Everything Wrong With Eragon In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Ooph. Just... don't ever watch this movie. Use that 2 hours for something you will enjoy and remember and not want to kill with fire.
    Thursday: feel-goody sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 8 387

  • Alisha Hendrick
    Alisha Hendrick 3 hours ago

    Alright I havent read the books yet and will probably get hate for this, buuuuuut. Growing up i actually loved this movie and wish there was a sequal

  • Donald Ryan
    Donald Ryan 11 hours ago

    Idc this movie was great

  • Daniel Whitton
    Daniel Whitton 14 hours ago

    Read the book and then add infinite sins

  • Ethan Boyer
    Ethan Boyer 16 hours ago

    A random panda: it’s blank.

  • Baron of luck
    Baron of luck 18 hours ago


  • Matthew Tourtellot

    This movie was like the fantasy version of Star Wars - not even a good one.

    • Sarah Murabito
      Sarah Murabito 17 hours ago +1

      also not that lion king was mentioned in this..
      and guess who voiced scar in the orginal film?...

    CAPTAINPRICE79 Day ago

    I’ve read all four Inheritance books, but I saw the movie first. Honestly, I don’t get the complaints about the CG. Sure, it’s not that great by our standards today, but I feel like it holds up _really well_ for its time in some scenes. And even if it’s not an _accurate_ adaptation, I think it’s a fun movie. And I’m happy with that. Better a fun movie and bad adaptation than a bad movie all around.

  • Jarek Wrzosek
    Jarek Wrzosek Day ago

    Eragon The Movie: Exists
    Christopher Paolini: Look how they massacred my boy...

  • Joe Pizza
    Joe Pizza Day ago

    The book is A LOT better

  • Joe Pizza
    Joe Pizza Day ago

    Durza not a wizard, he's a fricking demon

  • LtScarecrow87
    LtScarecrow87 Day ago

    I can remember clearly when I saw 10+ brand new Eragon novels in a Walmart in the discount bin. Nobody wanted them. It gave me a lot of joy to read this series, and I actually based my childhood off the release dates. I guess I read these before they were “cool”.
    Paolini was a hero to me. A teenager who managed to become a best selling author without actually leaving high school.
    This movie caused (and still causes) my disgust for Hollywood to soar. They butchered my favorite book and in general the series.
    To Paolini: I’m sorry sir. Know there are people in this world like me who will always cherish your Inheritance quadrilogy.

    DRIFTER Day ago

    7.00 i thought he shout " BAZINGGA" at that moment

  • Zach Schmitt
    Zach Schmitt Day ago

    Make everything wrong with the Spy Kids movies!!!!!

  • Hedgehog
    Hedgehog Day ago

    Fuck me took you long enough and in turn took me long enough to find your awesome programme 😑😂

  • Bárbara R
    Bárbara R Day ago

    this movie butchered the book so BADLY that is IMPOSIBLE even make the second part because they didn't stick to the world and they would be unable to follow the story with all the stuff they didn't use.

  • Eggs and sparks
    Eggs and sparks 2 days ago

    5:35 the right thing to say there would have been Dragon porn

  • ßlue z
    ßlue z 2 days ago

    Yes, terrible movie but the egg appears to Eragon because Arya tries to send the egg to Eragon's dad and because of plot reasons it appears to Eragon instead. So.. maybe not a sin for the coincidence but probably a sin for the shitty reason.
    Saphira's egg hatches just after Eragon finds it because the Dragon eggs hatch once they find their rider. She's been in the egg for hundreds of years.
    -1 Sin
    Durza isn't a sorcerer, he's a Shade.
    (Crazy powerful possessed dude) and therefore is scarier to the Varden than any sorcerer.
    -1 sin
    Eragon said Brisingr because of instinct, apparently.
    +2 Sins for the shitty movie not explaining this.
    Eragon fainted becauss that was the first time he used magic.
    -1 sin
    The vardens caves were made to accommodate dragons.
    -1 sin

  • Mills Haskett
    Mills Haskett 2 days ago

    The anger in this video is righteous and just.

