  • Richie
    Richie 20 hours ago

    Your life is more important than the sport.

  • ty ty
    ty ty Day ago

    Я понимаю , что не мне судить , но всё же:
    1. Денис выздоравливай ты наш кумир.
    2. Слышно плохо из-за музыки.

  • Georgia's New Horizon Official Channel

    levan saginashvili is a number ONE!

  • Gay Martin
    Gay Martin Day ago

    Денис не слушай ни кого ну их нахуй со своим спортом поживеш по дольше увидеш по бльше...кушай купайся загорай тёлочек трахай это звоночек тебе.

  • Mr T
    Mr T Day ago

    Most people in these comments talk about steroids and it’s abuse. Denis being an international icon, knew what he was getting into. Being in that elite level, it’s hard to come down from that level of training and supplements including steroids. It was a price he was willing to take to achieve whatever, that made him a legend of this sport. If he had a chance to do it all over again, trust me, he will do everything again in a blink of an eye. Of course, there are natural athletes, who are gifted with good genetics by birth. Denis was genetically gifted and he took it to the extreme with PED’s. So let’s Keep the comments respectful and wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Dan barb
    Dan barb Day ago

    those russian guys are full of steroids and human growth hormons, you can even hear it in the voices. Of course western armwrestlers use it as well but i think those eastern guys go hardcore

  • Omnipotent Being

    Premature aging, baldness and stroke all come from the insane amount of steroids, HGH and other cocktail amount of performance enhancing drugs this dude was on for decades. I say he should relinquish all his medals over the last decade for fucking cheating. Look at him, he doesn't even look human.

  • Hatem Ali For Objection

    I feel so petty for him . He was the best

  • Евгений Кобелев

    А на тех соревнованиях допингтесты проводят?

  • ZxdudeZx
    ZxdudeZx 2 days ago

    Steroids destroyed Him.
    Only with drugs won matches againts Devon

  • RuLeZ1988
    RuLeZ1988 2 days ago

    You might live through one major win, but you will not live and not been seen widely as a continues legend throughout the whole sport like that. That sentence is not necessarily directed to Denis, but to people who take supplements with wrong expectations. Either way, be safe Denis and become healthy there.

  • Marijn Claesen
    Marijn Claesen 2 days ago

    Stroke is common with steroid abuse

  • David Stutz
    David Stutz 2 days ago

    He looks horrible. It's sad man

  • apollos78tube
    apollos78tube 2 days ago

    God bless you Big Denis. Get well big guy!

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 3 days ago

    Get better soon. Move on to something safe for longevity.

  • hatem farouk
    hatem farouk 3 days ago

    Humans can appear strong but the truth is we are so weak .

  • Inconnou .Inconnu
    Inconnou .Inconnu 3 days ago

    the odious devon laratt????????????

  • Alfiya Shakirova
    Alfiya Shakirova 3 days ago

    Капец блин.Надбровные дуги как у неандертальца.Экзогенный тестостерон у этого человека можно сказать,что капает из жопы.Мутант.В 37 выглядит на 55 лет.В общем уничтожил своё здоровье.

  • The Big Lebowski
    The Big Lebowski 3 days ago

    So he is the real armwrestling world champ?

  • Gustavo Santana
    Gustavo Santana 3 days ago


  • Claudio Regueira Velasco

    left hand, denis or levan?

  • William van Gils
    William van Gils 3 days ago

    He aged so quickly, being at that high level, its taking a toll on his body.

  • Trap beatsflee
    Trap beatsflee 4 days ago +1

    Steroids smh. Anybody think otherwise you are blind to the truth. Make you wonder was he on steroids when he beat Devon??

  • Goosecore
    Goosecore 4 days ago

    He should have stuck to amounts of gear that didnt ruin his body.

  • Great Runner
    Great Runner 4 days ago

    Good health man! You are the best!

  • 3941602
    3941602 4 days ago

    Arm wrestlers often forget bout cardio. The pressure on the vessels need to have cardio keep those strong also

  • Aleksandar Puharic
    Aleksandar Puharic 5 days ago +1

    Did somebody said "The undertabler"???

    AKA Michael Todd

  • Wesley Wiygul
    Wesley Wiygul 5 days ago

    Why doesn’t he just admit he takes steroids??!! It’s so obvious.....

  • Agung haji dewantoro

    Stay healthy denis

  • Ritchie Johnson
    Ritchie Johnson 5 days ago

    37 shit the bed looks 57

  • Rayco Hernadez
    Rayco Hernadez 5 days ago

    He is MatroskaSteroids. Matroskaroids.

