Hailey Van Lith is SHUTTING DOWN HATERS 😈 | SLAM Day in the Life

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • Hailey Van Lith is done with internet trolls, she's letting her James Harden-esque play do the talking. We went up to Cashmere, WA to hang with the PNW's next superstar hooper for a PACKED day.
    Hailey Van Lith MIC'D UP on the Hardwood 🗣 | SLAM Practice
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    Hailey Van Lith is SHUTTING DOWN HATERS 😈 | SLAM Day in the Life
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Comments • 2 509

  • SLAM
    SLAM  6 months ago +527

    Which college needs to recruit Hailey?

  • Alex Llach
    Alex Llach 3 days ago

    “We’ll go make the money”
    Average WNBA salary 40k a year

  • Lil Capalotz
    Lil Capalotz 4 days ago +1

    She’s A great player, Can someone tell her to stop saying saucy😂

  • Pierre Bennett
    Pierre Bennett 6 days ago

    That’s real love and basketball right there! I think every male that hoops would love to have a gf who hoops just as hard

  • Troll Man
    Troll Man 7 days ago

    Lmao that dude looked like he was going all out against her in ones 💀

  • Steve Keys
    Steve Keys 7 days ago

    ROTFLMAO!! Yes you have some game but girl you're playing at an all white high school against mostly white opponents and you think you're HARD??!!! Now that's funny!

  • Bigron S
    Bigron S 8 days ago

    Keep doing your thing Hailey you got game and don't listen to the guys that hate ya girls are grinding.

  • Tony Milner
    Tony Milner 10 days ago

    I truly thought she was in College! Highschool 😅

  • Jamel Graves
    Jamel Graves 10 days ago

    yams😂for sure

  • Jony Dark
    Jony Dark 17 days ago

    Hailey for me is the best i am your fan :) she plays basketball very very good

  • caniel Yumul
    caniel Yumul 18 days ago


  • Sam Inman
    Sam Inman 18 days ago

    ... Someday... One day...

  • Gabe Ochoa
    Gabe Ochoa 21 day ago

    She’s good but ill lock her up.

  • Kayden Haynes
    Kayden Haynes 24 days ago

    Left hand all day

  • Hunter Munoz
    Hunter Munoz 25 days ago

    “We’ll go make the money” highest WNBA salary 113,000, highest NBA salary 37 million it’s not an opinion its straight facts you can play basketball all you want but you’ll never be better than the guys so stop acting like you are

  • iGHaydenT10YT 10
    iGHaydenT10YT 10 27 days ago

    Hayley is my cousin

  • Kayra Altuğ
    Kayra Altuğ 28 days ago

    you are beautful

  • Quamarri Smith
    Quamarri Smith 29 days ago

    She not better than z loading

  • Tamraj Stuart
    Tamraj Stuart Month ago

    Girl basketball is gd 🏀🏀

    JAN-ICE Month ago

    little baby???

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    How does she know the age of the people commenting on RU-clip?

  • t mac
    t mac Month ago +1

    I love girls basketball. So much passion.

  • Tyrone Ford
    Tyrone Ford Month ago

    She's a lefty that's why she's dangerous

  • Rom Dor
    Rom Dor Month ago

    This is the most toxic comment section I have ever seen

  • Tyler Thurston
    Tyler Thurston Month ago


  • Fitzzz A
    Fitzzz A Month ago

    She a lefty like me

  • John Sevilla
    John Sevilla Month ago

    Do they only recruit blondes?

  • Shenanigans
    Shenanigans Month ago

    i mean she has a lot of skill, but for a girl

  • kdf trwz
    kdf trwz Month ago +2

    Your generation is gonna have the most lesbian marriages and relationships 😂

  • Shayla Parkinson
    Shayla Parkinson Month ago

    yeaa, baylor green gonna look real nice on hvl !

  • Woody Shaver
    Woody Shaver Month ago

    Why am I scared to play her 1 on 1 ??

  • Tala Ghazal
    Tala Ghazal Month ago

    Everybody who plays basketball in the US is so lucky. Our three point line here in Australia is like way further back than yours. It’s so annoying 🙄💖

  • Steven Clay
    Steven Clay Month ago

    “Get back to the kitchen” I was dead laughing bruh

  • Michelle Risan
    Michelle Risan Month ago


  • Ro Vespasiano
    Ro Vespasiano Month ago

    complaing about old man who make comment about woman and sport but listen to hip hop that call woman bitches, maybe she play sport for a reason.