  • maxi
    maxi 2 days ago

    Honestly the books weren't even that great and the writers a dick. The film was never gonna be good. Kid me appreciated but it was a watch once and I'm good kinda thing

  • Noah Friesen
    Noah Friesen 3 days ago

    understanding a lot of this movie is relied on you having read the book

  • Daniel Svärd
    Daniel Svärd 3 days ago

    6:25 I lost it! Was laughing so hard I got that beach bod I always wanted

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 4 days ago

    I was beyond bored just wanting these clips. Glad I didn’t watch the movie

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 4 days ago

    I’ve never heard of this movie

  • raptorms773
    raptorms773 4 days ago

    I really like this movie and was waiting for sequel. But the dragon heart crack was funny I haven't seen that movie in a long time you made wanna watch it

  • SoulFyre
    SoulFyre 4 days ago

    I saw this movie in theaters when I was about 14 because my mom got roped into helping a friend of hers write a movie review in her stead. We went to a late-night showing and we were the only ones there. So we spent most of the time riffing on the thing. We managed to have fun so this movie isn't completely without worth.

  • Survivor 313
    Survivor 313 4 days ago

    Right when i was about to close this overly boring video u said "i wana go home now. Can i go home now" u made me laugh so i closed this video laughing. Thank you. (U content is great. Its the movie)

  • Mauro Schwarz Vega
    Mauro Schwarz Vega 5 days ago

    In the books it's all explained they are way better

  • Starkyboi
    Starkyboi 5 days ago +1

    I'm suprised he didn't say "you need to read a book to understand the movie" cause you really do, but anyways this movie fricking sucks

  • IroNiIdo Art
    IroNiIdo Art 5 days ago

    Weirdly enough I liked the ps2 video game more than the movie the movie was enjoyable but the video game was fun af

  • Connor Jensen
    Connor Jensen 5 days ago

    If they made the books in to a TV series that they actually took time and effort in to making, then it would be amazing. This movie is just a pile of dog shit. When i was a kid i really liked the movie. Then i read the books, and that made me despise the movie

  • Saber 108
    Saber 108 6 days ago

    I don't think the director read all of the Inheritance cycle...

  • Drengr Of The Old Blood

    Love the books, hate the movie

  • Gwendolynn Bates
    Gwendolynn Bates 6 days ago

    The horses were the only good actors 🐎

  • george the zombie
    george the zombie 6 days ago

    the books are really good

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding 7 days ago +4

    10:00 sounds almost like he said Alahamora... From Harry Potter.

  • Sansakerta Guy
    Sansakerta Guy 7 days ago

    Another good book adaption turn worthless

  • HitchikersGuideToLife
    HitchikersGuideToLife 8 days ago +2

    Love how in the book the dragons are specifically stated to have scales at least once every chapter, and they decided to give them feathers.

  • Emma Selene Monroe
    Emma Selene Monroe 8 days ago

    He's been terrible in a lot of things, but I think this is the worst acting John Malkovich has ever done. This movie tried so hard to make him seem like a threat, and movie failed dismally.

  • Candace Swart
    Candace Swart 8 days ago +8

    His laugh literally added 50 yrs onto my life

  • Arseniy Ardashirov
    Arseniy Ardashirov 8 days ago


  • Charles Powers
    Charles Powers 9 days ago

    Dedd in side

  • Gerhard Obermeir
    Gerhard Obermeir 9 days ago

    They should produce a series of movies by using the books, instead of creating this worse piece of shit ive ever seen in my existence which has accidentally the name "Eragon" on it...

  • Pretzel
    Pretzel 9 days ago

    I watched the movie. It made me want to read the series. Which in turn made me hate the movie.

