Install Mac OS X within Windows 7

  • Published on Jul 10, 2012
  • Today I'm going to show you how you can install Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 within Windows without affecting windows using VirtualBox.
    Virtual Box Problems:
    Torrent File:
    How to install XCode:
    How to install Mountain Lion:
    Virtual Box Downloads (and USB support):
    Vt-x/Amd-v Hardware error:
    It's a very common error - it happened to me when I first did this
    It means that your CPU either doesn't support hardware virtualisation, or it's switched off by default (it was with my computer).
    To switch it on you have to open your BIOS by starting windows and pressing whatever key it tells you to (esc for my hp) and then enable hardware virtualisation from one of the BIOS menus. It should now work.

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  • Revanth Ram
    Revanth Ram 12 hours ago

    Are u living now? 2019 🙄

  • Haithem Woosh
    Haithem Woosh 5 months ago +1

    Does this delete / change any of the files that existed before downloading?

  • Maaz Programmer
    Maaz Programmer 8 months ago

    it says no bootable medium found plz help me

  • რyდ ლ
    რyდ ლ 10 months ago

    I might seem dumb for asking this question
    (I mean I am but...)
    Can you switch back to like your windows 7 if you don't like the mac? e.o

  • Sunil Sharma
    Sunil Sharma 10 months ago

    Hey man after unchecking efi it showing fatal error bootable media not found
    What should i do ?

  • Qta_ Racing_
    Qta_ Racing_ Year ago

    i am on imac and i have windoes 7 how to install mac

  • Tuna Marcellin
    Tuna Marcellin Year ago

    hello mr,how do install OSX on Macbook Air which currently only runs Windows 7?i formatedmy mac unkknowingly

  • GdD4sh3r
    GdD4sh3r Year ago

    the torrent file link isn't even working -_-

  • james
    james Year ago

    link for iso anyone

  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh Year ago

    Thanks man helped a lot

    SRITHARAN 2 years ago

    I can't open ISOHUNT.please give another website

  • MsMusicmaniac2
    MsMusicmaniac2 2 years ago

    can't download torrent file

  • MsMusicmaniac2
    MsMusicmaniac2 2 years ago

    torrent file link is incorrect

  • Marioandluigi
    Marioandluigi 2 years ago


  • kutti Pics
    kutti Pics 2 years ago

    send any other links to download mac snow leopard iso file. this Link is not working. when i click this link they will open some other web page

  • Gastonia #06
    Gastonia #06 2 years ago

    There's One Window that i Hate.wich is Windows XP

  • Gastonia #06
    Gastonia #06 2 years ago

    Mac OSX its kinda same as iOS

  • Skywtaker
    Skywtaker 2 years ago

    If you restart your computer will it not worm

  • Skywtaker
    Skywtaker 2 years ago

    I have snow leopard

  • Hiren
    Hiren 2 years ago +1

    torrent is outdated i am downloading a different torrent which is 6.4GB will it still work?

  • gunner6084
    gunner6084 2 years ago

    i am asking cause i have a lot of mac apps......and for ios too

  • gunner6084
    gunner6084 2 years ago

    so it is possible to install mac os x into windows 7 and also i can install some screensaver for ios and gamess to play too?

  • Everyck Bayaua
    Everyck Bayaua 3 years ago +2

    Can someone help me my acceleration button is grayed out

    • LowEndGamer
      LowEndGamer 2 years ago +1

      you can enter your bios and enable virtualization

  • AlienSpace Bot
    AlienSpace Bot 3 years ago

    it says
    EBIOS read error: Error 0x0c Block 7905864 Sectors 64

  • Solonia Creatives Media

    Can you download and install softwares from apple like final CutPro X ?

      CJ_ LIVEGAMING 2 years ago

      +Wzocjjwyng Gofrmhccmr what do we have to do with that?