  • Ledinos1
    Ledinos1 6 days ago

    It is the side effect of huge amount of steroids I'm afraid. No offence here, but just look how he looks like not even being 40.

  • SergII Podlesniak
    SergII Podlesniak 6 days ago

    Вдохнул весь воздух)

  • Serge A
    Serge A 6 days ago

    У моего брата был неврит. Тоже зимой ходил без шапки. Все лечится, главное, вовремя в больницу обратиться. Берегите себя!

  • Ordo Malleus
    Ordo Malleus 6 days ago

    Фарма в конских дозах даром не проходит. Весь большой спорт с 70-х это допинг и фарма. Все разговоры о WADA это шляпа. Химичат ВСЕ начиная с уровня региона не говоря уже о ЧМ или олимпийских играх. Разница только в том, чья фарма помноженная на генетику сильнее и труднее обнаруживается при пробах. Китай и Штаты в этом преуспели больше других стран.

  • -
    - 6 days ago

    Dont do drugs kids💥👎

  • Jacob
    Jacob 6 days ago

    in russia steriods are not illegal and very easy to get if you know how to go about it, and Dennis im sure took them for many years back in the day and most of that muscle stays because of the scar tissue that results from working out and that then if he keeps working out he will stay roughly that same size and strength.

  • Abraham
    Abraham 6 days ago +4

    2:04 “odius Devon larrat” they called him. Confirms they clearly don’t like him

    • Goosecore
      Goosecore 4 days ago +2

      Sadly this channel's crew would rather get analized by Denis in his prime rather than telling the truth and be fair in an examination of Denis vs any other non-Ukranian/Slavic puller 😂

  • Blink0711
    Blink0711 6 days ago

    Put ur videos in ENGLISH. Get a translator if need be.

  • Abbas Güven Akçay
    Abbas Güven Akçay 6 days ago

    Shows why you shouldn't use steroids. Doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what you achieve, steroids will always take its toll on your health.

  • I.K brown
    I.K brown 7 days ago

    Steroid In Steroid out

  • Cody Levinson
    Cody Levinson 7 days ago +28

    That's the oldest looking 38 year old man ever.

    • X X
      X X Hour ago

      My mate Charlie is only 28 that looks 58.

    • Carny
      Carny Day ago


  • Kir Goz
    Kir Goz 7 days ago

    Если Денис вернется и победит Сагенашвили, можно будет снимать про него фильм. Реально историческая личность не только для Арма но и в целом для спорта.

  • Kir Goz
    Kir Goz 7 days ago

    Денис это мужчина с большой буквы, здоровья ему!

  • Q U A T T R O
    Q U A T T R O 7 days ago

    Denis just has good genetics, weird as fuck genetics if you ask me. He is the type of person to never go to the gym, and still be stronger than 99% of the world. He has big ass bones, big ass wrists, big ass hands...That has nothing to do with working out.

  • Moon Five
    Moon Five 7 days ago

    Does Denis have Bell's Palsy? He talks strongly from one side of his mouth, and the opposite side of his face is motionless.

  • dartvapor
    dartvapor 7 days ago +1

    The way he measured his arm was so wrong

    • iwantum
      iwantum 3 days ago

      @Petrovich 93! good one :D

    • Petrovich 93!
      Petrovich 93! 4 days ago

      It's the same method I measure my penis

  • RareBear
    RareBear 8 days ago

    Recover soon Denis, hope you are doing well!

  • t717mck1
    t717mck1 8 days ago

    All man did not know that he was the man

  • Zia ur Rehman Baloch

    Why Russia left him on his own to do those experiments ? Now this cool temper man needs more care.

  • Natehc Kian
    Natehc Kian 8 days ago

    Simply put too much steroids.

  • Tommy Ngô
    Tommy Ngô 8 days ago

    Why the fuck ppl keep using steroids

  • Emilio Mateev
    Emilio Mateev 8 days ago +63

    He is a nice guy, but after so many steroid cycles his body is totally destroyed

    • Keyboard Warrior
      Keyboard Warrior 57 minutes ago

      Arnob Ani what?

