Anna Fedorova - Ballade in F minor, Op. 52 (first stage, 2010)

  • Anna Fedorova
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    Ballada f-moll op. 52

    Anna Fedorova
    First stage
    Ballade in F minor, Op. 52
    All rights reserved 2010
    The Fryderyk Chopin Institute (NIFC), Polish Television (TVP), National Audiovisual Institute (NInA)

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  • ヴィーアクラ
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  • Simon Ubsdell
    Simon Ubsdell 26 days ago +2

    She always manages to find colours, textures and intentions that every other pianist misses. Other pianists play - she listens. And in doing so she hears the true heart of the music, and she inhabits it. In Chopin she also understands, as many pianists do not, that the music isn't all about pretty lyricism - it has "big bones". It needs an epic sound at times (in addition to the obvious requirement for delicacy) and above all it needs a very strong sense of direction. This is why Fedorova is so outstanding - she is not playing notes, she is going somewhere all the time. The architecture of the piece is present in everything she does.

  • Silvano Giuseppe Bernasconi

    Really poetic interpretation ! Great piano talent... Bravo Anna !

  • H. John Henry
    H. John Henry Month ago +2

    Surely she knows her mistakes, they don't have to be pointed out. OH what more could ask for than to be talented and beautiful. Oh MY! (and young) HJH

  • Konstantin Ridaya
    Konstantin Ridaya 2 months ago +1

    That Shigeru Kawai delivers the perfect piano sound, in my opinion. That aside, I have now listened to the winners from 2010 and 2015, Claire Huangci's performances and a lot with Daniil Trifonov, and simply can't hear a qualitative difference. Well, I guess you are all lucky, that I'm not a judge in this competition, because I would have to go outside with some dices and make a decision, if you know, what I mean. To my ears this one is the most interesting of all the performances and Anna Fedorova was eliminated after second stage in 2010! At least you can say, that it is good, that you can have a career anyway: Anna Fedorova is doing very well and so is Claire Huangci, and to many Daniil Trifonov is the Chopin of our generation, but Yulianna Avdeeva is living a bit the quite life on the tour. And she won the 2010 competition! Something is wrong with that picture.

    The only points of slight imperfection I can find about Anna Fedorova and her performance is the two tiny drops of sweat below her lips.....

  • Jasper Chance
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  • Alan Woke
    Alan Woke 5 months ago

    waifu alert

  • Michael Dillon
    Michael Dillon 5 months ago

    the best and so gorgious

  • nikos ellis
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  • Arthur Giorgo
    Arthur Giorgo 6 months ago

    Anna Fedorova yes Casatorio Civil Arthur Giorgio 28 Sept. 2019 Madrid España ------ Anna Fedorova good night wonderful Thank you Love you Kisses Berlinale Germany yes New York City .U.S.A. yes Columbia

  • William Udy
    William Udy 7 months ago

    Left me in tears

  • Gustavo Miranda
    Gustavo Miranda 8 months ago


  • Herzog Chapot
    Herzog Chapot 8 months ago

    À aussi écouter Maria Grinberg : ou encore Youra Guller : ou Stanislav Neuhaus :

  • Péter Vámosi
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  • eenayeah
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  • Franco Aragosta
    Franco Aragosta 10 months ago +3

    An utterly MAGNIFICENT rendition of this great work -- one of the very best of the hundreds I've heard over many decades. This beautiful young woman plays with true ARTISTRY as well as an authoritative, splendidly developed technique. Her SOUND is abslutely superb. Just BEAUTIFUL in every regard.. Why was she nt a finalist? I enjoyed Anna'splayingMUCH more than did the expertise, glibness and well-coached "good taste" of some of the winners.

