What Happens When You Hack REMOVED Pokemon Into Sword and Shield?

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Ever wonder what would happen if you hacked removed Pokemon like Darkrai into Pokemon Sword and Shield?
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    ► Ever since E3 2019 when GameFreak announced that not all Pokemon would make it into sword and shield, I've been wondering... what would happen if you hacked the removed Pokemon back into Sword and Shield? Last year, I tried hacking non Kanto Pokemon back into Pokemon Lets Go, and got some very interesting results (ru-clip.net/video/T0oNg3GfogQ/video.html), and today I'll be recreating that experiment in Pokemon Sword and Shield! I'll be selecting six interesting Pokemon - Darkrai, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Ash Pikachu and Alolan Vulpix, testing them out in Sword and Shield using game modification tools, and see how the game reacts to them!
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  • Galdr
    Galdr 21 day ago

    Rip Alola Vulpix. You didn't get to use it in the video.
    Edit: But this makes me super excited. I was hoping Alola forms would make it in because I definitely want to transfer my Alolachu (Raichu) and Alolatales (Ninetales). I'd be disappointed if they weren't allowed. Still a bit sad I can't make a full "squeak" team (Pikachu, Minun, Pachisiru, Emolga, Dedenne, and Morepeko).

  • Nacho
    Nacho 21 day ago

    Can u evolve the bulbasuar tho

  • MegaloGater
    MegaloGater 21 day ago

    Actually, alolan Meowth IS in the game :)
    There is a camping site on route 7 from an NPC full of meowth, there are regular meowths, galar meowth and then there is one alolan meowth :)
    Methinks its most likely coming as an event or so, because i have found no "regular" way of obtaining it, no NPC trading, no catching zone, nothing.

  • peger
    peger 21 day ago

    three letters

  • Jcris87
    Jcris87 21 day ago

    its almost as if they got lazy halfway through upscaling the old sprites and adding the movesets, and just stopped there.

  • Meesk
    Meesk 21 day ago +1

    - hacks the game
    - "this is definitely one of the weirdest things i've experienced in a pokemon game"

  • A.B.O.N
    A.B.O.N 21 day ago

    So what happens if you try to evolve "Cyndaquil"?

    VENOMPOOL25 21 day ago


  • JeremySheer
    JeremySheer 21 day ago

    "BuBlASaUR is ThErE" because these starters were datamined you idiot! there in the game the code is there (wow

  • Johto Trainer Max
    Johto Trainer Max 21 day ago

    Oh my god, they added CHIKATITA

  • Edwin Watts
    Edwin Watts 21 day ago

    All the ones that look like pikachu have stats shaped like a tear drop

  • Thomas Bolinger
    Thomas Bolinger 21 day ago


  • BambiFan#1
    BambiFan#1 21 day ago

    Who has hope that the National Pokédex will return in a future generation

  • Cathy Liu
    Cathy Liu 21 day ago

    I wonder if the Ash hat Pikachu can Dynamax and use the special move

  • RiorXD
    RiorXD 21 day ago

    annnd you didnt evolve the bulbasour.................

  • Im poking the hornet's nest, asshole

    It's like seeing Viridian Forest in GSC for the first time all over again...

    NANCOK 21 day ago

    Seems like they just put a failsafe and called it a day, it accepts all the data you send into it and replaces what it doesn't recognize with a "default" value

    NANCOK 21 day ago

    Yep, missingno is still dead

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 21 day ago

    It's like they went above and beyond to remove them lol

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 21 day ago

    Why not hack the code for the pokedex?

  • Minceraft Gamer
    Minceraft Gamer 21 day ago


    **Happiness overload ensues**

  • Conqueror Of Z
    Conqueror Of Z 21 day ago +1

    The reason why the other removed Pokemon aren't like darkrai and cyndakyl, pretty sure I spelled that wrong, Is because they are in Lets Go Eevee. And they need to get ready for Pokemon home.

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 21 day ago

    Does anyone want to trade Zacian for Zazamenta

  • Galaxy gaming
    Galaxy gaming 21 day ago

    So i guess ths is the 2019 version of missing.no

  • Go Max
    Go Max 21 day ago

    Try and make ditto turn into eternus maybe it will work

  • Roman Beaumont
    Roman Beaumont 21 day ago

    Can you make a video dynanaxing ash hat pikachu

  • Brenda 0212
    Brenda 0212 21 day ago

    You forgot use the pokémon center

  • Cody The Black Chicken!