    • Konstantine Xxxx
      Konstantine Xxxx Hour ago

      PvG Gameplay Do u really think that only Russian sportsmen take roids ? Lol. If u do u’re dumb. First, there is no prof sport without roids . Secondly, u obviously believe western media say about Russian cheaters and clean American/European sportsmen. I can show many examples of double standards in sports. Sport is politics nowadays

    • Arnob Ani
      Arnob Ani Day ago +2

      @Keyboard Warrior Your name suggests your knowledge 😂

    • Keyboard Warrior
      Keyboard Warrior Day ago +2

      Arnob Ani dont be a Smart ass its common knowledge

    • Arnob Ani
      Arnob Ani Day ago +1

      @PvG Gameplay You apparently know a lot about Russians, their language, culture and history. You must teach it at the Uni. Where can I sign up to get your lectures for free?

  • Crust Ocean
    Crust Ocean 8 days ago

    Bet his pinky does my may curls

  • Jiří Navrátil
    Jiří Navrátil 8 days ago

    That only Dave Chaffe or Michael Todd are able to defeat Levan Saginashvili? I am ok with Dave Chaffe but Todd, really??? Todd is the biggest coward in armwrestling and he is the biggest shame, the most hated. If not the fu….. kingsmove, Todd would not stand a chance against any of the opponents he have fought.
    If Levan will ever fight with Michael Todd I hope that Levan will fucking break Todd´s arm, because it is the only thing he deserves. Kingsmove is 95 % of performance of Michael "Under the table" Todd and i call it absolute cowardness. As i said, if Levan will ever fight against Michael Todd, I hope he breaks his hand and makes him multiple fractures. Shame on Michael Todd.

  • assron1
    assron1 8 days ago

    здоровье прежде всего. если цели достигнуты то стоит оставить спорт. долгих Вам лет Денис!

  • Michael Odom
    Michael Odom 8 days ago

    This sucks, I hope he gets healthy. Dude is a legend.

  • Victor S.
    Victor S. 9 days ago

    narkotiki sluchitsq

  • 17jun1989
    17jun1989 9 days ago +40

    This is what happens when you abuse Steroids and PEDs. Stay clean

      PROJECT DX Day ago

      @PvG Gameplay
      I agree School boy is very impressive already. All these Russians are on serious anabolics.

    • PvG Gameplay
      PvG Gameplay Day ago

      @PROJECT DX He wouldn't beat schoolboy without steroids!

      PROJECT DX Day ago +4

      The problem is he wont beat Devon without a tonne of drugs. Devon is a natural phenomenon.

    • Benno GB
      Benno GB 2 days ago

      @1Q2PWN My dad is 145kg and he's 200cm and jacked! How much muscle must a guy have to be that weight at 180cm?!?

    • Goosecore
      Goosecore 4 days ago

      @1Q2PWN I'd like to see him battle Devon being in Devon's weight class and on the same amount of gear instead of Devon being much lighter and Denis on roids strong enough to kill a horse.

  • seephor
    seephor 9 days ago

    His handler who represents most of the Russia arm wrestlers has a fetish to find any means to win Devon Larratt. He finally found a way but it was so extreme that it put Denis in the hospital due to the insane levels of whatever he's taking.

  • ᒍ ᗩ T I ᑎ X ᗷ ᗝ Ƴ

    Kane WWE 😁

  • Ruski Bocian
    Ruski Bocian 9 days ago

    This is so sad, such a great SPORTSMAN, best in his art. I wish you even more wins, but most importantly REST AND HEAL !

  • Boris Sibor
    Boris Sibor 9 days ago

    If Russian athletes did not do steroids, they would not be champions in anything.

  • Вячеслав Калюжный

    Денис главное здоровье, береги себя

  • ParallelMango
    ParallelMango 10 days ago

    poor guy, he is a beast

  • argi0774
    argi0774 10 days ago

    This is such a retarded cripple sport

  • _ Dj Martin Jakel
    _ Dj Martin Jakel 10 days ago

    So guys, don't take steroids or hormones

  • Dillon M
    Dillon M 11 days ago

    He looks like a big dwarf

  • Atlaspower78
    Atlaspower78 11 days ago

    a normal person would not endure half the training regime he endured, there is no shame in taking a break...

  • john
    john 11 days ago

    Guess he was roided up...

  • Flash Tech
    Flash Tech 11 days ago

    oh hey! It's the walking Pharmacy!

  • Chandu Gonuguntla
    Chandu Gonuguntla 11 days ago

    Have a speedy recovery champ 👍

  • Mikos Lhez
    Mikos Lhez 12 days ago +5

    Devon larrat is a natural CHAMPION and Dennis well... use chemicals.

  • kieren
    kieren 12 days ago

    Steroid abuse ruined his kidneys simple as that