    • Kyrun
      Kyrun 9 months ago +1

      I agree with you. I think it's because she uses too much pedal, the judges don't like that

  • Wouter Iz
    Wouter Iz 11 months ago +1

    Liefst Anna
    Het verlangen naar jou groeit Door letters naar elkaar voor en Door elkaar daar waar de harten kruizen en dezielen blinken geluide
    KLingeke en het originele nooit verloren gaat en nooit zal doven
    En de eenvoud met elkaar zal komen in de geest van zijn in het ontwaken van onze spirt en mij Door jou
    Genezen daar is onze licht de liefde voorelkaar zijn wij samen
    Wouter joannes regina

  • arno venancio de paula

    ...gosto desta mulher! ...esta mulher é grande! ...

  • arno venancio de paula

    ...ela expressa a beleza usando o coração e as mãos! ...

  • Stephen Clark
    Stephen Clark Year ago +9

    Beautiful, wonderful, magnificent -- BRAVISSIMO!!! Anna's exceptional musicianship deeply touches my emotional core. Her astonishing introspection, insight and understanding of Chopin's music is breathtaking! What an absolutely captivating artist she is!

  • David Izquierdo Azzouz

    Beautiful performance, only recording could be better

  • GibsonTriniLopez
    GibsonTriniLopez Year ago +4

    Absolutely beautiful. ...and the music's great too.

    • K Play
      K Play 7 months ago +1

      You mean the piano?

    • GibsonTriniLopez
      GibsonTriniLopez Year ago +1

      @Elizabeth Wilson You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Elizabeth Wilson
      Elizabeth Wilson Year ago


  • kawan mimon
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    ROBERT KLEIN Year ago +2

    Himmlische Anna Fedorova ,...super Belle !

  • Nando Florestan
    Nando Florestan Year ago +9

    It is a shame that the dynamic range compression they are using here completely distorts the dynamics of this music.

  • Reynaldo Villafuerte

    Incredible piece and performance! I fell in love at first sight...

  • F. Mayumi
    F. Mayumi Year ago +2

    Just great!

  • John Rossi
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  • Barry Island
    Barry Island Year ago +25

    Absolutely gorgeous, and so is the music.

    • K Play
      K Play 7 months ago

      You mean the piano?

  • mrduofold
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  • HDMusic
    HDMusic 2 years ago +8

    Me hace recordar al estilo de Claudio Arrau, más lento justo donde debe ser, y esto permite apreciar el sentimiento de cada fragmento de la melodía

  • Thomas Nguyen
    Thomas Nguyen 2 years ago +2

    Ik hou van je prestatie

  • mrduofold
    mrduofold 2 years ago +18

    She plays with great feeling, clear and authentic.

  • Giobanne Aran Mena
    Giobanne Aran Mena 3 years ago +12

    Me gusta el Chopin de Anna Fedorova.

  • Korhan Karagülle
    Korhan Karagülle 3 years ago +5

    Good technique but some mistakes..especially at 5:30 and 10:46..

    • goolash
      goolash Year ago

      @Lawrence Krupp But none of us has heard Carl Tausig, "the most flawless pianist of the century," as critic Harold C. Schonberg wrote. He also wrote that Anton Rubinstein called him "the infallible."

    • Piano Art
      Piano Art Year ago +1

      Kissin doesn’t play like a robot. He also misses notes. He is often flawless than note, but so not a robot

    • Piano Art
      Piano Art Year ago +1

      You gotta be kidding. That’s just a tiny one. It’s allowed and compensated by great feeling. This is not yuja wang here

    • Ana M
      Ana M Year ago +2

      aaddjb aaakkxxzz Actually he does make mistakes. I've heard mistakes in every single live performance of his.

    • Lawrence Krupp
      Lawrence Krupp Year ago +11

      You OCD types with your concentration on mistakes need to get psychiatric help. This was a LIVE performance before an audience, not a studio recording where mistakes are edited out with retakes and digital fixes. Not a single living or dead concert pianist has EVER played without mistakes in a live performance. I've been in the audience at live concerts by Van Cliburn, Rubinstein, Horowitz, Graffman, Bronfman, Lugansky, and Simon Trpceski and I never heard a perfect performance. It’s total stupidity to point out mistakes as some kind of measurement of a performance. It’s bullshit from a bullshitter who has probably never performed before an audience in their life.

  • lucian freud
    lucian freud 3 years ago +14