    • 杨幂1
      杨幂1 3 years ago +2

      Guys need windows 7 key download here
      Website link:

  • Nilesh Sukalikar
    Nilesh Sukalikar 3 years ago

    does it works with xcode as well ??

  • Felipe Maciel
    Felipe Maciel 3 years ago +1

    32 bits ?

  • Mohamed amin
    Mohamed amin 3 years ago

    excuse me I say you beach

    • Gztibfqhu Cdahyoite
      Gztibfqhu Cdahyoite 3 years ago +1

      +Mohamed amin A few days ago, i got a win 7 key from link # It's provide 100% working. And the price is low.

  • Mohamed amin
    Mohamed amin 3 years ago

    excuse me I say you beach

  • OY JC
    OY JC 3 years ago

    did change the computer from windows to mac

  • Apollo Jr
    Apollo Jr 3 years ago

    does garage band come with it

  • Mo Iby
    Mo Iby 3 years ago

    can you switch between windows and mac

  • krons
    krons 3 years ago

    there are no mac app store application installed

  • Swag _
    Swag _ 3 years ago

    its illigal

  • Tudor Neagu
    Tudor Neagu 4 years ago

    what buttons do i need to press to restart the machine?

  • mohammed khamis
    mohammed khamis 4 years ago

    After doing everything and start the download gives me an error and restores what is the solution to this problem please.

  • ZachieSenpai
    ZachieSenpai 4 years ago +1

    It keeps showing meditation guru

  • Elios
    Elios 4 years ago

    That 1bar internet doe :)

    • Xekwevdkoj Vmedcftmzf
      Xekwevdkoj Vmedcftmzf 3 years ago +1

      +Rank Helper Link help me that i got working windows key here. guys also found all version of windows keys from it. Hope can help you.

  • ayan das
    ayan das 4 years ago

    Please reply I am pursuing a course which requires operation on xcode and i cant purchase another machine as it is too much costly
    my pc config are core 2 duo,32bit,win7. can i install mac os in this config and which os it would be?

  • IRNatman
    IRNatman 4 years ago

    After I install I get "couldn't allocate runtime area". I'm stumped.

  • hakunamackenzie
    hakunamackenzie 4 years ago +2

    I want to intsall final cut pro x will it work?

  • TheStevoth
    TheStevoth 4 years ago

    I was just about to look for a second hand apple mac. Now I can save some cash. I didn't know virtualbox could emulate a mac either. Very helpful. Thanks. Is it possible to get the sound working? Also, will final cut pro work on this? I just need experience in setting it up. It doesn't have to work fantastically well. :)

  • Sajjad Mohammed
    Sajjad Mohammed 4 years ago the iso hunt website is back and up

    • Alvaro Guevara
      Alvaro Guevara 4 years ago

      +MasterCrafter or in a week lmao.

    • WUT
      WUT 4 years ago

      yeah but its still a pirating website and will probably be shut down in a year or so

  • Ishant Thind
    Ishant Thind 4 years ago

    to do it download bittorent uttorent sucks

  • Ishant Thind
    Ishant Thind 4 years ago

    only do it if you have an intel or amd computer

  • Ishant Thind
    Ishant Thind 4 years ago

    and since the file is closed go onto and search mac os x snow leapord virtualbox. and select the one that is 4 gb

  • Ishant Thind
    Ishant Thind 4 years ago

    you can even do updates just to tell everyone

  • AtomicStew
    AtomicStew 4 years ago +3

    i followed your video, used the same Vbox version as you did, and it crashes when i start it up (at your video 8:30) can you help me?

  • Pamela Lozano
    Pamela Lozano 4 years ago

    From where can we download the snow leopard disc image? The torrent file is disabled

  • SirPixelton
    SirPixelton 4 years ago

    Can you upgrade to a newer version of os within the virtual box?

  • DarkMetalOverlord - The God Of Xbox Destruction

    What if you install Mac OS, and then you download Parallel's to download Windows, and then you install Mac OS from that, and the cycle goes ON and ON, LMAO!!!
    There will be performance spikes up the ass, LOL!!

