• Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • we just got the Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer so here's the full breakdown.
    We go over scenes of Rey with the Skywalker lightsaber, Kylo with his helmet fixed, and shots of other returning characters. We also see...the return of the Death Star and hear Darth Sidious/Palpatine's voice...with the title reveal of Rise of Skywalker...could this mean it's about Luke Skywalker? Anakin Skywalker? Rey? Kylo?
    I can't wait!!!!!
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Comments • 5 406

  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory  3 months ago +3614

    a surprise to be sure...

    • Mr. Me
      Mr. Me Month ago

      Star Wars Theory who wrote the prophecies?

    • Arc-77 Captain Fordo
      Arc-77 Captain Fordo 3 months ago

      But a welcome one

    • BealioMusic
      BealioMusic 3 months ago

      What do you think the possibility is of JJ recycling some material from Lost...for example, John Locke not actually being resurrected but was a disguise of the Man in Black. Perhaps the emperor will use force projections to lure, manipulate the protagonists because they think they are talking to luke, but really it's the emperor?

    • DaveR's Guitars
      DaveR's Guitars 3 months ago

      So, what exactly makes that a Death Star fragment? Could that not be a fragment of Starkiller Base, or even part of a capital ship/super star destroyer/etc? How can ANYONE say for certain that is a fragment of the Death Star. And how do you know it's from the 2nd Death Star specifically? There were 2 of them after all! Couldn't that be some other ruins? At this point to say it's from the Death Star is a bit premature.

    • Robert Finley
      Robert Finley 3 months ago

      Can we even assume that Ben Solo is behind the cockpit and also the one repairing the mask? Or could we be seeing yet another loop thrown toward twins or lost siblings? Could Kylo (Kylo Skywalker?) be another character entirely with familial connections to either Rey or Ben Solo? Could Rey and Ben Solo both be siblings (unknowingly) and also Luke’s children (secretly) raised by Han and Leia to try and prevent Luke from exploiting inherited power and connecting psychically to Ben (Skywalker?) as Darth Vader did in ESB and ROTJ?
      Drawing parallels with Luke, Leia and Anakin on that psychic part to Ben, Rey and Luke’s voice clarity in her mind here.

  • CoRRupted rIfT
    CoRRupted rIfT 4 days ago

    What if jar jar came back and became a sith

  • CoRRupted rIfT
    CoRRupted rIfT 4 days ago

    Or palpatine tried to use the force to make his body back to normal then tries to bring plagueis

  • weirdhorrordude
    weirdhorrordude 4 days ago

    As far as I am concerned . Star Wars has not been Good since 1983.

  • Niam Lad
    Niam Lad 13 days ago +1

    Maybe since it’s called rise of skywalker it’s referring to anikan

  • Ted Sullivan
    Ted Sullivan 14 days ago

    Finally not some pretend non conformist video with some idoit ranting over every tiny plot hole.

  • Ohh There Teij Is
    Ohh There Teij Is 14 days ago

    2:29 Rebelion Rebuilds and used deathstar.

  • The BattleRoyaler
    The BattleRoyaler 19 days ago

    The rebellion is back baby, yes. I should rename my channel to nostalgia galore
    EDIT: The trailer is Palpatine approved

  • arci
    arci 20 days ago

    I didn't like the trailer. There is a "veil of awesomeness" which shrouds what is otherwise emptiness and blankness. Compare it with the trailers of the previous two movies. In "The Force Awakens" we have Rey being asked "who are you" and she answers "I'm no-one", telling the audience right there what the movie is all about, whilst leaving TONS up for speculation, it's deep and there's a lot of meat there. In "The Last Jedi" we have Snoke talking about Kylo, we have Luke saying things, we have so much. Both movies featured deep concepts more than just fluff and action and eye-candy.
    This trailer? With nearly half of it being Rey back-flipping to cut a tie-fighter? That's fluff, that's awesome... but it's also meaningless, it's one tie-fighter down, and that's it. It's awesome-fluff that blinds the eyes of viewers to the fact that... it's just fluff, empty, there's nothing there! This is the TRAILER! This is supposed to show the best the movie has to offer! If the best they have to offer is Rey doing a force-backflip all so she can slice one tie-fighter then the movie doesn't have much.
    I fear it's going to be fluff, I've feared that since Episode 8 came out, and this trailer is not helping me to put aside my fears.

  • Robloxporn
    Robloxporn 22 days ago

    What if Rey is a Palpatine? Who knows, maybe Kylo Ren couldn’t see who Reys parents because Palpatine is to strong for Kylo to be able to see him as her parent. I think it’s possible.