    What about megas or z moves

  • Mark Santiago
    Mark Santiago 21 day ago

    I rarely said this to game sequels of any game that i can recall and this may be the first time that i said this but, this game is just utter garbage of a sequel, seriously. I never felt betrayed by any video game developers before

  • shadowmimikyu
    shadowmimikyu 21 day ago

    One other thing that could have been interesting to see is what would happen if a removed pokemon evolved. Would the pokemon evolve into the Pikachu, or would it not recognize that a pokemon is supposed to evolve and not initiate the evolution sequence?

  • Jason Alen
    Jason Alen 21 day ago

    I can't believe they removed Pokemon. Balancing issues? Is that enough to justify removing loads of Pokemon? They copied everything over, the Dynamax Pokemon are mostly scaled-up and possibly had to be "remodeled" (i.e. subdivision surface and other tools), and the new Pokemon's designs are mostly simple shapes that are quick and easy to model. Now, not having enough storage space for every Pokemon? Seems a bit plausible, and it seems like one of those situations where a dev tries lying to fans about simply not having time or money or space to give them what they want, so they look like it's their choice and that they know what they're doing; Black Ops 4 devs saying they "took out the story mode and sprinkled story bits in the gameplay and maps"; Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite devs saying they replaced certain characters with mechanically similar ones "since the players don't want Magneto, they want his 8-way dash". I think that's a possibility; Gamefreak couldn't do it, or didn't want to do it, or were told not to do it by the Pokemon Company, but no matter what happened, they still (possibly) ended up lying. With Pokemon's dev workflow of copying and pasting the old and having 100 or less new Pokemon added every game, and the Pokemon not having loads of animations, it should be less difficult to make than most other games of its scope. But there's still the problem of a tight schedule, with the games having to keep up with the anime, and yet still there's the problems of trying to manage the 1,000 people working on your game. In other words, they aren't lazy, they're just strung out by a variety of problems. But they still likely lied to us, and many players aren't happy with not being able to catch em' all. And they still haven't hard-coded it so Blastoise shoots out of its cannons.

  • Shianky
    Shianky 21 day ago

    Pikachu was probably the first Pokemon they implemented, so afterwards they just copy+pasted it and changed the information to represent the Pokemon that work, while those they cut still have their Pikachu dummies.

  • T Ice
    T Ice 21 day ago

    They just copy and paste move tutor data every gen removing/adding moves as needed

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert 21 day ago

    This game is so unfinished that the pokemon they took out of the game are still partially in there

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert 21 day ago

    Honestly return wasn't a very interesting move and I'm glad they got rid of it. Its gimmick only comes into play outside of battles, other than that it's just a flat damage move and not mechanically interesting whatsoever

  • XGNz Yoshii
    XGNz Yoshii 21 day ago

    Bro why hack the game ! Killing the fun!! Unsubscribing !!!

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK 21 day ago

      lol, pokemon is one of the most casual games, what does it matter if he hacks it?
      Even if he did it for cheating purposes, it's HIS game and he's having fun believe it or not

  • Lil Ike
    Lil Ike 21 day ago

    Why hack the game you fucking pussy.

  • iindighost
    iindighost 21 day ago +1

    you should try IV/EV training with darkrai/cyndaquill

  • artmystic gamer 2.0
    artmystic gamer 2.0 21 day ago

    I made a truce with myself that I will never watch any sword and shield videos cause I never wanted to spoil it tho I couldn't help myself when I saw this video QwQ"

  • shiny Lucario
    shiny Lucario 21 day ago +1

    The Darkrai and cinduquill are Pikachu because pikachu was the first pokemon programed into sword and shield, Same thing with the normal type being the first type programed, every thing the game doesn't recognize will be the first pokemon and type, kina like if zeraoura was traded into sun and moon ( not ultra sun and moon) then it would be a normal type Bulbasaur

  • Kreic
    Kreic 21 day ago

    could at least have made a spoiler alert... didn't appreciate seeing the final legendary right before I beat the last Gym. I don't even wanna see your face again

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK 21 day ago

      lol, this comment section is filled with little kids aparently

  • Amanda Richards
    Amanda Richards 21 day ago

    Can I make a suggestion? What about What happens when you Rematch each of the gym leaders in the games? (If you can't rematch than uh forget it$

  • Simba 510
    Simba 510 21 day ago

    Evolve the vulpix and see if it reverts

  • fluff dafire
    fluff dafire 21 day ago

    My guess is that darkrai will be a mystery box dlc or something

  • ShiRuBa3368
    ShiRuBa3368 21 day ago

    this makes me think that gamefreak will do a second SwSh like S&M and maybe they plan on adding the national dex because I don't see why they would have Darkrai's data and even they have dark void's info

  • Obsidian Clorox
    Obsidian Clorox 21 day ago

    Dynamax Ash Pikachu!

