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  • Published on Jul 31, 2016
  • Everything that actually goes into an office makeover, from the shopping to the installation ... vlog style! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE FUN:
    48 hours, 1 finished office, 12 hours of sleep needed by me! Seriously though, it was such a fun whirlwind shopping for and decorating the LA-based office space for my friend, Maya! Come with me from the store to the studio to a day of the install, and see everything that goes on behind the scenes of a major makeover!
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    See the new space in action on Shameless Maya's channel:
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    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
    Edited by: Sarah LeJeune
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  • Teresa Vazquez
    Teresa Vazquez Month ago

    Me Kate do you do rooms in Puerto Rico

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    Kim Oanh Nguyễn 4 months ago

  • CB GB
    CB GB 6 months ago

    Flaaaaawless skin! ...bitch 😂 just kidding. Love you MrKate!

  • Jasmine Sales
    Jasmine Sales 8 months ago

    i really love it👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • H M
    H M 9 months ago

    I never really thought about how long your work day must be. god u deserve every success

  •  11 months ago

    Can u do my room pls

  •  11 months ago

    That’s a good camera for filming on a phone

  • Michele Pace
    Michele Pace Year ago

    Fantastic job!!

  •  Year ago

    Mr Kate can you do a colab with The Sorry Girls!

  • Calida
    Calida Year ago

    SO beautiful! That rug, those chairs, the wood 😍😍😍

  • Keren Ne'eman
    Keren Ne'eman Year ago

    You are beautiful with makeup and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S without it!!!! love your channel!!!

  • Madi Raygo
    Madi Raygo Year ago

    Thanks Kate for showing me what I want to be. I want to grow up and be a interior designer that has a creative, yet sophisticated side while also being a little loosely goosey and weirdoy. You are such a role model Kate!! I love you guys!!!!!👍👌👏❤️

  • Violet India
    Violet India Year ago

    My brother and sister names are Joey and sophia

  • Ella Jack
    Ella Jack Year ago

    where is joey

  • lea's world
    lea's world Year ago

    I really wish u could come to Laurens and do just my room

  • Shelly-Ann Smalling

    I know I'm late to the party, but Kate when you do it like this, it actually appears more like work. It makes me appreciate more how hard you and your team works to bring this all to us. And the sacrifices and tiredness. This is a real Eureka! moment for me. Thank you Mr. Kate! Only you could make me comment on RU-clip. History in the making...👊👌👍👋👐

  • Shania Chiwaza
    Shania Chiwaza Year ago +1

    Hi Mr kate could you possibly do a video of how to decorate a shared bedroom I share with my 7 year old sister and im 15 so we have different taste she loves pinks whilst i like greys and whites sorry for this long comment please help

  • Mackenzie Bain
    Mackenzie Bain Year ago

    Where did you find that rug?

  • slater246
    slater246 Year ago

    so pretty with less makeup!

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    Dalajaii Bridges Year ago

    Joey and you look so young

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    Chanix1_ Year ago

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    You and Joey are the best designers

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    Mr.​ Kate, you've got such amazing natural beauty!!

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    Q Snaaps Year ago

    Can u come do my room mine sucks

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    Brenda Francis Year ago

    I Love Love Love all your decorations

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    Mike williams Year ago

    My room looks so nice because I have been watching Your videos for a long time 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗i am Abby

  • Kitty Dog Slimes
    Kitty Dog Slimes Year ago

    Did anyone else here that fart noise at about 2:34 in the video

  • Lucy Huo
    Lucy Huo Year ago

    does kate get paid for these room makeovers?

    ARIANA FELKER Year ago


  • the weekly vlogs ♡

    I love you guys sooooo much. I'v learned so much from you

  • nerizza darmayo
    nerizza darmayo Year ago

    I LOOOOOVVVEEEE YOUR SHOPPING VLOG. So much fun to see how you come up with ideas and how you put together all the items. Please make one for each projectt :(

  • tessa williams
    tessa williams Year ago

    I love the blue fridge 💕💕💕

  • Camille Graves
    Camille Graves Year ago

    Mr. Kate...My obersavation is I love the videos u and ur husband do together (y'all so cute) and I noticed here that this the 1st time I've seen u without makeup...Ur makeup looks pretty when u wear it, but u look lovely without it... tell Joey, thanks for showing the "hide wires in the wall" trick that he does (saw it one of yall other videos)...keep up the good work... wishing y'all the best! ☺

  • Jennifer Inglis
    Jennifer Inglis Year ago

    Joining the conversation a year late... but I WANT that vintage wooden desk with the chunky wood and tapered sides. It's perfection!

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    Kate farted look at the time 2:34😂

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    Don’t usually comment on stuff like this especially, your makeup is great but you honestly look amazing without it. So bright and clear and pretty

  • Yung Lean
    Yung Lean Year ago

    What the hell people get paid to copy shit they saw on pinterest?

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    How crazy would it be to run into Mr. Kate in Target?

  • Margot Stavropoulos

    Are you able to go to Washington DC?

  • Slime Buzz
    Slime Buzz Year ago

    shes recording with her iphone...

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    Katelyn Belager Year ago

    I didn't really like how you guys rushed the hole video

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    GRN Crafts Year ago

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  • Sindy de la cruz
    Sindy de la cruz Year ago +8

    Kate can I just say you look radiant ! Loving the no makeup / perhaps « no makeup look » whatever it is you look so pretty! 💕😘

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    Did they censor a Marshall's tag? 😂

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    Btw,,not seen the video complete, but you guys look very beautiful in simple

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    Mariam Akbar Year ago

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    Gigi Rendina Year ago +1

    Her color pallet was mint and pink...... none of the decor was pink or mint

    • Elizabeth Terneus
      Elizabeth Terneus Year ago

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  • Nandini A
    Nandini A Year ago +1

    hey! Kate, can you do video of organisation for teens with stuff like notes and all. I am going crazy doing all of that. Maybe you could give a cheap organisation tip that you can give us. Or better yet, make a video of it!!! PS. BIG FAN!! #creativeweird

  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez Year ago

    11:50 she said heres maddie but she wrote maya

  • TheAwesome Felicity

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    Andrew Weidmann 2 years ago +2

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    Newgirl Tee 2 years ago

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