  • Chris Berg
    Chris Berg 23 days ago

    Just watched the force awakens for the second time. Only because i tried the night before but couldnt cuz it was just .... Theres no word in english language. But tonight i had a vision through the force. It showed me they made a mistake. This movie was suppose to be titled spaceballs II. Dark hemets revenge. I believe the real starwars 7.8.9 will be made but only in another galaxy far far away

  • FBI
    FBI 24 days ago

    I think that palpaten was a clone from Vader from the scar on his head

  • Arby Cook
    Arby Cook 24 days ago

    So is that the force ghost of Carrie Fisher or the real one? This trend of including dead actors in your cast has to stop. I mean is this a Star Wars movie or is it an episode of The Walking Dead.

  • cofside
    cofside 25 days ago

    Yea BUT.....What ever happened to this new series being about all the "new characters"? To this point and apparently including the next movie this has basically been an extension of the original 3. Which is fine with me but it was done by accident. That's why they thought it was ok to kill of Luke like they did. And how did that decision work out? If they had from the beginning focused on the original characters it would have made the best story and as it turns out its the only possible story and they only realize it in episode 9. That is why all the changes done late to number 9.

  • Josh Clyde
    Josh Clyde 28 days ago

    Snoke was also killed the same way as Palpatine

  • GameWithJack
    GameWithJack 28 days ago

    Who would be up for Kylo Ren Vs Palpatine (if he is alive)

  • A *
    A * 29 days ago

    What is Skywalker refers to the whole clan and not just one individual? Possible.

  • Penguin Cheese
    Penguin Cheese 29 days ago +1

    Although Rey is a Kenobi
    Don'tch ya know?

  • Masochist
    Masochist Month ago

    If Anakin isn’t really gone maybe kylo ren could change he’s mind to be one of the rebels eventually.

    I’ll say anything at this Point to make reylo happen.

  • Josh Cahill
    Josh Cahill Month ago

    dont think thats kylo rens hands... 1:23

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams Month ago +1

    Mace windu isn't dead so he doesn't have the ghost thing the only ghosts she could be contacted by is Luke, Obi-wan, Yoda, and possibly Qui-Gon and maybe even Anakin

  • Kerry M
    Kerry M Month ago

    Something I want to happen is that when or if palpatine comes back he brings Vader and somehow anakin comes back from time or something and the two could have a universal showdown.

  • Seemsayin
    Seemsayin Month ago

    I don't know. Maybe it's nothing.
    But wouldn't that be just TOO cool to see parts of Vader's mask welded onto Kylo's?
    This would be a Frankenhelmet that would even scare the shit out of Palpy.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Who cares. TLJ fucked it all up badly. This won't un-fuck it.

  • Keith nunya
    Keith nunya Month ago

    Do people still care about this?wow....

  • Patrick Emsea
    Patrick Emsea Month ago

    Using Palps to bait you in to watching this one and maximizing profits but I bet he doesn't show up in the movie. I'll wait to see it after reviews.

  • Sock Dude
    Sock Dude Month ago

    No one's ever really gone..

    **intense darth breathing**

  • Mr.DumDum 101
    Mr.DumDum 101 Month ago +1

    At 1:00 that could be endor because like you said in another video, the death star crashed on endor and rey was searching all through it. This could be a camp for the resistance.

  • Terentius Brunneis
    Terentius Brunneis Month ago

    I hope we get anakin back man fr, I feel we will jsut becasue they are trying to out the story to bed. But keep it up man doing great cant wait for vader

  • plump UNIVERSE
    plump UNIVERSE Month ago

    I think that these "hairy hands" are just part of the clothes

  • Niels Ten Caat
    Niels Ten Caat Month ago

    I also want to see darth maul. Being with his master for one last time.

  • Lincoln Parc
    Lincoln Parc Month ago


  • Bryan Woerner
    Bryan Woerner Month ago

    Why is R2D2 not shown in the teaser? Is he off with the risen Luke?

  • Elias Ame
    Elias Ame 2 months ago

    Yo that's not even Kylo's TIE though, his one doesn't have such a spherical cockpit.

  • Doryah Doryah
    Doryah Doryah 2 months ago

    Since when is Rey a Skywalker tho

  • LLLucas
    LLLucas 2 months ago

    That city of light is planet choruscant

  • thunderbird002
    thunderbird002 2 months ago

    With everything JJ has to do with film , has anyone tried to figure out what the run time would be?
    I am like guessing nearly 3 hours ?
    Any other guesses? Can we make like a pool?