  • Richard Cowlishaw
    Richard Cowlishaw 21 day ago

    What does the shiny darkrai and cyndaquil look like

  • Alex Webb
    Alex Webb 21 day ago

    He just changed the name do you think were dumb

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK 21 day ago

      You kinda seem dumb, yeh

  • D4rkn355Inf3rno
    D4rkn355Inf3rno 21 day ago +1

    The likely answer is either A) They only disabled the "removed" moves for future use as a move known by a giveaway pokemon or B) Every disabled move is still in the game and they are using this game to quick port moves to the next pokemon game (most likely sword/shield 2 or w/e they decide to call it. Similar to sun/moon > Ultra sun/moon) I believe the later one personally. I wont be surprised if, in a year or so, the next game comes out only really expanding the story and adding in more moves and even pokemon. I know they said they won't be doing a national dex but who said they couldn't change their minds? May as well setup for the possibility even if it never comes to pass :P

  • Kirboi
    Kirboi 21 day ago

    Alolan meowth exists in sword and shield, but to my knowledge people will probably only be able to get it after Pokémon home is released

  • Mike Reynolds
    Mike Reynolds 21 day ago

    I think they might add some of them in

  • Zac Maddox
    Zac Maddox 21 day ago

    Since you’re able to hatch bulbasaur, are you able to trade him?

  • Gchomp m8
    Gchomp m8 21 day ago

    Gamefreak: removes Pokémon
    Hackers: put removed Pokémon back in
    Gamefreak: you weren’t supposed to do that

  • William Sanford
    William Sanford 21 day ago +1

    It's really sad that so many cuts were made and it seems purely on the basis of animation. Especially considering the existing moves and models didn't even get a revamp on their animations. It's all still really boring

  • MLP Iceberg
    MLP Iceberg 21 day ago

    Just so people know data management was never one of Game Freak's strong points. they do care, always have, you don't know the whole story, or of Game Freak's entire past. That and you've been spoiled of using only your favorites in every generation of Pokémon, neglecting the 98% you either didn't catch, or ignored blatantly. You have no right to complain over missing Pokémon you didn't use, and never will use. This is the problem here, neglecting to realize it's us, the fanbase, ignoring so many Pokémon, categorizing them based on what we think of them. Once Game Freak realized this, they adapted, and took out some Pokémon, then most fans rage because the less popular Pokémon are not in the current generation games. The irony. If only we "Fans" (most of you complaining like spoiled children do not deserve to be called fans) had tried to act like decent Human Beings, maybe this outrage would only just be a simple disagreement, nothing more, civil exchange between fans, and developers, knowing what not to do next time.

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK 21 day ago

      The game's motto is "Gotta catch them all" how are you suposed to do that when they are removed? it's bad enough that you need to re-buy the game to get them all and now they want to say "fuck it" and erease everyone's progress? pretty sure they are allowed to complain

  • Dironothunder
    Dironothunder 21 day ago

    how they gonna cut return. thats like pokemon 101

  • Tru Maverick
    Tru Maverick 21 day ago +7

    Answer: They just didn't finish the game in time.

  • HauntedCode
    HauntedCode 21 day ago

    Here's what I'm guessing: They'll gradually add pokemon as events or dynamax raids, and while that's going on they'll work on adding the moves and pokemon as major updates along with Pokemon Home/Pokemon Bank

  • Harvey Nicholas
    Harvey Nicholas 21 day ago

    Try to glitch in z moves

    • NANCOK
      NANCOK 21 day ago

      Hacking pokemons is just about entering their data (all pokemon games handle their data similarly to ensure compatibility), Z moves would require reprogramming the feature entirely

  • GamingWithPie
    GamingWithPie 21 day ago

    what does the ash pikachu look like when gigatimaxed? does it keep the hat??