  • Arseniy Ardashirov
    Arseniy Ardashirov 10 days ago +1


  • fallenprussiansoldier
    fallenprussiansoldier 11 days ago

    The books were some of the best fantasy series that I've ever read, with an interesting, morally grey, diverse cast of characters, magic that is extremely powerful but also extremely taxing, and some great worldbuilding and cultural exchange. The movie, however...my god. I've seen cosplay skits done by 14 year olds done better than this damn movie. At least the 14 year olds pay attention to the basic fucking details of the damn book
    (Edit: holy shit I forgot the fact that they messed up so fucking bad on the whole 'spells take as much energy from you as they would if they occured in nature' rule just for drama. In the book Eragon set fire to his arrow because he was terrified/angry enough to break down the mental barriers preventing him from tapping into his magic, and didn't realize how to stop it. In the movies they just wanted to make it dramatic...like fuck dude, this movie was such am embaressment to the books that it's painful)

  • firesong83
    firesong83 11 days ago

    Are you so damned stupid that you have no imagination at all? Too bad. I Loved this movie and I found the books obtuse, linguistically, flawed and some of the worst drivel imaginable. You would absolutely love Ivanhoe and Beowulf (in middle English).

  • Satori sama
    Satori sama 11 days ago

    Paolini releases new book series in Inheritance world and CS remind us there was a move and a game that never made it past the first mistake

  • Marvin Amann
    Marvin Amann 14 days ago +1

    I was personally so infuriated at this Movie, because those where my favourite fantasy Books and this Movie absolutely slaughtered the source Material!!!

  • Drake Striker
    Drake Striker 16 days ago

    This would have been better as a tv show.

  • Faolin Siannodel
    Faolin Siannodel 16 days ago

    So the sin for galbatorix being mad because durza failed to bring Eragon to him, when he was already there, Is wrong because "there" is an entirely different city, but the fact that the movie fails to explain that by, I don't know, maybe having a shot establishing exactly where Galbatorix's throne room is, justifies the sin. So right sin, wrong reason.
    Also the caves are large because they were built by dwarves to accommodate riders, but again, sin is justified because the dwarves were cut from the movie.

  • Alethea Plass
    Alethea Plass 16 days ago

    literally fucking everything is wrong with this movie. it has nothing in common with the books, and i will hereby make a list of my main complaints
    1) arya is not supposed to have red hair. she has black hair.
    2) saphira does not have feathers. its an important plot point that she has wing MEMBRANES THAT ARE EASILY P I E R C E D BY ARROWS. its also important that she has smooth hard dark blue scales. ARMOR. FUCKING ARMOR AND MEMBRANES. also why the fuck does she look like a long neck ass dinosaur.
    3) this movie is only 1/4 of the first book out of four fucking books. bullshit.
    4) this movie explains n o t h i n g. there is so much shit that eragon learns in the books in between things that are actually shown in the movie. and thats where most of the sins came from.

  • Asura Shun
    Asura Shun 17 days ago

    7:38 more like discount arngeir

  • Red Dean
    Red Dean 17 days ago

    Actually dragons can live after their riders are killed. It just often drives them to extreme depression or madness. Gleadr's rider died and he lasted (although not in the best shape.... as a rock...) the rest of the series

    • Faolin Siannodel
      Faolin Siannodel 16 days ago +1

      Not entirely incorrect as in the first book it is said that a dragon dies without their rider. (Something else taken from Dragonriders of Pern) but was retconned in later books to allow for the Eldunarì

  • Red Dean
    Red Dean 17 days ago

    A lot of this doesnt even happen in the books... and they left out things that did happen

  • Rhein Bewachen
    Rhein Bewachen 17 days ago

    Movie sh*t, books good. Why did they have to massacre my favorite book series?

  • Deonte Robinson
    Deonte Robinson 18 days ago

    Soooo dragons are Symbiotes?

  • Thage
    Thage 18 days ago

    I feel like the only person who felt the books were a boring ripoff of Star Wars with a coat of Lord of the Rings paint. Shit books begot a shit movie.

  • Pathrodox
    Pathrodox 19 days ago

    Ah, the worst movie ever made. I loved this film, when I was but a wee boy. Then I read the books and found out it was a piece of shit. Thank you movie, for inspiring me to become a director.

  • SacredSlaughter
    SacredSlaughter 19 days ago

    In the books, the eggs hatch soon after it meets a person it would like to bond with

  • Wolf of Mercury
    Wolf of Mercury 19 days ago

    Lol a Lindsey Stirling video