  • David Molinarolo
    David Molinarolo 2 months ago

    That planet where the Death Star II piece is on has to be Endor or Endor's mother planet.

  • Coldfox 1217
    Coldfox 1217 2 months ago

    Tbh I’m rather nervous on how this is going to play out what with how Disney has absolutely spat and shat on the Star Wars series

  • Harpua SlutBag
    Harpua SlutBag 2 months ago

    Being that Gui Gon Jinn was the first Jedi to use The Force in death to communicate with the living it would only make sense that we see Gui Gon's force ghost in Ep. 9
    If we don't....that's a huge travesty to Liam Neeson and the Jedi he so wonderfully portrayed.

  • Levi Sellick
    Levi Sellick 2 months ago

    I literally just commented on your latest video saying about the Death Star and papletine at 3:30

  • Deadshotchef
    Deadshotchef 2 months ago

    How are you guys actually getting excited for this movie? The last 4 were total blahhh, but still y'all are hyping yourself up for disappointment.

  • carlos bowe
    carlos bowe 2 months ago

    the Falcon is coming OUT of hyperspace...

  • Ysil La
    Ysil La 2 months ago

    Anyone know the music starting at 6:14? Plsssss

    • Ysil La
      Ysil La Month ago

      Do someone know plssssssss

  • Charlie Campbell
    Charlie Campbell 2 months ago

    Star Wars Theory is just a homer for anything they produce. This trailer sucks and this movie looks like crap. I wish Disney never made this garbage trilogy. I hope they kill off Rey, Finn, and Poe so they won't be in anymore movies. The true Star Wars ended at Return of the Jedi.

  • cuda70gt
    cuda70gt 2 months ago

    That opening scene with ray in the desert is a training session. Luke Skywalker is piloting the tie interceptor. It seems jedi training now requires hand to hand combat with a fighter. How is luke back from the dead? This will be left open for the fans to decide.

  • Gladiator2219 hill
    Gladiator2219 hill 2 months ago

    that part of the death star is where papatine landed when darth vader threw him down

  • That Guy over there
    That Guy over there 2 months ago

    Let's be honest, snoke was just a replacement for the emperor just without a story. A character to capture the iconic style of the old movies just without any thought into character design other than that

  • Moon Shades
    Moon Shades 2 months ago

    May the smurf Yoda be with you

  • Moon Shades
    Moon Shades 2 months ago

    Smurf Yoda here 😏

  • Troy Fred
    Troy Fred 2 months ago

    This trailer looks sooooooo dumb. I really hope they come up with something to fix rian johnson did, but I really hope it isn't something as cheese as "oh palpatine is backk"

  • Benjamin Wagner
    Benjamin Wagner 2 months ago

    The tie silencer in the beginning doesn't look like the same one Kilo flew in The Last Jedi to me. You can't see every angle of the tie in this clip to be sure, but the Kilo's ship in TLJ looked more elongated and had a more angular front windscreen. It could still be Kilo flying the one in the clip, but perhaps this could be one of the Knights of Ren hunting Rey down instead. It seems very purposeful that they do not show the pilot's face and while this could just be for dramatic effect, it could also be for purposes of misdirection so as to not give away too much of the plot.

  • Jerry Buenvenida
    Jerry Buenvenida 2 months ago

    Did you ever hear The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
    - No.
    - I thought not. It's not a story your mother would tell you.
    - What is it about?
    - It’s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.
    - The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural... He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.

    Palp obviously was Plaguis' apprentice. He learned all there was to learn from his master and killed him in his sleep. Over the years he probably improved on his masters ability to keep people alive to keep himself alive.

    Just another theory

  • Jerry Buenvenida
    Jerry Buenvenida 2 months ago

    rise of skywalker. The "skywalker" they could be talking about is possibly a new order that is going to be established. It could be a new "jedi" order, who do not call themselves jedi. They instead call themselves "skywalkers". It makes sense. The last movie showed that kid pull the broom to himself using the force. He could be one of the future "skywalkers" in the new order.

    Just a theory

  • marqz900
    marqz900 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who sees the potential of this? JJ and Lucas could do the biggest fan-trolling of all time. Imagin this: Opening night milions of fans has come to see the movie that will end their torment and make Star Wars great again. The movie starts off good with some smaller epic battles, some sad godbyes and some warm welcome backs (Lando). Then when the movie is about to reach its climax. Ray and Finn is walking in the pitch black ruins of the once great empire. Suddenly Ray freezes, she senses a presence of another life form. She pulls up her lightsaber! Then an evil laught that makes the whole world shiver. And then a dark voice -"ROLL IT AGAIN" and another (not so evil) voice respond -"YES MASTER SIDDY, MISA ROLL IT AGAIN" On palpatines old throne sits a odd looking figure with big eyes above his head with a prerecorded hologram in his fishy hands! This would literary make milions of people turn to the dark side and Lucas will have completed his 40 year old master plan!

