Do NOT Click This Link! Crash ANY iPhone ☠️

  • Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • WARNING, New Grim Reaper DoS Text Crash! Crashes ANY iPhone Instantly, Send This Insane Prank To a Friend! iOS 12 - 7.0
    iOS 12 Final Review:
    iPhone Xs Review:
    Developer Twitter:
    Crash Link:
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  • The Turkish Mapper
    The Turkish Mapper 5 hours ago

    When I did it on google it didn’t crash

  • RS6 T
    RS6 T 5 days ago

    None of these work kmt

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A 24 days ago

    What about a Mac book or the Google Chrome browser on iPhone

  • Gaming with hadron27

    Me:sends to 50.1% of the planet


  • Korn900 Channel
    Korn900 Channel Month ago +1

    That means I'm on android so I won't get pranked?

  • Xenomorph 9/11
    Xenomorph 9/11 Month ago +2

    click this for mote

  • pogo the monkey
    pogo the monkey 2 months ago

  • lolre
    lolre 2 months ago

  • Shreaker gaming
    Shreaker gaming 2 months ago +2

    It just says

    • Shreaker gaming
      Shreaker gaming 2 months ago

      2:30 he said it will probably get patched

    • Shreaker gaming
      Shreaker gaming 2 months ago

      It could just be apple’s constant updates that block it or the website could just be missing/removed

    • 2cool Jeff
      2cool Jeff 2 months ago

      So it doesn’t work?

  • hacker tutorials
    hacker tutorials 2 months ago


  • Kris Ballard
    Kris Ballard 3 months ago

  • Im suck At This
    Im suck At This 3 months ago

    What happens to iPad if I send it?
    My friend use iPad, and I use iPhone, what happen to me or him?

    • アジア人
      アジア人 7 days ago

      Lol I tried it on my iPad, doesn’t work

  • TecN9ne
    TecN9ne 3 months ago +1

  • OG trollers
    OG trollers 3 months ago +1

    Does he know what ”dos” means. It wasn’t a dos link. Dos is short for denial of service which basically means that if you send dos packets to a certaint website, it may or may not crash the website depending on how good the dos program is. I think he put ”dos” in the video to kinda look smart...😅

  • Jake Toys and Games!!!
    Jake Toys and Games!!! 3 months ago

    I am going to put a ton of emojis down
    I did some 2 times

  • yUNg DAgGeR DiCk
    yUNg DAgGeR DiCk 3 months ago

    II PANDA IIV 4 months ago +1

    What happens if i click on the link on the description

  • r/entitledparents
    r/entitledparents 4 months ago

  • r/entitledparents
    r/entitledparents 4 months ago

  • r/entitledparents
    r/entitledparents 4 months ago

    Phone next to it shuts off at same time 1:29

  • SnipeShot
    SnipeShot 4 months ago

    **puts in link**


  • StarWarJets
    StarWarJets 4 months ago

    It still works I clicked the link it restarted my phone

  • PP_Ghost Ninja
    PP_Ghost Ninja 4 months ago…

  • Trrooli Treppa
    Trrooli Treppa 4 months ago

    More crash text

  • Trrooli Treppa
    Trrooli Treppa 4 months ago


  • Trrooli Treppa
    Trrooli Treppa 4 months ago


  • Trrooli Treppa
    Trrooli Treppa 4 months ago


  • HUAWEI Y5 2018
    HUAWEI Y5 2018 4 months ago (=

  • a crazy kid
    a crazy kid 5 months ago +3

    Every like I add the N Word

  • OliverTheBous
    OliverTheBous 5 months ago


  • OliverTheBous
    OliverTheBous 5 months ago


  • Saucegodtony
    Saucegodtony 5 months ago

    Don’t work

  • slimey boi
    slimey boi 5 months ago


  • SaidKinG28
    SaidKinG28 5 months ago

    Whats the link

  • Jenson Hartup
    Jenson Hartup 5 months ago

    జ్ఞ ‌ా

  • Issabella Stewart
    Issabella Stewart 5 months ago

    so is the rce party a prank? does it harm your phone? i’m confused bc i slid up on someone’s snap story

  • Lak Raps
    Lak Raps 5 months ago

    Don’t work anymore ☹️

  • Morgz 103
    Morgz 103 5 months ago

  • FlyingGrandayy
    FlyingGrandayy 5 months ago

    my mom grounded me

  • Travis Dylewski
    Travis Dylewski 5 months ago

    It dosent work anymore

  • invictux
    invictux 6 months ago

    Ya no funciona

  • maria sanchez
    maria sanchez 6 months ago

    Whats the link

  • NOVA Velocity
    NOVA Velocity 6 months ago

    Mine doesn’t work it just loads in a secure website for the crash link

  • Alfie_Gamez
    Alfie_Gamez 6 months ago


  • Distinct Instinct
    Distinct Instinct 6 months ago

    Does it still work

  • Billy_smith756
    Billy_smith756 6 months ago +1

    • NOVA Velocity
      NOVA Velocity 6 months ago

      FrogDudes I clicked the link and it just showed a lot of commands

  • Billy_smith756
    Billy_smith756 6 months ago

    https //

  • ColeFace !
    ColeFace ! 6 months ago

    What’s the link???

