Kylie Jenner Lavish Birthday Trip On $250 Million Dollar Yacht

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • Exclusive Inside Kylie Jenner's 22nd Birthday Week Leading Up To Her Spending Her 22nd Birthday on 250 Million Dollar Super Yacht, with her closest friends and family In Italy.
    Kylie Jenner’s 22nd birthday is everything we hoped it would be: extremely lavish. She’s left us all shook before with the birthday she threw for her daughter, Stormi. Remember “Stormi World”? It was literally an amusement park for her baby. The Kar-Jenner’s have always made sure their parties are the best of the best, so why should Kylie’s birthday be any different? For Kylie’s 22nd she hired a $250 million boat! Well, not a boat really... A “Super Yacht”. This boat is the size of a football field, can hold 22 passengers, and even has a spa in it. But Kylie spent a lot of time hanging out in Italy too. They shopped in Portofino, had lovely dinners in Capri, and yes they spent time on the yacht off the coast too. Kylie’s beau, Travis Scott, was along for the trip and had several sweet date nights with Kylie while Stormi stayed on the yacht with the nanny. Seriously this whole birthday was #goals. But the birthday celebrations for Kylie started earlier on in the week, with her whole house being covered in rose petals for her by Travis Scott. Kim K also sent Kylie a chair shaped like a pair of lips because #KylieCosmetics. Kylie was even given a diamond chain on her actual birthday. It was literally dripping with jewels. But are any of you surprised? She’s a freaking billionaire! If you ever wanted to know how the rich and famous throw their 22nd birthdays, Kylie’s is the standard for sure.

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Comments • 309

  • Sir Michael
    Sir Michael Hour ago

    They all have big asses Jesus

  • Olivia Zsombor
    Olivia Zsombor 2 days ago


  • aditya kumar
    aditya kumar 2 days ago

    So much fun on a $250million boat for Kylie's 22nd Birthday. What will she do when she is 44 ? Go to Moon and celebrate her birthday. 🌞♥️💥

  • Sunflower 10
    Sunflower 10 3 days ago

    0:09 nice blunt Travis

  • Rohith
    Rohith 6 days ago +2

    Kylie: I dont know about you, but I'm feeling 22 ✌✌

  • Angelina berga
    Angelina berga 10 days ago

    1 months before Kylie's birthday I found out that we have the same birthday 😍😍🎂🎂

  • Super Nintendo Switch
    Super Nintendo Switch 14 days ago

    U guys stop being so jealous bc she has money she worked hard for it and so should u HBK

  • D'o Carrasquillo
    D'o Carrasquillo 14 days ago

    Git it boo..... 💋

  • Gianna Perez Lugo
    Gianna Perez Lugo 15 days ago

    Kylie love everthing

  • Blanco Lnd
    Blanco Lnd 16 days ago +2

    For my bday I usually get a whip on the back with my own belt

  • Kylie Jenner
    Kylie Jenner 17 days ago

    Wow she is so rich

  • vivian kikeri
    vivian kikeri 17 days ago +1

    This made me so jealous.

  • 75000B
    75000B 18 days ago

    Opulence..... but the best gift has to be the Boxy Charm box !!!!!!

  • LISA Z.
    LISA Z. 18 days ago

    My birthday is also august 10th

  • btpuppy2
    btpuppy2 18 days ago

    Travis is illiterate

  • kim cute23
    kim cute23 18 days ago +1

    I think I need to be friends with the Kardashians/jenner

  • Lily Linda
    Lily Linda 21 day ago +1

    Wearing a feather dress.. *rich people* 🤦‍♀️💔

    SWEETJUNE 22 days ago

    Not saying that she shouldn't enjoy the fruits of her labor, but I wish that her and the other rich people down there in LA would help the homeless people. LA and New York has the highest homeless rates, and that don't make no sense!

  • Dnt Rsc
    Dnt Rsc 24 days ago +3

    while me on my birthday i have to work because one day of absence is regrettful haha

  • Maria User
    Maria User 25 days ago +1

    This video called me poor in 1000 languages

  • Crypt Johnson
    Crypt Johnson 25 days ago +1

  • In The Light
    In The Light 26 days ago +5

    Kylie is a sweet girl, she don't bother nobody. Stop being jealous of her success and make your own. Happy Belated Birthday Kylie!

  • Pinky Johns
    Pinky Johns 26 days ago +1

    At last Kylie has some lips! Was that her BDay gift?

    • Pinky Johns
      Pinky Johns 26 days ago

      Plus, she has a new bestie to help with her insecurity!

  • Dorie McKay
    Dorie McKay 26 days ago +1


  • Laura Brummer
    Laura Brummer 26 days ago +1

    Must be nice to be rich

  • twerk@work
    twerk@work 26 days ago +1

    Why do I get the feeling that all of Kylie's "surprises" are meticulously orchestrated by Kylie 😂😂😂

  • Veronica Shipp
    Veronica Shipp 27 days ago +1

    And the winner is Mr. Webster. When they breakup she'll have to pay out child support.