  • Tylor Conover
    Tylor Conover 4 years ago

    "Installation Failed, there is no software to install on your machine".. every day i try it. every way. from every video. for 2 months

  • thomas funderburg
    thomas funderburg 4 years ago

    it wont let me change my processor plese help

  • michael matuzevicius
    michael matuzevicius 4 years ago

    it said that the snow lepard thing is shutting down

  • sleepwell
    sleepwell 5 years ago

    Once you download how can you switch back to windows?

  • Krisztian Kovacs
    Krisztian Kovacs 5 years ago


  • Hawk Sandwich
    Hawk Sandwich 5 years ago +2

    The torrent file site is shut down! Any other way I can get the file?

    • IcemanGaming
      IcemanGaming 3 years ago

      +Hawk Sandwich

    • TornadoFX™
      TornadoFX™ 4 years ago +1

      +Helloworld Itisme Thank You!

    • Helloworld Itisme
      Helloworld Itisme 4 years ago

    • Menno
      Menno 4 years ago

      Go to en dowload file

    • Sajjad Mohammed
      Sajjad Mohammed 4 years ago

  • Antwon Walls
    Antwon Walls 5 years ago

    can you do facetime?

  • Johnny Gurnett
    Johnny Gurnett 5 years ago

    will garageband work?

  • sgtsnakeeyes11
    sgtsnakeeyes11 5 years ago

    Xcode can't be installed on Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.7 because Mac OS X version 10.8.4 or later is required.

  • FundThem
    FundThem 5 years ago

    Can you reupload the link for the torrent

  • 1 A
    1 A 5 years ago

    does it run smoother? - i actually wanna find a easier way to solving it :)

  • crysis860
    crysis860 5 years ago

    does it run smoother?

  • MrEvertonw
    MrEvertonw 5 years ago

    everything worked correctly apart from the ''mac app store'' i cant seem to find it anywhere! i did everything you did and i even added ''rosetta'' and ''quicktime 7'' ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME

    • Rudy Bee
      Rudy Bee 5 years ago

      its not coming up on mine either

  • DankEU
    DankEU 5 years ago

    omg thanks!!! i had problem of it loading up and it wouldnt work found this tutorial now it works :D thanks man

  • MrEvertonw
    MrEvertonw 5 years ago

    "Hey we are going backwards! -> , restarting timing
    Hey we are going backwards! -> , restarting timing
    calibation failed with 2 attempts" Everything is spelled how it was on the message. this has happened 4 times. Can somebody please help

  • MrEvertonw
    MrEvertonw 5 years ago


  • Chibuike
    Chibuike 5 years ago

    its not working for me, I think the problem is from the virtualbox, seem like I cant download the right one, pls help me.

  • Brandon mclellan
    Brandon mclellan 5 years ago

    mines stuck at the apple loading screen thing any help pleaseeeee :(

  • Keivan Shooshtarian
    Keivan Shooshtarian 5 years ago

    An error occurred at the apple logo saying the kernel panic occurred, please help

    • Rudy Bee
      Rudy Bee 5 years ago

      it happened to me. What you do is you go to 'my computer/computer' then 'local disk' then 'users' then click your account or the account you are doing it on then delete the file 'Virtualbox VMs' this doesn't delete the program it deletes the file. Then open virtualbox and delete the virtual machine.

  • TehGaming115
    TehGaming115 5 years ago

    Will it save my Files?
    I mean i love my files:
    pictures,games,videos,movies etc...
    So answer fast will it save all those files?

  • rakesh bhalsod
    rakesh bhalsod 5 years ago

    the link for the torrent doesnt work help please!

  • Will Orringe
    Will Orringe 5 years ago

    they shut isohunt down

  • Wildbird loves xPrecious


  • Tim Karsai
    Tim Karsai 5 years ago +2

    Hello Thekasattack.. i got a problem .. it will not work for me..
    Its writing ,, plzz contact someone with a photo of information printet below..
    and then its write debugger called panic, backtrace cpu 0 frame returd adress (4 pontential args on stack ?