  • Brandon Fox
    Brandon Fox 2 months ago

    Is it possible that Han solo might have a force ghost or is it just Jedi that can come back

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 2 months ago

      Only jedi can come back.

  • blayt BOi
    blayt BOi 2 months ago

    Is it bad that I thought that laugh was jar jar Binks.

  • SilasZoeBell
    SilasZoeBell 2 months ago +1

    In Aftermath: Life Debt the Alderaanians take possession of pieces of a Death Star. I don’t recall if it was specifically mentioned which it was, but it’s reasonable to assume that would be the first, which blew up Alderaan. Still, it’s very possible for those Death Star pieces to have been transported anywhere in the galaxy.

  • Hey Harvey
    Hey Harvey 2 months ago

    Nobody’s ever gone. Why is nobody talking about Snoke coming back?

    TAPS 2 PARANORMAL 2 months ago

    Kathleen Kennedy has stated Palpatine is back and in the flesh and not a hologram or any flashback scene

    TAPS 2 PARANORMAL 2 months ago

    Kathleen Kennedy has stated Palpatine is back and in the flesh and not a hologram or any flashback scene

  • Sonny Ali
    Sonny Ali 2 months ago

    Wait, what??!? Did you watch the same teaser the rest of us watched? Did Disney pay you for this review? And what was so cool about Rey running/flipping over the Tie Interceptor? We've seen Jedi do shit way cooler than that. Real Jedi...the kind that go through years of training before they attempt aerial acrobatics to evade a space ship traveling ~400Mph. Clearly you're a sellout and you're not supporting the real fans that have sworn a boycott of Disney until they give the fans what we deserve, not this nonsensical drivel of a trilogy. The last 2 films were pure shit, and Ep 9 won't be any different. You don't have to lie to kick it -- just be real and honest. Your review wasn't either. Bad things happen when you lie. For example, if your kids end up looking like Bossk, you kinda deserve it for this fake review. Just saying.

  • Brandon PL
    Brandon PL 2 months ago

    Wouldnt Palpatine being alive go aint the rule of 2?

  • G3N3R4L K3N0B1
    G3N3R4L K3N0B1 2 months ago

    Is anyone gonna mention the fact that the ship at 1:00 is the same ship from Rey's vision (the one where she watches a ship flying away on Jakku as a kid).

  • craigzilla100
    craigzilla100 2 months ago

    Great video.
    Now, can someone please explain this whole jar jar /emperor palpatine thing to me??

    • craigzilla100
      craigzilla100 2 months ago

      @John Canary lol. Wow

    • John Canary
      John Canary 2 months ago +1

      craigzilla100 some crazy people say Jar Jar is a Sith who helped Palpatine rise to power.

  • Cloud Atlas
    Cloud Atlas 2 months ago


  • Andrew Hawkins
    Andrew Hawkins 2 months ago

    Still no red arm on 3P0

  • Harry O'Byrne
    Harry O'Byrne 2 months ago

    3:51 that Jabbas skiff i think

  • Jayden Abouakbar
    Jayden Abouakbar 2 months ago

    Windu should be in the beginning of the movie and we should see him back with a robot arm and scars

  • holyarmageddon19
    holyarmageddon19 2 months ago

    All the marvel fan boys got the ending they wanted meanwhile all the Starwars fan boys didn't get their ending. Just let that sink in.

  • The Artifact
    The Artifact 2 months ago

    It was kinda silly seeing her stand there posing as if she is waiting for a relay baton, and the ship didn't even bother to shoot at her.

  • Gasgreenade
    Gasgreenade 2 months ago

    The guy Kylo slashed was a Knight of ren

  • jlee29170
    jlee29170 2 months ago

    Rey has been living on Tatooine in Obi-Wan's old pad, studying the texts.

  • Chris b. Bacon
    Chris b. Bacon 2 months ago

    I didn’t realize that was the Death Star until you said so, I thought it was a weirdly shaped mountain on an island 😂

  • Rose pop 81
    Rose pop 81 2 months ago

    Captain obvious 😒

  • RuneBjorg
    RuneBjorg 2 months ago +6

    My theory? Palpatine is back so they can sell more movie tickets.
    Sorry if that sounds grim, but I have no faith in disney anymore...