  • Colleen mason
    Colleen mason 27 days ago

    shes no t realy a billionare because she’s spending her money

  • Ranims_ World
    Ranims_ World 27 days ago +1

    can u do ariana grand lavish life

  • A Kink
    A Kink 28 days ago

    So far up their own fake asses they talk so much s*** and they even photoshop that

  • Ivanka Collado
    Ivanka Collado 28 days ago

    Yes money is great, but what are you doing to make a change in the world. It’s like being a superhero but just for your friends.

  • Angela Zangara
    Angela Zangara 28 days ago

    Spend thrift...Kylie gonna run out of money blowing money like this!?

  • Christine Campbell
    Christine Campbell 28 days ago

    can't even see the pictures the bars are blocking everything so I don't care to watch this one I'm trying to be kind only ❤

  • ImsuAsen Ao
    ImsuAsen Ao 29 days ago


  • vivian crump
    vivian crump 29 days ago +2

    It’s got to be a Sin in the eyes of God to be that rich , And this is what you do over and over ............ How many starving people have she fed ? What does she do for the less fortunate? While Airheads buy her cheaply made products she sells for high prices in hopes of looking good as her....... 😀😆🤣🤩🤔🙄 You need plastic surgery for that!

  • Brittanii Starzz
    Brittanii Starzz 29 days ago

    9:13 isn’t that a front flip?? Lol maybe I’m just buggin

  • Audra D
    Audra D 29 days ago

    Hell yea she can spend her money anyway she wants too 🎂🎂✌️❤️

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker 29 days ago +1

    So no Jordyn Woods😋??!

  • Rosanne Broekhuizen
    Rosanne Broekhuizen Month ago +2

    the lips kimberly gave to kylie are the same lips salvador dalí made

  • jun aubeeluck
    jun aubeeluck Month ago

    Rich’s not her fault that we are poor 😢, I would do the same in her place 🤪probably thats why I will never be as rich as she is 🤔😆, I cannot even afford her lipstick, the original one not the fake that they are selling here lol 😂

  • Mark Serry
    Mark Serry Month ago

    Me and Kylie are bday twins!

  • robin mcrae
    robin mcrae Month ago

    C’mon. Kris Jenner is to heavy & definitely NOT age appropriate to be wearing an outfit which would look much better on any one of her daughters. Haters beware! Convince me & all the KUWTK fans that Kris looks good. Again, c’mon.....

  • Queen Noochie
    Queen Noochie Month ago

    Honestly these people r sick in the head. So self absorbed it’s disgusting. Good for you ur 22 grow up!!!

    LIOTTA Month ago +10

    Who else is in love with that dress!!! 💕💕❤️

  • Haddy’s World
    Haddy’s World Month ago

    and I thought I was obsessed 😂

  • John
    John Month ago +2

    Kylie is spending the entire net worth of other artists👏

  • Martine Desjardins
    Martine Desjardins Month ago +1

    If this is 22..what will 30, 40, or 50 look like? Happy for them, but not for me at all...

  • Erin Vaughn
    Erin Vaughn Month ago +11

    My Family doesn't even show up for my Birthday 😏

  • Jai Mendez
    Jai Mendez Month ago +2

    Am I the only one looking for Kendall? 🤔

  • Evie Samora
    Evie Samora Month ago +1

    Kylie is like the marie antoinette of the 21 century 😒😣

  • geni allen
    geni allen Month ago +7

    It's her money she might as well enjoy it I would "if",

  • Jesse Paul
    Jesse Paul Month ago

    Who care about satanic puppet family kadashien

  • J Pecco
    J Pecco Month ago

    Tackiest billionaire, most billionaire dont t need to do this show of i have. Nor do they want people to see what they have..

  • Faizo Abdi Mohamed
    Faizo Abdi Mohamed Month ago

    she can do whatever she wants since it's her birthday and she got the money to have lavish birthday

  • Starshine
    Starshine Month ago +4

    Kylie makes britney spears look totally poor 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rejwana Choudhury
    Rejwana Choudhury Month ago

    Did i see Gordon Ramsay 🤔 2:35-40

  • Donna Beck
    Donna Beck Month ago

    The only thing Kylie had missing at her extravagant🎉🎇 Bday Par taaa was me 💃! Hit me up next time Kyls, I'm already working on my look 👩‍🎨 My BIG Reveal Will Happen at My Sister Girls Big 23 ❣️Much Love 😘muah !

  • Kevin BL
    Kevin BL Month ago +2

    Kylie Jenner making the rest of us feel like poor rats one snap story at a time

  • Deja-Rae Guthier
    Deja-Rae Guthier Month ago +1

    We forgot to mention STASSI again😂

  • Ms Precious
    Ms Precious Month ago

    Soooo jelly 🤪