  • Олег Тарасов

    I have 32-bit system. What can I do?

    • Manuel Estrada
      Manuel Estrada 5 years ago

      just run it as a mac 64bit less complicated

  • 5iveStarGames
    5iveStarGames 5 years ago

    Couldn't you go within the settings in the virtual machine and change the resolution to fit your monitor?

  • totalyepic ink
    totalyepic ink 5 years ago

    it didn't work

  • totalyepic ink
    totalyepic ink 5 years ago

    isoHunt is ilegal

  • Veera Swamy
    Veera Swamy 5 years ago

    it is showing that VT-x/AMD hardware acceleration is not available on your system.Certain guests(egOS/2 and qnx) requires this feature and will fail to boot without it....PLS HELP But I Downloaded mac os x snow leopard 10.6...PLS HELPPPPPPP

  • Veera Swamy
    Veera Swamy 5 years ago

    Will Games like fifa 14 will work???

  • Hacked By SlitYahWrist

    iso broken

  • Asno2nd
    Asno2nd 5 years ago

    THANK YOU THIS VIDEO IS THE ONLY ONE WHICH HELPED ME. Now i really wanan know what is busratio and how that commands fixed OS crashes cause i used it then installing AND booting

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar 5 years ago

    Can i install softwares related to mac like FCP

  • Leopold Productions
    Leopold Productions 5 years ago

    try isohunt pro

  • Leopold Productions
    Leopold Productions 5 years ago


  • dhanik patel
    dhanik patel 5 years ago

    If I do it will erase of all our older data of computer

  • brayrow
    brayrow 5 years ago +2

    In the current version of the Virtual Box, instead of selecting Mac OS X server (which there isn't an option for) select the snow leopard version. This will eliminate the need of the file from isohunt.

    • 彡Y'all niggas are bitch-made
      彡Y'all niggas are bitch-made 5 years ago

      Thnx man. Appreciate this homie (c) Carl Johnson

    • Rudy Bee
      Rudy Bee 5 years ago

      i know how you feel. delete virtualbox program you have now all together and download version 4.1.2 and it has mac os x server and it has the 64 bit one aswell. maybe try softonic website.

  • leopold heim
    leopold heim 5 years ago +1

    FYI isohunt got shut down

  • LordLazaruss
    LordLazaruss 5 years ago

    I set up exactly how it says in video using the links in the description and i still get the error that says : "FATAL:no bootable medium found ! System halted." From there all i can do is shut it down. It won't open up bios or anything else.

  • Xynx
    Xynx 5 years ago

    I cant find the enable hardware virtualisation

  • Lordz
    Lordz 5 years ago

    The download takes so long.

    • DNQ
      DNQ 3 years ago

      +GluGlueGames G You must have a shit pc

  • Lordz
    Lordz 5 years ago

    Is there virus while doing it?

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz 5 years ago +6 doesn't work anymore T-T

  • Muhammad Subhan
    Muhammad Subhan 5 years ago

    is it totally mac os? can download on app store? c

  • Zaukazauka Zaukazauka
    Zaukazauka Zaukazauka 5 years ago

    and also rght control + R doesnt do anything

  • Zaukazauka Zaukazauka
    Zaukazauka Zaukazauka 5 years ago

    after I pressed restart (07:36) it did some things and it says : "Error allocating 0x87 pages at 0x000000000 if3000 alloc type 2
    coundnt allocate runtime area"
    could u please help me ? thanks

  • Xcody Toribio
    Xcody Toribio 5 years ago +2

    Can it run in AMD users?

  • basfoor
    basfoor 5 years ago

    around 08:34 whn the mac should start , mine just dissapear ? :p
    what should I do ?

  • Adnan Aezah
    Adnan Aezah 5 years ago

    man the government shut that website down...