  • Nathan Dawe
    Nathan Dawe 2 months ago

    Siths can link part of their souls to another body, part or place. This is maybe a way of how plagieus linked his soul to his apprentice, palatine so that he could live on. This is not connected to the legends canon but is more than likely to be introduced as a canon now as it is a perfect tie-in to the comics film era

  • águila
    águila 2 months ago

    Why would anyone thumbs up this garbage. Star Wars ended at episode 6. This recent trilogy is an insult to actual fans.

  • Eric B
    Eric B 2 months ago +1

    ...do you think they're introducing the World Between Worlds?

  • Eric B
    Eric B 2 months ago +1

    I can't wait to see Obiwan talk to Qui Gon in the Obiwan movie Disney would be stupid to not make

  • Supa hot fire
    Supa hot fire 2 months ago +2

    What if it was the laugh of master yoda

  • Fayn Chien
    Fayn Chien 2 months ago +1

    I think the man that Kylo kills looks exactly like a member of knights of ren. Did you guys see Star Wars 9 poster? There are six men dressed in black in left. I think they are knights of ren.

  • Strider
    Strider 3 months ago

    Hey maybe there will actually be a story in this movie. Maybe there will be force ghosts of MANY past heroes. Maybe there will be training, progression, substance, force powers and you know LIGHTSABER battles...Maybe just maybe it will be kind of like a Star Wars movie.

  • Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan 3 months ago +1

    The guy kylo is killing in the teaser looks a lot like the guy he impaled called clan leader in Rey's vision in ep 7

  • ReDSauCe
    ReDSauCe 3 months ago +1

    Now that the saga is ending...

    MORE P R E Q U E L S

  • Kassadinftw
    Kassadinftw 3 months ago +3

    The only hope is for someone to time travel before the sequels and stop disney from ruining the entire franchise.

    Alternatively, since it's already messed up, why not have all the characters from all chapters meet up for a disco dance off with the Death star up in the sky as a huge disco ball shooting lasers randomly all over the place. Probably be better than what we've gotten so far.

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 3 months ago +1

    The Rise Of Skywalker *could* mean that this movie will show us how Anakin was created or born. Hence "rise"

  • Film genie
    Film genie 3 months ago +1

    I think Palpatine had a clone of Anakin in secret a the new enemy is that clone thats the persone in the beginning of the trailer that rey attacks or something like that

  • Jeff Gutierrez
    Jeff Gutierrez 3 months ago +1

    ... After the massacred prequels and the botched Disney releases... Zero interest... My vote is a vote of no confidence. The original trilogy, still the best.

  • Jeremy Lyons
    Jeremy Lyons 3 months ago


  • Shaar Lahat
    Shaar Lahat 3 months ago

    Wonder how they are going to fix everything that this last star wars movie did. Because one movie basically single handedly ruined the feel of the whole story. The last jedi was that bad...

  • Etel Bik
    Etel Bik 3 months ago

    Row lit again

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 3 months ago

    That planet was Landon’s planet

  • Corvair Lane
    Corvair Lane 3 months ago

    > Press "M".
    > Press Play.
    > Motion pictures.
    > Still Pictures.
    > Crowd.
    > More motion pictures.
    > Enjoy Seven Minutes of Silence.
    > Click #Next #Link.
    > Unmute.
    You're welcome.

  • R2 nPO
    R2 nPO 3 months ago

    Well after watching your breakdown you definitely know more about Star Wars than I do 😆 maybe Sidious created Rey like Plagueis did with Anakin. Hard to tell. Was a really nice teaser trailer.

  • damon wade
    damon wade 3 months ago

    This isnt really a breakdown!

  • Cade
    Cade 3 months ago +5

    DUDE YOU MISSED SOMETHING BIG, for a short scene you see an A-wing flying over a star destroyer, EXCEPT it’s not a star destroyer, if you look closely it a red strip down the middle because it’s actually a REPUBLIC CRUSER, so who will have that kind of flashback.?, only a prequel character and since this is called the rise of skywalker I think Anakin is coming back

  • A Skeleton
    A Skeleton 3 months ago

    Theory: What if Anakin appeared in front of Kylo disappointed of his actions in The Force Awakens?

  • Oliver Mulligan
    Oliver Mulligan 3 months ago

    5:57 That debris in the distance could be part of the second Death Star. Maybe Palpatine faked his death.

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 3 months ago

    After Force Awakens and The Last Jedi . . . It's hard to even care about it anymore :(