  • Janelle Taylor
    Janelle Taylor Month ago

    That’s right sis!!!!

    • Janelle Taylor
      Janelle Taylor Month ago

      Genius Expert and most males are too. Foh. You’ve met the wrong ones and been scarred, that’s your problem

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert Month ago

      @Janelle Taylor most females are fake thirsty thots

    • Janelle Taylor
      Janelle Taylor Month ago

      Genius Expert when y’all stop lying too

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert Month ago

      @Janelle Taylor when will most females stop lying when they say personality matters more than looks.

    • Janelle Taylor
      Janelle Taylor Month ago

      Genius Expert doesn’t matter. Both genders still do it

  • 2023 Angel Martinez

    Yes she need better taste in music that's all

  • Kylie McLendon
    Kylie McLendon Month ago

    These comments just show that men have to sexualize everything about women. Like damn stop being nasty about everything.

    • Kylie McLendon
      Kylie McLendon Month ago

      Genius Expert what does that even have to do with this comment? Because maybe some females are gold diggers they should be over sexualized all the time? She’s a girl in high school.

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert Month ago

      Most females prefer rude good looking guy over less avg looking nice guy. Most females are gold diggers

  • Shane Ticknor
    Shane Ticknor Month ago

    In 10 years when you look back and watch this video you will know how stupid you sound. Especially when you hit the real world of adults. Not teenie Bopper land

  • Brandon Hon
    Brandon Hon Month ago

    Her game is pretty good. But that form isn’t bad but it’s not the best. I would like to 1v1. It don’t seem that hard to beat her.

  • Brandon Franklin
    Brandon Franklin Month ago


  • Itsme Forsure
    Itsme Forsure 2 months ago

    Credit to where credit is due, but most kids don't have access to a gym for another 1.5 hrs/day.

  • Itsme Forsure
    Itsme Forsure 2 months ago

    "Its business out there for me". Yep, you can see that, you play with a high level of intensity. Ignore the negativity, but value constructive criticism, it will help you get better. I've watched some of you videos and Hailey is an impressive player, but as a whole, their team plays well and hard. Her town/district has some good b-ball coaches and more importantly, the kids are willing to push themselves. Both of those things are needed for success.

  • SAmArA Babygirl
    SAmArA Babygirl 2 months ago

    Keep it up sis❤️🤝

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert Month ago

      Pretty much all females want 7+ inches. Nothing weak. They want big and fat. Most females are fake thirsty thots

  • Ryan Boyle
    Ryan Boyle 2 months ago

    she has a solid game but she’s says some stupid ass stuff

  • andro bernard chu
    andro bernard chu 2 months ago


  • Chad Mcoscar
    Chad Mcoscar 2 months ago

    To much sexism in one video for a girl that doesn't even know the real world

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith 2 months ago

    Okay true balla and pretty good combination.

  • Shane Ticknor
    Shane Ticknor 2 months ago

    Your good but most girls shoot a very poor field goal percentage that is a fact and are horrible passers, I mean when I try to watch a girls basketball game and 3 field goals are made out of the 1st 15 shots, I am like turning the channel quick

  • Itsme Rickasia
    Itsme Rickasia 2 months ago

    Everybody talkin bout her body and music taste but like where her accent come from

  • 김명섭
    김명섭 2 months ago

    wow she beat that guy 1 on 1... i swear the guy was ballin at least with 70% effort. Impressive.

    YOUNG JBSIX 2 months ago

    Danm she bad😍😍

  • keno W
    keno W 2 months ago

    The future of basketball 100% the way she put the work end you can see this young lady will be talk about for a long time.. respect..

  • Antoine Wade
    Antoine Wade 2 months ago

    In love with her game 😍!!!!!

  • Dex Mitch
    Dex Mitch 2 months ago

    She will run around Jaden newman lol prolly even Julian bruh I have never seen a female with great ball control and fundamentals.... Her dad trained her right.... WNBA might as well take her straight out of highschool the NBA did it

  • Danette Bernard
    Danette Bernard 2 months ago

    Dollar store look of Billie elish

  • Kevin Tyler
    Kevin Tyler 2 months ago

    I don't see anything special here besides more promotion of man hating that this generation gets off on. Sorry

  • marvin lofton
    marvin lofton 2 months ago +1

    she ok

  • Jameson Brooks
    Jameson Brooks 2 months ago

    she a leftie so yk she a killer

  • Rocky T Solomon
    Rocky T Solomon 2 months ago +1

    Part 2????