  • Exoid
    Exoid 6 months ago

    It don’t work fam

  • Ravi Yadav.
    Ravi Yadav. 6 months ago

    Where do you got that wallpaper from

  • Michał Nie ważny
    Michał Nie ważny 6 months ago

    If you use the Firefox one it slows down a Samsung.

  • Lurvens Joseph
    Lurvens Joseph 6 months ago

    I bet somebody clicked on the link

  • Elizabeth Zimmer
    Elizabeth Zimmer 6 months ago

    It’s not letting me copy and paste

  • Cillian wong
    Cillian wong 6 months ago

  • Cillian wong
    Cillian wong 6 months ago

  • Cillian wong
    Cillian wong 6 months ago

    AASBOSS 6 months ago

    ios 4.2.1?

  • M_Meg
    M_Meg 7 months ago


  • The Chril
    The Chril 7 months ago

    Wait where or what’s the link?

  • Hendrik johnson
    Hendrik johnson 7 months ago

    Its a bit obvisoulsy cause the link saus crash safari

  • Nintendo fanboy
    Nintendo fanboy 7 months ago

    It doesn't work on Android

  • ege atasoy
    ege atasoy 7 months ago

  • 巴里六一
    巴里六一 7 months ago

    please do a video about iPhone XS earpiece not working issue since there are lots of people report their earpiece speaker is not working correctly when playing music or video. I hope your video could draw Apple’s attention of this problem

  • Kyle Lehman
    Kyle Lehman 7 months ago

    Wat the heck it didn't work

  • aviationflyer 04
    aviationflyer 04 7 months ago

    does my phone get a virus due this link? because i have clicked ob one of these links and i got IOS 10???

  • Jonny Zavala
    Jonny Zavala 7 months ago

    Flexing the supreme shirt I see

  • Aquazhul
    Aquazhul 7 months ago

    I have a HTML file there Restart any iphone😂

  • sniper gamer04
    sniper gamer04 8 months ago

  • andrei pan
    andrei pan 8 months ago


  • Robbie ontherails
    Robbie ontherails 8 months ago

    Who does your manicures? Your hands look great.

  • FelixGames
    FelixGames 8 months ago

    Does it crash your computer too? 😧

  • enderkop 20
    enderkop 20 8 months ago

    How do i copy this

  • Brayden Hodder
    Brayden Hodder 8 months ago

    *_-NOT AGAIN-_*

  • Francais Lover
    Francais Lover 8 months ago +1

    Only a piece of 💩 thinks its funny to spread viruses or crash people’s phones.
    You are exploiting the ignorant for the sake of views.
    Anyone with a brain will ignore this nonsense.

  • Camron Fernander
    Camron Fernander 8 months ago

    Doesn’t work

  • The Life Of Blue
    The Life Of Blue 8 months ago

    i need this link....

  • snazzydoggo
    snazzydoggo 8 months ago YOUR WELCOME

  • Little Liberty
    Little Liberty 8 months ago

  • 1H4T
    1H4T 8 months ago

    can this harm my device

  • Colton Hall
    Colton Hall 8 months ago

    it doesent work for me

  • iiEnnard
    iiEnnard 8 months ago

  • Thicc Niccy
    Thicc Niccy 8 months ago

  • lIlIlIl
    lIlIlIl 8 months ago

    a_test_() ->
    fun() ->
    fun() ->
    ?debugVal(application:get_env(bbmustache, a))
    ?_assertEqual(ok, spam:a())

  • Jordy Lopez
    Jordy Lopez 8 months ago

    1:50 he texts him self?!?!?😂

  • lIlIlIl
    lIlIlIl 8 months ago

  • Brandon Sam Animations
    Brandon Sam Animations 8 months ago

    Is his harmless. Or it can brick/kill my phone forever?

  • grannypenn Playz
    grannypenn Playz 9 months ago


  • Lion Man
    Lion Man 9 months ago

    Esti moldovean??

  • Nolan Cook
    Nolan Cook 9 months ago

    it didnt work

  • Emma O
    Emma O 9 months ago


  • Jake Kirkpatrick
    Jake Kirkpatrick 9 months ago

  • Jake Kirkpatrick
    Jake Kirkpatrick 9 months ago

    If u click the link in the description will it crash my phone

  • Windows Vista
    Windows Vista 9 months ago

    I click it on my iphone 10 maybe up and a live

  • Windows Vista
    Windows Vista 9 months ago

    Ifhone dead to me and mac

  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 9 months ago +1

    The gateway prank to all computer viruses

  • LT. Nomad
    LT. Nomad 9 months ago +1

    What wallpaper is that???

  • Shirley Schroeder
    Shirley Schroeder 9 months ago

    *Title: Do NOT click this link! Crash any IPhone ☠️*
    **puts link in description**
    Oh yeah.... I surely want to do that....

  • sophia
    sophia 9 months ago +1


  • D. H.
    D. H. 9 months ago

    *“Another link going around..”* Never heard of it.